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12 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2018 - Ranked

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Text Comments (783)
PrometheusRa (2 days ago)
Watch at 0,75 speed, he speaks like crazy or late to somewhere.
D3RRANG3D (12 days ago)
Wow your talking hella fast
Patriots 121180 (24 days ago)
List of ps4 exclusives lit I’m excited
TryHard RikarD (1 month ago)
Syphon Philter was the best stealth shooter games ever made. Literally every game in the series is absolutely fantastic and worth going back to play even in 2018. If your a younger gamer, go back and play Syphon Philter
Cooper McCoy (2 months ago)
detroit become human was definitely worth the hype. didn’t find it cringeworthy at all.
Thepikazapper05 (2 months ago)
Smash 5
Gamer 69 (2 months ago)
Spolier alert Good call on a way out
MrChaos010 (2 months ago)
i cant wait for the spyro reignited trilogy
SYTHEOPATH 1 (2 months ago)
Black Ops 4: "Fuck me right?"😂
Leopard of Fear (3 months ago)
There’s a reason u don’t have a lot of subs, your opinion is not needed..we want facts not how u feel about atraeus in god of war
Anthony Reyes (3 months ago)
spyro reignited
TDS (3 months ago)
I just see lots of exclusives that I'll never get to play. Good going publishers.
The last Mute of all (3 months ago)
Played far cry 5, best far cry played
Liam Fallout (3 months ago)
Top 12 now 12 Summerset 11 Summerset 10 Summerset 9 Summerset 8 Summerset 7 Summerset 6 Summerset 5 Summerset 4 Summerset 3 Summerset 2 Summerset 1 Summerset
Kayaana Greenup (3 months ago)
My broke ass wallet is screaming with excitement.
Kayaana Greenup (3 months ago)
The last of us part 2 is all I need.
John Burow (3 months ago)
batman Arkham insurgency?
GameTrollGamers (3 months ago)
6 of these 12 games are ps4 exclusives...make a list that involves everyone...thanks.
Gino (4 months ago)
So slavery and civil rights is "Cringey"? Wow😂😂😂
Dankus Memus (4 months ago)
I thought days gone was a naughty dog game
Gregory Miranda (4 months ago)
Days gone #12? Get TF outta here. Top 5
Andrew Frederick (4 months ago)
Damnit Scott not even my closed captions can keep up with you dude. I'm most pumped for that God of War title, which appears to be set in a Nordic area. Makes sense, Kratos has already killed off all the Greek gods, why not off another pantheon!
the Saenz family (4 months ago)
I know nobody's wants to hear it what about smash bros
Some Guy (4 months ago)
Thanks for spoilers cunts.
Iñaki Rello (4 months ago)
James Holland (4 months ago)
SpacemanFerris (4 months ago)
Gotta add Smash Bros in there now :)
El Padre con Verga Larga (5 months ago)
I'm waiting for Bloodstained
Michael Herbers (5 months ago)
Anthem is 2019. Sea of Thieves anyone?
DAFUQ (5 months ago)
My eyez on days gone
gonufc (5 months ago)
"World War Zee"? Mate, you're English, why would you pronounce it like that?
Zera TheMan (6 months ago)
The Last of Us 2 is probably my most anticipated game of all time.
msdogooder (6 months ago)
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Diogo Dias (6 months ago)
Dakar 18
Jonathan Bicker (6 months ago)
Metro: Exodus and Sea of Thieves are conspicuously absent, but other than that, good list!
Martin Petkov (6 months ago)
Oh come on, no "Shadow Of The Colossus" or "Shadows Die Twice"?
Pied Piper (6 months ago)
Skull and bones 😍😍
farid khan (6 months ago)
Big Hero 6 and TS3 in KH3.....HELL YA!!!!!
SJB (6 months ago)
Dark Souls remastered?
Shizuka Rose (6 months ago)
i liked "Beyond: Two Souls" i don't get the put downs myself...
Murphdawg1 gaming (6 months ago)
No way Days Gone and Last Of Us Part II are coming in the same year.
Arian S. (6 months ago)
Metroid Prime 4 IS NOT CONFIRMED for 2018, just in development
Michael Muirhead (6 months ago)
No mention of upcoming Batman game hmmm
Marshariki McMillian (6 months ago)
If you love video games you would love this check this out https://tinyurl.com/y79yh7rj
Nastenya (6 months ago)
METRO EXODUS is the most anticipated game of 2018 for me. Too bad that it wasn't mentioned.
Nishant Sengar (6 months ago)
I'm surprised no one's excited for Metal Gear Survive
Rami Smadi (6 months ago)
Are you kidding me? Uncharted Golden Abyss sucked! Naughty dog did it better
Will100035 (6 months ago)
borderlands 3 and metro exodus is what I'm wanting to play
Jamie Mcdonald (6 months ago)
Red dead
CG’s List (6 months ago)
I’m waiting for Spider-Man. Take my money!! I am looking forward to this so much that I made my own video at https://youtu.be/omH4UTG-_XE
EpsilonChurchRVB (6 months ago)
Metroid Prime 4, The Last of Us Part II, and Resident Evil 2 Remake are the only games I'm so hyped about. Other than that, the other games don't fill my hype as much as these games do.
Nathan Cory (6 months ago)
Uh, with the Metroid Prime Trilogy thing...you can't just ignore how fantastic they were just because *urgh motion controls bad not true gaming ugh* Seriously, did anyone who played it actually have a problem with it? The fantastic game design was still there with more responsive controls...
Jetterwater (6 months ago)
I personally like the fast paced rate at which I am receiving this information. Keep it up man!
ProofreadFire (6 months ago)
um Monster Hunter World? Vermintide 2?
Atomic Punk!! (6 months ago)
man most of these are sony titles. The newer Xbox consoles are better and have better prices but Microsft really needs to get some exclusives
Anthony Baker (6 months ago)
please talk slower. You could use this video to diagnose anxiety
Caifabe (6 months ago)
For me it's: 1. Kingdom Hearts III 2. Spider-Man 3. Bayonetta 3 4. Detroit: Become Human (seriously, I've been really interested in that since the E3 trailer) 5. Red Dead Redemption 2 That's just my top 5.
ConnorHassall99 _ (6 months ago)
The avengers game
michaelq28 (6 months ago)
Mr Chopstick92 (7 months ago)
Sea of thieves.
jeebs621 (7 months ago)
I don't give a shit of last of us, only RDR and Spider Man
Roberto Zedinho (7 months ago)
*12 most anticipated shooters of 2018*
Half of this is just you saying what you’re worried about with all these games
Orlando Calder (7 months ago)
Why does it seem like it's just a list of someones most pessimistic views for anticipated releases
Giraffe Man (7 months ago)
2018 is going to be a great year, much better then 2017
TheOnlyRealLM (7 months ago)
Why am i getting a minecraft commercial😂😂
country boy 398 (7 months ago)
It's mr. Negative not the shocker
Richard Stephenson (7 months ago)
SLOW THE FUUUUUUUUCK DOWN! It's giving me a panic attack. I tried slowing the vid but it just sounds like someone fucked on ketamine. Horrible.
stp366 (7 months ago)
Don't think the last of us 2 is coming out in 2018. I would add sea of thieves to the list
Lil G (7 months ago)
I for one can't wait for TLOU Part 2
Random Gamer (7 months ago)
No sea of thieves,crackdown, fighterz, or state of decay 2
SuperMaxandrew (7 months ago)
Bayonetta 3
Zainab Nawaz (7 months ago)
The most anticipated game for me is TWD Season 4
Abztract Stormz (7 months ago)
Whats this guy rush reading for chill the fk out lost interest in the vid as soon as u started talkin like that
Phantom thief (7 months ago)
Not excited about the last of us 2 Completely unnecessary sequel Naughty dog is clearly out of ideas
Phantom thief (7 months ago)
thomas gamer i wasnt expecting anything but troll comments but didnt expect someone that acknowledges an opinion Thanks
thomas gamer (7 months ago)
Grand thief I dessagre but respect your opinion
Kanishka Basu (7 months ago)
Death Stranding might be the most awaited one .
Camel Spotter (7 months ago)
No Dragon Ball FighterZ? C'mon now. I haven't been this excited for a fighting game in ages. That game looks absolutely beautiful. It looks to stand as one of the best examples of cell-shade graphics in video games. Plus, it's being made by the BlazBlue devs, so we know it'll definitely be a competent fighter that may even have a shot at being played at Evo.
kuaikukia (7 months ago)
Anthem? Lol, yea, my most anticipated game for seeing flop.
Corey Danz (7 months ago)
Metriod prime? No sea of theives ????!! What crap list is this
Kra751 tos (7 months ago)
Shenmue III,A Way Out
Jboi 321 (7 months ago)
My most anticipated games of 2018 are: Dragonball FighterZ Spiderman God of War Mega Man 11
str8duval (7 months ago)
Many of these games don't even have a 2018 released date
CSF Watson (7 months ago)
Why does everybody think that Kingdom Hearts 3 is the first "new" game in the series?  All the other games progress the main story.
Damon Kissoon (7 months ago)
Attaboy scott, you’re getting better at voiceovers, isn’t the world such a beautiful place once you slow down your 200x speed vocals to 195x?
The IceBird909 (7 months ago)
Microtransactions better stay out of Red Dead 2
Fkhalfblood (7 months ago)
GT909 Gaming it's in there Take Two will make sure Rockstar puts it in the game.
Curtis Dillon (7 months ago)
Everytime I hear The Last Of Us 2 associated with 2018 I can't take the video seriously. That game is 2019 at the earliest. People seem to not understand how games are made. 3-4 years for a AAA game, and seeing as Uncharted 4 launched last year, it stands to reason TLOU2 has only had one year of full development. Meaning, 2019 is reasonable but I wouldn't be surprised if it slipped to 2020, which would be PS5's reveal/launch year!
Connor Kenway (7 months ago)
why the hell do zombies run in days gone man? It's ridiculous
Stardust Signer (7 months ago)
You basically roasted all these games. Nice job
Legendary Alpha Wolf (7 months ago)
Isn't last of us part 2 postponed for 2019??
Fkhalfblood (7 months ago)
Iftkhar Ahmed Din Chaudhry they never gave a release date nor a year. It was revealed WAY TO EARLY, its a Summer/fall 2019 title in my guess.
WesleyNigelorFlygel (7 months ago)
well i think i am the only one here who wants Death Stranding :s
Esa Qadri (7 months ago)
Where is crackdown 3 and sea of thieves
Conner (7 months ago)
God of War for me I played all of the games and it switching up will do it some good but if they don't get the handling or the voice acting right it could flop it would be a shame
SERGEANT- BLITZ (7 months ago)
i cant wait to see what insomniac is doing for spiderman! also i love that you mentioned the fact that insomniac is doing the same thing rocksteady did for batman!
Awesome Sause (7 months ago)
Anthem and red dead redemption and far cry 5
Dausen Moore (7 months ago)
Here is my list: 1. Sea of Thieves 2. Metro Exodus 3. Metroid Prime 4 4. Far Cry 5 5. God of War 6. Crackdown 3 7. State of Decay 2 8. Anthem 9. Red Dead Redemption 2 10. Kingdom Hearts 3 I don't have an exact order for this list, all I really know is that Sea of Thieves is number 1 and it's heavily influenced by my many hours of gameplay.
Kezo lastname (7 months ago)
I hope they don't fuck up Shenmue with horrible American voice actors, like with 90% of non-domestic American games.
Dausen Moore (7 months ago)
How are there no Xbox exclusives here? Sea of Thieves is easily my most anticipated. Not to mention Metro Exodus.
GameTrollGamers (3 months ago)
Sea of thieves is also on PC
sable (7 months ago)
Anything from Bethesda ?
Semicroquant (7 months ago)
Not a single word about MONSTER HUNTER WORLD. Instant dislike

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