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The REAL GTA 4 Android and iPhone Mobile App - How To Play GTA 4 On Android Or iOS Devices

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Get The New GTA 4 Android and iPhone iOS Mobile App Now http://gta4onmobile.com ---------------------------------------------- Grand Theft Auto 4 is now fully functional on all mobile devices. Available for iPhone and Android GTA 4 Android is among one of the best mobile games that has been released in 2018, the developers warned the fans months ago to get ready to get emmersed in a ton of action. Discover a new world, new items, new cars and new people. Enjoy the brand new GTA 4 android game and Play online with your friends around the world. Rockstar did an amazing job with the creation of the mobile version and the fans have reported nothing but good feedback. Although there are some people saying the graphics from the phone version are not up to par with the console, that hasn't stopped the thousands of people from downloading GTA 4 for android In order for you to get the best FPS and graphics, it's recommended that you use a high end phone to play it. This is a game changer for all the GTA fans that want to play everywhere, on the go. We're certainly positive you will enjoy the game as well as all the new features it has to offer. One of the great things that Rockstar accomplished is that they made sure this game had full functionality on all iOS And Android devices before releasing it. GRAND THEFT AUTO IV displays the gorgeous Liberty City, which the developers call "heaven on earth". That huge city, Liberty City, is full of many missions and adventure where gamers can only explore the island–composed of Dukes and Broker–with all the other islands unlocking as the story progresses. This is a place especially created for vehicles of super class. Play, and raise money to enjoy the game from a different aspect. In this great city you can spend your earned money on cars, weapons, wardrobe, buildings and much more. Players can now transfer all money from your previous GTA IV Online character and progression data from PlayStation, Xbox or PC to GTA 4 Android or iOS. GAMEPLAY: Players can do melee attacks, use a wide variety of firearms and explosives to fight enemies, andcan run, jump, swim or use vehicles to navigate the game's world. There is a first-person perspective option when using vehicles. In combat, there is an auto-aim option and a cover system that can be used as assistance against enemies. ONLINE: The online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto IV allows up to 32 players to freely roam across a recreation of the single-player world. SINGLE PLAYER: The game's single-player mode lets players control a war veteran, Eastern European Niko Bellic. During the story, Niko meets various new characters, many of whom he befriends. These characters can then perform favours for Niko whenever he asks How can I download it? Step: 1 - Verify your device by clicking the either the Android or iOS button above. Step 2: Install at least two of the apps on the list from one of our trusted sponsors. Step 3: You will need to play each app for at least one minute Step 4: After verifying your device, exit out and go back into the browser you used Step 5: You will be redirected to the download page where you are prompted with either the .APK or the .IPA file Step 6: Download the file and finish the installation process Step 7: Reboot your device where you will see the Grand Theft Auto 4 Mobile icon placed your screen. Open it up and enjoy!
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Text Comments (439)
EL BARTAS (3 hours ago)
Самый ахуенный наеб
ирина бойко (18 hours ago)
Подключился к пс либо иксбокс
ирина бойко (18 hours ago)
PS 4 ,Xbox naeb
Teegala Bhagavath Reddy (20 hours ago)
GTA 4 is releasing data is November 6 2018
Shimaa Genidey (1 day ago)
I don't have wind app I have one
Hendri Maidle (1 day ago)
Yuri Gagarin (1 day ago)
I hate human verification its more like sponsor
Milind Parag (1 day ago)
It says that open any 2 app for 30 sec please help!!!!!!!!
Mayank Jaiswal (1 day ago)
Mi 5 chalega
Muhammed Sahin (1 day ago)
Oh my god so Bad faked
Mosin Khan (2 days ago)
chutiya bana ta ya b.c
Котик Няшка (2 days ago)
Пиздун! Иди на х*й!
СНАЙПЕР YT (2 days ago)
Ansari Jalaluddin (2 days ago)
Chutiya mat bna
ChaseGamer (2 days ago)
Ahmed SHAikH (2 days ago)
I have downloaded Gta vc Gta san andr Gta 3 Now time fir gta 4
Andro Gamer (3 days ago)
Does It Need Verification?
Radit Alfaruqi (3 days ago)
Dihp samsung bisa ga a
Yağız Karadana (3 days ago)
Ganesh K (3 days ago)
это прогграма
Dony Gemerz (5 days ago)
Okay good
vitor gabriel (6 days ago)
E oi gente
Nirvana Araeb (7 days ago)
What's the background beat's name? I need it please 🙏
Anshul Rawat (8 days ago)
yudha Gamer (8 days ago)
I think, that this person played at gta 4 with KinoConsole
Ju5tFrankl1n (9 days ago)
Marian Cruzat (9 days ago)
Seems Legit
Andriy Bereznyak (10 days ago)
Russians men is called it "naeb")
Mehdi Habibov (11 days ago)
Tiohaw Haw (12 days ago)
Suman Bhopal (12 days ago)
Can it works in redmi4
Stephani Veras Aquino (13 days ago)
Lg aristo
ChIkAgO MaDE Punk (15 days ago)
Play boy on the first mission
Shivam Chauhan (16 days ago)
Work nahi kar raha he
fahrizal akbari (16 days ago)
Offline apa online kalok online aku gk mau
Jadeja Divyaraj (17 days ago)
It,s work
Jadeja Divyaraj (17 days ago)
Tx GURU TUSHAR (18 days ago)
What is your ncs
Garmer Max 18 (18 days ago)
Michael Gilbert Jaret (18 days ago)
whether to be rooted
Mark Gerald CHANNEL (18 days ago)
It's GTA 3 but GTA 4 mod
Arnesh Kumar (18 days ago)
How did you guys make surveys work
viktor ortiga 00#6 (18 days ago)
alguien me podria decir como se llama la canción de fondo gracias
RaTBu Kelz (20 days ago)
I have already gta 5 on my iphone x but I already deleted hahahah
Kornkamon Thawon (23 days ago)
2018/4/29 abryer Download هل تنزل
Rapperul (24 days ago)
Purvam Sharma (24 days ago)
How many space is required
Marcos Gomez (24 days ago)
Que celular es ese???
But love this
It's simple GTA vice city
Donalt Trump (25 days ago)
georgios mavridis (25 days ago)
Wtf this is Not gta4 is gta3 ?!
Anna Cristina Ciampa (25 days ago)
finn bradly (26 days ago)
100% real no feik :v
RaceIS LIFE (27 days ago)
RIP me iOS user XD
Wasim777 (27 days ago)
Chutiya samjha h kya
channel po (27 days ago)
Analog not work?
SK Gamer Pro (27 days ago)
Give me background music name
Native Tube (18 days ago)
SK Gamer Pro no
Fisto Daily (18 days ago)
The Soviet Connection
Andres Emigdio (27 days ago)
Do this works ?
Apps & Tricks (28 days ago)
I have an lg mobile but it doesn't play gta san smoothly and your playing gta 4 in it!!!
Isaac Arevalo (10 days ago)
He has a LG G4, lmao.
Mitsuki avanger (29 days ago)
Woou nice
cherupally nani (1 month ago)
Purnami Thapa (1 month ago)
thx bro
Lol Hun (1 month ago)
Danger Type-0 (1 month ago)
What the heck?????
Ghanashyam Gajjali (1 month ago)
I installed both of the apps and played for a minute but i didn't got gta 4 give me reply please
V@rnon0018 (1 month ago)
When i entred the game, everything seems fine, but when i drived to niko's new house, somehow the building, road, everything is invisible except the car. Am i missing something? I on a new galaxy s9 ???
Roman Bellic (1 month ago)
In Russia,GTA plays you
Ultra Instinct (1 day ago)
Cousin I'm Niko Mikhail Faustin told me to be this guy.
Ultra Instinct (1 day ago)
Roman Bellic cousin
Roman Bellic (1 day ago)
Ultra Instinct who are you talking to?
Ultra Instinct (2 days ago)
Roman Bellic my Cousin How are you doing? I have changed my Clothes.
Chief Hammold0091 (1 month ago)
Best GTA Game ever made. Thanks to your video I got it on android, good job! I have a lot of friends that want to play this on their phone so ill definitely be sharing the vid. Expect more likes and subs
Que buena :)
John Battiste (1 month ago)
I cant lie I got mad at the verify part but i got over it BECAUSE IT FUCKING DOWNLOADED!! TY TY!!!!
SAMP ANDROID (1 month ago)
music pls
What is the specs
Jeffrey Elsen (1 month ago)
wow after about waiting an hour to see if this is legit .. IT ACTUALLY FUCKING IS 👏🏼 🙏🏼 downfall is installing a stupid vpn app and game app to verify but oh well I got it!!!!
Jaqueline Mikaele (1 month ago)
Ovesh Ansari (1 month ago)
Your mobile rooted or not
Rafael Esparza (1 month ago)
Si sirve?
El Alan Papuh (1 month ago)
Uyy si se ve muy creíble :v
Anuj Gurung (1 month ago)
hey guys is this offline or online game
uji nam (1 month ago)
LOL GAME :))))
Kamal Karib (1 month ago)
Bro what is your phone's model?
Angelo Neberba (1 month ago)
This Andriod LG
Rimpi Insa (1 month ago)
Music name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz😍😍😍😍i love it
яιтιк νєямα (1 month ago)
SomosWeney [WNEN] (1 month ago)
Uy si,se ve muy creible
delisile Dlamini (1 month ago)
Yashas Nayaka (1 month ago)
give you downloaded app
Scop3R (1 month ago)
Cool story Bob
Relansis 19 (1 month ago)
Como se llama la cancion de 4:30
Bsal singh (1 month ago)
What is th total space of this game
Estee Ban (1 month ago)
Bsal singh 14gb
TuncaArda Dandinoğlu (1 month ago)
this is true i thought its gta 3 with mods
Phone number
Zagar Zahran (1 month ago)
This is Work🖕
Akshay Santhosh (1 month ago)
Doesl it work?
Aiur (22 days ago)
PrInCe oNoNtO (1 month ago)
My 1 app show solitaire game others app no
NFL MegaFan81 (1 month ago)
2hrs+ to download this game and get it installed but really is worth it this is so awesome on android ... playing it on a LG Stylo 3 the big screen is way better
ALL ONE (1 month ago)
can we delete that game downloded before gta4

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