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My favourite ESL class game

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Rules- Before class prepare a key of what weapons will go in each grid space. Divide the class into teams, each person has 3 lives. Draw a 10x10 grid on the board. Ask students the revision questions, whoever gets the question right can choose a square. Tell the student what the square contains. Gun= take one life point away. Two guns = Take two life points from the same person or one each of 2 people. Bomb= The answer-er loses one life point. Fire= The whole team loses one life point. Heart= Add one life point. The team that still has people alive in the end wins. Change the names of the values if you wish. If enough people press 'like' I will add more games.
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Text Comments (72)
Good job.more games here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZclg0FiaZbU8Bns4cqXd4Q.please subscribe
ALEAND ARK (10 days ago)
cool!! i really love it a big hand from colombia
Mundileando (14 days ago)
Definitely not into guns, bombs or shootings.
rocky thạch (15 days ago)
thanks. this is great.
Jason Bolster (16 days ago)
I love this concept. I intend to do it in my ESL class the day before the big exam in two weeks.
Wuiston Medina (1 month ago)
That game is scary.
Steph P (4 months ago)
O.M.G. I love this. Thanks!
jihye kim (4 months ago)
It'd be so much fun with my students. thanks!
Mengqian Liu (5 months ago)
That's a great game,but do you have a written rules could share with us?
Hercules Steel (5 months ago)
Food poisoning lol!! Very nice game!
alexis cheong (5 months ago)
sounds fun...will try with my class. Thanks for sharing
Cecilia (5 months ago)
good game, but Nobody think it is a little violent?
MovieCritic (6 months ago)
Cool thx
Breathe it (7 months ago)
Thank you .but i have a quest .what do you write on the squares in your table that is drawn on the board ??
sarcasmo57 (7 months ago)
Hi, on the board I usually just cross the squares out as they are called, you could also write what the result was (B,G,F,H). On my own piece of paper each square will have a G or B or F or H. This represents the weapon that the square holds for example G is gun. I hope that helps?
Foto Butique (7 months ago)
I tried with my students, but in a different way. The classroom has to play together. Nobody loses. And if someone is unlucky, another student can "save hi/her giving him a heart. (I put a lot of hearts in the squares). The had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing it!
sarcasmo57 (7 months ago)
Sounds great!
Lee Harrison (8 months ago)
This really has very low quality student output. I just seems to kill about 30 minutes! In that 30 minutes, it's very possible some kids could literally say nothing for the whole time, which is not the best before an important test. What about a team that loses their lives? They sit and watch for the remaining time in silence? Perhaps an improvement would be to play this in pairs, or groups of 3, with the students asking each other questions instead of the teacher talking for the whole time, on a small grid, maybe 4x4? This way students take control, they ask and answer throughout the whole activity, and both weaker and stronger kids all participate equally.
manju kushi (9 months ago)
What it means if they get bomb???
Imbibing China (10 months ago)
This game was an absolute winner in my classes last week. My kids loved it. You should, however, issue the warning, that the game might become quite noisy due to excitement. I added the rule that if they're noisy 2 students will die. Thanks for the video!
sarcasmo57 (10 months ago)
I'm so glad you and your students enjoyed it.
eliaking (11 months ago)
What!? This is the first time I find a game that I myself would like to play. Thank you!
Carl Stivens (1 year ago)
This game is amazing. I will use it for my class. Thanks dude.
Ben Drew (1 year ago)
appreciate it!
Foto Butique (1 year ago)
Nice game! I will try with my students!!
denis black (1 year ago)
cool game! thanks!
dorki3 (1 year ago)
Reminds me a bit of minesweeper/battle ship / jeopardy. I love it. I am totally trying this. In this way, the smart kids won't gain all the glory, and it motivates the whole class!
sarcasmo57 (1 year ago)
Yeah, the smart kids often get killed off early. That's fine they get a kick out of quizzing the class. Did you try it yet? How did it go?
rodrigo altuzarra (1 year ago)
awesome game can't wait to try it!!!!
임혜진 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much! I accidently found your video while searching for English game for my class. I did this game with my students and it was so amazing!! Thank you for sharing this game :)
tawan buddapan (1 year ago)
Thank you, I love this game and I will play with my class
Dan Price (1 year ago)
So the game is over when all the squares are 'X'ed out?
sarcasmo57 (1 year ago)
Hi. It doesn't usually get that far, the game is over when only one team has living players.
Adam Shaheen (1 year ago)
how to keep track of all the students' lives?
sarcasmo57 (1 year ago)
I make them keep track. They are very good at knowing how many lives the opposition has left.
Hizu (1 year ago)
You are amazing!!
壹貳 (1 year ago)
This is great
Mia Wallace (1 year ago)
I'll try this tomorrow for vocab revision!
TheWolfQueen (1 year ago)
This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!
shougani alsali (1 year ago)
What's the name of this game
sarcasmo57 (1 year ago)
Call it what you like.
Laura Hogan (1 year ago)
For my French classes, we use the Guillotine, Le Fromage qui peue {stinky cheese}, Le Chocolat Chaud, le Pain Rassis {stale bread} etc as the "weapons" instead of guns and bombs, which would not be allowed in public school. Fun game!
sarcasmo57 (1 year ago)
I´m gonna try this game tomorrow, and yes, gonna change the guns with some other signs, thanks a lot!
The2nd (1 year ago)
thanks I got the idea now. :)
Christian Auxilio (1 year ago)
Cool. thanks
Fraynori Gómez (1 year ago)
Genial...I will try it out next class
staninjapan07 (1 year ago)
Thank you. I like to add general / versatile activities to my little library-in-my-head of ideas that I can pull out of the hat when given too little prep time. This is good. I would also do as Guenter Brook suggested, and drop a Mario Kart theme onto it.
Rachid Akhmassi (1 year ago)
It is a great game. I am gonna try it and get back to you with feedback. Thanks!
omid kahbasi (1 year ago)
I tired it in my class today and it went pretty well. thank you
omid kahbasi (1 year ago)
anything will do, grammar questions, spelling, pronunciation, etc
Naty Dia (1 year ago)
omid kahbasi what kind of questions you asked?
Englishcorner4U (1 year ago)
I doubt if a game with shooting and bombs would be appropriate in education system these days. This game surely needs a modification.
Duston McCreary (1 year ago)
Because cartoon guns and bombs don't exist
sdushdiu (1 year ago)
Yeah, such symbolism isn't appreciated by the virtue signaling SJW snowflakes and their vision of how the world Should be....
Stefan Penchev (1 year ago)
I like this game and I'm going to try it immediately with my students.
Richard Hill (2 years ago)
Great game!
Guenter Brook (2 years ago)
Hi, I forgot to ask - does the fire take a life from every player in your team or the opposing team? With the bomb it is your team but I wasn't sure if the same applied for the fire. Thanx
Guenter Brook (2 years ago)
Hi, Thanks for posting it. I am definitely going to try it but with a modification suggested by one of my colleagues: Instead of the weapons outlined in the video I made it Mario-themed: Banana = take one life point from the other team 2 Bananas = take two life points from the other team Blue shell = the answerer loses a life point Fire flower = the answerer's team all lose a life point 1up mushroom = the answerer's team all gain a life point
j M (4 months ago)
Lukas (6 months ago)
I've modified it a bit. Hope someone might find it useful: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLKJF7jo8_KDr9cd0l2jEGoNGpsohUKF0q-Oru0uRf4/edit?usp=sharing
staninjapan07 (1 year ago)
Nice adaptation. Thanks.
sarcasmo57 (2 years ago)
Good plan! Let me know how it goes.
CTA SeantheMan (2 years ago)
I don't know if you have access to PPT or a screen, but if you do there are very similar games...that people have made AMAZING ppts for. Have a look at the link below, there are Batman, Spongebob, Mario etc The questions also look great when made this way Over in korea they're called Bomb Games or Tornado http://www.waygook.org/index.php/topic,22140.0.html
Ellie (2 years ago)
I tried this game to help my dogs review their training class. They weren't into it. :(
Your accent is crazy. It sounds American with an Australian sauce drizzled on top. I assume this is the product of teaching English to foreign students? lol
bzeljn (1 year ago)
australian english is non-rhotic, but chinese is super rhotic. as a result he pronounces the R sound at the end of words. but yeah he sounds american, it's strange
Shelby C (2 years ago)
He sounds like he's from Darwin, Australia
Khunaw Ali (2 years ago)
amazing game
Ethan Plam (2 years ago)
Nice one. Thanks!
Mikeroyceful (2 years ago)
Can't wait to try this with my class of university Chinese students. Should be fun! Thanks for the video.
Guillermo Gil (5 months ago)
Mikeroyceful How did it go?

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