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8 Awful Things Video Games Forced You To Do

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Text Comments (5228)
Ali Sabba (21 minutes ago)
Killing the boss mgs3
deltademon (2 days ago)
what about the part in South Park: The Fractured But Whole where you're forced to choose which one of your parents you have to kill
Adeetya Jadeja (4 days ago)
Modern warfare 😒
callum brooks (4 days ago)
Battlefield 4 leaving 2 marines to drown in a cadge! That part hurts me sooo much!!
Haban Jamel (5 days ago)
How about The Witcher 3 forcing us to choose between Yennefer and Triss?😅
Fallout 3 in the Pitt DLC where you have to kidnap a baby
#1 should've been No Russian
juzu (11 days ago)
*D I C K*
Sixx Sense (13 days ago)
MGSV Mission 43. That one fucked me up and I cried like a ten year old girl. "Hey, let the Boss decide...! *as they hum the Peace Walker theme*"
Free PlayGames (14 days ago)
A lot of penis
Anna Eagle (15 days ago)
Prince of Persia 08 Spend the entire game sealing away an evil power. Find out sealing it away kills your girlfriend. Make deal with evil to release it and bring her back. Walk away as the world is pulled into darkness.
Connor (17 days ago)
R EEE (20 days ago)
Bruh no fuckin mutt hurts my clem i SHIT on that dog.
Rebekah Simpson (20 days ago)
You have the best voice
Seth Eltz (20 days ago)
What about killing the Sasquatch's wife in Red Dead Redemption?! That messed me up.
Gaming Ocurence (22 days ago)
You forgot kill your friends or go with Citra, from Far cry 3.
socket 5214 (23 days ago)
0:22 UH WUT
The Growdie (23 days ago)
“The god of dick” 😭
mini williams (23 days ago)
Life is strange kill Chloe your best friend or the world with a tornado
R EEE (20 days ago)
Dear god
Crash Bandicoot (23 days ago)
(2018) choose between Mia and Zoe
HellomynameisDaisy (23 days ago)
Where is the part in the walking dead season 2 when clementine has to stick HER OWN WOUND?!?
Sonia Nevermind (24 days ago)
I just remembered Nina beacause of the dog.
Old Liquid (24 days ago)
I have one game to that list too, not that bloody but forced me to stop playing. It is Ar tonelico 1. You have to choose which one of two great, interesting characters will leave. I checked on what awaits them, and both destines is not particulary compelling or deserved for them. In the sake of justice, If I was there, I'll just go out and leave entire party, go exile, because I can't let one or another parther suffer like that in the situation game offers. And even I were played both paths one after another, I will create four destines, two of those will be awful and unfair. So I just stopped.
daer devvyl (24 days ago)
In Red Dead Redemption, killing a bunch of villagers and burning their houses down, just so the governor could rape their wives and daughters.
Seth Eltz (20 days ago)
And killing Sasquatch's wife
What about Gears of War where Dom has to shoot his wife?
kybett (24 days ago)
Burying your older brother's corpse in Brothers
Noel Tantoco (25 days ago)
I was expecting the Killzone 3 ending in here. You wiped out the whole damn planet.
Jokke353 (25 days ago)
I think the torturing part in gta v and the terrorist attack in mw2 were awesome :D cause after all you can do things in games that you wouldnt do in real life. Thats the point of gaming.
Patrick Jacquemont (26 days ago)
Killing Andrew Ryan in Bioshock ...
84 Tubbs (27 days ago)
You said the word d*** so many times you must be a faget
Guymino (28 days ago)
Trevor's torture scene is pretty fun
Goodwill Smith (28 days ago)
Wait the one at the intro was until dawn that has some pretty fucked up choices
Lps potato Unicorn (30 days ago)
I love the waking dead game and clem but,that's traumatic ☹️
Tommans 650 (1 month ago)
The thing that annoys me the most about GTA V is there only an assination option for Michael, Trevor Or Save them both and no kill both option? And why is Franklin the only one given the option considering ALL 3 are basically the main character! Did the writers just get lazy or what! And what is the actual out come? I personally would like to the save both option be the actual ending.
Elijah Hill (1 month ago)
You actually don’t have to kill the civilians in no russian
Alix (1 month ago)
No Russian was so fun.
mia x (1 month ago)
My dad was playing the walking dead, and he had to kill the dog.. My dad is a total animal lover, so it was hard for us to see it. But it's just a game.
Hammerin' Hank (1 month ago)
People say "why throw a baby in an oven". Well, it ain't gonna cook itself...
Xx JosueGx xX (1 month ago)
Damn that thumbnail though😨😨😨
Isai's Glover (1 month ago)
“ it’s this reversal expectation that will stick with you forever...YOU D@#%” the last two videos were sad...all innocent people killed
Jake Riches (1 month ago)
You misunderstood the choice in 'The Last of Us'. It was not about being egotistic, choosing to save the girl is also choosing to save what makes us human: Love, Compassion, Taking Care of Your Loved Ones, and so on. Without these intrinsically human values we might have saved humanity as a species but the notions and understanding of Good and Evil would have been lost, we would in reality have reverted to little more than a very clever species within the branch of Primates known as Big Apes.
Gotehan SSJ3 (1 month ago)
Haha soo many dicks
Gotehan SSJ3 (1 month ago)
Hahaha God of Dick 😂😂😂
Troy Domio (1 month ago)
Irish man the narrator or something
sub for no reason (1 month ago)
how bout a way out
xroxgames007 p (1 month ago)
Watched because of thumbnail
Amin Jitplung (1 month ago)
Daniel McCarin (1 month ago)
#9: Mutilate yourself or abandon your son. *cuts off finger* Perfect logic at its finest.
Ciro Rizzitello (1 month ago)
most annoying voice over ever - YOURE NOT FUNNY
John Smith (1 month ago)
XxPlayerMlgXx (1 month ago)
do i'm the only one that every time im heard "dick" i'm imagine a dick?
Benjamin Playz (1 month ago)
3:35 "GOD OF DICK" that one got me 😂 XD
For some reason i liked trevor’s torture scene
Hey That dog was A Dick. He deserved to die. He was sound at first letting you play with him and him helping you. But Nah Fuck him if he is gonna attack me then GAME ON!!!
Dinky Gaming (1 month ago)
had untill dawn shown and then not spoken about??.. some of the things you are forced to do in that game are ball shrivelling and should have been added xD
Ice Wolf (1 month ago)
i like games and building penises
Deadknight 974 (1 month ago)
Hey! Ellie deserved to live so you take that off the list
Gabriel Derner (1 month ago)
How about in Far Cry 3, when you’re forced to torture Riley?
Third Hokage (1 month ago)
god of dick!
yaboi gamer (1 month ago)
what is the thumbnail game or cutscence
Jetpack Playz (1 month ago)
god of war says, OFFENDED!! we say, Fuck off, dick.
*D I C K*
Jeoff Argales (1 month ago)
The one when the mother was holding her child and they did not make it actually made me cry D;
smoke nutt (1 month ago)
You are a dick
Goro Majima (1 month ago)
KREITOS? Wtf? 🤢😂😂
Ok but the walking dead I know it’s your loved ones but would you rather maybe finding a cure to survive the apocalypse or die instantly bc a dog you love attacks you...
Readerbooks9894 (1 month ago)
What about having to actually play Jack the Ripper in Assassin's Creed Syndicate... its ugh... its the worst!!!
Ass issaoo (2 months ago)
Who else after this video go to play these games again 😁
Ed Dragojlovic (2 months ago)
That fucking posh voice
Joshinator C (2 months ago)
I'd rather do No Russian than stab a dog
Joshinator C (2 months ago)
Should've just let Ellie die you selfish bastard so you can save us the sequel
Utku Gündoğan (2 months ago)
jaxiziz (2 months ago)
join sydra or kill your friends from Far Cry 3?
Wyatt Beidel (2 months ago)
The last of us was a good game
Someone (2 months ago)
It was quite sad in games when they featured you, the player, stepping on holy books or killing innocent civilians or blowing up holy institues like a church or a mosque and/or blowing up a school just because of "war". It pained me when Spec Ops: The Line did just that.
Gaamesso (2 months ago)
I like killing innocent people, becouse they are not real
Foxy Fazbear (2 months ago)
companion cube euthanasia portal
Channel 6 (2 months ago)
Pretty sure ppl wanted to save Ellie. Fuck human kind 😂
Supreme Jay jay (2 months ago)
In black ops2 ur forced to shoot Harper or be killed or ur forced to kill mason but U can save him so irdk
Nekros Prime (2 months ago)
Two years later
[Insert Meme] (2 months ago)
The first level of MW2 they made me use a noobtube
sexy mia owens (2 months ago)
lol his voice
Alexis Balthrop (2 months ago)
I'm disappointed the Little Nightmares ending wasn't in this
jayy_xo (2 months ago)
Having to kill Carlos in SR2 still makes me cry like a bitch 🤧
Ace Kingg (2 months ago)
So we gonna ignore how in the army of two they got that kid murdered?
Dinomeat 10 (2 months ago)
sled necks (2 months ago)
Why do videos like these always have a narrator with an accent like this??
Chris Major (2 months ago)
In the scope of doing things I found hard to mentally do in a game the only thing that comes to mind is putting a needle through Issac's eye in dead space two.
Will Stroud (2 months ago)
Basically all of the decisions on Until Dawn
iFLL0PPY D0M1NAT0R (3 months ago)
Lmfao ' the way he says " dick " 😂😂😂😂
Colin Law (3 months ago)
Oblivion you have to kill a whole villiege. When you are under a the influence of some sort of drug. In the fighters guild story line
Meme Master Rommel (3 months ago)
The mw2 mission isnt even bad
Istvan Palanki (3 months ago)
none of them are really awful tho. Being a good guy every fucking time is way worse.
Josiah Clark (3 months ago)
Arena careful may understanding vs rarely cluster knock.
Gat Patto (3 months ago)
killing that dog in walking dead season 2 made me cry like a baby.
Jack1994hoo (3 months ago)
11. Killing the mercenary at the beginning of Ninja Gaiden 3. That guy was completely repented, he surrendered and dropped his weapon, he begged for his life, he was completely harmless, Ryu had no reason to kill him, and the game forces you to do it otherwise you cant progress, it;s not even a cutscene. That part is not only unnecesarily cruel, but out of character for Ryu. I felt really bad when I had to cut him in half
BlazingSpirit (3 months ago)
killing the little sisters in bioshock 1 and 2
M. Ostrowski (3 months ago)
You don't have to kill anyone in No Russian
Micah tapper (3 months ago)
What about the end of far cry 3
Biippa (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie, the fact that Little Nightmares made me eat The Runaway Kid upsets me more than over half of the situations on this list. Also, I will be forever salty over how F.E.A.R 3 made you KEEP A DEMONIC SPAWN OF HELLFIRE AND HATRED ALIVE, AFTER ALL THE TROUBLE YOU WENT THROUGH TO PREVENT THE DAMN BIRTH. Pointman just walks off with the freakin baby, still alive, probably gonna grow up to be just like Alma.

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