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What We Think About God of War's Story, Its Ending And How Its Sequels Will Turn Out

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We discuss and analyze the game's story, ending and add in our thoughts and theories on what the sequels will be about. Thumbnail source: https://jnsvmli.deviantart.com/art/God-of-War-4-Wallpaper-JNSVMLI-630889233 - jnsvmli SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (555)
aryan mishra (5 hours ago)
what if this is the curse of kratos like as his father zeus betrayed the titans for the throne even he shall die with the same curse ?
1DayVd (7 hours ago)
Loki's symbol is 2 snakes biting each others tail also so in the future when he gives birth to the world serpent there will be 2 (the one from the future who was sent back in time and the one from now )
Janssen Calalang (2 days ago)
I think atreus time travels and resurrects kratos at the end of gow3.
Roronoa Zoro (2 days ago)
That's genius. And that'll explain why kratos dies if he does. Bc Atreus turned on him and he said in this game if it came down to kratos life or Atreus he said he would lay down his life for his son
Ferry Gunadi (2 days ago)
And because atreus' quiver is broken, he shouldn't be able to help Kratos in the final fight against Baldur, at least he should be shooting much slower for his quiver rope isn't in the best shape. A missed detail indeed.
Steve Fernandez (3 days ago)
The ending feels like people are arteus will kill kratos but all we do is see kratos head on arteus lap it looks like he mourns and cries or a guess the chains will be his
Simon Farre (4 days ago)
I think you are mixing up The vanir and aesir. The aesirs are odin, thor etc, and freya is vanir for example
Simon Farre (4 days ago)
Wait a minute Ragnarök is not just between vanir and jotun its The aesir gods too.
Simon Farre (4 days ago)
I am a proud scand and I approve of this message :)
Lester Rivera (5 days ago)
You kept saying the “Vanir”, Freya is a Vanir goddess. She’s the only Vanir deity in the game. The Odin and the rest of Asgard are Aesir gods.
Charlie Vazquez (10 days ago)
I’ve always thought that kratos will end up killing Atreus for being evil
Samir Khan (11 days ago)
The thumbnail is a spoiler you jackass
DANA SAEED (14 days ago)
there is only two thing that realy realy realy bothered the fuck of me: 1 why this god of war 4 didn't begun after the end credit scene of god of war 3???????? and 2: how the hell is kratos is still alive who revived him and how did he get to norse myth????????? thats the only thing that i have problem with. please answer ....
rafarga1980 (17 days ago)
Kratos is a master of changing his fate. He doesn't believe in fate. He even killed the Sisters of Fate 🙃
Kobie Jones (17 days ago)
So this boi betrayed Kratos
Yaser Alsinnari (18 days ago)
wow remove thumbnail of video cuz of spoilers idiot
Fire Hawk (18 days ago)
Kratos killed the giants in GOW3 trying to kill Zeus
Just Gaming (20 days ago)
I'm saying that Thor will kill loki and Kratos will lose everything again and go after the god's again
Shyamsundar Rajan (20 days ago)
Know the difference between Vanir and Aesir before making a full video down voted
The Golden Emperor (22 days ago)
Im honestly confused i have so many questions
Kelvin Msangi99 (27 days ago)
guys what if bauldur comes back to life after odin goes and brings him back to life inorder for him to rule after ragnarok
Garry Rominger (27 days ago)
How does one explain how Thor has his hammer already even though Loki is directly involved in it being made?
Ravi Chauhan (28 days ago)
From where Jotnar Shrines animated clips are from? at 1:15 and 7 23?
Macar (28 days ago)
Atreus will never kill Kratos, the entire game is about breaking the cycle. Not to mention Kratos is a huge draw. ALSO if Atreus becomes more Greek-ish like his father then there can be too many one-liners to pass up. "You may be able to wrestle the world serpent to a stand still, but what about a Spartan?" "Loki, how could you do this?" "The name is Atreus."
Toxic Porcupine (29 days ago)
So after the Norse trilogy can we get a Egyptian trilogy with ancient Egyptian gods. Greek, Norse, Egyptian.
jack chester (29 days ago)
You know the aesir and Vanir were different sets of gods yeah? The aesir were the gods of the heavens while the Vanir where more like druids gods of the earth. They all originated from the same giant the name slips my mind but Odin and his 2 brothers murdered him and created the 9 realms from his corpse. Fun fact apparently the dwarves of svartelhiem grew from the maggots that feasted on this giants corpse. No joke. It's funny how odin and his brothers killed there maker just like zues, Hades and posiedon did the same to cronos and the other titans. Lots of similarities between Norse and greek mythology.
Lynda Kymberly (30 days ago)
if thor dies in ragnarok, then that means loki is left to die from a big purple dude with a powerful glove that is the envy of kratos lol
Cammy (30 days ago)
I don't get how you go to thor's hammer in the game and it's huge but then at the end it's little on his belt
Keegan Michael (30 days ago)
What's up with the cinematic of Atreus fighting wolves? Genuine question.
Grinning Atom38 (1 month ago)
The Future of this series is going to be amazing
Vadim Manuilov (1 month ago)
There are only two games I can call a masterpiece: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and God of War 4
mr. lebowski (1 month ago)
I like how they call the aiseir god vaneir gods smh these guys fucked up
OgKacey (1 month ago)
jedilink100 (1 month ago)
Is it just me or is God of War 4 more accurate to the mythology than God of War 1-3?
luke howard (1 month ago)
greece vs norway
Xxjfxx Zz24 (1 month ago)
I feel like there should be two endings like kratos wine and rules asgard or something or he dies and atrues unlocks his power and kills thor and avanges his father
Josephi krakowski (1 month ago)
*shows dead giants in Jötenheim which is a big part of the story* "Warning, spoilers ahead"
THE GOOD CONTENT (1 month ago)
WOW! I was wondering what was coming out of the boys mouth in the image in the wall at the end. IT'S THE FUCKING SNAKE!!! That's when he gives birth to the snake!!!
Constantinos Georgiou (1 month ago)
Odin kratos tyr are the same people from different timelines
Moshe Leychik (1 month ago)
i bet we are going To see how kratos got to the north in the next game and we will see how he survived and all of that
juan tavarez (1 month ago)
Arthur Cavazos (1 month ago)
You forget that their are more giants, yes all of them in the land of the giants have passed, but remember, come Ragnorak Sutr will, the original fire giant, and other fire giants, come to destroy the Aesir home Asgard. Tho we don't know if there are more fire giants besides Sutr, it is said by mimir when we travel to Musphelheim that their are more than just Sutr.
brandon baerga (1 month ago)
Man these Norse gods are evil lol atreus will rock their world.
Jānis Prūgers (1 month ago)
Is Krato's Actually The Tyr !! In future? & hez in past to become it 🤔 food 4 though
Just Gaming (1 month ago)
Kratos can't die he wishes to die but his curst to walk the earth until this day
KitanMax Corona (1 month ago)
Betraying his dad is likely but purposefully doing so I dont think so. But maybe accidentally is messing with his arrow selection and has those dangerous green arrows and maybe miss fires and hits Kratos when they are tag teaming per-say Thor?
KitanMax Corona (1 month ago)
I mean there has to be a reason why the Asgardian gods dont just ravage the other lands.
KitanMax Corona (1 month ago)
If they could hurt Baldur and invalidate his immortality what to say it couldnt work on the other gods?
John Doe (1 month ago)
those green arrows are mistletoe arrows and the only reason freya said they were bad was because they were the only things that could kill her son
subseven (1 month ago)
How about you don't put potential spoilers (even if they are speculative) in your thumbnail?
xXphantom9030Xx - (1 month ago)
Great vid. You missed the piece of dialog where atraus asked mammir what the world serpent said before agreeing kratos and atraus explore his belly for mammirs eye. Mammir translates and said the bout looked familiar and explains how he is from the future.
xXphantom9030Xx - (1 month ago)
The order mary be out of sequence this does happen in the game
2 pac (1 month ago)
Man dude at 4:10 where did you get this god of war 4 footage from????????
Dolly Pop (1 month ago)
I could see it playing out as Loki and Atreus living in the same body. Maybe not as literal as it sounds but we had a glimpse of what I believe Loki to be already. When Atreus finds out he is a God we see his personality completely flip and become disobedient, spontaneous and most of all a complete lack of concern or well being for his father. These are all traits which are used to describe Loki in Norse mythology. We then see him snap out of it and wonder what happened, this is him turning back to Atreus again. My theory is throughout the next games his Loki persona will corrupt him more and more till eventually Atreus is no longer. This could back up what this video was saying about Atreus killing Kratos, as when Atreus was in his Loki persona we seen he didn't hesitate to shoot an arrow at Kratos injuring him. Possibly Odin is talking to him in his head, manipulating him right under Kratos' nose?
DJ_ LOONIE (1 month ago)
Ashley Stribbling (1 month ago)
Try and read all that xD
Ashley Stribbling (1 month ago)
Theory time: Boy saw thor come to there home meaning if I'm right he WILL KILL the god of war and adopt Boy/Loki and bring him to Asgard to become his brother Loki the trickster but its a little confusing since Loki's real dad was killed by Odin and his dad was a giant and Odin adopted Loki and he was a baby when he was adopted and him and thor consider themselves blood brothers but in the god of war story he will have to get used to it and he saw Thor when in Norse mythology Odin killed his dad, so what I think will happen if they release a new game The god of war will die fighting Thor and boy will run off and change his name to Loki and later be found by Odin or thor be adopted and die in Ragnarok since in Norse mythology he dies during it and so does Thor fighting the sea serpent but sadly the sea serpent dies and well-fighting thor sad time's.
Landen Schmidt (1 month ago)
If they make the next game with Boy then it would not be a God Of War. It would be a “God Of Mischief” or if they want to have a little fun they will call it “God Of Boy”
scabbedwings (1 month ago)
Loki made the Mask with Jim Carrey
tworubens (1 month ago)
I think Atreus represents the player because in the beginning he is clueless just like the player. he has a bunch of questions and so does the player. And at the end kratos trusts atreus to decide where to go and if atreus represents the player then the player goes where they want
sterling9314 (1 month ago)
They’re called “Aesir” not “asgardians”
Dancing Man (1 month ago)
What if feas ashes revives the giants
Joshua Santiago (1 month ago)
You need a better writer.
Jay C (2 months ago)
The game is a masterpiece.
Shaggy (2 months ago)
i cant wait to kick odins ass
TheAchilles9009 (2 months ago)
Ragnarok is Aesir vs the Jotons...not the Vanir.
Dre Grant (2 months ago)
Can anyone explain to why everything in god of war is ruined and old.??
Jayjay Myers (2 months ago)
Doubt he betrays kratos I think he either kills him by accident or he makes Atreus kill him
Protect the BACON!!!!!! (2 months ago)
you already know if atreus kills kratos hes gonna somehow escape hell or hel and decimate him
Jake Harding (2 months ago)
Nice one on putting spoilers in the thumbnail to encourage clicks. That's pretty low.
Danny Ou (2 months ago)
Danny Ou 1 minute ago (edited) If you think about it, Kratos is changing fate again. Maybe the prophecy says that Kratos is Farbauti...sure..but what if that is the red herring/or mistake in the giants visions. What if Kratos is Surtur? Blades of chaos being flame elemental, maybe the destruction of Asgard comes through the Blades of Chaos. A bringing of Ragnarok through a different timeline but still the same ending of "Burning" The strength of The blades is portrayed as even to burn throughout helhiem. Im pretty sure Odin or we didnt see that one coming. IF it happened that way , it would most likely be a "GOD OF WAR" Type of Story. Correct me if im wrong.
Roman Gysse (2 months ago)
First, I'm sorry but you need to stop saying Loki like "low-key". Pronunciation is closer to "lock-e". Second and more importantly I don't believe Atreus will ever be like Loki is known to be in North mythology. I think we already saw a similarity in his reaction after learning he was a God and thinking he had a right to kill. Kratos taught him to be better. And by learning that he was also part-giant, I don't believe he will ever be on Odin's side knowing that his mother dedicated her life to protects the Giants from him. More than Kratos he would betray his mother by joining Odin. Of course the Allfather could kidnap him (is that why Thor'll come knocking to the door ?), bringing Kratos on a new path to get him back. I tend to believe that the next game will be about fate and destiny. This one is, from my point of view, about education, the weight of knowledge, secrets and the discovery of yourself. It was the introduction to Kratos as a single-father life, the discovery of loss and legacy for Atreus. And for the players it was an introduction to all that as much as to North Mythology (Mimir being a great centerpoint to all that, friend to Kratos, teacher to Atreus and guide for the player). So as we have seen Atreus should have been called Loki. But he's not. And that's what the next game will probably be about. How to counter fate ? Is Atreus really like Loki was supposed to be ? Or is he already on a different path ? Faye knew about the prophecy and set her path accordingly. But Atreus doesn't know about the end. And Kratos won't do anything to prevent his own death from happening. So it will land on Atreus shoulders to choose between fate and destiny. Of course Atreus could cause Ragnarok and Kratos accidental death. But God of War created a counterpoint to the usual North Mythology based on the Gods perspective where Ragnarok is a bad thing. So if it's a problem for the Gods, couldn't it be a good thing for Kratos, Atreus and mankind or giant-kind ?
yos ka (2 months ago)
kratos will kick his b*tchy lil ass
EatYOuRNuGGeT (2 months ago)
there's no way that Atreus ends up Killing Kratos. I'd make no sense at all he'd try to.
Fastblaze 71 (2 months ago)
Kratos doesn't like Fate... He literally Killed the Holders of HIS fate sooooo... really anything could happen...
Danny Trejo (2 months ago)
I'm also surprised Fenris wasn't in GOW 4, but after hearing Ragnorok was bound to happen during playing the game, I see why they are saving him, RIP Odin
Danny Trejo (2 months ago)
I'm disappointed Surter wasn't in GOW 4, but he would be to OP, so I can see why
Jason Beltran (2 months ago)
Could Kratos actually be Tyr?
Not Kian (2 months ago)
“Very smartly”
Jayden Farmer (2 months ago)
There is a theory that Kratos gets knocked back in time with Jörmungandr and that Kratos becomes Tyr.
Ryan Wood (2 months ago)
Well done!!! I missed some of the connections you pointed out and i love god of war and norse mythology. Wow.
"Scandinavian Mythology" Oh, man... I regret watching this video.
Keenan Grauberger (2 months ago)
I was thinking he goes back in time to stop him self from killing the greek gods but that is just me
ᚠ ᛚ ᛞ ᛞ ᚢ ᛊ (2 months ago)
Does anyone else think Fay’s ashes has some magic in them that’ll revive the giants? Hence why she wanted specific trees, ones she might have enchanted.
Aarmond Atkins (2 months ago)
Ight so I unfortunately have an Xbox but my dad bought me Gow I love the series and I've been playing since GoW3 yet I've watched all the gameplay behind the new one and when the scene of Atreus behind Kratos was revealed behind the cloth Atreus was still young, meaning 1 of 2 things will happen and the 1st one is that Kratos will be either badly injured by Odin or Thor and Atreus drags him away from any potential harm in order to keep him alive or Kratos would die while battling Odin and Atreus is standing alongside him in his final moments in which would cause me to stop playing the game for a couple months lol
Harrison Thomas (2 months ago)
did anyone else notice that in Thor Ragnarok odin tells Loki that Freya would be proud of the spell he used on him to get Odin out of asguard
FOU-Champion23228 (2 months ago)
I was hoping that Mimir will be with kratos Because Hahah Because they are funny together and they quite well together.. Because they speak normal to each other , Okay not that normal But you know what i mean.. So Mimir will die when Ragnorok will come . Which is loki ,Kratos's son Atreus.. But i think Kratos will be the Ragnorok to the Norse Gods LOL... Bit as we know that if the Ragnorok comes. ALL norse Gods die.. so aswell Mimir... But am wondering If Atreaus will die because he is Loki.. Which that is in the real Mytology ... No i think am wrong.. no i dont know..
Jay Hovah (2 months ago)
Trying to beat this on give me god of war for the first run, playing with valkyries for the time... I'm going start a campaign to downvote your channel into oblivion if you put a spoiler in that goddamn thumbnail.
Leviathan (2 months ago)
When the boy gets sick and kratos is carrying him to the witch, someone blows the horn to call the World serpent, I want to know who calls it.........
Avalon Park (2 months ago)
How did the Giants die? I thought they were safe in Jotenhiem...
Gordon Pilley (2 months ago)
I’m not fully through the game, I just started it a week ago and was watching some collectible videos. If you have put spoilers in the thumbnail I hope you rot in hell.
Hur Ibuyan (2 months ago)
Still don't get why people mistook this as a reboot of the series. -_-
zerocool gonna hack u (2 months ago)
Im skandinavian ask me anything lads 😂
zerocool gonna hack u (2 months ago)
Bla Bla Bla Bla 😂just wait for The next game bruh
Asstrologist (2 months ago)
I feel kratos IS tyr and has crossed thru other realms from greek, norse, celtic egyptian etc.
Full Comic Alchemist (2 months ago)
I really hope the next game is much longer than this one by at least nine hours
Ashton Beckwith (2 months ago)
Wait want Freya and Frey twins though? Frey god if spring and peace keeper
lvl1 gameshark (2 months ago)
Kratos is Odin Change my mind
the dark Phantom (2 months ago)
How many weapon is kratos going to get in next few games
Knight Rider (2 months ago)
I don't think Atreus betrays or kills Kratos. I think that people misunderstood the painting on the wall Because Atreus is holding him and is grieving. I think Kratos dies in his arms so Atreus just goes on the road of vengeance. But if Kratos dies permanently I'm gonna be pissed. He's died and come back a bunch so if they're going to kill him permanently then kill him in the very finale game.
Kenji 1987 (2 months ago)
"Honorary Vanir"? I think you mean Aesir. And yet another person who mistakingly think the Jotnars are called "Giants", when they are not. The game got that wrong, but that doesn't make it fact.
Timecircle Blue (2 months ago)
Aesir. The Asgardians are called Aesir. The Vanir are similar but a different group. Sorry if someone said it before. It just bothered me.
Raquel Navarrete (2 months ago)
You know what I remember is that Freyja and Frey were brother and sister and Niord was their father, I could be wrong, she was married to Odur. Anyway, there's like clues throughout the game that tell you that Atreus is Loki, I notice several things that pointed that out.
Anys A. (2 months ago)
If Ragnarok ends and my two boys survived with no betrayal whatsoever, what will it mean? What will happen then?

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