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INSTALLATION 01 - Official Cinematic Trailer (New Free Halo Game)

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INSTALLATION 01 - Official Cinematic Trailer (New Free FPS Halo Multiplayer Game) on PC! New Upcoming Game! Installation 01 WEBSITE: https://installation01.org/ Installation 01 YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGt21XRLlGgf24p5rOh2GHQ Check out the creators Discord server: https://discord.gg/23zTafy SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (3181)
This is the first time I'm REALLY excited for a fan made project. Make sure you create an account on Installation 01's website so when the game releases, you will all be able to play the game only by signing up! Installation 01's website: https://installation01.org/
LESLIE RUIZ (5 days ago)
MathChief - Gameplay & Tra
Δ Delta (19 days ago)
Shoots Rocket at Pelican, it blows up. THATS NOT HOW PELICANS WORK.
WISE SNIPER (21 days ago)
I am gonna be honest, i would download this in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the fact that i have fuck all space on my hard drive.
СТАЛКЕР (22 days ago)
MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! Nice job
Arsenal125Foward (1 month ago)
There hasn't been any news on this lately. Are you guys still working on it?
Alex Rivera (1 day ago)
Suck my dick
Galaxy (1 day ago)
I love the classic looking elites instead of the monster looking elites in the 343i games.
Jose (2 days ago)
this or Halo Online... hm
Green Arrow (3 days ago)
This looks so flipping badass all it needs is the Halo theme
Cody Greene (3 days ago)
The Spartans are bow legged and the Elites have thunder thighs. Fantastic, can't wait lol.
Egg burster (3 days ago)
Amazing just signed up, the elites look AWSOME as well.
BrutishMadex (3 days ago)
Why soo many dislikes wtf??
Ryder Productions (3 days ago)
This or Halo Online???
Bogdan Manea (5 days ago)
Koala Solitário (5 days ago)
this,game,is,going,to,make,me,cry ;(
I Am The Arrow (7 days ago)
No other game fan base has such great fans and memories that they build and create this amazing masterpiece so good!!!
Purple Pearl (7 days ago)
this so cool
Soda Ryujin (8 days ago)
Caboose! NOOO!
Epik B0mber (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, but, a lot of these scenes jusy felt fake or something to me...
Red Raptor (8 days ago)
For what consoles or is fake
Normal Fag (9 days ago)
Why are people hating on 343i in the comment section ? Unlike Nintendo and Konami both this and Eldewrito have been endorsed by 343i.
Dbarrin 1 (9 days ago)
Great. PC gamers are now getting ANOTHER console exclusive. At least Marvel's Spider-man is only on PS4... at least for now.
sike im hitler (9 days ago)
Hey i hve a question is thia for conaoles lter or for pc only and forever
Ryderdaboss9 (11 days ago)
soooooo hyped
Alex Pfaff (11 days ago)
Damn those elites got some thic ass thighs lol
Alan Zavala (11 days ago)
Blue yes red Nou
Asriel Dreemurr (12 days ago)
This just made all of the old Halo games feel poor in comparsion
Zydaking (12 days ago)
This supposed to be like PlanetSide Halo?
Dagwood Jenkins (13 days ago)
Its sad when The Halo multiplayer we want has to made by modders. You guys are the true hero's we need but don't deserve
Kyle T (13 days ago)
Animation on this was just cringy
ASNLegends (14 days ago)
Would anyone remember this reference? 2:34 XD
TheW1ldGunn3r Wild (5 days ago)
ASNLegends, yup. Red Vs Blue is everywhere.
Bence Tasi (14 days ago)
This is how 343 should modernized the elites
STR1VER7777 (15 days ago)
Louis Simmons (15 days ago)
Nice. 👌🏽 Only thing that needs work would be the movement animations, the player models don’t move like Spartans.
TB Samm (15 days ago)
Anyone else thinking the artstyle is like halo wars 2? No just me?
mrkiiprototype (15 days ago)
I'm a simple man. I see dual weild plasma rifles I SUPPORT THIS
sku11breaker444 (17 days ago)
Great job guys!
Max Bassil (17 days ago)
An elite just lifted a fully armored spartan with 1 arm. That dude must have been hitting the gym cuz I know a spartans armor weigh a fuckton
Alejandro Perez (18 days ago)
pero si ese juego lleva como 3 años de desarrollo
unknown unknown (18 days ago)
there was no game play what so ever just ur fucking trailer
Ryan Thompson (18 days ago)
I love the rvb reference
SaiMoNx8 (18 days ago)
Matthew Allison (18 days ago)
You know....you'd think that with all of the advancements in CGI and over a decade of story and world building that we'd get an honest to God halo movie(and no, to me, nightfall does not count).
Eric Huls (18 days ago)
looks like this project died
Spoof (18 days ago)
Can’t wait to get this on my new PC!
Unknowngamer 224 (18 days ago)
Wow been awhile since I seen an elite. They were so cool back in halo 3 but now they are unplayable ever since 343 start making halo.
Scunge (18 days ago)
2:42 that reference to Tex vs Wash from RVB
Pedro Velasco (19 days ago)
Isabel ahuh
Joshua Croker (19 days ago)
Can't wait for this to be shut down by Microsoft.
Red vs blue the game. WAIT
Bonely _ (20 days ago)
10 months later, 343 better have took some notes.
H H (20 days ago)
Hey look decent looking elites that don’t look like shit (halo 4-5)
leo peters (20 days ago)
The elite design.....It's GORGEOUS
Nate Miller (20 days ago)
I wasn't sold until I could play as an elite, I miss playing as one in Halo:2 and now the thought of playing one again makes me super excited
A box (20 days ago)
2:50 lol is this a rvb reference
Scunge (18 days ago)
A box yup i’d say so
Dylabee (20 days ago)
More Halo is always welcome this looks like a riot
Rejhan Striković (21 days ago)
TBH the elites look thicc
Reptile King (24 days ago)
Elites as playable?!?! And it’s free?!?! I’d be happy to pay for this!!!
Trainspotting Vagabond (24 days ago)
These Elites be looking dummy thick
Fortnite Daily (24 days ago)
3:36-my warcry
Prey Mobiler 890 (25 days ago)
Red vs Blue scene stealer and reeditor
Sentlee (26 days ago)
2:27 CRAP
Sentlee (26 days ago)
0:53 nice spin.
Jonathan Martinez (27 days ago)
Hal Beard (28 days ago)
Lena Cenatiempo (29 days ago)
The power of elite thunder thighs
Samuel Gigant (29 days ago)
l'entrée des élites lol rien a dire grandiose !! ma race préféré ^^
OtteRex Oti (30 days ago)
2:53 "My name is Michael J. Caboose, and I, HATE-hurgh blegh
OtteRex Oti (30 days ago)
I want to take this seriously but I just keep thinking of rvb zealots
J M (30 days ago)
Artist and Autist (1 month ago)
Looks sick
Jacob Weatherford (1 month ago)
I take it this is where Spartans and elites are able to train together also the elite armor in this looks a tad more Spartan esq
SLAYER X YT (1 month ago)
De que red vs blu sacaste esto
Prasanna Bandara (1 month ago)
Unlimited woww... for this ... Well done.
Mason Velez (1 month ago)
I like halo red vs blue
Nunya Beeswax (1 month ago)
3:35 jeez, that spartan is tiny compared to the elites.
Arsenal125Foward (1 month ago)
tbh that turn at 0:54 would have slammed the spartans up against the side of the pelican.. and probably throw up.
Elijah Westmoreland (1 month ago)
2:41 It reminded me of a RvB episode.
Buraun (1 month ago)
Holy hell f-yes!
VIRUS OUTBREAK (1 month ago)
church: shut up caboose! caboose: i didn't say any t- church: i said shut up! sarge: tucker! get out here and fight, damn! tucker: no! im fine thanks! i think ill stay next to this barrel that says explos- (explosion noise)
Nicholas Cortes (1 month ago)
You know, regardless if this game is good or not, we all, as OG Halo community players (Most of us here) need to support this game as much as we can. This game seems to be trying to go back to the basic roots of "Real" halo. its literally the simplicity yet awesome, heart beating fun, that makes Halo, HALO! if we support an play this game enough then 343 will undoubtedly have to take a look at it, an take a page from it. Also another thing ive begun to notice with us guys, is that our community is kinda beginning to feel like its becoming like Call Of Duty's CANCEROUS community. i always see people saying "if 343 is fucking things up here and there, then why don't they just ask and get ideas straight from the community". The thing is they do! But look at Call Of Duty, they do the exact same thing except when they do this, theres always a large group that dislikes what ever they've implemented, and theirs also a large group that enjoys/Likes them. My point here being that if they do not everybody can be pleased 100% you know, but every now and then they can listen an take straight from the community's pool of ideas, And if 343 Industries sees that a considerably large amount of Halo Players are logging in and playing installation 01, a game that somewhat goes back to Halo's Simplistic ways, while still appeasing new fans of the franchise by still having SOME oft he new action and abilities.
Nicholas Cortes (1 month ago)
meant to delete some sentences but you get the idea!
Deep South Gaming (1 month ago)
It's funny that passionate Halo fans are beating 343 and Microsoft at their own game, literally.
Machu4 (1 month ago)
Are there maps besides Relic? Not trying to be a dick, just actually my least favorite map. Where's Turf, Zanzibar, Midship, Blood Gulch, Coagulation, not to mention Lockout? Hell, I like Backwash better than Relic.
thelvadamee14 (1 month ago)
I think the leg armour on the elites is a biiiiit too thick, especially compared to how lithe their bodies are comparatively. Honestly I feel that Reach perfected the elites; slim, powerful assassin types compared to the lumbering oafs of halo 3 and those in the new trilogy. 343 might as well have used brutes in their games.
Tenchigo (1 month ago)
This does nothing for me. I need gameplay.
Rex Riply (1 month ago)
2:30 is that a refrence to red vs blue
garrett tubbs (1 month ago)
So this should get reds vs blues lore maybe
Y0l01000 (1 month ago)
I absolutely love this and am hyped. Probably the only quip I have was the explosions were a little sketchy. But, everything else was amazing! Great job!
jordy plays games (1 month ago)
And watch the gameplay look like shit
Wulvsbayne269 (1 month ago)
Why use the alarm sound from alien tho?
ApexPredator (1 month ago)
What a way to introduce Elites
Delta Wolf (1 month ago)
nice looking gameplay, i would love to play this
KillerReaper922 beast (1 month ago)
2:58 CABOOSE! NOOOOO! (RvB fans will understand)
Mercury Black (1 month ago)
That part with the guy on the ground reaching for his rifle only for his opponent stomping on their arm and putting a shotgun to their head is extremely similair to Agent Texas vs Agent Washingston in Red vs Blue season 8
Ting Ting Chang (1 month ago)
It’s fan made retards who don’t understand
grub killer (1 month ago)
too bad microsoft cut the game
Evox (1 month ago)
Rus Toggamton (1 month ago)
What's this? Team Fortess, Halo Themed, Vinyl Simulator? jk I would realky like to play this :(
KRTMN40 (1 month ago)
that one part looks like that one scene from red vs blue.
Charles Rand (1 month ago)
F*cking crips
This reminds me of that old halo LEGO stopmotion film
TheWhiteSharingan (1 month ago)
Was it just me or the scene where the red spartan gets up from the explosion is the exact same thing that happened in red vs blue at the beginning of Tex, Washington and Maine fight
Mr.nuclear epic Face (1 month ago)
Hopefully that spartan knows elites are balls at combat against Spartans

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