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Valve’s Steam Link Mobile App Has Problems, But It's Also Crazy Cool

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IGN's Mark Medina and Tom Marks have put some time into using Valve's upcoming Steam Link app for mobile devices, here's what they think so far. Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Yobanes CR (56 minutes ago)
Mine worked very nice. I have a Samsung j3 2016. I played certain games like rise of the tomb rider or RE 5 to say something very smoothly with no lags at all, also I have 4 MB of Internet connection. There is no problem while you are playing a game that is not online, if it's online you'll be laggy cause it's downloading online game info and uploading the mirroring to the computer. Problem is some games are not compatible with a controller. In my case I have a PS3 controller plugged into my mobile with a OTG cable and it worked!! I was able to play with the controller directly plugged to my phone, the pc was just mirroring and that's all. An example of the games that I tested and did not work were PES 18 and PUBG. They only worked if you plugged the controller to the pc. Anyway, this app still in beta the cons are minimum compared to the positive things that this app has while is in beta. I really recommend it to the try on any Samsung devices. You'll be amazed.
Uncle-Gamer Martinx (1 hour ago)
IRealMasterX (2 hours ago)
I want an app like steam for iOS without the need for a have at computer
Arvind Krish (4 hours ago)
What is that cycling game called ?
Xander French (7 hours ago)
Will it be on the kindle fire tv?
Matias Cufaro (12 hours ago)
Will it work if I get a generic android compatible controller?
FridiNaTor (13 hours ago)
My PS4 controllers have always worked on my IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. If it asks for password it's 0000. However‚ only some apps actually support it‚ but it does works without an issue.
Kenley SaintJuste (15 hours ago)
can you use emulators like cemu with this?
Sandy MacDonald (17 hours ago)
This mofo Likes kfc
Abiola o (1 day ago)
It's not great yet but valve is crazy for even trying this and u love it. Valve said they are really going to support this so hopefully with some technological advances and their continued support steam link should get way better over time. Unfortunate for anyone who bought steam link though.
K D (1 day ago)
PS now does not process the games in your home PC though. Unfair comparison
TheDeadpan Gaming (2 days ago)
The thing I hated about this is that I cannot play because our wifi is LTE
Megabine (2 days ago)
Leave it to ign to make people think an app is bad just because ipads/iPhones have problems connecting to certain controllers, truth is if you have money to buy those then you have money to buy a controller, or simply don't use it. I know it sounds rude but it's the truth
Rick Harrison (2 days ago)
TF2 on my phone
When is the app coming on IOS?
Jack Collins (2 days ago)
Parsec is better
Timo Stroet (1 day ago)
Jack Collins parsec does a whole different thing.
Fally15 (2 days ago)
I still can't help sitting here thinking "moonlight had been doing this for years" xD well at least the masses are here now
Konnoru (2 days ago)
But can it run cRySiS
tshinharR (2 days ago)
Gaming on the toilet is here
JSB 360 (2 days ago)
So it useless app if you cant take your phone out anywhere to play steam games FAIL!!!!!
Dayne (2 days ago)
You were born, thats a fail. You cant run it anywhere outside because latency issues... Think before commenting.
The Ceiling Spy (2 days ago)
Well it's on Beta so it could be implemented, so not a FAIL.
MobileDecay (2 days ago)
It's Steam in home streaming. Just saying. 😕 Oh and yes it would be cool if they added the option to stream over the internet.
Farcry 5 tip: you shoot some cultist aim first shoot later
GuilRosmer (2 days ago)
None of these cons are exclusive to the actual app you're talking about in this video and either exist because of an OS restriction, a physical limitation of the technology itself, or have been an issue with the service since 2015. The app itself does exactly what it promises and functions more or less as expected. It honestly shouldn't be faulted because Apple restricts controllers, or because mobile networks can't stream a game from your home to your mobile phone 40 miles away with low enough latency to be playable. The only real con is the launching games/installation issue, which again, has been an issue since 2015 and isn't exclusive to this app.
Mr. Peanut Plays (2 days ago)
Why over the same network limitation? Sony was able to do this with the vita years ago and you never needed to be on the same network. So why is this more difficult to do? To be able to connect to your pc at home while your on a train or 50 miles from home. They can do better.
Journey Awaits (2 days ago)
Love the video 🙌🏽🔥
Steve B (2 days ago)
So this streams over internet?? Wouldn't it be more effective to stream over the network?
Michael Risi (2 days ago)
That’s not healthy
joseaca (2 days ago)
i wish it had chromecast support
Isaac Newton (2 days ago)
IGN has very very good internet ??? rofl , clueless hispters...
OmenBoy (2 days ago)
You can use Remote Play on PS4 to do the same thing. There's rPlay in the iOS App Store and you can even play over LTE.
OmenBoy (1 day ago)
Just another reason why I'm on an iPhone, you can install Remote Play right from the App Store, on any iPhone after iPhone 5S.
Frankly Franklyn (1 day ago)
InfiniteKing_ 21 Tried that, every time I try to install it won't let me. Same on other phones.
InfiniteKing_ 21 (1 day ago)
Frankly Franklyn no you can just get the apk if your not don't experia
Frankly Franklyn (2 days ago)
Only on flagship Sony xperia phones though.
Playerz714 (2 days ago)
Damn this dude takes half of the screen lol
roman (2 days ago)
Bruh it ain't on my play store tf
roman (1 day ago)
Ol' Snigs ew no I have a pixel 2 xl dawg. I ended up finding it though
Ol' Snigs (1 day ago)
You probably have ios it isn’t out officially
Mauricio H (2 days ago)
roman ...I see it ... In the play store, it's called Steam Link (beta)
BeanoSmokinAce (2 days ago)
Questions... I play my pc mostly for visual novels I can’t get on my vita or elsewhere, I like playing them portably now I assume latency and controls won’t be a issue considering there’s not much controls to VNs. So for this factor I’m pretty excited. So question 1: do we a date for the launch off the app? Question 2: can I use a Xbox controller or touch screen or what will be my control options? Actually think that’s about it but thanks for anyone who can answer these questions :: This could be super cool
Mikael Cederbom (2 days ago)
Cool, but I see no use for this since it won’t work when you’re traveling.
Hyperactivy (2 days ago)
Dont act like this is the first mobile gaming streamer app you're just making people hate you even more Remote Play works better runs faster and doesnt require the same network
Shubham Rizal (2 days ago)
can it play non steam games as well?? i think ill get a mount for my xbone controller and attach it to my phone and stream games right to my bed or anywhere in my house...sounds cool right?
Shubham Rizal (12 hours ago)
thanks bud.
BleedinglHeart (15 hours ago)
Shubham Rizal There is even a Program You can add as a Non-steam Game that will allow You to use Your desktop. Google for it.
tkk CS:GO (1 day ago)
Евгений Коржов BRUH
If you add non-steam app to your library, it will work
EeuorT (2 days ago)
If you had to go change things on your PC while using the app on your phone, then I must call you Android Newbs. The whole reason to use the app is to avoid having to use your PC. So I can't take this review serious. Allow me to make your life easier with a little knowledge, Chrome Desktop Remote. Control your PC from a phone with it. So I've been playing my Steam games on my phone for years. Come on IGN, get somebody with some knowledge of Android phones to do your reviews.
Crystal Fox (2 days ago)
Will it work with just touch controls or do u need a controller? I have an iPad Pro so I’m excited to try it out, but i don’t have a controller...
Raikyo Izanagi (2 days ago)
Microsoft had this feature for years. Why no news on that?
Logic BusterXL (2 days ago)
They should think about making so u can use ur. Steam account to play the games u downloaded it on cause I broke my computer a month ago 😭😭
Waves- (2 days ago)
Does it work with XBOX ONE controller?
Waves- (2 days ago)
I have the XBOX one controller not the S. Tried to pair it with my phone but didn't work :/
Ziggy Hixson (2 days ago)
Waves- yeah it does, but Xbox one controllers aren’t compatible with iOS. If you have an android and you have an Xbox one S controller (the ones with Bluetooth) though then you’re good!
RoBtheHomie (2 days ago)
These guys are like a before and after picture of weight loss. They look identical, just a 200 pound difference.
Typ1cal (2 days ago)
Broo playing borderlands in a bubble bath
Fate862 (2 days ago)
I could do that on my Vita long ago and play Borderlands on it.
Pranav Agarwal (2 days ago)
If you have to be on the same network that implies that the data transfer will be local? Internet shouldn't matter right?
Julian Preußner (2 days ago)
Correct. I own the Steam Link hardware and my router indicates no internet usage during game streaming. All local.
Mike Crompton (2 days ago)
Where to download this app?
NinjaxGamer7 (2 days ago)
Mike Crompton it’s currently in beta on android
Eriko. Oy (2 days ago)
Itunes or play store
Ziggy Hixson (2 days ago)
Mike Crompton App Store or google play once it’s out
Teshigi Smith (2 days ago)
Now if Sony would just release the remote play app officially for all devices instead of just their own Xperia flagship phones I'd be all set.
Hyperactivy (2 days ago)
Teshigi Smith i bought a ps vita just for remote play. So worth it works like wonders playing Fortnite and J Stars in school
Hello Thursday (2 days ago)
It works If you setup a home vpn on your router and connect to It using 4G.
I can't wait to play Ark while taking a relaxing bubble bath! BUBBLE BEARD FTW!
tycse (2 days ago)
Valve communicated your "drawbacks" and "cons" with the announcement of the app; so essentially there are no cons here. Sounds like it's awesome, considering Valve's claims. I will admit that iOS/MFI lack of L3/R3 is a bummer, but that isn't Valve's fault.
Panics (2 days ago)
the only cons they really had were that apple devices are garbage and something the steam link already had. kind of idiotic things to even mention honestly
Raul Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Wait do I have to run my PC at the same time? What's the point then??
Asdf101 (14 hours ago)
Mocho Gamer (19 hours ago)
Raul Gonzalez you can play on the toilet :)
Aaron9Lives (2 days ago)
If you don't want to play at your desk and have to move around your PC.
Videogamer96 (2 days ago)
Raul Gonzalez If you want to go away from your desk and lay on your couch
Super Andrew 64 (2 days ago)
Valve said you have to be on the same network from day one. So don’t put it as a con if you were expecting something else when the information was there on day one.
Mocho Gamer (19 hours ago)
Javier64691 well let's remember its still in beta
heroeZ23 (1 day ago)
Steve B (2 days ago)
But why does internet speed matter then? Wouldn't it be more effective/reliable to stream over the network?
John Hue (2 days ago)
Plus it works well over the internet with a properly configured vpn. Been using moonlight for a while to do that.
Javier64691 (2 days ago)
Not really, saying, lets say, your console don’t come with a disc reader won’t mean its not a con, still, a con its a con, the only purpose to this is to be portable but if you can only play in the same network. Unless you really hate to stay in one place or a very specific case you need to move to another room, its not really that useful.
RazyMon (2 days ago)
If you need to be in the same network, why does the internet speed matter?
Aberkae Godrilla (14 hours ago)
You need a good wireless router lol 5 GHz recommended.
The Grape Ape (2 days ago)
They state that you need a decent internet connection ( or really local connection) because the app can use up to 15mb/s upload and download at the same time. So Total load on your local network is 30mb/s at any given time. So when if you have a shitty router that can only push lets say 150 mb/s on your local network at a time and you are in a house full of other people streaming netflix, downloading games, watching youtube, it can cause interference if you dont have the headroom for a constant connection between you and your pc. Getting a better internet package wont help you in this case due to hitting total bandwidth cap of the router, but getting a better router would make a world of a difference
Imback 2killu (2 days ago)
Terry Versaw lol
Terry Versaw (2 days ago)
RazyMon Well, I tried
6wisches (2 days ago)
I would recommend the remotr app instead. That can stream games anywhere that has a good Internet connection(so you don't need to be on the same wifi). It has its latency issues, but is fine for anything not fast twitch.
AliOne (2 days ago)
might work with vpn?
Nejc (2 days ago)
Doesn't matter there will be too much delay via VPN to play
Rafahl Mati (3 days ago)
It is so cool
Gb Ab (3 days ago)
The hardest project ,not realy .
Alec Lobato (3 days ago)
Absolute unit
THANOS (3 days ago)
I just get a slight orgasm everytime I see Borderlands 2 😍😍. I need Borderlands 3 this E3.
FridiNaTor (13 hours ago)
THANOS It's not ready for E3
NuKe Plays (2 days ago)
Borderlands is lit
Chief F20 (2 days ago)
Thanos you have the stone of reality...just change the reality😂
Fap Nefarious (2 days ago)
Videogamer96 (2 days ago)
Waves- Oof
KING DROOPY (3 days ago)
Just pick up your PC and bring it to the living room like a real man dammit !
Videogamer96 (2 days ago)
KING DROOPY But... All the Cables 😭
Punisher6791 (3 days ago)
so its only useful for playing pc games on the toilet?
FENRIR (21 hours ago)
isn't that great?
Nick Cheung (2 days ago)
Maybe he had a WATERPROOF phone or tablet
Patrick Neary (2 days ago)
you say that like its a bad thing
Punisher6791 I'm gonna be playing Ark while in a nice hot bubble bath!
Msn 047 (3 days ago)
My advice to u my friend is to start a diet asap 🙂
Isaac Newton (2 days ago)
you need to be fit to stay alive, wake up kiddos. Drop the fast food dude
Typ1cal (2 days ago)
Man's working a job at ign you don't need to be fit
Sam (2 days ago)
he takes up 2/3 of the screen lol
Zak 247 (3 days ago)
CT Spoder (3 days ago)
Couldn't you wait lol
chickenpotbiebro202 (3 days ago)
Connor Oscar (3 days ago)

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