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The REAL GTA 4 Android and iPhone Mobile App - How To Play GTA 4 On Android Or iOS Devices

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Get The New GTA 4 Android and iPhone iOS Mobile App Now http://gta4onmobile.com ---------------------------------------------- Grand Theft Auto 4 is now fully functional on all mobile devices. Available for iPhone and Android GTA 4 Android is among one of the best mobile games that has been released in 2018, the developers warned the fans months ago to get ready to get emmersed in a ton of action. Discover a new world, new items, new cars and new people. Enjoy the brand new GTA 4 android game and Play online with your friends around the world. Rockstar did an amazing job with the creation of the mobile version and the fans have reported nothing but good feedback. Although there are some people saying the graphics from the phone version are not up to par with the console, that hasn't stopped the thousands of people from downloading GTA 4 for android In order for you to get the best FPS and graphics, it's recommended that you use a high end phone to play it. This is a game changer for all the GTA fans that want to play everywhere, on the go. We're certainly positive you will enjoy the game as well as all the new features it has to offer. One of the great things that Rockstar accomplished is that they made sure this game had full functionality on all iOS And Android devices before releasing it. GRAND THEFT AUTO IV displays the gorgeous Liberty City, which the developers call "heaven on earth". That huge city, Liberty City, is full of many missions and adventure where gamers can only explore the island–composed of Dukes and Broker–with all the other islands unlocking as the story progresses. This is a place especially created for vehicles of super class. Play, and raise money to enjoy the game from a different aspect. In this great city you can spend your earned money on cars, weapons, wardrobe, buildings and much more. Players can now transfer all money from your previous GTA IV Online character and progression data from PlayStation, Xbox or PC to GTA 4 Android or iOS. GAMEPLAY: Players can do melee attacks, use a wide variety of firearms and explosives to fight enemies, andcan run, jump, swim or use vehicles to navigate the game's world. There is a first-person perspective option when using vehicles. In combat, there is an auto-aim option and a cover system that can be used as assistance against enemies. ONLINE: The online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto IV allows up to 32 players to freely roam across a recreation of the single-player world. SINGLE PLAYER: The game's single-player mode lets players control a war veteran, Eastern European Niko Bellic. During the story, Niko meets various new characters, many of whom he befriends. These characters can then perform favours for Niko whenever he asks How can I download it? Step: 1 - Verify your device by clicking the either the Android or iOS button above. Step 2: Install at least two of the apps on the list from one of our trusted sponsors. Step 3: You will need to play each app for at least one minute Step 4: After verifying your device, exit out and go back into the browser you used Step 5: You will be redirected to the download page where you are prompted with either the .APK or the .IPA file Step 6: Download the file and finish the installation process Step 7: Reboot your device where you will see the Grand Theft Auto 4 Mobile icon placed your screen. Open it up and enjoy!
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manju prajapat (1 day ago)
Bhai maps kaha he
Гур Гур (2 days ago)
Fool . Emulutor
duishon janybekov (2 days ago)
Зади видать пк
Jaxongir Rustamov (2 days ago)
Гавно какая-то бандюганы нахер этак мастерить
forde250 fan (3 days ago)
or maybe not
tu vdo chala rha he beta last me
chutiya kisko bnata he
ionut Marius (3 days ago)
Nu merge
Fredmer Berroa (5 days ago)
Cristiano br (5 days ago)
Cara qual o nome da musica ai passa ai
jefrey Bobo (5 days ago)
wtf dude u are not playing the game u pretending wtf man!!!!!!!
Nas naebali
bakchodi videos (5 days ago)
yr ye to simulater me chla rkha h tune
Егор Самара (6 days ago)
Фууууу надувала Это попросту видео с клавишами
Hilka Samara (7 days ago)
eu to tem tanto i to 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
leandro lima (7 days ago)
PRO100_ ИГРЫ (7 days ago)
Да ты наебщик от бога
Гур Гур (7 days ago)
some one (8 days ago)
He tried his best..
Yappi Chappi (9 days ago)
Тауекел Хан (9 days ago)
Bhavesh Solanki (10 days ago)
Bhavesh Solanki (10 days ago)
nahi ho rahi bro
darwin radja (11 days ago)
Kamu adalah penipu terbaik
BS Bro (11 days ago)
Классно наебал у тебя это классно выходит
Arison Babujon (12 days ago)
VTA BAIXOS (12 days ago)
Hooow foock
steven bahaa (12 days ago)
كس امك يا ابن الوسخة يلعن ميتين دين كس امك يا ابن الشرموطة يا كداب يا ابن المتناكه ده فيديو مشغلو و عامل كأنك بتلعبها يا ابن العرص
фокси пират (14 days ago)
Он двигал джойстики а они хер двинутся!! Ахахахахаххахахахахкхк шо за???
фокси пират (14 days ago)
Ха-ха-ха ору
фокси пират (14 days ago)
Посмотрите на 7:25-7:30 он убрал руки с экрана а камера двигалась и он надавливал попросту на все кнопки а ездить не на все
фокси пират (14 days ago)
Это фейк
фокси пират (14 days ago)
Слыш ты чмо
Это фейк
Движение не совпадает для чего лгать дизлайк и отписка
admin johnson (14 days ago)
Bro can you connect my phone and install for me
Kromer ZX (15 days ago)
Лол, ссанный кликбэйт
hakename games (15 days ago)
BLAC WELL (15 days ago)
العاب تعرف شو ما صارت 😢😢😢😩😩😩
Hamza Rana (16 days ago)
i dont need in android i have in my pc
ап авава (16 days ago)
Emerson Menezes (19 days ago)
Eu não conseguiu abaixa o gta 4
Vikash Moury (19 days ago)
What is your name
Oskar Hawkar (19 days ago)
fak yuo
#HINDUSTAN GAMER (19 days ago)
And also chutiya
son nova (19 days ago)
3:31 what song is it
the X Blaster (20 days ago)
It works
OOF MOBILE (20 days ago)
Just get the new game called gta liberty city its just like gta 4
a7med gamez (20 days ago)
العرب لايك
christian guevarra (21 days ago)
Wow this is so cool now I now to do it
Mentak (21 days ago)
Блин блин блин не вышло
Mentak (21 days ago)
Horrible tú no se descarga nada es horrible
Ahmad Alahmad (21 days ago)
هههههه عمتضحك عحالك شو هالمسخرة
Mohamed Naeem (23 days ago)
لاحظو التحكم
Mohamed Naeem (23 days ago)
مفضوح قوي باين انو فيديو
Oussama Adjmi (24 days ago)
Ziya Kerimli (25 days ago)
Аххахахаха ору сука. Ебать он беспалевно двигает пальцами.
araz ea (26 days ago)
Xiami redmi not 4 gta 5 acarmi
Abhijit Haldar (29 days ago)
o Cat (29 days ago)
It works thank you💞
Abtin Lajevardi (29 days ago)
So he managed to play gta 4 with like 40 fps on that shit phone
Thor (29 days ago)
Face as shit
Alex (29 days ago)
Not faked good enough
Rineesha P (30 days ago)
It never works
Ajay Gupta (30 days ago)
Does it online
Ronit Kumar (30 days ago)
Brother verification keshe kare
Zidan K (30 days ago)
Can I download without verification
Pac Boy (2 days ago)
Christian Trinidad (19 days ago)
Zidan K don't download it pls when GTA 4 have 10th anniversary in mobile. I'm sure that's fall 2018 I think.
Alliance n'guyen (30 days ago)
Est-ce que il est possible d'avoir gta 4 quatre sur iPhone 5
오혁진 (1 month ago)
fuk u
Rineesha P (1 month ago)
Will cheat code on phone works
yuvraj damor (1 month ago)
Tri mano bhoshdo chodu lakhyo 6e
TUTORIAIS& GAMES (1 month ago)
Matthieu B (1 month ago)
😂😂 ...
Josh Brown (1 month ago)
For your phone
Egi Nugraha (1 month ago)
kenapa ada tulisan....veryfication required please download any apps offer to verifi
차안녕 (1 month ago)
하라는데로 다했는데 왜안되죠.....해결방법좀 알려주세여
Putri Agustin (1 month ago)
Aku juga lah hahahahahaha
Game Kap (1 month ago)
Я российский
Кто российский отыскивает метод скачать гта 4 на андройд будто я дебил
mr.prorok (1 day ago)
Я дебил
KoT 41 (1 day ago)
Я тоже...
mr.prorok (2 days ago)
Я с тобой
mr.prorok (2 days ago)
Racket Master (1 month ago)
Ti che DOLBANULSA naeB!!!!!!!!!
AntonyGamer Paz (1 month ago)
GTA 4 android
Skorpion 4One (1 month ago)
Vishal Mane (1 month ago)
How to add cheats ...?
Content creator (1 month ago)
That shit never works
Eric Lasmana Ardis (1 month ago)
Goblok anjing sia teh memek kontol
Rodrigo Andrade (1 month ago)
E fece
Alexandre santos (1 month ago)
_rckyytwelve TM (1 month ago)
andy cahyadi (1 month ago)
not work😠😠
Mahmod Heba (1 month ago)
اين gta iv يا ابن الوسخه كذاب
Abdullah Gamer (1 month ago)
Fak🤬👊🏼 كل زق حنا مو بقر عندك كذاب حط فيديو ولازرار معه ثمن يبا يطقطق كل زق ولله انك تجيب المرض يالممحون
davidisom replay (1 month ago)
King Parkour (1 month ago)
Footafe de gueule

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