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WWE 2K17 Full Review - Have 2K Nailed My Career Mode?

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Text Comments (724)
Matt black (21 days ago)
I say they should go full kayfabe a la svr 2007 and svr 2008
Lee N Reviews (29 days ago)
your thoughts on 2k18? let me guess, it still sucks?
Jim White (2 months ago)
At the start when he talks about baron blade he copied what another YouTube said word for word. Just search Wwe 2k15 mycareer review and it will show up
Hazar Şen (2 months ago)
I want to see road to wrestlmania mode. 2k pls get the fuck off and THQ I miss you :(
GameCubeBoy2002 (3 months ago)
I can rightfully say no. The heel/face mechanic is broken. T shirt sales. Sometimes heat makes no sense. The game is extremely buggy. Yes, the game looks pretty and nice. But I wish 2k wasn't a garbage 3rd party game developer and would take more time and effort in actually enhancing mechanics and gameplay like THQ, rather than making the trailers and commercials and gameplay look pretty and scamming millions. But what can say, "it's how a business works."
Dan McCloskey (5 months ago)
Troy McClure reference *immediately likes video*
aaron borglum (5 months ago)
Your from push square
Deadshot 5806 (5 months ago)
I am still on next and main event and my guy is 94 overall
HypeLord_ 619 (6 months ago)
You can use real superstars
WIMPY KIDD (8 months ago)
How do you get the kickpads to not glitch
Solomon Konwar (9 months ago)
Anyone here who misses "Road to wrestlemania"?
A Fan Of YouTube (11 months ago)
Wwe2k15 career mode is still worse.
SirMyaTheBee (1 year ago)
Isn't this the Baron ''FUCKING'' Blade guy?
Gentlemen Kaleb (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice at the beginning of the video he copied a line that have been use from another YouTuber video? Or is it just me being a smartass
BIGJR 361 (1 year ago)
It's the return of *BARON F***ING BLADE*
Omarni Karnley Jarbie (1 year ago)
Why do the graphics look trash
Jordan Dent (1 year ago)
These trolls create horrible comments like this *Read More*
LuanRox (1 year ago)
R.E.D Scorpion (1 year ago)
The game is broken as fuck. - Repetitive, empty & endless boring Career/Universe Mode. A Universe in which i cant control its scenario expect in my imagination. There are literally a limited number of story lines in both. - WCW & RAW is WAR Arenas, both entrances designed by a 12 year old kid using paint, REALLY BAD, nothing to remind u of them. The commentators still calls them WWE not WCW or WWF. - No voice for in ring & background promos & the sentences are either limited or makes no sense in sequences. - Players design was selective, they redesigned high profile Superstars & the rest look mediocre in comparison. - In create a player, they removed all the beautiful tattoos, now u have to download from community creation & get lucky finding high res ones plus the player u created looks meh in the ring compared to when creating him. - The crowed looks so cartoonish, like one of those flammable balloons that swings left & right, no life to them. The good they did doesn't outshine the unused potential it could've been explored, but that's just my opinion.
PugMomma09 (1 year ago)
I am still on NXT and I am facing different opponents
Chamm530 (1 year ago)
One week into owning the game (late to the party) and I'm finding it incredibly repetitive and losing it's intriguing quickly. I play the same 4 people over and over, I'm stuck in a rivalry that's going nowhere, I'm moving up in the tag team ranking despite not playing tag team games, same dialogue options almost every time they pop up, managers are useless and do nothing despite stating otherwise and now that I'm the united states champion it won't let me use my meticulously created intro. I'll give it a few more days to see if anything changes but this game may be returned.
jack hutchinson (1 year ago)
2k17 is full of ass
DANIEL RAIN (1 year ago)
The create a video takes FUCKEN FOREVER TO LOAD
Tyler Carney (1 year ago)
Universe mode is a waste and my career gets boring
nimand niemand (1 year ago)
Eric heartv (1 year ago)
you forgot something Ben, BARRON FUCKING BLADE
Eric DiCocco (1 year ago)
no 2k showcase mode is a huge L. i play 2k16 over this one because i unlocked all the wrestlers through the showcase mode and in 17 i have to spend vc. the same vc that i am encouraged to spend on mysuperstar...
Keven Noël (1 year ago)
Thank you man. Great review. I remember too : 'Here come'S the Pain', a great game they have never been able to recreate.
500 savage (1 year ago)
I love the game overall but my favorite thing to do is go backstage
Double Sexy (1 year ago)
The biggest pull this had to me is the career mode... and im glad I watched that, for now I will wait till they bring it to a point that will allow myself to immerse and vanish into
Montarius White (1 year ago)
I see the problem with 2k and it's very obvious Thq know how to tell an story with the wrestling career modes Thq career modes were interesting from beginning to the end 2k doesn't know how to tell a story and doesn't know how to keep wrestling gamers interested from the beginning to the end 2k17 is not an bad game but 2k needs to go back and look at past THQ wrestling games to understand what fans want in a career mode
Montarius White (1 year ago)
HonorMarc I couldn't agree more with you
SoLow Gaming (1 year ago)
Montarius White they can't even get their basketball game right, and that's where they get all their money from, you think they give a fuck about WWE 2k17 ? 😂 2K in general are trash at making games because they are lazy because of the fact that they don't have competition period
Montarius White (1 year ago)
Maybe instead of releasing a game every year they should release an wwe wrestling game every two years so they can really take out time to make some much needed improvements with the career mode
Snify vlogs (1 year ago)
loved this video.. great review
Electro Duck (1 year ago)
2k have ruined both wwe and nba games
Sheldon Martus (1 year ago)
Just give me Smackdown vs Raw 2007
King Josh (1 year ago)
WWE 2k is improving, but the face/heel dynamic is well off. I tried cutting a face promo, I CUT A HEEL ONE. They need to update a lot of stuff, and this can be better
ZERO_Cali_ (1 year ago)
Idk if I'm doing anything wrong. But I haven't lost a match at all and I've blown through 10 PPVs and I STILL haven't got a NXT title match. I've probably beaten Sami Zayn 100 times and still haven't gone past #3.
Vanlalhriata Chongthu (1 year ago)
why does he sound like andy from outsidexbox?smh
HugoFloss (1 year ago)
Here comes the pain had the best career mode
Josh Pierce (1 year ago)
*smackdown vs raw 2010 is the definitive wrestling game*
Raphael Abreu (1 year ago)
Really great simulation style, but my career is as awful as it's ever been. I mean they included so many changes like the ability to cut meaningless promos on every show, woopty fucking do. what good is cutting a promo and choosing what you're saying when it really doesn't have an impact in the story. They also allowed you and gave you options to attack your opponent before or after a match & interfere. This is a good feature, but I think everybody rather have cutscenes of you attacking the opponent. I think having a mixture of actually controlling the attack and then having a cutscene would be perfect. We should also be able to sit on commentary with dialogue choices just for fun while we're viewing the match and have a breakout option where you get the option to attack your opponent and then a cutscene pops up and depending on the rivalry an authority figure or his or my partner comes out and helps me or attacks me. This would make sense because then it'd be important to have alliances and factions. We should be able to select a faction. I honestly want them to make a customizable season mode like here comes the pain where we can select any superstar or legend from the roster and play a branching story mode. Let us make decisions. I wanna play a story mode with kurt angle & have an alliance with triple h, undertaker & rvd. Idk i wanna make up my own faction.
you're done , buy it coz what other wrestling game is there, is not an argument.
ChopGaming (1 year ago)
Butter Monkey (1 year ago)
Been trying to climb the titlelist for the IC Title for em like for a month and I'm only 5th. ;-;
DanSvensson (1 year ago)
1:16 That weird way movement is halted is probably my biggest pet peeve with these games. It just looks too weird, like there's an invisible barrier. If they ever solve this to look more natural I will really consider buying these games again.
Logan Productions (1 year ago)
Career Mode was really super weird for me. After going for like, three years(?) I had my dude up to 100 overall rating, but because I lost that match with Samoa Joe, I could never get a title shot, my dude would never, ever rise up to the rankings, he was always stuck in that number 5 spot. After another in-game year, I finally got a WrestleMania match against the Undertaker (SOMEHOW, the last feud I had was against Randy Orton), I beat him and Heyman confronted me backstage about being a Heyman guy, which I accepted and then it started letting me get title shots. It was just really super weird.
oti fatunde (1 year ago)
The game is really good. Although it does take a long time to get a championship opportunity
Brayden Alexander (1 year ago)
if they had voice actors I would like it
Death Cold (1 year ago)
Still I can say that the wwe HCTP is the best wrestling games of all time! and I said it 14 years ago :D
Cloud Striphe (1 year ago)
i think Wrestlemania 2000 was the best wrestling game ever the story mode and character creation were amazing even compared to these as far as I remember anyways maybe it's just nostalgia but I swear the original games were the best cant forget NWO vs WCW revenge
Scott Nunn (1 year ago)
I haven't been satisfied with a WWE career mode since here comes the pain and shut your mouth and it looks like its the same with this one. I was going to buy it but after reading reviews and listening to videos I decided to Wait.
The Godfather (1 year ago)
2k16> 2k17
Will Hales (1 year ago)
where's the John o clock
faizullah khan (1 year ago)
smackdown here comes the pain had a 1 year story while my career is 15 years so if they make it 3 years we might get some good atorylines
PHILL SHIVELY (1 year ago)
Barron Blade Cover star 2k 18!
Larry Lease (1 year ago)
i keep getting attacked by a wrestler named Dean, not Ambrose and have no idea who he is. Never heard of him before
Markers (1 year ago)
i hate barron blade
Darryl Jenks (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how long it takes to get a title shot? I've been the number one contender for the U.S title for God knows how long? I've beaten John Cena like twelve times while he's the Champ yet, no title shot.
Darryl Jenks (1 year ago)
Barron Blade is a douche bag, I'm convinced he's actually Triple H.
Brave Eyes (1 year ago)
my career was really fun the first few hours on NXT then it went downhill
Cj 12 (1 year ago)
Cut a promo making triple h my tag team partner, he came out shook my hand, then triple h and Steph come out and make us fight in a cage match, ok
imbatman (1 year ago)
Seems to be a minor glitch. When I'm playing as or against John Cena I can't see him....
Andy F (1 year ago)
I suppose you could call this a sh!t career mode for w4nkers #shitcareermodeforwankers
Wyatt F. (1 year ago)
I don't like how in career mode, my character went from the performance center, straight to SmackDown. No NXT? Then my 2nd career match was against John Cena on Main Event... So realistic.
Miielz (1 year ago)
dana brooke face in wwe 2k17 = bride of chucky
Unelith (1 year ago)
I'll answer the question even before watching. NAY! The career mode is "alright" at best. It feels like people who designed it have no clue about the wrestling business. The only story there is, is the one that wasn't even planned, and that's being screwed by the powers that be (the game itself), where everybody and their mother gets a title shot before you, even if you just beat them. The rivalry system is weird and seems bugged and the promo engine is all over the place. It just gets repetitive and there wasn't really that much improvement since WWE 2k16. Well, maybe there was, but not in aspects that need to be improved the most. Like face and heel divide. There is that face/heel meter, but it seems to influence just the player character. As a heel you can still feud with heels. As a face you still feud with faces. It seems nonexistant. And then the fact, that you just face the same people all the time. Like, couldn't they develop an algorithm, where the chance to face someone decreases everytime you face them? Or something? It's not even worth to complain about the rest. I rate the career mode 1.5 stars out of 5. The 2k16 one was 1 star, and the 2k15 one was -5 stars.
Dj quagmire (1 year ago)
2k17 sucks it deletes you're saved history
MartianManHunter2258 (1 year ago)
How does this game manage to look worse than last year's?
Joel Worsley (1 year ago)
The career mode for me is Soo broken, takes forever to get a title, repetitive matches and now I'm stuck cause the game will crash every time I try and cut a promo, the game is fucked
S24 (1 year ago)
At least there's no Barron FUCKING Blade
S24 (1 year ago)
+Cade Welch oh ffs
Cade Welch (1 year ago)
No he actually shows in mycarear mode
S24 (1 year ago)
Yeah but it's a CAW not an actual in game model
Joel Worsley (1 year ago)
Shawn Hutchison there is
Jerzey Mic (1 year ago)
why is there some many single normal matches.. I rather have a specialty match every week.. I find the career mode pretty boring..
Jerzey Mic (1 year ago)
the gameplay is pretty good
Alpha Blaq (1 year ago)
I wish he ripped My Career mode like last time :(. Would of preferred a longer video from him
oscar guevara (1 year ago)
Excellent graphics and gameplay but is the shitiest game but a great game ...but still a trash game buy it
Anita Jamison (1 year ago)
2k17 is a fine game the only problum is that its exactly like 2k16
FUTKieran (1 year ago)
Here's come the pain was so good. They even let you go out onto the streets! On this game you get a corridor with 2 doors! It's awful!
Alright AgainX3 (1 year ago)
Should I buy this game? I holded off haven't bought a Wwe game since Svr 2009.
Mikey (1 year ago)
For the first time I did not purchase a wwe game . They need to put in road to wrestle mania and as for my career like he said stop making it like I reality show . I understand it's not real but that doesn't mean we want to sit hear and have it shove down our throats
Steve D. (1 year ago)
My wwe stamp at the beginning doesn't skip.
Steve D. (1 year ago)
That mobile strike ad with the heavy models. 👌👌👌❤
GamingClips (1 year ago)
I did 5 finishers on john cena,threw him off the cage,hit him with a steel chair and he still kicked out at 2
Patrick Bateman (1 year ago)
Haven't played one since 2007, considering picking this one up.
Robert (1 year ago)
they need a new game engine
Malik Edmond (1 year ago)
for fuck sakes bring smackdown vs raw back I know thq we're made for all that fun stuff but gawd damn nothing beats smackdown vs raw 2006 ....sigh even the soundtracks are beautiful... fk it ima buy a PS2 again and that game..
Catlin Whiteside (1 year ago)
Yo the only problems I'm having w/ the game is I set a promo on my career & every time I try to load it it go's to the error screen & says CE-34878-0 dose anyone no what I can do to save my career it won't even let me go to the my career menu to export my wrestler. I have a PS4 & yes I've sent multiple reports to where ever they go & nothing no reply & it's bin over 48 hour's since. What should I do?
DJ Skandalous (1 year ago)
To be honest, the my career sucks. They need to put actual storylines in the my career. Yeah, they have some characters show up before and after matches. But they need a story like the Jacob Cass story inserted into the career before the paul heyman angles. Why not give us something to do in NXT? Why no storyline chasing the IC or US title. That is just one flaw. I was in NXT and I faced Bo Dallas in single matches 20 times in a row. That is not a exaggeration. I put on 4-5 star matches, beat him every single time and still nothing changed and he was still coming out doing promos as if we never fought before. I couldn't get out of NXT because of this crap and I got bored facing him over and over. So then I restarted, skipped NXT after purposely trying to get there the other time. Now I been number 3 in the US title ranking for awhile now. I keep beating the champion, the number 1 and 2 contender consistently and my ranking never increased nor do I get a title shot. If you beat champion Cena like 3 times, you should get a damn title shot. Also the feuds are a bit odd. I called out the rock, he did not show up but I humiliated him on the mic. He got pissed and then all of a sudden he is on main event fighting Kane? Rock wouldnt be on main event. I then attacked him. He had another match and I attacked him again. All at the same time I was having matches with Ziggler and Cesaro was interrupting me. So Then at hell in a cell, even though i was locked in a fued with only The Rock, I was facing Cesaro because all my cut scenes were with him. Then right after hell in a cell, i got a one on one match with The Rock. Smackdown instead of a paperview? lol strange. But okay I took it. Long story short though, it takes too many matches to progress. if you are beating the champions and contenders then your rank should fucking change.
pyroassassin (1 year ago)
My Career has the potential to be the best game mode ever but the execution is always flawed. In a mode where the primary focus is meant to be YOU, becoming a star, having memorable rivalries, winning multiple championships, maybe even creating other new stars with your star power in the process, having a memorable CAREER. 2K decided it would be best to make the overall story about other things such as the Authority and becoming a Paul Hayman guy and less about your choices. We can agree that 2K15's MyCareer was bad but if there is one thing it got right, it was the storylines. Daniel Bryan, the Wyatt Family, the Shield, the Streak just to name a few. What were the storylines of 2K16? The Authority, that was it. And outside of the "main storyline", the rivalries are also lame. The same cutscenes over and over again, fighting the same person every week. I remember in 2K16 I had a rivalry with Randy Orton for 3 months, guess how much cutscenes I had, 0. Plus I had to fight him every week, for the 3 months. 2K16's career mode was so bad I got bored of being the WWE Champion and actually wanted to lose the belt and never touch it again. 2K17 looks about the same and from what I've heard it is. My time in NXT was some of the most boring things I had done and made me wish I went straight to the main roster. Spent a whole year there and fought Samoa Joe for more than a half of it. I just moved up to the main roster and started a rivalry with Cena and I literally fought him for the whole month and the PPV, with only 1 cutscene. I don't even have the motivation to continue it. Being a Paul Hayman guy sounds interesting, shame that that's the only major storyline. And its baffling because 2K themselves said "In all, we didn’t feel good about creating a Showcase that was not up to our standards and current development vision, so we decided to take that effort and put it into modes our community requests we keep improving: WWE Universe and MyCareer." Despite this its still the same as 2K16 with minor improvements. All I want is for 2K to deliver a MyCareer Mode based on story, choices and your actions. Create a Faction like Evolution or the NWO and take over the show by initiating attacks on other wrestlers by your faction, make a triumphant return from an injury caused by an old foe, turn heel or face during a match based on your actions, turn on a tag team partner or a close friend in a match not just a promo. The Authority and being a Paul Hayman guy should be secondary storylines, not the main ones. I also want to do autograph signings, be sponsored by other companies, be featured in movies, conferences etc. I want to walk around backstage feeling untouchable and staredown other superstars or even attack them. How about ruining a match and stealing both superstars time for yourself. As I said this mode has massive potential, but is wasted by a lack of story and choice.
Whydoidothis7 (1 year ago)
I debated buying it but this video really made me not want to lol.
Dakota Cosper (1 year ago)
This looks good but It seems like you'd be better off buying Here comes the pain for the career mode, and SvR 2007 for the GM mode. both for less money than this.
Lil Shawn (1 year ago)
TheKingOfRodys But here comes the pain is for ps2 and xbox original I feel bad for people who haven't played it matter of fact ima hook up my ps2 and play it right now
James Hall (1 year ago)
Let's be clear, there is no Career Mode for XBOX360 or PS3. And a lot of the creation options aren't there either.
Lil Shawn (1 year ago)
James Hall Save up for a ps4 or xbox one
Jax Review (1 year ago)
i f**king hate everithing about new generation wwe games i hate chain grappling i hate stamina system i hate title light design old generation was and still is better than today's gen
xxDespairxx 666 (1 year ago)
Olokbix (1 year ago)
Too much complaining... best game i played since SVR 2011, perfect for it's generation.
low carb warrior (1 year ago)
NO FUCKING STORYLINES!!! jesus 2k15 was more structure
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
2K please for 2K18 just bring back season mode like in Here Comes The Pain and The SmackDown vs RAW Series
Lil Shawn (1 year ago)
Lone Wolf I completely agree Nakamura is just the full package great in ring skills good on the mic and entertaining but I think WWE or "Vince" may pull a what do you call it Zack Ryder? Or a Dean Ambrose you know when a superstar is talented but they don't receive a good push or are just reduced to jobbers. And Samoa Joe he was great in Impact wrestling and he should be great on Smackdown. I think he should receive a run for the world heavyweight championship hold onto it for a few months.
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
Mikey Whipwreck I do just the goofy stuff I can't stand I know its for kids but still The New Day is okay but Enzo and Cass is just eh... but I pray when they put Nakamora or Samoa Joe on the Main Roster they don't turn him into a comedy act like Tajiri or Kurt Angle during The Invasion
Lil Shawn (1 year ago)
Lone Wolf Yep the good old days, do you still watch wrestling today?
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
Mikey Whipwreck 👍 The Good old days when wrestling was good, minus Katie Vick and Mr. America
Lil Shawn (1 year ago)
Lone Wolf Yeah we can remember the backstage brawls you could jump off a building, drive bikertakers bike or Vince's limo, fight with almost any weapon, get in a heated rivalry then become close friends... we really can dream, also it's great talking to you too it's nice talking to fans who also like wrestling games
David Griffin (1 year ago)
Brad Stenberg (1 year ago)
i just want to cut a promo via headset.... ohhhh NYC dont ya dare be souraaaaw!
Jakey Jake. (1 year ago)
It's basically the same as last years career mode and the loading is terrible. This game isn't worth the £70 I paid for it. It's not a bad game but very little has changed at all from last years. The only better thing for me is the women they included who should have been in last years game.
andjaq (1 year ago)
They should bring back the WWE 12 story thing, the Jacob cass one.
Shadow919 Assassin (1 year ago)

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