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The Best PS4 Games You Can Play Right Now

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Here are all of the best PS4 games you can play right now. Let us know if you think a different game deserves to be in our top 10 slot! Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Text Comments (1111)
lazyday sophia (3 hours ago)
Where's destiny 2 and the dlcs? Like you put FORTNITE, fucking FORTNITE. And not the last of us, detroit or destiny 2?
lazyday sophia (3 hours ago)
I love how in the thumbnail it's the two best looking games and best games in general in 2018 and then there's fortnite
shine 1999 (3 hours ago)
I don't got no money
The Void (23 hours ago)
Spider-Man ?
bobthebaldman (2 days ago)
everyone’s making these lists of their opinion on top 10 games but nones putting re7 anywhere on the list?? damn. if you need a game to play and you haven’t played re7 yet, GET ITT IT WILL BE WORTH IT COME BACK TO THIS COMMENT IF YOU GET IT AND FINISH IT YOU’LL THANK ME :)
Meme Lover (2 days ago)
Last of us was a amazing why did you add fortnite it’s trash just because lots of people are playing it doesn’t mean it’s good like the graphics and PUBG better and add last of us switch is for fortnite
Extropy (2 days ago)
Fortnite my arse, it's fucking horsepiss for the brainless snotty nosed masses
Lore Silver (3 days ago)
fuck all these 10 -,-
De Ale (2 days ago)
Facepalm. In my opinion if you just wanna have fun then Saints Row, Persona 5, Doom, Shovel Knight, Sleeping Dogs, Yakuza, Devil May Cry, Mad Max, BioShock, Rocket League, Gravity Rush, Dynasty Warriors 8, Infamous Second Son, Rayman Legends, Wolfenstein New Order, Just Cause, Agents of Mayhem, Borderlands, Nier Automata, Mirror's Edge, and Hellblade are all knees deep into fun gaming :)! Ain't that lucky?
Benji (3 days ago)
Fuck fortnite, and I bought all these games well apart from 2 and I obviously bought god of war first since I love it and I know everything and played all the games before this god of war and let me tell you know god of war is a must buy.
Ban Dit (3 days ago)
Somthing called opinion my dude
Gold Lion (3 days ago)
Fortnite is trash
Jdburko Gaming (4 days ago)
Fortnite is on the list. Big fucking groaner. No one seems to complain about any other game on the list. Why? because unlike fortnite haters, people that hate those games keep to themselves respectfully, instead of shitting on the channel just for putting a popular game on the list. It’s a good game, but it may not live up to your standards. That doesn’t mean no one should play it. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. It is rude though to judge people who play a popular game.
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe (4 days ago)
Caracas Citizen (4 days ago)
Shadow of the Collosus?
Onur Tahir (4 days ago)
I agree is a gweat howow game
Benny-j97 (5 days ago)
Your speech impediment fucks me off
Will T. Baghard (5 days ago)
fortnite really? wtf? how much are you getting paid for mentioning that piece of shit? fortnite is like cocaine, is given away free to keep zombies buying skins and guns or whatever the hell they sell
Adam Stanley (5 days ago)
Nxhu (6 days ago)
I already have a Xbox and want to buy a PS4 but I don’t want to get it if I’m only gonna play one game.
AR_15 critical ops (6 days ago)
Wewy wong 0:56
Samar Rahman (7 days ago)
You have left out the last of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Karas (9 days ago)
Engwossing, mesmowising, weally good.....pronounce your "r's"
Niki Tr (10 days ago)
Why does Fortnite have to be in the list?? I disliked because of that...
Freshprince Montana (10 days ago)
I was the 500th dissliker! #proud
Kiran Gaudo (10 days ago)
Horizon zero dawn really deserved the position. It is an excellent game, such a good story, and so much to explore in the wild
The life of Dan (10 days ago)
Batman Arkham Knight!? Wolfenstein the New Order? These games are fricking fun as hell
amir Miri (11 days ago)
Where’s bloodborne ??!!
Internet Anonymity (11 days ago)
Elmer Fudd does YouTube videos now?
Geum Lazar (11 days ago)
Fortnite is a fad game. Its not a good game at all. This is not opinion, this is a fact.
Proxy Epic (11 days ago)
call of duty? destiny 2?what the heck
Pale Moments (12 days ago)
what?!?!? fortnite??? it’s the worst it shouldn’t be on this list
Sunforged (12 days ago)
It's a good game
cheese string (13 days ago)
Fuck fortnite
Francisco Burgos (13 days ago)
They say that Neir Automata is coming to Nintendo Switch... and possibly Horizon Zero Dawn... yeah!
viperyoma (13 days ago)
fortinite and resident evil , omegalol
Obay Rafi (14 days ago)
Horizon zero dawn Uncharted 4 The last of us Pretty much the best ps4 games i've played
carter nebben (15 days ago)
Adrian Williams (16 days ago)
Playing GOW and Last of us remastered will complete next week ...played witcher 3 and mgsV Nier ..will buy bloodborne and horizon soon....i really think this next tlmb raider might be in this convo
Majed Trifi (16 days ago)
fortnite for kids not for a real game player
Jeremy P (17 days ago)
No persona 5, bloodborn, Detroit. REALLY
NCS (17 days ago)
As if i'm gonna ignore Bloodborne and i'm going to play Fortnite :D
SpaceOwl (18 days ago)
Where is Infamous second son?
Jakob Pesl (18 days ago)
is uncharted 4 an open world game?
NCS (17 days ago)
it's a linear game but it doesn't feel like one . Try it
Byron Bush (18 days ago)
Wtf. Where's bloodborne!?!
I play fortnite thanks for adding fortnite to the list
Who with me (if you do Like)
Hunter Coffman (19 days ago)
I can't find witcher on ps store
Jeremy P (19 days ago)
Fortnite really?! Wow. Who gives 2 s**ts about that crap.😐 1. Bloodborn 2. Witcher 3. God of war 4. Detroit 5 persona
OzZwald CopperPOT (19 days ago)
I don't like these Titles!!! You can tell the creator's grew up watching nothing but Anime, Graphics are OK but the stories and characters are flakey & the action is Tacky and overboard, There is just something off about these games that make the experience underwhelming and unbelievable, its difficult to stay interested after a few hours of play. If Uncharted is still at the top of the list that may be an indicator that there are some major problems with the writers designers and with corporate in general.
Scott Howe (20 days ago)
I had harson done zroe
justin petree (20 days ago)
He can’t say his r’s and it’s pissing me off
Hundegott (22 days ago)
god of war is shit,but thanks for the vid
XtrmGamer 101 (22 days ago)
God of War
Red X (22 days ago)
Fuck all these shit ass Ching Chong China games
Alpha Omega (24 days ago)
All of these games I've either played or they just suck
semore butts (25 days ago)
Ill.be picking up your mommas sweet n sour ass
MrSQwizziXYT XIX (25 days ago)
Fuck Gta
Collin Venuto (25 days ago)
Last of Us Re. and Last Guardian / Shadow of Colossus is worth a spin as well!
Benjamin B (25 days ago)
Hey good video!! Check out my top 10 games I think everyone should play!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BcmdvCQM0Xk&feature=youtu.be
Erich Hagley (25 days ago)
Jordan Angiolillo (25 days ago)
Just leaving Yakuza off the list lol.
bassem kaabeche (26 days ago)
Fook Fortnite
Zeyblo V (26 days ago)
Fuck fortnite i wish fortnite is down forever! I hate fortnite forever!
Jake Stramler (26 days ago)
I cannot believe that the Witcher 3 is lower on this list than Fortnite.
Vhon Lacambra (26 days ago)
Im so disappointed about horizon zero dawn it's so ugly for me
null (26 days ago)
i'm going to buy a ps4 but i have no idea what to play. probably something that's fairly easy if i'm gonna have to get used to the controls. any recs?
Dylan Alexander (27 days ago)
Fuck Fortnite
x.kushkrush.x (27 days ago)
I disliked just because (fortnite)
x.kushkrush.x (27 days ago)
I'm not saying it cus I don't like it in general 😂
TheJamiesld (27 days ago)
Fuck fowtnite you weiwd man who cant speak nowmal
Rogue-Spear (27 days ago)
But school starts next week
I need a username (27 days ago)
"Its gweat" "refrews"
Dancing ChouChou (28 days ago)
*Sees Fortnite In Thubnail* *Instantly Taps* *To Dislike*
Demir Tuğrul (28 days ago)
Horizon is trash and so boring
Rob rob steel Teal (29 days ago)
So get recet.
Rob rob steel Teal (29 days ago)
You fornite and minecraft is the best
Rob rob steel Teal (29 days ago)
Shut it now
Vinod Singh (29 days ago)
You forget Monster hunter world.
Vinod Singh (29 days ago)
Fortnite sucks!
Thermic (29 days ago)
This comment section is toxic
tenchu006 (30 days ago)
The Witcher 3 and God of War. It's as simple as that.
Wolf (30 days ago)
haha you are tard .. ps 4 story games and you puted in the video fortnite ... omfg ...
ItsMehTheYellowPotato (30 days ago)
Where the hell is far cry 5 and Detroit become human?
Grassity /toto (1 month ago)
Wow he say vewy good wowds
Valrus M00N (1 month ago)
Thanks to everyone who commented their personal list, now I'm interested for BB, suggest me if I and Why should I buy it :)
Club Head (1 month ago)
Fortnite couldn’t even win a game award what does that tell you.
EnjoyTheMatrix Müller (1 month ago)
Neir automata is the same like Destiny 😂
Rob rob steel Teal (1 month ago)
Yea fornite
Trudy Killeen (25 days ago)
Its a 18 game
Benners_12 C9 (1 month ago)
Rob rob steel Teal Fortnite is ass as well it’s a little kid game you play that game your not an actual gamer
Trudy Killeen (1 month ago)
Rob rob steel Teal you are the best
Rob rob steel Teal (1 month ago)
No or minecaft jerk
TheSithCat (29 days ago)
Minecraft stinks
Benners_12 C9 (1 month ago)
Rob rob steel Teal Minecraft is ass
Ink Sans (1 month ago)
Fortnite?are you serious Bro?
Edoardo Ferraro (1 month ago)
Bloodborne, assholes.
TheoMkheez (1 month ago)
I am very surprised at the fact that Bloodborne doesn't feature here.
Yati TV (1 month ago)
Fortnite shouldn't be here
Claud Naidoo (1 month ago)
Fortnite should never make a top 10 on PlayStation. I could think of so many better games like Persona 5, Last of us, Ni No Kuni, Bloodborne etc
Jay Dub (1 month ago)
I'm always bummed when I see MGS TPP on these list, it wasn't even finished...like theres literally no ending.
Levin Celestino (1 month ago)
you gotta be kidding me! no persona 5?!?!?!
Gaming Sector (1 month ago)
I have 6 out of these. Feel satisfied by my choice of games
Ben Aguayo (1 month ago)
The order of this list is garbage
אלרם שקלים (1 month ago)
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TheSithCat (1 month ago)
My favorite games. No order, just a list Injustice 2 Terraria Batman arkham knight MKX Fortnite Uncharted 4 Horizon Zero dawn God of War Shadow of mordor Fifa 18 Detroit become human Doom ACO Little nightmares Injustice 1 Not PS4 ( if they are didnt know) Skate 3 Sea of thieves Halo reach Halo guardians AC brotherhood AC2 AC1 Zelda BOTW Castle crashers ( lol really its fun)
shine 1999 (3 hours ago)
I also like Detroit become human
Beluga Whale (29 days ago)
To be honest, if I see a person who likes all these games, I wouldn't expect them to like a game like Fortnite. I also like Terraria, Uncharted, Batman Arkham Knight, Skate 3, especially Halo Reach, etc. The ones I listed were the one that're guarenteed to be on my list of games. But, most of these games are on my list.
Viktoria Magrey (1 month ago)
Amadei Junior (1 month ago)
Putting Fortnite next to The Witcher 3 , Uncharted 4 , God of war and HZD ?! Like seriously? I don’t even know what to say

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