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Highlight Reel #341 - John Cena Meets His Greatest Foe: A Couch

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of amazing plays, stunts, records, and other great moments from around the gaming world. Please check out the original videos in the links below, and send us your favorite clips to highlightreel@kotaku.com. To submit, either send us a link to your video on YouTube, a game DVR, Streamable, Twitch, or just send us the raw file (YouTube links are preferred, as they allow us to attribute credit. For the sake of privacy/ease on our end, please avoid Facebook video and Google Drive). Please also give a description of your moment, and confirm that you recorded it. Wondering how to capture footage on your console or computer? Here's our guide on how to do it: http://kotaku.com/how-to-capture-game-video-on-ps4-xbox-one-pc-and-mac-1659764485 You can follow Chris Person (the editor and voice of Highlight Reel) over at twitter.com/papapishu. If you have any questions or concerns about the show, please contact Chris. 1. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Cleaning... - Yasukima https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdQPCoBkjCE In Dragon’s Dogma, this jester is trash. 2. Nier: Automata - NOT RIGHT NOW EMIL #PS4share - Dominic Nguyen https://twitter.com/vibratingsheep/status/919281918083919873 Damnit Emil, not now. 3. Cuphead - How It Feels To Play Cuphead - Dan Flux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2vugEJgFt4 Here’s the narrative arc of a single cuphead boss 4. PES 2018 - Realism Review: Individuality and Animations | Part Two | - KnightMD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3aFZroZXe4&feature=youtu.be Headshot. 5. Destiny 2 - I'm sorry Shaxx - Chocolate -Tree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBynqFNA6zw In Destiny 2, sorry to dissapoint you Shaxx 6. Sleeping Dogs - Click It or Stick It - Shroomerz420 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cllc0Hh6qPE&feature=youtu.be In Sleeping Dogs, wear your seatbelt. 7. Rainbow Six Siege - Untraditional Ace - OC39648 https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/762zk3/untraditional_ace/ https://streamable.com/77iqh In Rainbow Six Siege, an unconventional ace, but still an ace. 8. Battlefield 4 - Near Miss - AA2Battery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iopE4K6CN9c&feature=youtu.be In Battlefield 4, close call. 9. Battlefield 1 - "It's your Uber I'm outside" "Uh, ya just pick me up at E" - HayChan01 https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_one/comments/75tan3/its_your_uber_im_outside_uh_ya_just_pick_me_up_at/ In Battlefield 1, just pick me up over at E. 10. WWE 2k18 - I must go, my unicorn needs me - @SoulPhoenix316 https://twitter.com/soulphoenix316/status/918984638802153472 I must go, my unicorn needs me. 11. WWE 2k18 - The couch puts Cena in the Ankle Lock in the greatest glitch I've ever experienced in my life. - Terrorstrious https://twitter.com/terrestri0us/status/919405052363669504 Also in WWE, this couch puts Cena in an Ankle lock. 12. PU Battlegrounds - Bounced out the door - Vincent Dieselman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxY92iQofSk&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Goq4T8PgOxI&feature=youtu.be In Battlegrounds, bounced out the door and into 2nd place 13. PU Battlegrounds - Bikemeister - Hauni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rad6cwDqMk evel knievel’s battlegrounds. 14. PU Battlegrounds - Your gonna live through this - MegamanXZ25 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMbcz8LiCFQ&feature=youtu.be You’re gonna live through this man. 15. PU Battlegrounds - When you find the weapon first. - Elliott Hamilton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nm5gxYA9PE&feature=youtu.be Lastly in Battlegrounds, what happens when you get to the weapon first. 16. Shadow of War - Epic Speech - Mubarak Abdullaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l45IUntpSo&feature=youtu.be And let’s end today in Shadow of War where this speech is too simple.
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Text Comments (149)
Trickster-X (22 days ago)
I've had that last one happen to me in Shadow of War. It was when I was explaining there would be a dramatic speech to my dad. It was like my game decided to be rebellious about that. I laughed
Michael Howard (5 months ago)
0:56 is that Scott Sterling?!? The man. The myth. The LEGEND.
Not Serious (5 months ago)
Not even the team of the laws of physics and reality warping can stop Cena
C J (5 months ago)
Hom Tanks (5 months ago)
John Cena still wins, not surprising at all.
shigmonty (6 months ago)
that last clip was nearly Identical to the end scene in Conan the Barbarian.
Cody Schieber (6 months ago)
That was the best episode in a long time.
YungAznBoi (6 months ago)
0:56 Scott Sterling!
ZodiacMasterOink (6 months ago)
Bednar 33 (6 months ago)
yeah i had the same problem with the last speach on this fort on Shadow of War :D
Jweezy999 (6 months ago)
What happened in the clip from shadow of war happened to me too he was standing there like that for a minute and a half lol
TheRougeSky (6 months ago)
That Cuphead clip had me crying I was laughing so hard.
WarPigz0 (6 months ago)
....What the hell is that at 0:30???
JustArcher (6 months ago)
why was including the entire match with john cena in the couch necessary?
Varsocona (6 months ago)
Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.
Serkan (6 months ago)
Lovely selection of clips again but try to keep average ones short. Like the one with WWE. It's unnecessarily long.
BastiaenAssassin (6 months ago)
I've had that shadow of war speech glitch twice. It's magnificent.
J Flowers (6 months ago)
I'd like to see Crossout clips!
Luckshot (6 months ago)
lol that was me in 5:30
Fog (6 months ago)
Is it possible for highlight reel to have its own channel so I don’t have to wade through the rest of the Kotaku trash?
Chiaki Clips (6 months ago)
sorry, but title is misleading. i didnt see john cena anywhere
JTundra (6 months ago)
That kid screaming LMAOOOOOO sounds like a chimp
Roger Haugedal (6 months ago)
why does EVERYONE in pubg have the exact same exaggerated hysterical laugh?
Derek Strickland (6 months ago)
Derek Strickland (6 months ago)
Dave Smith (6 months ago)
lol sports games
Tsumefan2 (6 months ago)
wait is he miming the entire speech??
wickedd365 (6 months ago)
What you call "highlights" are pretty unimpressive
wickedd365 (6 months ago)
Raven Rodriguez Yes I do in fact. Why don't you click on my page and see for yourself. I'm working on more now with my Elgato for my gaming channel, WickedD365Gaming
Raven Rodriguez (6 months ago)
wickedd365 you got some better highlights?
Firestorm Danger Dash (6 months ago)
That Cena couch was the hardest I laughed in a long time.
Varsocona (6 months ago)
That's one way to stop him from kicking out at two.
Supersonic (6 months ago)
0:54 whoever puts together these reels, knows comedic timing
4TheWinQuinn (6 months ago)
That John Cena one is why im subbed to this channel
Jacob X (6 months ago)
Those PUBG clips! Hahahahaha!!!
RJSoylent (6 months ago)
the nier clip would have killed me.. thats just gold
PsychoPavilion (6 months ago)
Talion said Git Gud
Justin Mercado (6 months ago)
Another episode of glitch reel
123stig91123 (6 months ago)
6:02 I hear voices in my head They council me They understand They talk to me
Connor Gartshore (6 months ago)
Hey Kotaku.. Not really sure why you are using clickbait... I saw none of John Cena in this video...
Varsocona (6 months ago)
Of course you can't~! You got to have a degree in Thuganomics first. That'll give you the Attitude Adjustment you need, after you skip your candy ass off for a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Word Life~!
The Speaker (6 months ago)
Unknown L You skipped around didn’t you XD
Unknown L (6 months ago)
Connor Gartshore I saw him. He was grappled by the couch
TristanSykes1994 (6 months ago)
5:05 I genuinely thought they were gonna make it.
MiZoRAW1 (6 months ago)
im touched by the speech <3 so good
Lazy Stevz (6 months ago)
1:13 - Cringe, accurate, educational and hilarious all at the same time.
Luiz Silva (6 months ago)
5:15 Proof that we are just apes
MageThief (6 months ago)
That speech at the end is still better than any other politician have ever given :D
Mr. Ixolite (6 months ago)
Wow, John Cena's core muscles are insane, and why would you try and teach a chimp how to play PUBG? Nothing in it for the chimp clearly.
Sherudons (6 months ago)
That shadow of war one reminded me of konami and that show me more cheer muffin top...
Smoke and Mirrors (6 months ago)
It's awesome that Dragon's Dogma has been getting some attention in these highlights lately... even if it is for weird glitches... If you like RPGs this is one of the best ever, a " "remastered" " edition just came out last week for current gen. It plays more like Witcher 3 than Skyrim. The classes and combat are amazi... Fuck!!! A nigga gotta learn to to just simplify these comments instead of writing a damn paragraph like Capcom paying his ass to advertise. It's an amazing game plain and simple y'all.
Hannah P. (6 months ago)
These one liners that they do on EVERY video is so annoying
grace calis (6 months ago)
Shouldn't you be somewhere else, choosing between waffles and omelettes or some shit?
dark phantom (6 months ago)
5:15 It's like a scene from planet of the apes! It's fucking hilarious
Citraine (6 months ago)
"You're gonna fucking live through this!" *Explodes* I love it. Lmao
BAD HOBO (6 months ago)
WTF is going on in clip 3:03? Why is Jason being spastic?
K9Nordeste (6 months ago)
Change the series name to PUBG highlight reel already
digitalk jr. (6 months ago)
Are you not entairtained for deaf people
TheZaius (6 months ago)
Best collection in some time.
Dvon (6 months ago)
5:30 When the teacher asks for your homework that you slacked off from last night
Thing1 Tokyo (6 months ago)
What's the source of that epic goal in FIFA?
Hgk 90 (6 months ago)
Thing1 Tokyo In the description.
The Good Doctor (6 months ago)
The last PUBG clip made my day. ROFL
Pikanyaasan (6 months ago)
That Cena clip is made 5x better by the commentary.
nfugitt89 (6 months ago)
It kills me that a throwback wrestler can be a 2006 version
alupihan (6 months ago)
3:06 The casting couch strikes again!
alupihan (6 months ago)
0:39 my life in a nutshell
raijin922 (6 months ago)
That dying guy in the jeep clip seemed like a missed opportunity for a reservoir dogs reference....
Nancy Lo (6 months ago)
0:56 had me laughing so hard. That headshot was awesome.
MegamanXZ25 (6 months ago)
awesome video
ECKVue19 (6 months ago)
Casting couch
Lee Darklighter (6 months ago)
wwe has the best glitches
Mark (6 months ago)
5:31 Someone call PETA !!
Yuuhi Saka (6 months ago)
Goddammit, Emil, I have a serious talk right now!
金不二 (6 months ago)
Jester is always trash....
VArkelS (6 months ago)
You are spoiling us with these long highlight reels
Gun Mage (6 months ago)
That last clip had me like, "Is this Dark Souls? Is he Dark Souls taunting????"
Brady Tegeler (6 months ago)
Anybody think of Scott Sterling?
Sigma0426A (6 months ago)
5:31 and here ladies and gentleman we have a rare sighting of a chimpanzee in its natural habitat! Let's watch closely
NotMike95 (6 months ago)
Sigma0426A (6 months ago)
Umm yes....lemme fix that :P
iwtmltyb (6 months ago)
Sigma0426A I think you mean "sighting."
La Volpe (6 months ago)
3:12 and they say all wrestling is fake... *THIS IS REAL PRIME TIME ENTERTAINMENT BABBBBY*
Korp Kyuu-Sama (6 months ago)
"My unicorn needs me" some one is watching he's wrestling
Sebastian VanDeWalker (6 months ago)
Krondelo (6 months ago)
0:56 HAHA! Like a blooper.
Aaron Chris (6 months ago)
James Friedenberg (6 months ago)
Chris, your simple narration to what happens before the clip for the last PUBG one made me laugh so hard. Idk why, but well played.
Tomb to Party (6 months ago)
Ben Dover (6 months ago)
5:20 dat wedgie...
Nogabari -Hanu- Kai (6 months ago)
Probably got a cameltoe in the front.
Federico Gonzalez (6 months ago)
How about Xcom 2, it's got a lot of glitches
Joe Ryan (6 months ago)
That kid in the last PubG clip sounded like a monkey being raped
Namzy M (6 months ago)
Now how will you know that?
Izanagi Okami (6 months ago)
So... Which one is the monkey
Firestorm Danger Dash (6 months ago)
Powermachine123 (6 months ago)
Hawt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jin Ruidmongm (6 months ago)
Ricardo Fernandes imagination
Garrett W (6 months ago)
Is battlegrounds gana come out on Xbox?
Farquar Zergface (6 months ago)
Garrett W Eventually
Eric Choinière (6 months ago)
I should have seen the end of the PUBG clip coming. But I didn't. And I laughed alongside the players
iwtmltyb (6 months ago)
MORE Battlegrounds clips. Sigh.
Lê Toàn (6 months ago)
Some people just hate anything that is mainstream because that make them feel special about themselves.
Joe Ryan (6 months ago)
Whats wrong with PubG clips? Just out of curiosity because they are usually my favorite parts of Highlight Reel
General Rufus X (6 months ago)
That Cena clip
A Generic Name (6 months ago)
The clip of the dude screaming in PUBG made me fucking lose it oh my god
King Krunchy1911 (5 months ago)
Late Box One with WrottenOne https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zcAraoMqYoc
Borkel (5 months ago)
A Generic Name impostor
Luckshot (6 months ago)
Ben Nichols aye thats me! lol
Ben Nichols (6 months ago)
That's someone who goes to my school 😂😂
Izanagi Okami (6 months ago)
That's taking gaming to a whole new realism
CreepypastaDemon (6 months ago)
the cuphead one brought back memories of my first time playing dark souls 1
Tom Curran (6 months ago)
Can someone explain how the last player died in the unconventional Siege ace?
Nero Darkblade (6 months ago)
Tom Curran No problem dude.
Tom Curran (6 months ago)
Thanks a bunch!
Nero Darkblade (6 months ago)
Tom Curran The guy who got the knife kills was playing a character with battery things that he can use to electrify certain walls and barbed wire. If you touch them you take steady damage. The last player on the enemy team wasn't paying attention and stood against one of his electrified walls, giving the dead guy an ace.
Soul Hook (6 months ago)
That final pubg clip was like an unedited clip from a twomad video ^^
Brayden Hatcher (6 months ago)
Tbh u should at least have 800k subs cause ur a really good YouTuber
lewis torres (6 months ago)
Is highlight getting wack ?
Unknown L (6 months ago)
Or is it just the games?
Chronometry (6 months ago)
dmaster0770 (6 months ago)
That Dan Flux clip got me good
Poncho (6 months ago)
Fuck I have that glitch too in SoW
Iosis6 (6 months ago)
I haven't had that one happen but I have dominated an Orc by just staring him down.
Blade (6 months ago)
Me too and this is relatible like, what?
Braymann99 (6 months ago)
That happened with three of the fortresses I captured. Kinda sucks, but still hilarious.
King Azaz (6 months ago)
ThexRedxBarn (6 months ago)
The Man, The Myth, The LEGEND!
Dark Angel (6 months ago)
That Emil one 😂😂😂
Joloxi (6 months ago)
4:25 best clip of pubg i have ever seen in my entire life (edit: the next clip after that was pretty fucking funny too)
Aaron Wlng (2 months ago)
you're enjoyed it weren't you? xDDD
MegamanXZ25 (6 months ago)
dude i lost my shit when that happen to me
MrEpicRabbit (6 months ago)
That last clip :"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?"
Iosis6 (6 months ago)
Pretty much. After 25 hours of playing the game I found my first bug last night and it was very similar except I was dominating an Orc and I just stared him down until he was under my control. Lol
I love Emil, he ruined so many dramatic moments.
Kotaku (6 months ago)
he's my loud son
Mr Steal Your joke (6 months ago)
Very nice
SP Brazy (6 months ago)
WWE 2k18 is the best game this year hands down.
Specter knight (6 months ago)
SP Brazy I completely disagree
Justin Vajko (6 months ago)

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