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Fortnite Fact or Fiction - The Super Jump

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In this episode of Fortnite Fact or Fiction we find out if combining a number of different items can launch us further in the air... It turns out you can jump 19 stories. Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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MasterChief6233 (7 days ago)
Its not a jump pad there calledbounce pads
GG12gaminghoat1127 (9 days ago)
What if you were to use a hop rock and jumped on the launchpad next to 2 jump-pads
Kaisogen (9 days ago)
Build a jump pad, then to the right build the "center archway" wall. Behind the wall put stairs with the boost pad on it. Walk into the center of the archway and it launched you instantly. I saw it on reddit like 2/3 weeks ago.
Dominik Schnurpfeil (9 days ago)
First you build 2 Floors tan on the one floor the Jumppad than you step on the other floor build walls around and a fllor over you then the waal to the jump pad edited to the an arc so the middle square and the down row the the bounce pad in direction to the jump pad run against thebounce pad and then you get this effect
This looks good for my nice steamy cock
Eshke tit (9 days ago)
This is probably they’re best video us the rest be so simple
Raihaan Sandhu (9 days ago)

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