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Total War: Warhammer 2 review - the best the series has ever been

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Total War: Warhammer 2 has to follow the most successful entry in the series yet, and its new Vortex campaign aims to solve a perennial problem of strategy games. Have Creative Assembly pulled it off? Rich gives his thoughts. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (91)
Bigbossbalrog (5 months ago)
History fans are truly pathetic. Nobody likes your game
JahanT (7 months ago)
Brilliant review! Thank you.
HellFire (8 months ago)
- Siege battles are now too small and boring. - Routing enemy has super speed runaway. - Warscape engine makes cavalry charges too slow and sometimes hampering. - Diplomacy does not work. Many allies can declare war on each other for no reason. - Small army size. - Battles now last around 3-4 mins while you spend 30-40 secs for each end turn phase. - Spawning random enemies stacks are annoying. - Naval does not exist due to license.... - Future of DLC whoring This is a nice game but it's not really great as much people said in total war franchise.
Anton Chigurh (11 months ago)
Warhammer Total War the sad Shadow of an ones great franchise that was dumbed down for casuals.. with Total war rome 2 began the downfall warhammer 2is the pinnacle of casual
Xavier Smith (11 months ago)
This is the best total war Warhammer review I've seen.
Shay Gordon (11 months ago)
This game is horrible A new all time low for CA
Deltahunter (1 year ago)
I'm poor af so I'm gonna wait till mortal empires
Greg (1 year ago)
Give a number score at the end, for mind satisfaction reasons.
Greg (1 year ago)
Joker lol
James Hehir (1 year ago)
Qin heuang (1 year ago)
That some nice review. I have to agree with the random spawn points of the chaos full stacks. They do apear on places where your armie is not. And they destroy/sack your settlements. So after every ritual you have to have enough cash in house to rebuild the cities.
vin 950 (1 year ago)
Best in the series.... no, not even close. Shogun 2 blows this clean out of the water. For that matter, Rome total war was better than this, except for the graphics. it is a good game though. I love the new factions. Unlike the previous warhammer game, this time I have three out of four races I feel like playing rather than just the empire. And none of those seem cripped by their particular racial quirks, like having to spread undead thingy like you did with the vampires or being forced to always attack like you did with orcs. That waaaagh system made orcs completely unplayable for me, as it forced you to adopt a specific gameplay style, one that I never liked.
Johan Dale (1 year ago)
It's your opinion, as a game it's better than Shogun 2 in many aspects. Shogun 2 is just a solid TW title. Cool thing was character customisation fluid controls along with the fun Fall of Samurai.
Dakshesh Ghildiyal (1 year ago)
Good review bro!
Nick Daniels (1 year ago)
only gripe i have for this game is, i dont enjoy watching the fighting anymore. Have two infantry units fighting each other, and units that arnt even in the fight are being killed and thrown around as if a giant just bitch slapped them. Units that were in the back row, not even in the fight were just dropping and being killed. Plus the fighting animation is just...poor... Shogun 2 still by far, has the best fighting. Also, would be great if they brought back the avatar system like in shogun 2. Just the editing though. Let us customise our own general and colors of our army. that would be so damn nice, and something ive been hoping they would eventually bring back.
Miguel Gil Casas (1 year ago)
And you should have a look at the special animations when lords, L lords and big ass monsters meet. It is really impressive and immersive
"Shogun 2 still by far, has the best fighting." lol, do you enjoy lying like this and framing it as an opinion because neckbeards like you get off on pining for the old? The fighting animations are objectively, provably superior to Shogun 2 in every way.
Jeff Doe (1 year ago)
Artwork, direction and gameplay feel like Heroes of might & magic 5. Whatever that means to you, is what would determine if it is your kind of game.
ptavangar (1 year ago)
Game 2 is certainly not the best total war game. Game 1 may not be as flashy, but it boasts much more unique rosters and non unit monster mounts.
ptavangar (1 year ago)
Bingo. It's definitely not worth $60. Maybe they could make an argument for $40. This was their opportunity to make diplomacy, sieges, and economy better and they wasted it. They also promised more complete rosters and not only failed to deliver, but actually gave us lower quality rosters than game 1 and less content overall. Why do all of this? Because they realize that they have a supportive community and big fan base that wouldn't notice the difference, save a few that are paying attention. And primarily because this was their chance to save major $$.
ptavangar (1 year ago)
Actually I compared both games as they were at launch and I'm still correct.
sexyitalian891 (1 year ago)
You're comparing a game with all its DLC to the brand new game. Game 2 will be better in entirety when its complete
Aiden Dilley (1 year ago)
Very quality review!
c0mmanderKeen (1 year ago)
Just found you guy(s?) Subscribed because of the calm and organized structure! Also, I just got this game after glancing at metacritic. I basically knew I'd get it after replaying WH1 recently. On one hand, I feel an inch of shame because I have only finished 2 Empire, 1 Vampire and 1 Chaos campaigns, which means I got Wood Elves, Brettonia, Beastmen, Dwarves AND Greenskins left to play, and that's not even counting lords and subfactions... damn. That said, the Mortal Realms thing coming up, as well as the apparent improvements to the UI really facilitated the purchase :D
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Glad you found it helpful, and welcome to the channel! Personally I think Bretonnia have one of the best TWW1 campaigns, but I've been playing them in tabletop since 1998 so I'm probably biased... - Rich
Niklas Johansson (1 year ago)
I love the detail in this review. Your enthusiasm for a game you really liked didn't really shine through in your demeanor though.
Niklas Johansson (1 year ago)
I like enthusiasm with my hobby. If I want super serious , we only trust stiff, boring, solemn looking men, I can just go to work. If I see enthusiasm from one of my favorite reviewers, I know the game is great ! If they look like someone just shot their dog I don't know if they gave it a great score because the voice acting, graphics and other superficial stuff is great. I want to know that my game is FUN ! I trust people more than I trust scores and I have been into this hobby for 30 years.
D T (1 year ago)
He's reviewing the game, not selling it to you. If you want enthusiasm there are trailers and interviews.
Niklas Johansson (1 year ago)
Well ,I still loved the review ! Thanks for the answer !
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Glad you liked the detail :-) Demeanour-wise I was pretty shattered; it had been a busy day. - Rich
Kaiser Morty (1 year ago)
can't wait for historical fanboys start war in the comment section
aksu salminen (5 months ago)
The Emperor Of Mankind tbh i barely played warhammers because i didnt find them interesting but i did enjoy them for the while i played them
aksu salminen (5 months ago)
leftyfourguns same goes for me xD
leftyfourguns (9 months ago)
Huge TW fan and history buff The TW Warhammer games are amazing. Plenty of room for historical based and fictional TW games to coexist We're getting two historical TW games this year, too. So nothing to complain about
Luis Padilla (10 months ago)
Magne Maybe we actually do appreciate fantasy, but we just appreciate Historical wars more because Historical wars tend to be interesting. You know since when you don't have magic and huge dragons and monsters, then you will have to rely on Strategy and tactical maneuvers.
Luis Padilla (10 months ago)
can you really call people fanboys when your username is literally based on a title from 40k lore, Honestly 40k is a lore for 14 year old edge lords. But hey, at least us "Historical fanboys" can go five minutes without cutting our wrists.
Nathan William Media (1 year ago)
Never played a Total War game before but I'm really interested in Warhammer II, and your review was spectacularly informative and has made my choice for me. Cheers.
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Thanks Nathan! Glad you found it helpful :-) - Rich
Boyd The Milkman (1 year ago)
No, I'm sorry. With no river battles, campaign geopgrahpy meaning nothing, an AI system that is totally broken (good luck actually enjoying Legendary on Vanilla; AKA auto resolve mode) and the worst map design of sieges ever, it's one of the best in recent years (compared with Rome 2 and Attila, and Empire) but one of the worst of the franchise.
Peter Joy (11 months ago)
Boyd The Milkman Attila's pretty good
Magne (1 year ago)
Angel Ranjel (1 year ago)
AI is not broken lmao. I'm currently a few turns away from losing to the high elves in campaign. And I have 6 full stacks and bringing in about 6k income per turn. Race for the Vortex is hard as fuck.
Johan Dale (1 year ago)
Although i respect opinions, stop giving false info to those who haven't buy it. Either type the truth and put your bias opinion aside or don't comment at all. "Ι don't like it thus it's broken" crap.
Aidan Mattys (1 year ago)
And the AI is smarter than in any previous TW game, an AI that isn't suicidal (unlike any game before Rome 2) and the campaign features are more in-depth. I still play the classic historical TW games and trust me, nostalgia is the only thing keeping these games from slipping into a forgotten state. Their mechanics are simple, easily exploitable, and rather just generally boring. Currently playing an oda legendary campaign (The simplest game of the series, though, yet considered by many as one of the Holy Trinity of TW game) and it is just too simple. There is 0 challenge, I can win by just putting my yari, either long or normal, ashigaru into a yari wall and just insta-win. By removing formations, TWW and TWW2 have made it so you actually have to use superior tactics to win in an impossible situation, using new features such as magic and terror to try and save you. How the heck to you base the fact that campaign geography means nothing based on the lack (only in the first game. You haven't obviously done research for the second one) of river battles. I enjoy legendary vanilla, because I actually DO the battles. Why wouldn't I do the battles if the TW battles are the unique selling point of the series. The battles are immersive, actually challenging without knowing the exact stats or state the enemy are in, with limited sight etc etc. This separates true single player strategists from average ones. If you are in a seemingly impossible to win battle, you fight it and try to use tactics to win. To do this you must already know what the enemy units are good at, and their general stats, as well as understand their weaknesses. This can only be done by someone who is experienced with the game and have fully immersed themselves in the rock-paper-scissors mechanic. As a result, the key to winning a battle on legendary depends on your experience with the game, and natural strategic ability. Unless you mean that you auto-resolve because ALL the battles are in your favor (which is impossible. Sooner or later in a legendary campaign you will be facing 3 full stacks with just your 1, and would have to fight it to win)
Nathan Adam Jansen (1 year ago)
I wanted to thank you for a review which actually makes sense. You actually gave some well constructed criticism. Many reviews do not explain WHY an opinion was formed. Well done!
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Thanks Nathan! Glad you found it useful :-) - Rich
Merwanor (1 year ago)
I am very excited for this game, but I am so tired of all these evil type factions being forced into raiding and pillaging. I hate being pushed to do things and not being able to play at my own pace because of annoying game mechanics. I only like two of the factions in the first Total War Warhammer as Empire and Dwarfs don't have any annoying game mechanics that force you to do a certain type of activity all the time. At least there are no horde factions in this one, by far the worst type of faction to play. That being said I am happy that the High Elves are more traditional as they are my favorite faction. The spawning of the Chaos units might kill this campaign for me, that just sound horrible to me. Really hope that the mortal empires campaign comes out fast. A lot of the things in this campaign sounds terrible to me and just seem to force you to rush and not play at your own pace.
Adam Hadamcik (11 months ago)
well first of all vortex race sounds like you have to race but actually you dont have to. When some other nation finish the race you will get a quest battle that you have to deafeat them at the vortex in next 4 turns ... when u complete that you thwart their plans and they are no longer able to race for the vortex. Next thing about sacking and looting ... I completed campaign on very hard with lizardmen, high and dark elves and never did sacking, raiding maybe only looting when I needed money boost. With High elves and Dark elves I finished vortex race 1st easily. With lizardmen I had to defeat dark elves first and then finish it myself. If you are defensive type of player well you will like the game since it is more focused on tactical defense of your territory than taking every settlement you see. The new climate option allowes you to capture every settlement on the map BUT some climate is not good for the race you play so taking that province may not be worthy of your time and money at all since it will give you many negative province effects like reduced growth, public order, recruitment cost, building time etc... Next thing about chaos spawning when you do vortex ritual. They have certain spawn points and will spawn into your territory only when your empire is very large but otherwise they mostly spawn somewhere near your borders so you have to move troops quickly there. Yes you have to be ready to lost some towns but chaos armies are not that hard to beat. 1st ritual it is 2 chaos armies with like 10 units each. next ritual is getting harder and harder when at 4th ritual it is 3 chaos armies with 20 units and gold xp marks and 2 skaven armies also with that. last ritual is 6-7 skaven armies but they are easy to pick up one by one if your lords have that ''blitzkrieg'' trait. My legendary lords army killed 3-4 armies on his own and army of your legendary lord can beat 2-3 armies of these skaven doomstacks in single battle even when out numbered like 900 to 4000. And last thing about evil and horde factions. Beastmen are horde faction that is required to sack,raid and loot and yet for me they were the easiest campaign in WH1 on very hard. I know some mechanics can seem annoying but they make game and especially faction spicy and unique and it is not so dull as every faction provides new playstyle and new experience every time you play it :)). WH2 is totally game worth playing worth buying and worth trying but it needs patch asap :D
Merwanor (1 year ago)
Lots of factions in previous TW games have been known for raping and pillaging, such as Vikings. But they got a lot of good bonuses from raiding and sacking, but you could actually manage being a more defensive player if you wanted to. But lets take Norsca for instance, you are pretty much forced to raid because of their terrible economy. One would think it was unique and fun gameplay, but after a while you realize that these evil type factions work fairly similar to one another. And it is never fun, it us just an annoyance.
The Donald (1 year ago)
chaos is in this, and they are hordes, also they are keeping to the lore which evil factions always do (rape and pillage)
Jag Johal (1 year ago)
Nice NEXT t-shirt ;)
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Haha, good eye!
Calimero Hœnir (1 year ago)
siege battles are still crap though
Koeras (1 year ago)
Not crap. But could be better for sure. Variety is needed.
Spud nic (1 year ago)
Rome 1 & Medieval total war 2 are still the best by far. Warhammer is a strong 3/4th with shogun 2. Then again other then the 4 games I've mentioned all there other games are dog shite. Rome 2 anyone lol! Might come out of alpha one day.
Leafnin (1 year ago)
I've played TW since Shogun 1, found that the update for Rome II was fun, and I played a lot more after being disappointed at release, but it's cool if you don't like it still! Hope you find a game that suits you!
Shelby (1 year ago)
Soul Demon, well that's kind of how cavalry worked in the old days. A force of pure chaos that would instantly rout whatever unit they plowed into.
Spud nic (1 year ago)
Will thats why you have spearmen. It's called strategy. But i'm not saying one charge should kill a whole unit. What im saying is it should kill more then 5 men in a 60+ man unit lol.
The Donald (1 year ago)
if nothing got back up a single cav charge would destroy a unit in one hit, making it completely unbalanced, so no
Spud nic (1 year ago)
@Soul Demon: i agree with the variety and what you said about shogun but game play wise its still lacking to med or rome 1 in the unit collisions. in warhammer to try and fix it all they did was make it look like a charge does and damage by adding knock back. 99% of what is knocked over gets backup its still bad imo.
Hiden Iny (1 year ago)
It would make sense if those stacks that appeared were Daemons of Chaos stacks. But that's in game 3.
vidaett (1 year ago)
Would`t call warhammer "the best series has ever benn" but it sure is fun enough.
J0sh 2k2 (1 year ago)
vidaett it is the best
Michael Leibe (1 year ago)
just need the mortal empires dlc then its complete
Priderice Rice (1 year ago)
Takeda Shingjen (1 year ago)
warhammer total war=best total war title
Peter Joy (8 months ago)
john doe Some of us don't care about multiplayer. I don't ngl
Thomas Wayne (9 months ago)
They revived the series which is something I love, they added a lot of awesome features, my favorite so far is that of the Legandary Lords(which to be honest the best thing since the family tree) I wished they could of had the army legacy from Rome two but I guess in this type of scenario wouldn't work since its fantasy and not history, I played all TW games and still have them all and still play then once in a while, but oh man the numbers of hours put into Warhammer is a lot, so much replay value since each faction is unique (units,lords,buildings,cities,research)
RETARDO (1 year ago)
LMAO are u retarded?? TWW2's multiplayer is still a clunky fuckfest of unbalanced factions and cheesey spam with pay 2 win units hidden behind a paywall. LOL I have no idea how dumbass dipshits like you think this is a good rts LMAO!!
Devito (1 year ago)
Maybe if battles took more than 10 minutes
ChinstonWursthill (1 year ago)
That is very true
Paul Atreides (1 year ago)
Your gunna get some hate for that title probably. Did they fix the siege battles?
Bill Qiu (1 year ago)
The only real difference is that the space between the walls and physical obstructions behind the walls are spaced wider, that and that according so some youtubers, battles last longer.
The Emperor (1 year ago)
Sieges are the same as TW : W1; As in New Skyboxes and backgrounds but ultimately still quite shallow 1 wall sieges. There are however some unique settlements in Ulthuan with "Fortress gates" As the game isn't out yet I'm unsure on how different they are, but at the very least I know they have stronger garrisons. There is gameplay of one such Fortress gate under siege from Skaven; on the YouTube channel MilkandCookiesTW

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