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The Secret Origin Of Sonic Nobody Ever Talks About

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klaudijus loker (3 months ago)
LightningShadow is Mario (4 months ago)
I would say this origin is a different Sonic dimension, because when Sonic Adventure 2 came out, this doesn't make sense. Because this took place on Mobius, and SA2 was on Earth. Also from Maria and Gerald Robotnik, we know Robotnik is Eggmans actual sir name. I woild say this story lead to the events of Sonic 1 and 2 8bit, and Sonic Spinball. And The Sonic 1, 2 3 and Knuckles was with the real Sonic on earth.
Sonic 3 & knuckles (5 months ago)
The fleetway comics are not cannon Delete this video now
Turz Souz (5 months ago)
He's Eggman? What? Somebody can to explain it for me?
VentureSonic (6 months ago)
This isn't canon.
Teri Lynne Spencer (8 months ago)
Blue was from the chaos energy powering the machine
Marvelfan 2.0 (9 months ago)
It is an intresting and emotional backstory. I hope we can have something like this in the Sonic Movie coming in 2019.
rj28sc (9 months ago)
I do remember a bit of this as it came up in Sonic the comic, but I missed the bit about Kintobor being fused with an egg to become Robotnik. Rather sad really :/
Nova Rova (9 months ago)
So eggs are evil ?
JustJæden (9 months ago)
Only normies and newbuses on know this
Balta Bueno (10 months ago)
Jason Prosser (9 months ago)
Balta Bueno I thought he exact same. FFS. I'm working through the game again for all the Chaos Emeralds. No point now...
kuaikukia (10 months ago)
This is somewhat lamest story about rivaly between eggman and sonic. If eggman really sonic's friend, sonic wouldn't try to tease him the whole time.
Alejandro Romero (10 months ago)
Phrase offense funny since financial close correlation enemy thereby careful.
Raj Reddy (10 months ago)
this story sucked
monotonedmika (10 months ago)
this is the origin story i grew up with. i remember reading about this as a kid during the 90's. in an Archie comic.
Wicked Dom (10 months ago)
WC: Who in the fuck cares about Sonic?
magik (10 months ago)
I feel like I just listened to you tell me a drunken story...
DJ L3G3ND (10 months ago)
Pete Gibbins (10 months ago)
I was aware of it - I hadn't seen that comic version but the one in Sonic the Comic and also written as a story in a Sonic annual. I also referenced it in a Sonic fan film I made... but the less said about that, the better. I got death threats...
TheSto400 (10 months ago)
Did anyone else watch that sonic cartoon? You could get it on VHS. Sonic would always be eating chili dogs. It had pretty catchy music. Also sega world in Piccadilly Circus was sick
TheSto400 (10 months ago)
I had so many of those comics...my mum gave them away at some point. I was devastated. I'm still devastated. It had a similar origin story with a brown sonic. And some badass flaming gold sonic. I don't remember much else but it was sick.
H Koizumi (10 months ago)
Not only does eggs gives me gas, I knew they were secretly evil!
TastyXShounen (10 months ago)
H Koizumi English please
Eric Spornitz (10 months ago)
I had _heard_ about the treadmill thing, but completely out of context. And it was in the early 90s and I never got much info about it later, so I thought my friend had just made it up! But low and behold he was telling the truth. Sorry Justin!
momoneyc4 (10 months ago)
Thanks for the info guys. As a long time Sonic fan, I never knew that.
Julia Boon (10 months ago)
Already knew it!
CraziBastid (10 months ago)
I'm guessing this is a European comic, because in North America, we didn't get Sonic comics until after Sonic 2 came out and they published by Archie Comics.
First Cooommment (10 months ago)
Holy Shit! *WHAT A TWIST!* The only remarkable thing I knew was Sonic and his chili dog days.
Trolling Lord (10 months ago)
I read the comic
Greg Trombley (10 months ago)
I read this origin a long, long time ago in an issue of EGM, I think.
Decco Destroy (10 months ago)
TastyXShounen (10 months ago)
Decco Destroy How?
Greppellio (10 months ago)
Decco Destroy They didn't tell you what the boss was, so how did they spoil it?
Marcelo Spagnolo (10 months ago)
why do you have to talk so fast!?! slow down!
facefister69 (10 months ago)
He's talking at a reasonably normal speed, are you sure you haven't left your speed at 2.0 after watching memes?
jgok222 (10 months ago)
I actually remeber reading this back in the 90s.
CTB (10 months ago)
This should be canon again.
psgaming101 Craup (9 months ago)
No it was never canon, the games and the comics are separate continuities fun fact it takes place after a post apocalyptic earth, sonic came in the picture because he disagreed with eggman's ideals.
Antitoxic Sanchez (9 months ago)
Was it ever canon?
Genetty Thetics (10 months ago)
CTB I agree; the Sonic lore used to be great. Ludicrous, but great. Now it's a convoluted mess and I can't work out what's canon and what's not.
ChaoticLegion01 (10 months ago)
I remember the first time I saw Sonic become Super Sonic in STC, it was near a Volcano, and he touched a giant gold ring... just one, not 50! - just a single ring, and the power he drew from it made him golden, like the ring. STC was the ONLY thing I would read when I was much younger.
MackNifisent (10 months ago)
Thanks for the spoiler alert... smfh
Rangifulla (10 months ago)
Hey Scotty, What's your Twitter & Instagram?
William Paterson (10 months ago)
So maybe that's why Robotnik can sometimes run as fast as Sonic and survive countless explosions, he's infused with chaos energy from the emeralds. Robotnik's basically the equivalent of a constant lesser Super Sonic-like state?
Michael-Paul Thompson (10 months ago)
This version is actually the nicer one. The "original" original backstory they came up with is pretty horrific. It's pretty much the same but in the process there's radiation and Hedgehog family death. Fun.
Tom Goodman (10 months ago)
I remember Eggman emerging from the smoke after his little accident. It was badass and scary as hell, where in the games he's pretty much a joke.
Wilfredo Torres (10 months ago)
I already knew it. Wish the origin story made more sense
Jacob Caron (10 months ago)
Kintobor must have fused with a bad egg.
Gaming and Console Tech (10 months ago)
I had the comic as a kid I have know idea where it went... wish I still had it.
Samantha Mckay (10 months ago)
Kintobor HAD to turn into Robotnik or else The Brotherhood of Metalix would of taken over Mobius!
BlackMercury 279 (10 months ago)
No wonder Sonic can never catch Robotnik in the old games. Eggman's not faster than Sonic, Sonic can't bear to harm his best friend. Sonic purposely lets Eggman Run Ahead.
CathLena Music (5 days ago)
BlackMercury 279 the FEELS
meimeng04 (10 months ago)
This just proves that soda is bad for you. LOL
Jason Sterlacci (10 months ago)
I have this somewhere in my house.
blackphoenix77 (10 months ago)
Dr. Eggman is literally part egg....only in the 90's could something like this have been dreamed up.
berkin demirel (10 months ago)
I knew he was fised with an egg why is he bot humpy dumphy
Realbreather (10 months ago)
This was amazing
Alex Muratore (10 months ago)
i believe outside xbox already explained something like this. Suggest you guys search up their channel
Alex Muratore (10 months ago)
daafaev15 (10 months ago)
Alex Muratore you are correct my friend
Deltaru (10 months ago)
Somebody was a major Sonic The Comic reader =D I loved that comic. The art style was never quite as good as Archie, but the stories were fantastic.
JP317 (10 months ago)
Well people don't talk about it because none of the comics stories are "canon" 😝 I used to get StC so yeah I knew about it, looking back a lot of our StC (Fleetway) was goofy as hell and I think that's partly why I loved it. In the recent years I got into the Archie stuff but, maybe because I'm older, it just didn't grab my attention as much. I'm looking forward to the new IDW ones to see what they'll do with Sonic & Pals & Knuckles (& Knuckles [& Knuckles])
GWFanSoftcoreBrony (10 months ago)
The explosion literally 'blue' sonic up! I remember my cousin showing me this comic years ago. Fun trip down memory lane.
Dominus (10 months ago)
I didn't know it. :| Some of the origins like the roosevelt resemblance are pretty well known, but not so much with the comic book bit. Videos on gaming secrets are cool with me.
Fabriccio Zaracho (10 months ago)
When i saw the picture of the vídeo. I just thin in: Sonic desu ga
Shiloili Jr (10 months ago)
I had the book of this
Nelson Demifur (10 months ago)
I remember this origin
Rón Maguire (10 months ago)
I hope they make this canon.
Rob Molivas (10 months ago)
I've read the comic, and the Kintobor name did get re-worked into the comics as the family name of Robotnik later on, as we discover he has living relatives and his ancestors, etc
Miyu Sawai (10 months ago)
Secret Origins Suggestions: Bowser Koopa/King Koopa, Princess Peach/Princess Toadstool, & The Mario Brothers (Super Mario Bros), Ganondorf, Link, & Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda), Anna De Witt/Elizabeth Comstock, Booker De Witt/Zachary Hale Comstock, Robert & Rosalind Lutece, Daisy Fitzroy, Jeremiah Fink, Cornelius Slate, Chen Lin, Songbird, Lady Comstock, Sally, Sander Cohen, Jack Ryan, Atlas/Frank Fontaine, Yi Suchong, Andrew Ryan, Brigid Tenenbaum, Dr. Steinman, Peach Wilkins, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Martin Finnegan, Silas Cobb, Hector Rodriguez, Augustus Sinclair, Eleanor Lamb, Sofia Lamb, Subject Delta, Charles Milton Porter/Subject Sigma, Reed Wall, & The Thinker (Bioshock Series & DLC's)
mstcrow5429 (10 months ago)
If he's an egg, would explain why he's so yellow.
DeanBetamberine (10 months ago)
I vaguely remember this but couldn't think of where I knew Kintobor until now, I always knew that name but never could remember the origin story until now! A nice walk down memory lane but nothing new.
Cheetarah (10 months ago)
I like this, interesting little story and a different type of content. I'd only say, the format of the video might need some work - something more visual maybe?
Justin Taylor (10 months ago)
lol what a half assed origins story xD
Randomark3087 (10 months ago)
He's blue because of the Sega logo
ByMonitorLight (10 months ago)
That's far better than anything they've come up with since. Why this trend for ruining great origin stories with lazy ret-cons? They did the same to Lara Croft.
David Gallagher (10 months ago)
Somewhere i have a sonic comic from the 90s where the original shadow design was sent in by a fan wonder if he got any recognition .._
JustJæden (9 months ago)
David Gallagher that's kind a cool know what issue
SonixTheHedgyHog (10 months ago)
I was a sad fan of sonic before it was cool
Chris Wells (10 months ago)
I remember this being outlined in an unofficial Sonic book I picked up called 'Stay Sonic' - I never saw it in the comic but I wondered as to whether this was a REAL story because the book was unofficial. I took it as canon for YEARS though.
Tom Duggan (10 months ago)
*outside x box
Tom Duggan (10 months ago)
I heard this one from outside extra
FMagl (10 months ago)
I know I read this origin back in the day, but I don't remember whether I read it in comic form or in the children's novels, which I know I had. Neat to hear about it again!
XoxeroThePoet (10 months ago)
I saw it on Outsidexbox (or Xtra, one of the two).
lobby (10 months ago)
I liked this video, that is a measure of success. Please do more.
TheSiKne55 (10 months ago)
God, I remember that!! I still have Sonic the Comic issues 1-100ish somewhere...
MarcusIsI (10 months ago)
"Before he got .... Fused with an egg!" 😂😂
Angel Cortez (10 months ago)
Yes I did know this, someone else beat you to this video....
Bruce Wayne (10 months ago)
I cannot believe the cheesiness of this
hyperdeath84 (10 months ago)
There were a couple of Sonic books in the early 90s that used this as the basis of the character - they also added that Sonic's transformation and speed have him an increased metabolism meaning he needs to eat all the time.
Derrick Cooney (10 months ago)
I collected the comics as a kid but not from the beginning but I loved this origin story and it does make sense in a weird sort of way. And I liked the fact kintobor is robotnik backwards as few people either already know or mention here in earlier messages.
Mr. Internet Man (10 months ago)
Why do we need to talk about it though?
Iron Leaf (10 months ago)
I already knew this story. Did any of you know it?
Marvin Stonefour (10 months ago)
Iron leaf No
Bella Swan (10 months ago)
I was in fact aware of this for years. I know that this origin story is canon in the Fleetway Sonic Comics.
tales from iDEATH (10 months ago)
Think pretty much everyone who read StC back in the day knows this. Worth pointing out this story was only used in the UK. Other territories had their own "official" backstories for the characters. It basically boils down to what the marketing teams thought would sell well in their respective regions.
Counter Punch (10 months ago)
It was the UK Fleetway Sonic The Comic origin story.
Jinx The Babe Cannon (10 months ago)
Ah. When comics make up things on the fly...
The voice cracks
Future Champ (10 months ago)
More videos like this please
Jason Robertson (10 months ago)
Wow, and suddenly so much of Sonic's lore fits into place... namely why they call him Eggman. Thanks.
Disarae (10 months ago)
I actually had this comic when it came out and the name Kintobor is just Robotnik spelt backwards...
Alright Boppers (10 months ago)
I remember it! Sonic the Comic was my life. Decap Attack was brilliant as well.
Gamer67 58 (10 months ago)
I actually knew of this origin story before this video.
swamdono (10 months ago)
Me too. I think Knuckles had some great backstory in these and it'd be cool for them to cover some of that in a future video.
zet piliso (10 months ago)
omg i was gunna comment this
Yo Jamal (10 months ago)
And Ivo sounds like Evil
ƧMḮl·ę ꜰøR Ɯë (10 months ago)
Another thing no one ever talk about is that Sonic had a *Chili-dog eating disorder* ...
Jinx The Babe Cannon (10 months ago)
WHAAAAAT? I never noticed that!
SkirkRidgeEX (10 months ago)
Ah, Sonic the Comic. I remember that. Also had Super Sonic as an evil psychotic rather than just Sonic powered up. Everyone feared Super Sonic.
Levi Moses (9 months ago)
The reason why Sonic is blue is because, based off of the elemental wheel and the color spectrum, blue is the color for lightning or water, and that might be the concept of why Sonic has hydrophobia. When you combine electricity and water together, it'll make a hydro electric element. That means, of course, lightning is weak against water, but since water is the combination of both fire and ice, and can be evaporated by fire because each element has their own weakness to one another. What I'm saying is that Sonic's fur is radiated by electricity and his speed increased into Sonic Boom speed.
Levi Moses (9 months ago)
The reason why Sonic is blue is because, based off of the elemental wheel and the color spectrum, blue is the color for lightning or water, and that might be the concept of why Sonic has hydrophobia. When you combine electricity and water together, it'll make a hydro electric element. That means, of course, lightning is weak against water, but since water is the combination of both fire and ice, and can be evaporated by fire because each element has their own weakness to one another. What I'm saying is that Sonic's fur is radiated by electricity and his speed increased into Sonic Boom speed.
Andy Revell (10 months ago)
You mean Megadroid, a play on Mega Drive.
Chromatism (10 months ago)
The evil super sonic was, I believe, purely the British version of the comic (which was excellent!). The American version more closely followed the Sonic cartoon they had over there. And also... not so much evil as power corrupts. And also chaos emeralds? Yeah, that might make you go a bit loopy :D
Big alzo (10 months ago)
SkirkRidgeEX also has amy rose who isn't a crazy fangirl
Fox Rebellion (10 months ago)
Do the trivia video!!!!
crimson bolt (10 months ago)
I had this comic
High Heel Knight (10 months ago)
I remember that story. I thought to myself, "You can't run with 'friction-less shoes' because you need friction to push the feet from the ground." LOL
Mashael Alanzi (10 months ago)
I knew a little about this but not in detail. It's a cool story and I'm glad you shared it. Keep doing this type of new content the channel can really use it. Can't wait to see what video you made.
Gina Tandarich (10 months ago)
What?!?! I didn't know that back story! Thanks for the video!
SwagBoiDaVeon (10 months ago)
Im a little early lol
KAMUI PLAYS (10 months ago)
Lol, I still remember this story xD
Aalam Ahmad (10 months ago)
I'm liking for Scott

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