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In this video iam showin my favourite 30 nick names of cs 1.6 so enjoy it guys and don't forget to like,comment,share and subscribe :)
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Funny CS:GO Nicknames 2
AWPutin VACation in KQLYfornia If I die its lag C4 code is "7355608" np CTRL ALT DEFEAT Blind Sniper Atleast im good on COD Dora the Suspect noob Just an Asian Get de_rekt
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Funny CS:GO Nicknames!
This video was Inspired by "Calbel" check him out! Song name: ProleteR - Faidherbe square Video was created for fun purposes only , I didnt try to offend anybody during this video! Nicknames were used: Gaben Industries; De_Russia I take bullets for you Get_Left VACie_Chan Vladimir Putin The Suspect Knife to meet you! Nicky_Mirage AK-1337 M420A1 Pasha Friend Pasha Brother Carry Potter AWPortunity Cumback Israel cl_kqly 1 Campers Don't Need Pampers! Never Lucky!
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Cs 1.6 Names | Clan
► ამ ვიდეოში ნახავთ Cs 1.6 სახელებს ► გამოიწერეთ არხი მოიწონეთ ვიდეო და გაუზიარე სხებსაც რათა ნახონ ეს ვიდეო
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Nick-ovi za cs 1.6
EVO VAM OVDE NEKI NICKOVI.! Bj3L! 0cnj@k N!Nj@ WaRR!oR BaD BoYs YounG BoYs HyPPo Ex!T^ L!nuX $ounD -.* $ouL WalKeR The BoY VoldemorT TuPaC -.- 'Sp[R]aY' xF1Re MouSe CS~WaRR1oR 1nd3x SomeBady 4'eveR KilleRs SpRiTe AvaTaR Ba$!c@LLy Fr@uDsTeR GooGle ProFe$$10naL ^BoT^ PoWeR WhaT The FucK? Kill oR D1e BuRn^^ I Am Bo$$ NeveR Pl@y AloNe 4l1G4t0R DumB OwNeD Months Tr[!]BaL-X NeegLe MaX P@!N JoKeR HeaD SpY
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Hello friends in this video i am showing u some cool names of counter strike 1.6 so enjoy it friends and don't forget to like, share ,comment and subscribe :)
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Pro players brasileiros de CS: GO explicam a origem de seus nicks
De onde vem Fallen? O que significa Coldzera? E fnx, boltz, steel...? UOL Jogos foi atrás dos melhores jogadores brasileiros de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive com uma pergunta simples: de onde raios você tirou o seu nick? Inscreva-se no canal: https://goo.gl/M60nCl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UOLJogos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uoljogos Twitter: https://twitter.com/UOLJogos
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Gambit CS:GO nickname origins
🎵 Total - Бьет по глазам Gambit CS:GO players explain how did they come up with their nicknames. Follow Gambit Esports: http://twitter.com/GambitEsports http://facebook.com/GambitEsports http://vk.com/GambitEsports http://instagram.com/GambitEsports/
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CS 1.6 cool names/nevek
Cs 1.6 cool names ! Cs 1.6 Vagany nevek !
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HOW TO MAKE AN ANIMATED NICKNAME IN CS GO?!1 PLZ rate my guide bro :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=528785517 If you dont feel like creating your own groups and would like to have the combination easy peasy lemon squeezy feel free to join my groups (you must join the group to use abbreviation). Links and groups' IDs are below: Word: EASY ID: 10327468 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gfgdgsdfh Word: LEMON ID: 10329007 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sdfsdfsfds Word: PEASY ID: 10329024 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fsdfsdgggghh Word: SQUEEZY ID: 10329033 Link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vfdsdhgghhjeee CONSOLE COMMANDS: bind "w" "+forward;cl_clanid YOUR GROUP ID bind "a" "+moveleft;cl_clanid YOUR GROUP ID bind "d" "+moveright;cl_clanid YOUR GROUP ID bind "s" "+back;cl_clanid YOUR GROUP ID HOW TO MAKE ANIMATED NICKNAME IN CS GO?!1 Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed :) Got cheap unneeded skin or case? I will gladly accept it as a donation: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=208059169&token=4ou4fIfK FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS: TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/vladopard TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VLADOPARD FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vladopard BEST NETWORK: http://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=q2yhtjq5dd1vnr Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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CS:GO Pro player nicknames are funny in japanese
play CS:GO 1v1s for money: https://zengaming.com?r=1322722 use code "awesome" to get free 0,50$ https://csgokingdom.com/rewards my youtube partnership: https://www.unionforgamers.com/apply?referral=gnn5szos2d8smx
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How Did You Get Your Gamertag? Pt. 2 | DBLTAP Rapid Fire
ECS Season 4 Finals Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire Gamertag CSGO featuring FaZe GuardiaN FaZe NiKo Team Liquid EliGE Team Liquid nitr0 Optic Friberg OpTic HS Astralis Kjaerbye RUBINO mousesports ropz C9 Rush Luminosity yeL Want to know how your favorite pros got their Gamertags? It's a Christmas miracle! We stopped by the ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun and got the answers. Find out the truth behind the names in our Rapid Fire! Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/c/dbltap?sub_... Remember to keep up with all things DBLTAP on Facebook, Twitter. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dbltapesport... Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBLTAPesports?lan... Visit http://www.dbltap.com/ for more!
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Thanks guys for watching my channel .In this video i am showing you ''31'' CoOl NaMeS of COUNTER STRIKE 1.6 so enjoy :) and don't forget to like,share,comment and subscribe :)
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CS:GO Weapon Names
NOTE: I tried to be more original with the names, and avoided common ones like "Miley Cyrex" or "Knife to meet you" etc... Hope you enjoy it :) Credit for used Videos and Music: Donald Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuXlf7oTfLE You are pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF1_MrEMpew ICE ICE ICE AND FIRE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah1uY-c8JqM RUSH B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yK1dCNptPg Music: Kevin MacLeod- Monkeys Spinning Monkeys http://incompetech.com/wordpress/2014/02/monkeys-spinning-monkeys/ French National Anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K1q9Ntcr5g Déjà-vu? It's a reupload. Had to fix a typo...
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CS:GO FUNTAGE! - NEW Maps, Funny Names & More! (CS:GO Hydra Edition)
This video is sponsored by Raffletrades.com! Use code "SMii7Y" for a 2% bonus on all trades! Leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks :D Subscribe! - http://bitly.com/SubscribeToSMii7YHere People in the video!: Fitz - http://bit.ly/1MVhHqk Johnontheradio - http://bit.ly/2gVz0Qs McCreamy - http://bit.ly/2lan3r3 Swagger - http://bit.ly/2e3cUxd Twitter - https://twitter.com/SMii7Y Livestream - http://www.twitch.tv/smii7y Instagram - https://instagram.com/thesmii7y/ Music by: (Epidemic Sound) http://www.epidemicsound.com/ (Premium Beat) http://www.premiumbeat.com/ (Audio Jungle) http://audiojungle.net/ (Kevin MacLeod) incompetech.com Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b...
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Funny CS:GO Nicknames 3
anoobis the lowgyptian Premium wallhacker Sum Ting Wong ho lee fuck PashaTriceps you only live twice de_stroyed de_rank Press_Alt+F4? smoke mid everyday Osama been laging get_dusted song name: FUNNY BONE - BANJAMATAZ
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CS:GO Pros Answer: Who Has The Worst In-Game Name?
From Dickstacy to Dupreeh, there are some pretty original in-game names out there, but who has the worst? We ask the Pros to find out who they think has the worst in-game name! Follow Betway esports on social media: Subscribe: http://betway.me/Njpy305aNKK Twitter: http://twitter.com/betwayesports Facebook: http://facebook.com/betwayesports
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CS GO - Funny Weapon Skin Names
These were all from the comments of my last cs go worst trades video. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet Music: Monkey's Spinning Monkeys http://incompetech.com/wordpress/2014/02/monkeys-spinning-monkeys/
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ANIMATED NICKNAME IN CSGO V2 Enter the Butterfly Knife | Crimson Web & 3x50$ Gift Cards GIVEAWAY here: https://gleam.io/competitions/fdt2T-butterfly-knife-crimson-web-giveaway ANIMATED NICKNAME IN CSGO V1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igxL_HFGLs4 Nickname#1 Type into console: bind "w" "+forward;cl_clanid 25715068 bind "a" "+moveleft;cl_clanid 25715183 bind "d" "+moveright;cl_clanid 25715188 bind "s" "+back;cl_clanid 25715194 Join all the groups: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dsssssssgghfdefg http://steamcommunity.com/groups/animatednicknam222231231 http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dsfsdfsffff http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dsfsdfsgbgbbbb Nickname #2 bind "w" "+forward;cl_clanid 25715214 bind "a" "+moveleft;cl_clanid 25715255 bind "d" "+moveright;cl_clanid 25715268 bind "s" "+back;cl_clanid 25715271 https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dsfsdgggaasada https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sdasdasffgdgsdfsdf https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sdfsdfsdfsgggdsfsd https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bhgdfgdfgdfgdfgd Thank you for watching! Drop a like if you enjoyed! ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ FOLLOW MY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS: TWITCH: http://goo.gl/qz33Rp TWITTER: https://goo.gl/zBt1CQ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/HppR47 STEAM GROUP: http://goo.gl/uG7aPr Have any unneeded skin or trading card I would gladly accept it as a donation :) Trade offer: https://goo.gl/BDzyzt Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Tutorial: How to find Nicknames for Counter Strike 1.6 2016
Link: http://expert-tini.page.tl/Nika-per-cs.htm Thanks for Watching leave a Like and share with your freinds :) I hope that helped you a little bit! Write a Commnent if you have to ask me somthing im gona answer you :D
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names para cs 1.6
bueno eso es todo no pude poner lo nombres aki asiken disculpen :D chau comenten puntuen y suscribansen
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Как анимировать ник в CS GO
cl_clanid - узнать Номер группы Сбросить - unbind КЛАВИША Образцы: bind "w" "+forward;cl_clanid Номер группы" Вперёд bind "s" "+back;cl_clanid Номер группы" Назад bind "d" "+moveright;cl_clanid Номер группы" Вправо bind "a" "+moveleft;cl_clanid Номер группы" Влево Канал Тraydena ► http://www.youtube.com/c/TraydenGames Я VK ► https://vk.com/bengilson Реклама ► http://vk.com/topic-28904163_33837423 Мой сайт ► http://bengilson.ru Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/id/prostivesna/ Twitch ► http://twitch.tv/bengilson Instagram ► http://instagram.com/dbengilson Паблик ► http://vk.com/dbeng SoundCloud ► https://soundcloud.com/bengilson Сотрудничество ► bengilson@live.ru
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CSGO Funny Name Tags #3 OVER 35 NAMES! Special Episode
This is by far my best episode yet and I hope you can tell how much work went into it! Please leave a like or comment below if you want another episode! Hope you enjoy! Funny Name Tags #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0drWGgUaQdc Funny Name Tags #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYA6wU2I0KY My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Legitrsgiving Make money listening to music: http://www.slicethepie.com/?wyd=673454 My twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/legitrsgiving Hey :D Welcome to my Gaming Channel, Miss my last video? Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/user/legitrsgiving/videos?view=0 I do not own Jagex Ltd., all rights go to them.
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counter strike source weapon names
all the weapons there are in counter strike source now on youtube
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CS:GO pt.2 [ 6.6.6  ]  new nickname
game play on CS:GO
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How to make cool Counter-strike names.
This is how to get sweet counter-strike names 1. go to run 2. type in charmap 3. pick your name 4. click copy 5. paste into the game using Ctrl. V Enjoy! ____________________________________________ plz rate and comment and subscribe
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How to get cool names in counter-strike source(Very Easy!!)
go to run and then you type charmap
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How to View People's names in Counter Strike Global Offensive Overwatch
In This video I will show you have to see peoples names in overwatch. It is a bit confusing but Once you have done it the first time you will get used to it wariron.com
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how to get cool names for counter strike source
heres the link to winrar http://www.soft32.com/Download/free-trial/WinRAR/4-175-1.html download it and follow the instructions to get really cool names for any games or whatever i dont care. check my channel for others tutorials like how to add skins. how to delete skins and a little more. Enjoy! :D
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CSGO: Best Funny Weapon Names
Win Free Skins Use Link for FREE COINS https://csgoroll.com/en/promo/pookie In this video I show you the best funny weapon names or name tags for you csgo skins. You might not think these weapon name tags are funny so but I think these names are some of the best names for your weapons. Do you know a name that is funnier? Leave a comment down bellow. Greets Pookie Subscribe for more CSGO videos Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Like video for PART 2 ! HAVE A COOL OR FUNNY PLAY? SEND US YOUR DEMO HERE: http://goo.gl/forms/xIT5L39hq0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1HIw7qA FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/goecorush STEAM GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/goecorush ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHEAP GAMES: https://www.g2a.com/r/ecorush If you want donate any skins, do it here: http://bit.ly/1JmZz9Y
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Nicknames for Counter Strike 1.6 | By: KALAS
KALAS D@VID $rc@n1 Ud@r Pro[T]otyPe _[+],Z[e]X,[+]_ R3l@X z0m[B]i3 N!Nj@ K!LleR Dr@gOn[$] Cr[A]zY Pic1[!]chi Err0r N[o]T FoUnD Gua[R]aNa The Ma[$]TeR $pL!nTeR The DaRk W!z@rD De[X]TeR-.* Pr0 K!nG P![N]k! W[!]Nx P0kem0n SucK $t@R Imme[R]$!oN BaLt@zaR N!tRo Ad!Da$ Pre[D]atoR t!MoN [i] PumBa Tw[!]X K!ll3R ThE Avagn3R BlaDe Pok3moN H0R$3 Bj3L! 0cnj@k N!Nj@ WaRR!oR BaD BoYs YounG BoYs HyPPo Ex!T^ L!nuX $ounD -.* $ouL WalKeR The BoY VoldemorT TuPaC -.- 'Sp[R]aY' xF1Re MouSe CS~WaRR1oR 1nd3x SomeBady 4'eveR KilleRs SpRiTe AvaTaR Ba$!c@LLy Fr@uDsTeR GooGle ProFe$$10naL ^BoT^ PoWeR WhaT The FucK? Kill oR D1e BuRn^^ I Am Bo$$ NeveR Pl@y AloNe 4l1G4t0R DumB OwNeD Months Tr[!]BaL-X NeegLe MaX P@!N JoKeR HeaD SpY MiRRoR MeggLe Sn!PeR H4K3R HoBoTn!c@ StReaK Spe[T]sNaZ Ra1$3 # HeLL SkuLL CrusheR HunteR RelaX Cl!MaX PsychoMan Anonymou$ SpaRRow ComPany oF HeRoeS cRy$i$ AlieN BlooD DamnaiT FaLLouT eXtRacTi0n SkuLL R3l@XeD SecuRiTy squint [P]@Z! [N]!$4m [N]0Rm4l4N Sh@doW oF DeaTh A!R eBayReX FanTom W[!]Z Th!Ef Gen1uS D3f4ult Th3 M4D K1ll3R Chuck NoRRi$ 1mPuLs3 4l0n3 CoRe GooD L1f3 P4R4chuT1$T e[X]ploReR Why So SeR!ouS? Ch!P$y '.' M4nd[@]R1N4 ^IrOn MaN^ 'Th1s G[u]Y Rock$' JusT Cau$e^^ LeadeR WandeR Pla[T]upu$ We W!ll NeveR Die!PfC Dr[U]nk Bush1Do 0pt[X] e[X]treMe s!NalC0 BeBeTo Adr3nal!N S!Mulat0R GaMe oF ThroN3S [E]dd1E [M]uRpHy .^::TuRnoFF::^. Me[T]r0 MoDeRaToR markeLoff DeeP kiki PoLaR [X]anTh0s MeeT The MasTerS No JusT!Ce The LeGendaRy GuarD1aN Imm0rTal Maf!A Unn[@]meD NeuTr@l M!L1oneR VenGeanCe ChuPa ChuPs o[X]yg3n Sa[!]nT Ne[X]t Sma[$]huP Ma[X]#[B]ar Awes0m3 '.' Kn1ghT GoD oF WaR ^^ MuZZl3'' ^.[S]waGGa.^ Tw![X] SecreT # AgenT Warn![N]g Fo[X]c0NNN' 0v3RaLL' [Y]u-[G]i-[O]h' FucK The WorlD ^^ 534rCh fRescO f0rest HuRR1ca[N]e EleveNNN' P1ngviNN' acc0un[T] Sp1NNN' 9X19mm Sidearm KM .45 Tactical 228 Compact .40 Dual Elites Night Hawk .50C Maverick m4a1 Carbine fR0g SYNDICATe. w!ND0ws nettLe aRag0n KeeWAY PremingeR Ahl HeatoN elemeNt W1namP V1eweR 5n{0}opY' SkY_FoRcE^^ ScaNiA. RecYcLe KrImI raD SkYPe ChaLLeNNN' FuLL # ChevroleT LeGeA UmBro. BECK'S PIromaN; RazoR Gledaj Kako Rolam Sad ! Charlie. PIrateX OrioN axoN ceh9 zonix -.- ZohaNN; GoldeN EaGLE MeTeoR DestroyeR. ElcaNN; KyegoR. VIVAX ASUS styled kHRYSTAL neo n0thing Walle FYRR73 MODDII Nj0fr4 FaR_CrY SpyWaReBlaSteR Aim + Wh INFINITY n!faculty Freed Svaler ne Dedu. Mr.Muscle Dr.Ko dr.KAMO tYpinG planktoNNNNN' expanD' choseNNNNN' sPeccY QzewlR MrTvAk. freemaN SiFT HEaDS DJanGO VectoRRRRRRRRRRRRR; TripLe-H f0ster bART CaRRoTz SkRiLLeX.cfg LaNNNNN; QUiXX HaloweN; the expatriate Ik$_De f0rgoteN; JUiCE syNth' LiBRARY' MMA ysmN iCE SENSEi FuckYeah' +gr0m+ j0maaaaaaaaaa' SL@Y3RR; +_doNat_+ MiNERRR major HUAWEi pe0pLe' squal;1337 hummel StEreO^ demoNN FFRRROO. Harlem Shake q.p WiSSCOM cLever; RampaGe; giveN; LA Viwa delete. eNG; d1rty 9MM SPLLASH ; CLiENT; ~FeeLTRONiCK~ RiPPLe bRUTALITY f0s1gNN rOl1Ng;
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How to have cool names on counter strike
This is a guide how to have cool names on counter strike like other. This is my first video And very exited what's coming next. I hope you guys like it Here is some links: www.gamefudge.com www.crazymonkeygame.com www.xepisodes.com(this is for you who like southpark) www.watch-simpsons-online.net(this is for you who like Simpsons) www.grandfantasia.aeriagames.com www.runescape.com The song i used for this video is: Riding in the black joint(It is aslo the song in Saints Row 2 and i have the game!) For more informations please subscribe or give me a message and i gonna make a video, or answer you guys back Bye and hope you enjoyed it!
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Counter Strike Global Offensive - How To Change Your Nickname !
In this video i gona show you how to change your nickname in counter strike global offensive . Subscribe for more videos gameplay and for more tricks in this game ! Song : Be Without You cs 1.8 theme song ! :) :) :) Thanks for watching :"Enjoy"
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[CS:GO] - Funny weapon names
You can try this name tags on your weapons x) __________________________________________________________________ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/csgocancerstuff/?fref=ts Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/csgocancerstuff/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/csgocancerstuff Steam Group :http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791454241032
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CS:GO - Funny Weapon Skin Names
If your having problem naming your weapons, maybe you can get some inspiration from this video. Music: Tobu - Colors
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*Quarth changed name to Flonp ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠɪᴅᴇᴏ: ► JC The Caster: https://youtube.com/JCTheCaster/ ► CallMeCarson: https://youtube.com/TheBlueCrewPros/ ► The Narrator: https://twitch.tv/NarratorHere/ ► iNoToRiOuS: https://youtube.com/iNoToRiOuSCA/ ʟɪɴᴋs: ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaccoonEggs ► Discord: https://discord.gg/Cu9WqcJ ► Twitch: https://twitch.tv/RaccLive ► Podcast: https://youtube.com/SolitaireyConfinementPodcast ► Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRacc ► Snapchat: RaccoonEggs Intro Song | Dance Till You're Dead Background Song | DSi Shop Theme Outro Song | tylertyrel - rainy loop
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CS 1.6 - Professional Player
Join our community on Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/110037521861216136525 Nickname: http://nick-name.ru/nickname/w45/ team nickname
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The Best Names in Cs 1.6
iF You Like The Vidios Clike On Jaime // // // // // // On Partager
MY FIRST KNIFE - Help me choose a name! | CS:GO Commentary
Finally I was able to get my first knife in CSGO :D Big shoutout to Frantic since it was his idea: https://www.youtube.com/user/franticphilgaming Also feel free to suggest a name for the knife since I'm still undecided ;) In case you want to donate skins you don't want: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer... ► SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER: https://twitter.com/luckySkillFaker FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LuckySkillFaker TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/luckyskillfaker STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76... TRADELINK: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer... ► PC SPECS Intel i7-4790k @ 4.0 Ghz Enermax Liqtech 240 Kingston HyperX Savage Red 16GB DDR3 RAM (1600mhz) MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G Twin Frozr V Samsung 840 SSD 250GB (OS/programs) Western Digital 500GB (programs/storage) Seagate Barracuda 1000GB (storage) Seagate Barracuda 3000GB (storage) Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5 Corsair CX 600W Shinobi XL What I record with: Shadowplay
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How to make an animated nickname in CS: GO
How to make an animated nickname in CS: GO We go into the game and open the console to enter it (one by one) Instead of "Your ID" insert the ID of your groups. bind "w" "+forward;cl_clanid Your ID bind "a" "+moveleft;cl_clanid Your ID bind "d" "+moveright;cl_clanid Your ID bind "s" "+back;cl_clanid Your ID Thus, while walking you will trigger the change of the tag, thus your nickname becomes animated. CS:GO Playlist ►http://bit.ly/1Ut1SxV Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1M23GfU ☕ If you enjoyed this video, and want to see more like it, why not hit the subscribe button and give my channel a visit? :)
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Counter Strike Global Offensive Funny Moments - MY NAMES NOT RICK! Whats Anime?(CS GO Funny Moments)
Hey guys I hope you guys enjoy today's video and let me know in the comments what your favorite part was! This video gave me a lot of child hood memories :3 ___________________________ Friends in video: PaulWilSlapU: https://www.youtube.com/c/paulwilslapu Blessedman: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlessedmanPlaysMC Steam group: http://goo.gl/H91DTZ Facebook: https://facebook.com/GondorGaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/GEGondor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedopegondor
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[FIXED] How to see player names in Overwatch (CS:GO)
🎮 Game : Counter Strike:Global Offensive 🎵Music : Ever Felt pt. 2 - Otis McDonald 🎥 Recorded with Action! Mirillis, edited with Sony Vegas Pro 13. Follow me on Twitter blyat : twitter.com/Capsule34300 Streaming every 4 months here : twitch.tv/capsule34300
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CS:GO - How To Change Your Name In CS GO 2017 - Global Offensive Name Change Tutorial (On Steam)
How To Change Your Name In CS GO 2016. This video tutorial will show you guys how to change your name in cs go by using steam. It's very simple to change your name on counter strike global offensive and it only takes 1 minute to explain. Be sure to LIKE the video if this helped :) To change your name in cs go, simply go to steam settings as shown in the video, click the friends tab and you can then input your name of choice. Whatever you change your name to, that is what people on global offensive will see I hope this video helped you to change your name in cs go, be sure to leave a like if it did
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Use my link https://goo.gl/QgzLKT and play on GG.BET ! ⚡️ SEND YOUR VIDEO/ODDSHOT HERE: csproland@gmail.com (no demo/gotv) and see your nickname in next episode ! 🔥 FACEBOOK GROUP, JOIN US: https://www.facebook.com/groups/876152289206299/ Best oddshots series or simply best clips/plays from our dang community #prolandarmy ! 🔮 MY TWITCH: https://go.twitch.tv/magic_luca 👍🏼 Facebook: https://goo.gl/46JKO2 📷 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magic.luca/ ✅ Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198195684563/ 🎮 Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/counterproland 👻 Snapchat: magicznylukasz 📼 STARRING (THANKS TO): - https://plays.tv/u/Mateolele - https://plays.tv/u/Gale1337 - https://plays.tv/u/tyyyy - https://plays.tv/u/Cortie - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcSIYM_v3fDER-TVlua3bjA ◄ xlRaqeD - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1a0bCgRorOEZ4MNhxW9yOg ◄ Sefu AnDy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKTNZX2T0LsnyKQxm_cSrkw ◄ n3LLy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwGADeisS4XtH49Squmqnrw ◄ Nimig - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW1UgPsJpIFM_j8WQYA9fZA ◄ Hoggern - https://www.twitch.tv/tempz66 - https://www.twitch.tv/KlusekTheNoodle - https://www.twitch.tv/official_samurai - https://www.twitch.tv/hippyx04 - https://www.twitch.tv/appensick - https://www.twitch.tv/alfaacs - https://www.twitch.tv/ofer2k - https://www.twitch.tv/Scruffy_Shrooms - https://www.twitch.tv/Silent - https://www.twitch.tv/s1mple - https://www.twitch.tv/FPSThailand - https://www.twitch.tv/cgtv_main - https://www.twitch.tv/stompdaking - https://www.twitch.tv/fl0m - https://www.twitch.tv/s0mcs ✪ Thanks to all of my viewers who sent me their videos ! ♫ Music used: OUTRO: AcesOnAces - Ice in my lean AcestoAces: https://www.youtube.com/user/WyseGuyAces 📌Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me on lukaszzwol@gmail.com or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed. 📁 By sending me your video, a link etc. You agree to use it in my future videos.
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CS GO Funny but Wrong Weapon Skin Names - McSkillet Inspired
OPSkins Affiliate: http://ref.opskins.com/SH88 csgotower Donate: https://www.paypal.me/CSGONews Make money listening to music: http://www.slicethepie.com/?wyd=673454 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Legitrsgiving Csgo trade url: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=159315592&token=UhYpFj6X My twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/legitrsgiving Hey :D Welcome to my Gaming Channel, Miss my last video? Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/user/legitrsgiving/videos?view=0 I do not own Jagex Ltd., all rights go to them.
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origins of the nicknames // Nimimerkkien alkuperä
SuperJymy´s players explain, how they got their CS:GO nicknames!
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CS:GO - PRO Players of 2015 (Top 20)
Check out virre: https://www.youtube.com/user/AsSisT1337 This is a little late because we were waiting for HLTV's top 20 list to be fully published, enjoy. Big thanks to HLTV.org for some photos & the ranking. Frags by : #20 Skadoodle, #19 allu, #18 apEX, #17 NEO, #16 f0rest, #15 cajunb, #14 flamie, #13 shox, #12 dupreeh, #11 GeT_RiGhT, #10 JW, #9 NBK, #8 Happy, #7 KRiMZ, #6 kennyS, #5 flusha, #4 Snax, #3 Device, #2 GuardiaN, #1 Olofmeister ♬ Song names: Forsaken - Trailer Music Johannes Bornlöf - Army Of Angels 1 Johannes Bornlöf - Choirs Of War 3 Hardcore Trailer Music - Midnight Finger Music - Ultra ♬ Outro song: Slips & Slurs Divided https://soundcloud.com/johannes-bornl-f https://www.facebook.com/JohannesBornlofProductions http://audiojungle.net/item/forsaken/12341510?ref=dejans&ref=dejans&clickthrough_id=633918699&redirect_back=true Want to watch my videos one week earlier than everyone else?: http://vessel.com/sparkles Snapchat: SparklesYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Sparkles Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SparklesNinjaGroup Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT Hosting?: http://pkrhosting.co.uk/sparkles Want to be featured in a clip? (Only CRAZY footage, I do not take 4k's & reject 98% of what I'm sent) If so, click here to submit them!: http://sparkles.ninja/sparkles/
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Mirage Spot Names And Callouts - CS:GO Tips & Tricks
No more being a noob. It's time to improve your skills and master this map. Mirage is a very common map and you must begin to learn it very soon. Learning the essentials of this map will increase the depth of your map pool. Visit: www.cs24h.com Sub and Like
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Top Tips of Pubg Quotes

You can construct your own life. Its really down to you which sort of world you would like to play in. When you grow up, you typically get told that the world is the manner that its. But we would like to give people the opportunity to experience this, and we also need people testing that map. The purpose of that story is to try to explain the reason why I think even the threat of violence isnt something which should be joked about. Confirm the opposite end of the power cable is wholly joined to the outlet. To answer these, Ill provide you a little background on each one of the games involved. There are a couple easy tactics to pinpoint the origin of the issue. We wish to do it, but were just limited by resources at this time. Your Internet service provider may have intermittent server difficulties. We would like to make sure that everybody plays on the servers which are best for them, but right now, we would like to concentrate on stabilising. The Little-Known Secrets to Pubg Quotes

Usually, PUBG matches are a great deal more tense and stressful affairs. A favorite customized game in PUBG involves 1 team taking on the remainder of the 96 players zombies in the lobby, however, to commence these matches you have to frequently be a content creator to be a partner of PUBG. Players also acquire experience, which accumulates to get higher levels. They start with a pickaxe that can be used to break down objects in the world. This way you can spot and pick off players that are running towards the middle of the circle. Which is an integral reason PUBG has attracted so many players around the planet. Whether youre somebody whos a significant gamer or somebody whos playing casually, getting absolutely free items and coins is almost always a super huge bonus, and PUBG mobile gives you that small reward each time you log in at the start of daily. What to Expect From Pubg Quotes?

In case you have any questions regarding the website, please send an email to our support. The issue also can appear on flat-panel monitors that were bumped. Press the power button to turn off the monitor if it continues to occur. Replace the video cable if it continues. The idea itself isnt mine. For the time being, its a sobering notion to, in two clicks of a button, see recorded the best moment of a persons life, followed by whats possibly the worst. Its fair, to start out with. It will take a while to establish which game is taking the better approach. Because of the limited number of resources, were not able to accept everyone at this moment. Unfortunately, because of the uncertainty of exclusivity deals, it can be some time before that reality arrives to pass. To prevent cookies, its possible to either switch off cookies in your browser settings or opt not to pay a visit to Fragbite. The Quote Overview page provides you with a snapshot view for a certain symbol. Fortnites map might not be exactly 8km x 8km in dimension, but cursory tests suggest a much the same island size.

Based on everybodys skills, maps differ from close range to medium or massive places. Since that time, the community-made map was retooled and remastered nearly a dozen times, and is presently known as Dust2. The in-game map outlines the circular zone which you want to reach from the offset, and the HUD shows a handy graph of the rest of the distance youve got to cover and how long youve left to get there. The new PUBG map is going to be a 4x4 kilometers in proportion, a quarter size of Miramar map, so the matches can be held at a significantly faster pace. In any event, you should keep moving towards a gradually shrinking playable place. Also, there arent any danger zones in the game to assemble player. The New Angle On Pubg Game Modes Just Released

Your game style has an important role here. Until then, make sure you check Battlegrounds to find out whether the customized match feature is up and running. With a number of the games finest players and most well-known streamers attending, its going to be the very first showcase of PUBGs esports potential. You can find with some completely new blend of cocktail drink and have fun naming it. The usage of oral histories is quite specific and very intricate. A wonderful case of the particular abilities is Faceless. Itas one any variety of others would do. Contrary to other lists, the amount of appearances made by the players is taken into account. Before you begin a Call of Duty WW2 Nazi zombie game, equip the exceptional ability that enables you to shoot infinite ammo for a temporary time period. What You Dont Know About Pubg Rating

You havent tasted the authentic Italian cuisine till you eat in Puglia. Utilizing traditional and contemporary techniques of brewing, its known for some exceptional beer tastes. If youre browsing for some normal British beer taste, then its possible to bank upon Carling, which is an organization that itself believes there is nothing better than the British barley. Halloumi cheese has a rather significant melting point that makes it perfect for grilling or frying. Its possible to opt from a number of alcoholic drinks but then, you need to know their names. You also get a totally free birthday drink. When a specific alcohol is mixed with fruit juice, liqueur or other flavors in a particular proportion, its referred to as a cocktail. What You Need to Know About Pubg Rating If youre thinking of visiting the Harry Potter Wizarding World, you are going to want to get the actual perspective on what to anticipate. With a timeless haunting, the soul of a dead person has made a decision to stay behind for numerous factors. Okay, unless youve been buried beneath a rock for a gamer, you already understand what TitanFall is about. Either way, be certain the fan you get is UL Listed for the application you need so you know that it can be safely installed without developing a possible electrical hazard. In more humid climates, outdoor fans are a really good pick for every room in the house. If youre planning on installing a ceiling fan in an outdoor place, its important to buy a fan thats designed particularly for that goal.

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