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Halo 4 [PEGI 16] 'Scanned' TV Ad - Extended Version (1080p)

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Halo 4 [PEGI 16]: Exclusively on Xbox 360 on November 6. www.Xbox.com/Halo4 www.HaloWaypoint.com www.Facebook.com/XboxUK
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Text Comments (162)
Alpha XO (3 years ago)
Do they tell who that black kid is ?
Josh Eastham (4 years ago)
Had to fuel the halo hype I have going at the moment
Joseph Wythe (4 years ago)
Rodo Rojas (5 years ago)
aaron urias (5 years ago)
i really hope that halo 5 looks like this or at least close that would be amazing
Rylan G (5 years ago)
that wasnt chief that was his friend that was on the opposite table it was seeing from master chifs eyes
Fire Hill (5 years ago)
not nescesarily. have you played XCOM:enemy unknown. the explosives in that game are more realistic
O ZONE (5 years ago)
Best Trailer Ever
ethioman123 (5 years ago)
RIP Halo series... Shittiest Halo ever created. It's just like COD. Screw 343 Industries. Just look at the first TV commercial for Halo 3. Short and sweet. Halo 4 was completely catered towards little kids... "Cinematic trailer. Not actual gameplay"
Alpha Omega (1 year ago)
no. just no
HoldUpStrong (5 years ago)
All part of the job.
knightsplitter (5 years ago)
My grandma saw this advertisment and thought it was an actual movie and wanted to see it. Now thats saying something!
Ernest Jay (5 years ago)
Like many of people who bought this game, Call of Duty game, or Battlefield game, they're didn't really care about "Single Player Campaign", only multiplayer match.
rossingkje (5 years ago)
How did he get those scars?
Ido R (5 years ago)
halo4 just got swagg ..
Shaun La Dee (5 years ago)
Thanks to this trailer I finally know what chiefs face looks like! :D
Trojianmaru (5 years ago)
yup looks about right to me with how that fight ended. anyone who tries to go up against that many knights like a rambo is gonna get destroyed (kinda makes me think this isn't masterchief at all, more like there was another random sparten on the planet n he's dumb as hell) Also I hate how in a real gunfight, grenades are little balls of destruction, blowing down walls, sending everyone flying, even people who aren't hit are disorientated. in game it's a tiny boom n nobody gives a shit
LordDemosair (6 years ago)
I posted this 2 weeks ago BEFORE Halo 4 came out. I was talking about the Halo campaign in general, in comparison to other gaming franchises.
MOOD FM : MF DOOM (6 years ago)
I saw Forward unto Dawn and I remember the other spartans in the pelican but I didn't think it was Fred :)
Isaac Reyes M. (6 years ago)
fred is white also!! he appears in the halo series forward unto dawn!! soo nope.. that is not fred!!
Isaac Reyes M. (6 years ago)
you mean the tv commercial right... cause the campaign in this game... is way more emotive!!!!
Erik Sauceda (6 years ago)
Not as good as reach, reach brought tears
TheGummyDude (6 years ago)
I woudnt have to watch a trailer to play halo campaign, halos campaign is awesome
Nonarei (6 years ago)
He doesn't exactly eat or drink in the suit, fluids and nutrients are provided by the suit and waste and sweat etc is recycled. Spartans don't crap when armoured because they have no solid food.
MOOD FM : MF DOOM (6 years ago)
Thanks, that's been annoying me every time I watched the ad.:)
Baronstone (6 years ago)
This is actually the second best Halo game ever made with the best being the first of course. The campaign is light years beyond anything I have found in other games over the last few years. Add to that a fantastic multiplayer campaign extension the PvP and what you have is a game thats very close to perfect.
Baronstone (6 years ago)
Fred is white as well. If I remember correctly thats either Sam or James
MachiavellianAubade (6 years ago)
0:24 - Wilhelm Scream!
MOOD FM : MF DOOM (6 years ago)
He was part of Mater Chief's Elite team of Spartans
TheGodfatherS117 (6 years ago)
At 2:00, chief wants to hug the alien.lol
Stargazer (6 years ago)
is this halo? hmm not really halo like anymore. just happy with the halo 3 ending. this only is getting a money maker just like all the Call of Duty series.
JoeRingo118 (6 years ago)
whos fred?
TheSuperZim (6 years ago)
So... they showed his face.
Swordlord3924 (6 years ago)
i..think i'm going to....yep....X_X
Konceited Kai (6 years ago)
I dont know much about the whole saga I only play casually I wanna know why are you pissed? is it his voice? tell me the back story.
Jacob Long (6 years ago)
I'm a white guy and I'm pissed that master chief is white....
Theodore Walters (6 years ago)
i guess its yours
TheBattleRifle (6 years ago)
1 HOUR AND IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!
LtStefanNL (6 years ago)
Just a couple of hours and this game is in my posession!!! Can't wait..
BurnsIsInTheHouse (6 years ago)
@JoeRingo118 Your point being?
MOOD FM : MF DOOM (6 years ago)
I gathered that but I thought it was my TV or something but is it Fred?
Logan Relle (6 years ago)
A sneak peek at Master Cheifs face? Holy shit!
JoeRingo118 (6 years ago)
master chief is white..
Nakaine (6 years ago)
stfu or gtfo
Remember GEARS OF WAR, probably the best shooter subjective.
Zhanchi (6 years ago)
This tv ad looks crap.
RyanW117Gaming (6 years ago)
So we finally somewhat see the master chiefs face...
Michka (6 years ago)
This is the only game I missed playing not having a XboX. When I played Combat Evolved I loved the game but buying a xbox is not an option:(
MOOD FM : MF DOOM (6 years ago)
Kind-of has to be like in the army to stop people messing around with their hair in the morning when they should be doing orders
MOOD FM : MF DOOM (6 years ago)
Is the person who turns around at 0:54 the Chief or someone like Fred?
GoofyGonzalo OCP (6 years ago)
So master chief is bald?
TheAdjundantReflex (6 years ago)
The Master Chief is a legend. The guy in the trailer was not necessarily Chief, that's just your assumption. It could've been one of his fellow (and long gone) Spartans. Legends don't have faces.
Clearly Dee (6 years ago)
Shyolite (6 years ago)
Master Chief is bald/shaved....
tyson guitard (6 years ago)
It is always about xbox ps3 is better
lol makes sense didn't mean to sound insulting (:
I ahmed (6 years ago)
I just fixed my screen settings and watched the video again, And you'r right, he isn't brown, he's white. My mistake for my screen settings.
I ahmed (6 years ago)
no, i'm not color blind, It must have just been the lighting in the video that made me think he was(or probably just my screen settings, they've been behaving strange lately). OH, And what's wrong with 'NEAT'?
Chaim Goldbaum (6 years ago)
guess this means billions for microsoft
Chris Day (6 years ago)
The symbol at the end is the symbol of the didact no?
I ahmed (6 years ago)
so John is Brown, bald, and we can JUST see his face, for the first time...... NEAT!
LordDemosair (6 years ago)
You don't play the campaign? Why not? It's arguable one of the best campaigns in gaming.
Connor McCormick (6 years ago)
Can't wait 6 days left getting limited edition
Ignis (6 years ago)
343 you showed us master chiefs face, their for you have ruined the game for me.
Josh Eastham (6 years ago)
so people with blue eyes have better eyesight?
cookiesdomain (6 years ago)
the man destroyurcamp (6 years ago)
i reckon their forerunners
mouradzia (6 years ago)
1:46 If that was the gameplay it would be AMAZING !!
SUP3R Toastr (6 years ago)
Fenrirmaster30 (6 years ago)
Sorry don't have a step dad, you must have me confused for yourself, now kindly leave and never return to this page, thank you and have a nice day :)
SpaffyHalfling (6 years ago)
Yes, and he has been. It's been in the books for ages.
TransformersFan5000 (6 years ago)
well i meant face / head.
UnboundRelyks (6 years ago)
It seems odd to me that the Didact, and possibly the Librarian, are all that's left of the Forerunners. I would make re-seeding my own species the highest priority if I were them. But then again, I suspect Precursor intervention on that subject. I also think the Precursors made it so we could use Forerunner tech, because it makes no sense for the Forerunners to let us. Not after the war we had with them. Only the Librarian and the Bornstellar-Didact liked us after that.
Vanagandr (6 years ago)
To be honest, given that the halo universe takes place 500 years in the future, there shouldn't be too many 'ethnically pure' people. They should use more mixed actors, 'cause that's pretty much where the world's going.
Vanagandr (6 years ago)
does it matter?
SUP3R Toastr (6 years ago)
No that's the back of his head.
Fenrirmaster30 (6 years ago)
True, I guess it can't really have a sexual preference :P I'm just excited to have a new game that is actually worth the hype that it is getting (unlike Black Ops 2) to play!
TheSaekwan (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you saw this while watching Key & Peele on Comedy Central
kickersXY (6 years ago)
Why can't john be a filipino? Lol
Justin Walter (6 years ago)
Justin Walter (6 years ago)
his mom is a milf too.
Justin Walter (6 years ago)
John looks like the guy from Hitman.
Thezombiekillr (6 years ago)
its just a trailer no one knows what he accualy looks like.
Thezombiekillr (6 years ago)
1:46 Cinematic trailer, not actual gameplay. Well No Shit....
Nzxtz07 (6 years ago)
@ jerbeary11. I'm not sure what you said, but I like the way you said it.
Belltower (6 years ago)
Did you not even LOOK at the Halo books?
Shovelfighter22 (6 years ago)
Argh need to change my pants again
Wolfgamers (6 years ago)
There's a halo book about this called the fall of reach :D
TransformersFan5000 (6 years ago)
1:27 is that master chief , is that his real face.??????
jerbeary11 (6 years ago)
lol Cheif is probably stoked to not be stuck chillin his ass off in a cryo tube. he'd rather be out creating major swaths of destruction in his constant wake
mc hammer (6 years ago)
its nice to think his black though, for us black folks :(
Silentsnofall (6 years ago)
At one point in time it was extinction for everything when they fired the rings, but thanks to those dreadnoughts the dna was re-seeded and life started anew. Not saying the firing was wrong to do, but still adds to how they screwed humans over.
ommeh49 (6 years ago)
not to mention that halopedia had a picture of him as a kid long before and the books described his appearance quite accurately
Nefareis (6 years ago)
they never showed his face. They just showed you what he was like as a kid before military intelligence kidnapped him and swapped him with an expiring clone. And we all knew John is white because of his voice
TheCraftyBro (6 years ago)
i think master chief's voice is so awesome it should be a person for itself
Victor Dahlin (6 years ago)
WobblyPage955 (6 years ago)
WobblyPage955 (6 years ago)
WobblyPage955 (6 years ago)
the didact dont know who they are messing with
Bassjunkees117 (6 years ago)
nice nice nice :D
UnboundRelyks (6 years ago)
Well, it was either regression or extinction. Which fate would you prefer? :P

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