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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Trailer + Gameplay | Best PUBG Games For Android & iOS 2018

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile 👉GAME INFORMATION Name: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE Genre: PUBG-OPEN WORLD Plataform: Android/IOS Size: Unknown =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 📥DOWNLOAD 👉PRE-REGISTRE TAPTAP:- https://www.taptap.com/app/69515 👉PRE-REGISTRE OFFICIAL WEBSITE:- http://pg.qq.com/act/a20171124pg/index.shtml?ADTAG=media.innerenter.m_index.jump
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Text Comments (62)
Кролик ТВ (1 month ago)
Пум пум пум пум пум!
Lyubasha Tarasenko (6 months ago)
хз это чо ?😲
Deep Singh (8 months ago)
Plszzszzzz help me Sir game mein new updates aaya tha 630mb kuzz or uske baad game nhii chl rha login failed aa rha kuuu
Pipoka não (8 months ago)
Can u put englis
AhmedMLG 1234 (8 months ago)
i dont undstarnd the langwich please make it english and other langwhichs
timimiol lp (9 months ago)
Wann kommt es auf Android
BoyzBlue Shack (9 months ago)
The link is taptap
Crazy World. (9 months ago)
How come my iPhone can run it, but my Xbox can’t?
Mastershell (8 months ago)
Infinite GTs Because it's super downscaled and optimized for mobile devices and they're not even the same exact game.
WHIZgamingChannel (9 months ago)
Infinite GTs so true and Xbox graphics is so bad..
KYLE NIMER (9 months ago)
It got downgraded
Behara Dulic (9 months ago)
Add link on the game pls
Grekey Mike (9 months ago)
У меня на канале кушать ссылка, бесплатная ссылка, однако там кровь китайская, зеленоватая) и поставьте лайк изволь.
The Legend27 (9 months ago)
I hope PUBG mobile is free when it get released
Ecosystem YT (9 months ago)
The Legend27 its going to be free, but only in china
Fatjon Trolli (9 months ago)
moto broo (9 months ago)
It's so fake I might just buy the real game for pc
Walker Wolrd of (8 months ago)
moto broo no fake
Vector (9 months ago)
And for mobile the game is free lol
Vector (9 months ago)
Its real
moto broo (9 months ago)
setifan GO (10 months ago)
This game online
Time Demon (10 months ago)
Guys this fake this is knives out higher graphics the map is not the original map and you can't understand what it says it means it's fake
WHIZgamingChannel (9 months ago)
Time Demon some fcking cancer who plays RIP OFF games.. Get some information first before you tell... Fcking kids
Idont_hacksniff 21 (9 months ago)
Time Demon it’s not fake look up in tap tap on website and search pubg
Muhammad Irfan (10 months ago)
mantab bang
Sintia Sintia (10 months ago)
Oi ini di android ka coment plss
THE BEAST (10 months ago)
Make game play video when it comes out and leave a link
Ayush Pandiya (10 months ago)
hey AT where is your Intro ? Nice video again bro tell me your age pleaseee
muhammad amin (10 months ago)
yes pubg
PlayStation Game (10 months ago)
what time game is download ?
soni hemant (10 months ago)
Just like free fire battlegruond😆😆😆😆
WHIZgamingChannel (9 months ago)
soni hemant IDIOT NOOB
pkm r0ck (10 months ago)
this game is original and best online multiplayer right now oon pc idiot noob
Sasuke Uchiha (10 months ago)
free fire BATTGROIND is just a copy
Hippo Gamer (10 months ago)
Play android (10 months ago)
Will this game be released on playstore
pkm r0ck (10 months ago)
they say mobile that means yes
ChVincl s (10 months ago)
Is this out yet?
Behara Dulic (9 months ago)
Pls if is out see as ok
Android Tools (10 months ago)
+J Boddez no,coming soon
AYUSH PATEL (10 months ago)
when released plz add links to them
Abhiram K (8 months ago)
download "tap tap" not in playstore I think when u dwnld it open and search for pugb there u can download but it's chinese
Idont_hacksniff 21 (9 months ago)
The Legend27 (9 months ago)
Warfighter_GIGN my birthday is on February
The Notorious (10 months ago)
AYUSH PATEL February in China
Raziq812 (10 months ago)
Fak the language
Raziq812 (9 months ago)
Ping 1298 wtf 😂
Ping 1298 (9 months ago)
Indog 😂
Raziq812 (9 months ago)
V 先生 lol
V先生 (10 months ago)
Raziq812 okay😂
Raziq812 (10 months ago)
V 先生 yeah i know it Im really waiting for Indonesia language :D
• L I N X Z • (10 months ago)
É pra Android esse jogo.
Andrea Becker (5 months ago)
• L I N X Z • sim
The Lil Canadian (10 months ago)
Looks better than rules of survival and knives out knives out has better weapons and map and vehicular but graphics are to shit this game looks better than both combined
pkm r0ck (10 months ago)
its the original lol :D battle royal
Rey LAGARTO (10 months ago)
Mr Kv2 I have all the released gameplays if you wanna check out👌this is the first one that was release.
Hero Steve (10 months ago)
You’re legit so fking late. There is a whole gameplay and a new trailer already.
CltrAltrD (10 months ago)
Hero Steve bro I already make an video recently click on that TG icon and visit my channel once..you can find all information and download link...
klik droid (10 months ago)
Best trailer ever awesome
SE BIX (10 months ago)
First :D

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