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The Last of Us 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo (Playstation Conference)

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The Last of Us 2 Gameplay Demo E3 2018 (Playstation Conference) ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (5301)
Brazuka tube (1 day ago)
Que mierda besos gay 😧💩😫💩😫💩😫💩😫💩😫
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le33s (3 months ago)
This puts days gone to absolute shame!!
Luiz andre Vasconcelos (3 months ago)
3:26 WTF !!
quiteleaf (3 months ago)
Steven is that you?
Gray Sensor (3 months ago)
Jiří Drábík (4 months ago)
A jéje.Z eli se stala lezbička.
Aris Mustafa (4 months ago)
Last of Us 3 - Joel becomes a transgender
Noob Saibot (4 months ago)
Gra jest świetna cudeńko Naughty Dog rządzi!!! 😊😊😊
Bader Mohammed (4 months ago)
Wtf, they destroyed the game with the gay shit 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Jose Q (4 months ago)
Niiice been waiting for this game since playing part one , don't care if she's lesbien or not I only care about the game play mechanicsgraphics and a good story line , her being lesbien in the game isn't going to affect my life it's just a game thats all it is it's not forcing people to turn lesbien seeing her kiss another female , if people feel that way then don't watch movies that have women kissing women cause I'm pretty sure there's been at least 1 or 2 movies that people seen that had that happen and still continued on watching the movie , just enjoy the game cause you know you liked part one and part one been gave you a clue of how she might of felt about her friend in the mall the part where they start throwing bricks at car windows
ubadzedanz yeah (4 months ago)
Man this is the coolest game i've ever seen... Im talkin' about controls and movements btw..
Elysion x (4 months ago)
Warning: If you possess any kind of rational thinking ability, do not read the comments. The stupidity levels are off the charts.
Waning Studio (4 months ago)
Some guy who probably only watches Girl on Girl porn: Ew gross I don't want LGBT ideologies in video games shoved down my throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silent Shadow (4 months ago)
Damn Ellie is a badass
JackofBlades21 (4 months ago)
I like zombie survival games add me
JackofBlades21 (4 months ago)
damm,ella,grew up
axel somers (4 months ago)
im guessing this is some kind of prologue with very special settings
axel somers (4 months ago)
there are like 10 of the same people tho lol
axel somers (4 months ago)
wait do there’s like a dodge mechanic now or something? also, this must be in some easy kind of difficulty cause she got hit 3 times and survived LOL
Luis Rojas (4 months ago)
why is it that bad for ellie to be a lesbian? that's how the storyline it's being develop and to be honest i find it extremely interesting. I wish to see how the las of us 2 is gonna end cause the first one really was very overwhelming.
Alec Shockley (4 months ago)
It makes me proud that so many in this comment section are aware of what they're doing with the gay propaganda. Gives me a slight amount of hope for the future. Keep boycotting games and movies that are inundated with Agenda 21 ideals and there may be a chance for us after all.
Sick Dog (4 months ago)
Well I had high fuckin' hopes for this game. I see hella gay shit, I hella hate shit.
Muleke GM (4 months ago)
DVS Steel (4 months ago)
If the gameplay can stick to the demo, we are in for one hell of a game.
It is just a cutscene made for this moment, it ain't going to be like that in the final game.
Jose Miguel Barlaan (4 months ago)
For a sec it reminded me of good ol' tomb raider back in 2013! Still an awesome game!
Muslim Gamer TV (4 months ago)
Why does homosexuality even need to be a thing in games, "Naughty" Dog? How many homosexuals does any of us truly know? Most of us barely met 1 homosexual in every 100 people we met in life; no matter how much some organizations try to inflate their numbers, they're a minority in every country in the world (even if a few cities have more of them), and in some countries, an extreme minority. So why are we suddenly pretending in games that our main character is homosexual, or bisexual or whatever, or one of the 4 main characters is homosexual? You don't need to bash homosexuals or homosexuality in games but you really don't need to PROMOTE them or it either? At the very LEAST, you don't need to promote the SEXUAL part of their lifestyle, yes? Lots of homosexuals talk so much about "love", which is fine really ... you can "love" whoever you want so much, but you don't really HAVE to have sex with everyone you love, right? Do you really, really NEED to highlight homosexual sexuality, Naughty Dog? In a GAME?!
daddy (4 months ago)
Muslim Relapsing Gamer lmao what's so wrong about a human being showing affection for another human being in a game? no matter the sexual orientation or gender identity, I fail to see what's so wrong with the game developers putting in human actions in a game? we humans can not live without sexual desire so stop trying to make it about homosexuality & realize how ignorant you're sounding because it's nothing more than human affection to each other.
george z (4 months ago)
in first one last of us you a hero and butchering zombies and some evil humans. on second one you are lesbian and butchering humans I'm not against lgbtq but seriously stop shoving it in our throats w ar gamers we are here to buy the game you are a game-making company or you are educating lesbian content lets see how much lesbian goin bay this game we do not care about the sexual preferences of everyone this is a gamer world we don't care if you are love banging with strapons good job Naughty Dog lets see how much fans you lose we no need you to pass us lesbian massage im out to .
Leonel Fontana (4 months ago)
se fueron a la mierda cagaron la historia ellie lesbiana conchita con conchita no podes
muslim lovesjesus (4 months ago)
Disease has even reach games!!!!!
Gabi (4 months ago)
Clementine of alternative universe. Damn I'm really glad their doing a sequel, another game to be called the best
THE-BROKEN-HERO (4 months ago)
8:00 ded
Раб Аллаhа (4 months ago)
Better would be if the story will be like that: Ellie died on the way with Joel after the hospital and the last of us 2 we continue playing as Joel then he has a son that will continue the last of us 3 but the Joel gets old and dies in the last of us part 2 !
chiquitin lopez (4 months ago)
SED (4 months ago)
That was hot, dunno why everyone’s bitching
george06122003 (4 months ago)
I don t like this shit. They fuck the game with this gay shit.
عبد اللطيف 'O (4 months ago)
She is fucking gay too bad -_- respect the players and the watchers
Unmatched (4 months ago)
Bryce Clark (4 months ago)
Bigots here be like, 'I won't buy this game for my child, the lesbian kiss scene is too graphic,' as some dude hanging by his neck is having his stomach slit open and Ellie is stabbing folks in the throat...
Danilo Rodrigo (4 months ago)
hilussdc5 (4 months ago)
how about the next drake uncharted make him gay kissing a dude. you will make more money
Painter Dave (4 months ago)
Hoe. Lee. Shit. 😮
dllman d1d (4 months ago)
Gay ass game fuck America developers
Pavel Vorobyev (4 months ago)
Лизба!а будто по другому!?она же пиздец ужасная,хоть и нарисованная!
MrHadouken101 (4 months ago)
Enough with the gay stuff everywhere !!! OMG , I don't care if you're gay ,but can't I just play a game or watch a show without some reference to gay stuff shit. Not going g to support this agenda. I get it you 're gay now fuck off.
balalunga1 (4 months ago)
Ellie grew up
julian talley (4 months ago)
Watching this over an watching the dodge and close combat mechanics this reminds me a little of god of war style action and i like that approach for tlou
Tony Lundell (4 months ago)
May the story be as good as in part1. That first game was unbelivable good in all aspects.
Realidades Latinas (4 months ago)
*Era necesario que sea lesbiana?*
Victor Fuentes (4 months ago)
Is that han from Tokyo drift 😂
Aram Jawhar (4 months ago)
Was it necessary to do that naughty dog , I mean why just why , I was dreaming to play as her and see her butt and thighs and get a bonner but you fucking gay dog ruined all my dream , now I'm disgusted , gonna play some last of us 1 on my ps3
The White Wolf (4 months ago)
2018. The year of forcefully feeding SJW agendas to the gaming community. It's ok to be homosexual, but kids should not perceive it as an attitude to be pursued. Rather a behavior they should not feel extremely uncomfortable with, if they are the subjects of it, or be able to tolerate it in a civilized manner. And a heck of a lot kids play games these days, receiving false messages. Like it or not, homosexuality never was and never will be normal, for practical reasons. It's an issue that is receiving a lot of unneeded attention in modern societies, not because of its nature, but rather the critical mass of people opposing a resolution, because of clinging to superstition, fear, low education and modern social alienation. These are really important issues. Religions on the other hand are just gangland myths. I believe, it would be more important for the gaming industry to put this issue forward, then try to make a buck by appeasing the lust of minorities. But that would take a real effort, wouldn't it?
Yeetboi 1998 (4 months ago)
Super gay
Yyyy Jjjj (4 months ago)
You guys are a bunch of little bitches. Who the fuck cares if she's a lesbian?
Nighnnigh2010 (4 months ago)
I cannot wait for the game honestly. Idc if ellie is gay. Its a damn game. Shessh. Its not my lifestyle I dont force it upon people i do not agree with it. However. Its the times we live in. Like its all around us.. we have to be able to teach our children or whoever the truth. And the truth is im ready to play the shit outta this game. #hurryup
Jim Jimjim (4 months ago)
God damn there are a lot of fucked up people commenting on here.
PS5-WORLD (4 months ago)
nice video .....https://youtu.be/wVRJeYgmi3E... come and see my video
WalnutPlum5106 (4 months ago)
Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootally not scripted gameplay. -Naughty dog
ради таких игр стоит брать PS4
Waffle Man (4 months ago)
Did anyone.play the first games dlc when they established she was a muff diver or did everyone forget about that?? And wth does it matter if shes a carpet muncher? What should all of the gay ppl have died in the apocalypse? Game is gunna be just as great as the first one.if not better. I personally think they shoulda told someone else story all together but im fine with this it looks amazing
Christopher Poitier (4 months ago)
must get
RUISU ROCK STAR (4 months ago)
Fucking lesbians, that's not good Is a great and amazing game but god
Southern Boy (4 months ago)
That man was so strong that after 3 arrows he didn't died
Matthew Palumbo (4 months ago)
Dear God that looks good
Brian Behar (4 months ago)
This new tomb raider looks awesome
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BAJAZZ (4 months ago)
she so strong !!
Robert Ruiz (4 months ago)
The graphics are 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
trapo linpio (4 months ago)
feminazi confirmed
topman 75 (4 months ago)
trapo linpio last ur mom gay of us 2
trapo linpio (4 months ago)
Last lesbian of Us 2
Lane 200 (4 months ago)
I wonder if a rocket can stop Ellie.
Carlos Tadeo Ruiz (4 months ago)
Solo falta el negro judío vegetariano, para no ofender a nadie.
The G (4 months ago)
The perfect game for your lesbian friend
The G (4 months ago)
I want Joel
Ryan Weddell (4 months ago)
I don't get why everyone is so upset and commenting about the lesbian thing. Who cares. This looks like it is going to be such an amazing game, and everyone is worried about Ellie kissing a girl?
Alfonso Frete (5 months ago)
PS: I think we ALL want to see Joel again
Alfonso Frete (5 months ago)
Most of you're just using the "I'm here for the action" as an excuse for hating that kiss scene. Damn, first of all: she had a very traumatic experience in the first game, so it's normal for her to want to live some other normal experiences, and maybe fall in love in the process. Secondly: she also showed us in the first game and in this trailer that she's a strong person despite other feelings she might have, so if she's in love with that girl I don't see how this will affect to her or the game in general. Furthermore, if she has someone she wants to see at the end of the day, don't you think her will to survive will be even stronger? And lastly: I hope I'm wrong but I feel like you wouldn't be saying those comments if she kissed the boy instead. But guess what? She doesn't need a boy (nor a girl) to "protect her" (she killed like 10 dudes in this trailer). She's a grown up girl. She actually doesn't need anybody to protect her. She can choose what she wants. But are you seriously saying that it bothers you? Come the fuck on, what was the last game to show you a homosexual relationship other than Life is Strange? And I'm not saying there aren't more games including a homosexual relationship, but I bet most of you don't know any other game with it. So stop being douchebags over the NORMAL situation of two girls kissing. Grow up already.
Max Shadow (5 months ago)
Damn, this is SO GOOD!
gooberweevil (5 months ago)
why did i start to read the comments. :(
silva gomes (5 months ago)
so o beijo nada a ver nego viaja muito
Brandon Toledo (5 months ago)
Bruh it don't matter if she kissed a girl, what matters is the gameplay and it looks amazing.
JTR (5 months ago)
Can we free roam ?
BLESS PLAY (5 months ago)
Awesome gameplay show im new here and i subcribe ☺
Adomay Ceballos (5 months ago)
I miss Joel
Sonny Michael (5 months ago)
20% Stealth 30% Action 50% Gay
Giggly Donkey (5 months ago)
jesus christ
sanoroth (4 months ago)
lol man the comments are just funny. Loved this trailer. The short flashback adds a nice touch to the feel of the game. So funny and stupid to see people freaking out over the kiss xD, it's 2018. Guys xD come on
sanoroth (4 months ago)
mislande40 tailored
mislande40 (4 months ago)
sanoroth. Whats with the amount of " xD "
Anything 4 you (5 months ago)
Wow that graphics
Andra Kris (5 months ago)
Elly is Gay (:
nukeurhouse12 (5 months ago)
The more Gay you make something.....the more it sells?! i mean look at Star Wars....
jey barek (5 months ago)
Will pass no thanks.......no gay shit for me or my kids
jey barek (5 months ago)
The last of gay shit.....
Mateusz 007 (5 months ago)
History two lesbians
Danka Cyganka (5 months ago)
Gey discastin
Zimtok K (5 months ago)
2018 ofc shes lesbian
Muhammed Namdar (5 months ago)
Dat kiss 😍
John Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Anyways where tf is Joel
John Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Not into the lesbian thing but a awesome sequel on its way!!

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