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18 Perfect Upcoming Horror Games of 2017 & 2018 [ PS4 PRO_PC_XBOX ONE ]

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In this video we take a look at The 18 Perfect Upcoming Horror Games of 2017 & 2018 [ PS4 PRO_PC_XBOX ONE ] FUll HD 1080 60fps. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH3D_e9fzxvf1ELkSeVSLQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE=Thumbnail Upcoming 2017 Game Black Mirror-THUMBNAIL-03:35 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 Perfect Upcoming Horror Games of 2017 & 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #-00:00-The Evil Within 2 #-02:27-Black Mirror--------------------------------- Thumbnail Of Video--03:35 #-04:07-Visage #-06:11-Dead Secret Circle #-07:14-Welcome To Hanwell #-09:29-Lunacy #-12:05-Pathologic 2 #-14:13-Home Sweet Home #-15:20-Today Is My Birthday: Ep -1 #-17:15-Moons Of Madness #-18:37-Ad Infinitum #-19:44-Agony #-21:07-Ghost Theory #-23:16-The Conjuring House #-24:34-Last Year #-26:25-Remothered: Tormented Fathers #-27:23-Dead Matter #-28:31-Hello Neighbor
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Text Comments (100)
Akemi Homura (10 months ago)
looking most forward to *Agony* but they all look good.
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Remothered is the haunting ground 2?!
Chris Burson (11 months ago)
I would to make the shining video game
Chris Burson (11 months ago)
I want the conjuring house for xbox one
DeFloyd (11 months ago)
Welcome to Hanwell - is just modern copy of Silent Hill. Too bad, that there's no fantasy to create somethig new nowadays....Because everything is already created.
DexterMiles (11 months ago)
Call of cthulhu is comin
Tina (1 year ago)
Visage needs to hurry up and come out though, it was supposed to come out last year and now it's still TBA this year. If it gets cancelled I'm gonna cry because that honestly looks like the scariest game in a long time to come out.
Tina (11 months ago)
albert fish oh good! That's one of the games I've been most anticipating for a while now and was worried it wouldn't make it.
albert fish (11 months ago)
Tina it won't get cancelled it's pretty much completed the team give regular updates on face book
Chibi Ivy (1 year ago)
Black mirror make me think of Big fish games
GodBlessYou2008 (1 year ago)
I wonder how many of them will be cancelled..
Ace Toromaki (1 year ago)
YES. A trailer as uninsightful as Black Mirror's is exactly the kind of medium that makes me label it a "perfect upcoming horror game". 10/10
Dragonias (1 year ago)
Sweet, The Evil Within 2 came out yesterday
Kenshi G. (1 year ago)
No idea why Hello Neighbor is on a bunch of these lists.. it's a complete mess of a game that get's worse with each beta release
GhostSX (1 year ago)
half of the games on the list look like utter crap
GhostSX (11 months ago)
Dude get a live and stop lurking around youtube throwing useless presumptions at somebody you don't know. It makes you look like a real idiot, but maybe that's what your are.
albert fish (11 months ago)
GhostSX go back to world of war craft nerd
Nova Cayne (1 year ago)
Hey can I copy your homework? Silent Hill: yeah make sure it isn't exactly the same *Welcome to Hanwell*
DangerousDan (1 year ago)
Hi guys, I'll be doing a spooky 👻 6 hour stream of the evil within 2 on Friday the 13th 🦇 at 5pm gmt 🇬🇧 all in HD 1080p 60fps I invite you all to come watch me 😱 scream like a girl. 👻 Don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you know exactly when my stream starts. 👻
simehong2000 (1 year ago)
I hate running on horror pc game
Robin Stiff (1 year ago)
remotherd looks creepy
LeShawnDeQuea (1 year ago)
Man, i love a good horror game where a monster out for your blood chases you in a big map.
Johainess Dalma (1 year ago)
The Last of Us Part 2?? Anybody? Hahaha. And The Evil Within 2 is very interesting as ever.
wassim chrae (10 months ago)
Johainess Dalma you think like me it's my amazing games
Gultiere (1 year ago)
All I see is outlast.
Hailey Ballman (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if Jojo (Markiplier's nickname for Joseph Oda) is gonna be in The Evil Within 2?
Johainess Dalma (1 year ago)
On flashbacks, if u know what i mean. Flashbacks is a part of that game.
Carlee Bell (1 year ago)
was anyone else picking up the vibe that welcome to hanwell, is just going to be repetitive with the same enemies over and over, thats the only game i felt like it was kinda dumb....
d0npian0 (1 year ago)
Oh great, more games i'll no doubt buy and shit my pants playing.
MILTON Y2J (1 year ago)
〈BlackWhite〉 (1 year ago)
So often deep space or old houses. Why they're not trying something new like dessert, caves ore pyramids
Henry (1 year ago)
0:16 They overdid it, I'm surprised it didn't have a rocket launcher on the other hand.
seal adventures (1 year ago)
2:18 wrong game
seal adventures (1 year ago)
one i thought last year is about shooting monsters
Carlos Rainha (1 year ago)
Black Mirror reminded me a bit of Alan Wake. Dont know why.
game72mine delay (1 year ago)
Yes! Home Sweet Home is finally coming out soon
That fkn turkey (1 year ago)
The Conjuring House? isn't that from the movie Annabelle?
oh joy, more first person horror, those definitely wont be giving me nightmares about some psycho ghost bitch trying to kill me because she's mad about being dead.
Srdjan Tomic (1 year ago)
Remothered: Tormented fathers?! :)
Говно какое то! Как и Америка!
Ilomqalex lovee (1 year ago)
Drowsy Demented (1 year ago)
26:15 ffs wowwwwwwww
Theo Lumina (1 year ago)
I wonder how many of these will get delayed
Legião Games (1 year ago)
visitem !!! https://www.facebook.com/PageGamesLive/
Yoshiki G (1 year ago)
Black Mirror is going to be released on my birthday. :D
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Yoshiki G Homosexuality is a sin and disgrace to your fathers lineage. IF YOU ARE GAY THT IS
Dragonias (1 year ago)
happy bday
richto01 (1 year ago)
last year looks like "balanced" game
White Wolf (1 year ago)
The Visage is so demonic and awesome :O
Yến Nhi (1 year ago)
wow the black mirror' music @@
jemihendri (1 year ago)
Visage on VR looks awesome
Adam Chebaa (1 year ago)
That visage game scared me the fuck out!
othman tayach (1 year ago)
some of them are really terrifying but most of sadly are not scary like today is my birthday a game that very mysterious and have nice puzzles good environment however it not scary at all oh let make a horror game about a fat man with a chain saw yeah that would super scary am sure everyone would scared. ....look not everyone is pussy that get scared really easily by any you to make something truly that would make scared and panic and terrified not just bunch of bullshit
Dana Fusco (1 year ago)
**eye roll** Can nobody think of an original concept anymore? All we're getting are redundant, recycled versions of Silent Hill, Outlast, Amnesia, Fatal Frame, RE7...Friday the 13th and that's fairly new. I mean, they might look great & be fun to play but it's all the exact same gameplay. Developers are either getting lazy or experiencing mind block.
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Dana Fusco oh and based on your comment I know ur not going anywhere so shove your brainstorming up your arse with all the other dark pathetic lies u keep from your family.
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Dana Fusco people like u don't get that games are similar bc of humanity and life experience u dumb shit, scary is to us what it is bc we are all the same. Make yourself a tranny dinosaur and they would all be new concepts. U prove common sense is gone.
Dana Fusco (1 year ago)
JeanNeigeDesNeiges Exactly. Thank you! It was so much fun back then - games were fun & unique, new ideas, new styles of gameplay, new environments for f**k’s sake...and they didn’t rely on cheap jumpscares. That’s why they became the classics. I love the games we listed, it just sucks that everything that was unique about them has been beaten to death. Whenever games are released that have “new” ideas we already know we’ll be getting recycled versions of them for the next couple of years. I was kinda looking forward to The Evil Within 2 and what is it? Silent Hill meets Dead Space (another great game) and very boring. Graphics, environments, etc. are great components to every game & they’ve come a long way but if we’re playing the same story with the same missions with the only difference being you’re in a house, or a mental asylum, or a school it just isn’t fun. Regarding the haters, lol, they don’t bother me. They’re kids who like trolling everything involving gaming on YouTube and don’t know shit because they’re so young. Call them out & they either get too scared to reply or reply with some dumb comment followed by obscenities ;)
DoctorMouse3 (1 year ago)
"they might look great & be fun to play..." So what's the problem then?
Lakosta (1 year ago)
why Hello Neighbor?That game is not horror for me
Alteric Jeske (10 months ago)
Yeah, Hello Neighbor isn't horror, it's not even a real game lol
Dragonias (11 months ago)
ya, but you're intense bc you're always looking behind your back and the music jump scares you, then you try to run away and there could be stuff blocking your way, so you expect a jump scare, then it doesn't happen, and then it happens, that's what makes a good horror game, but that game does it a little too much, so it's not really all that scary to me
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Dragonias no the horror is that ur trying to find out what all the weird secrets are and if ur neighbor is a murderer. Derp derp
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Lakosta well if u say so then it must be....🤔
Julia Shenandoah (1 year ago)
Moons of Madness looks very promising, finally a complete fresh and new idea we only had two times in all these years so far (Alien Isolation and Dead Space) - some good horror located in space or on planetary/moon base.
Agent Texes (11 months ago)
How in the hell was Alien a new idea? There have been both tons of games and movies about Alien.
Kiyoko504 (1 year ago)
Why can't companies try and make console games from PC! I mean I'm sick and tired of the division of gamers; PC just. Some tend to rub our noses in it acting like they're better then everyone else Richer and it pisses me off! There should be No reason why half the PC games can't have a console version. I'm told that Consoles such as PS4 are no different then a PC so other then "We don't want to share" there is no reason why half these PC games can't have a console release.
Mark Smith (1 year ago)
Ghost theory seems quite promising
C L (1 year ago)
Is there a way to know the exact day of the release ?
Nick Diciurcio (1 year ago)
Nick Diciurcio (11 months ago)
Angel G i know your mom taught me good vocabulary
Nick Diciurcio (11 months ago)
Ghost656 Metal pc sucks cock
Nick Diciurcio (11 months ago)
Agent Texes no if you look at the number ps4 has dominated nintendo for the past few years
Agent Texes (11 months ago)
Technically, Nick, Nintendo's handheld consoles and the Wii have dominated the console world since basically the Gameboy's release. Even when you combine both Sony and Microsoft's total units sold Nintendo still comes out on top. And it's not even like I'm a Nintendo fanboy because the last product I bought from them was a Wii on it's launch day 11 years ago. It's just an irrefutable fact that Nintendo has always reigned supreme. I mean, I'm literally writing this comment on a PS4 right now so it's not like I'm against Sony either.
Lol, look like a bunch of shitty indies. I wonder how many of these will actually be released.
Evans Fenom (1 year ago)
the music for black mirror <3
Larry Medina (11 months ago)
Μαυρος Λυκος u sure?
Braveheart's ost
White Wolf (1 year ago)
Me too <3
DANIEL RAIN (1 year ago)
Upcoming games that are already PERFECT??? NOOB TROLL ah ah ah ah ah don't make me laugh.
김건 (1 year ago)
I think Ghost theory will be best horror game in 2018 horror games
Gary Thyne (1 year ago)
outlast 2 was awesome, hope we can see more games like these
IzzyMarrie (1 year ago)
Outlast 2 was really cool, but it dragged on too long for me. I was really loving it, but when the second half came along, I was already loving the original and DLC more but I still REALLY loved the sequel. I'm also really hyped for Agony and hope it'll be the new fix that I need lol And Visage may be trying to get in on the fact we're never getting Silent Hills, but it looks like it's going to have all that nice homage but still be its own thing (especially with the non-house environments they're showing). It'll never be Silent Hills, but it may be the closest thing we'll get, and heck, again, it looks like it might not be trying to be a clone and so here's to hoping that'll be a good game. I'm also a huge fan of HR Giger's artwork, and Scorn looks freaking intense with all the influence they took from him.
sharpdude100 (1 year ago)
Awesome list. Games i haven't heard of before!
sharpdude100 (1 year ago)
Larry Medina i actually recently bought Alien for the ps4 and your comment made me more hyped to play it as I still haven't. Good luck!
Larry Medina (1 year ago)
sharpdude100 I am going to focus on horror for 2018! Resident evil 7 and Aliens isolation were the last two great games that were freaky. Hope consoles get these.

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