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How many voices can Nolan North do in 60 seconds?

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Nolan North is the man of a million voices, but how many of those voices can he do in 60 seconds? Find out as Aoife Wilson puts him to the test! Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (1024)
David Velez (2 hours ago)
Well he doesn't sound like Cayde-6! R.I.P. CAYDE-6 guardian of the traveler...and the chickens...
Ben Lingan (2 days ago)
this man is like the tara strong of video games
BattleToaster7 _ (5 days ago)
Who else came for destiny ghost?
Eross Van Leer (5 days ago)
Richthofen !!!
My man Merasmus the Wizard
1creeperbomb M (5 days ago)
Aww, no tf2?
There is almost not a game without Nolan North or Troy Baker
Jesus bourne (7 days ago)
Is this Dave Franco?
Russian Trico (9 days ago)
Marcel Ortiz (11 days ago)
what about team fortress 2
Matsa Sune (15 days ago)
I wanna see a game or anime where there are 2 main characters one voiced by Nolan North the other by Troy Baker and have them only do their standard voice just to see how confusing it gets. " so which one is Nolan and which is Troy? fuck if I know dude "
The Cookie King (18 days ago)
"I Double Tap, Double Tap, Double Tap, Double Tap, Double Tap, Double Tap, Root Beer, Root Beer, who doesn't like der Root Beer" Can that just be the next Easter egg song?
MF Doom (19 days ago)
He actually did Ghost Rider not Deadpool in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. lol and Boy did he sound nothing like Ghost Rider.
Ripsicle (20 days ago)
I feel like I’m the only one who wanted Cliffjumper from FoC.
Degion_Pranger (22 days ago)
xigbar (23 days ago)
Nolan north? Is rictofen (cant remember how to spell it shut up) ? Whaaaaaatt?!
Cloro Bec (25 days ago)
1000th comment I am truly a millennial
Rogue01 (26 days ago)
I was waiting for destiny ghost
Original Triniboy (1 month ago)
I knew they wouldn’t make him do remy Duvall mafia 3 racist character
razpor (1 month ago)
He is Nathan Drake!!!
Dl Senpai (1 month ago)
Is nobody gonna mention how she spit in my mans face
Reonix (1 month ago)
Eric Frohmiller (1 month ago)
Hard to believe he voices our ghost in both destiny games
The Notorious K.I.N.G (1 month ago)
50 cent bulletproof? Wtf does Nolan north looks like starring or trying to voice the game? That random ass game she tried to make him voice in.
a peach (1 month ago)
aoife looking fine
Lidge1994 (1 month ago)
Aoife! I miss her on Ginx :)
Erdrick The Hero (1 month ago)
What about Dr. N. Gin?
Midnight Commentaries (1 month ago)
Double tap Double tap Double tap Double tap Double tap root ber root ber who dozent like da root ber
Hugh Niggertron (1 month ago)
Lmao Saint's Row, it's just my voice it's boring.
Sludgy Axe63 (1 month ago)
Uncharted inhale BOI
Goku Ultra Instinct (1 month ago)
My favorite voices have to be penguin from arkham city because of how in the game later he says why don't you come over to iceberg lounge so I can beat your ass again and Desmond miles because I believe assassins creed is an awesome game.
Instantaneous Sanic (1 month ago)
Nolan North didn't voice deadpool in ultimate alliance
sLuSh (1 month ago)
Gabriel Rosalez (1 month ago)
Many voice dis man have.
TheSasGaming (1 month ago)
Damn i love richtofen voice man XDXD
TheSasGaming (1 month ago)
ooohh sgt randall from cod 2 XD
TJ Chimichanga (1 month ago)
He actually voiced Ghost Rider, not Deadpool. In MUA
Frank Castle (1 month ago)
Doctor Richtofan
sgt Hale107 (1 month ago)
What about Spec Ops: The Line?
Fabuli (1 month ago)
His normal voice is desmond miles
Purple Turtle (1 month ago)
Ladies with a beautiful Irish accent really get to me!!
TheCV Show (1 month ago)
I was nearly panicking when Nolan didn't do Call of Duty
Ghost Killer (1 month ago)
Rictofen is my favorite character from cod history yessss
NightFang427X3 (1 month ago)
He’s ghost... And space core? I knew he sounded familiar :0
Areel Pervez (1 month ago)
Was Nolan 1.0 and 2.0 zombie richtofen
lksdmtngaming (1 month ago)
He said "Uncharted" "Pass" because thats his normal voice
General66 (2 months ago)
megapokekid1 (2 months ago)
I came here for him to imitate the Space Core
Lesley Vivien (2 months ago)
I came here for Stoick the Vast!
EdaNur Türk (2 months ago)
Desmond XD
Trick Shot (2 months ago)
Nolan North is so good at voice acting, two of his characters are voices in my head!!!
Nathan Drake (3 months ago)
What the fuck he doesn't remember Uncharted I only came here for Uncharted
Leo Ventimiglia (3 months ago)
that's a lot of make up on one face!
Garrett Westlake (3 months ago)
How does one pronounce Aoife?
Phantom117 B (3 months ago)
Sgt Forge was in Halo Wars not Halo 3
mattzhereGamez (3 months ago)
what about tf2
billy (3 months ago)
i met nolan at awesome con 2017 my brother was wearing a crash bandicoot hoodie and he said out loud "Whats a bandicoot?".😂
Pointblank03 03 (4 months ago)
Fucking love rictofen
Sageraider 190 (4 months ago)
alien boi (4 months ago)
Zero Kelvin (4 months ago)
It'd be really fun to see him get on Critical Role.
Maria Rivera (4 months ago)
Dude richtofen is so funny
Maria Rivera (4 months ago)
Dude you sound like the one in black ops 2
This guy is a legend 💯💯💯💯💯
gamedoc (5 months ago)
"Uncharted 3" -I've no idea, pass lmao I fucking love him
Hardline Gamer (5 months ago)
Ghost? oh wait this is before the taken king release isnt it
Sammii Bee (5 months ago)
Hell yeah, Dr Richtofen!! That's my favorite "Double tap, double tap, double tap, double tap, double tap, double tap root beer, root beer, who doesn't like the root beer?"
Ilikepotatoes :3 (5 months ago)
Gabriella Reyes (5 months ago)
Gabriella Reyes (5 months ago)
1:59 ratchet and clank
Cthulu Muramasa (5 months ago)
Saints row mmmmm
joe grimes (5 months ago)
Nolan North has the best job. He gets beautiful women to say "Do a voice" and gets paid. Grr I hope him and TB get Tonsilitis
MasterJack Gaming (6 months ago)
Wait he was in halo 3?
Knuckles (6 months ago)
Nolan North best voice of deadpool i my opinion,
Victactoria (6 months ago)
What about Blaze? 😊😊
Kat Beckman (6 months ago)
Lion ROAR (6 months ago)
Path of sarrows Richthofen is still a asshole lol
Dagon Sutfin (6 months ago)
Troll `Jod (7 months ago)
*spaaaaaaaaaaaace* -Nolan North
Fwap Swap (7 months ago)
FOOLS where is merasmus
Wayss (7 months ago)
Cosmic _TP (7 months ago)
So sad he wasn't able to do Merasmus
HerpyDerpyDoo11 (7 months ago)
Team Fortress 2: Merasmus.
Clorox bleach (7 months ago)
I just came here for richtofen like if u did to
King Alpharune (7 months ago)
Nolan North is a blessing to the Actor Earth.
Kade Miller (7 months ago)
But but.... tf2
cxx (8 months ago)
Where was Merasmus though
Che1seabluesdrogba11 (8 months ago)
Cast of PPL must be honored to have this legend as a dad
Logeenth: Live! (8 months ago)
"Final Fantasy 12?" "Meh, pfft!" Me: Balthier? Vaan? Gabranth?! Please!!
Danic C. (8 months ago)
MERASMUS, IS HERE! Foolish mortals, your fate is at hand?
Jakey Jake. (8 months ago)
He looks hot for his age.
fastbreak 383 (8 months ago)
Where's merasmus? That damn wizard!
bw-jack (8 months ago)
Bonus ducks!
Pointblank03 03 (8 months ago)
Rictofen yaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaa wundaba
FunForSameer (8 months ago)
edfdsfsd dsgfdsgsd (8 months ago)
HALO 3!!!
Jet Grey (8 months ago)
His Guild Wars 2 work was really underrated to me - very suave!
Draykile Mikedrower (9 months ago)
Oh no everyone- Its David
Kevin Erives (9 months ago)
I'm glad He knows everybody loves Richtofen!!

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