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Mario Tennis Aces: 7 Tips To Help You WIN!!

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Mario Tennis Aces is almost out and we have been playing the online tournament A TON. Today we bring you 7 Tips to help you win! Let us know YOUR take on this awesome Switch title in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Mario Tennis Aces: 7 Tips To Help You WIN!!
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Text Comments (342)
silvercue (13 days ago)
Some interesting conversation, but because you are not talking about what is happening on the screen it is not as helpful as it could be
lc0806 (16 days ago)
How do you hit the ball really soft?
PSD (21 days ago)
how do u curve the ball so much cuz i cant curve the ball as much as ppl do when they play
silvercue (24 days ago)
Is this relevant after the recent changes?
Van Exel (1 month ago)
These tips are straight from the game. You offered zero tennis strategies or philosophies to employ during a match. Fail.
Franco Freitag (1 month ago)
I never made a point in this game, I allways play with people with 1000+ points, it's too difficult
GGworm123 (1 month ago)
Tips number1 : play bowser junior
玩家瘋狂動物園 (1 month ago)
How to block, please help
Lon Born (1 month ago)
I made the semi finals once on the simple game mode and got my ass kicked and I was happy to be there
Pointless Video
Brockly Plays (1 month ago)
I’m having problems, when playing online I seem very slow and slidey compared to playing against COMs, is this my own terrible connection?
ESSKEETIT (1 month ago)
how do u serve a zone shot? ive seen people do it against me and i have no idea how they did it. they do a zone shot the first serve and i always get cucked by it
Sharpy William (1 month ago)
Pro tip to help your "Tips to win video" : Have footage on representing whats being discussed the moment its being discussed.
cringe master (1 month ago)
I liked the demo but every time i tried to press a button there was a delay that made it super hard to get a win. Can someone tell me if thos is fixed in the full game.
Inkling Kid (1 month ago)
another tip is if your opponent isn't good at blocking going for zone shots and trying to get their racket to 1 hp will often pressure them. so keep using zone shots. often times my opponent will just not try to block the zone shot and other times my opponent will go for it and lose their racket. also zone shot a lot when you opponent dosent have a lot of meter because then they either block it with zone speed and trick shot more which often leads to failed trick shots or they will lose racket durability from trying to block without zone speed.
Tim R (1 month ago)
Provide time markers for the 7 titled tips. You have viewers like myself that don’t have the time to watch the entire episode.
genelegend (1 month ago)
talks for a minute about trick shots but shows no footage of it...
2FaSt4U_UU_ (1 month ago)
How do you do a zone serve
king_ryan_james (1 month ago)
Tip #1 Use Chain Chomp. His reach is the entire court.
Luke Miller (1 month ago)
What's an easy way to get a nice serve
Shifter (1 month ago)
Absolutely, indeed.
ToaCody (2 months ago)
Another tip: when using the R stick for Trick Shots, practice consciously flicking the stick in the intended direction instead of just impulsively jamming your thumb into it.
jenslyn87 (2 months ago)
Anyone knows if you can play co-op with a friend online, so that you and your friend play a double on the same team?
David Curren (2 months ago)
I always block zone shots and special shots too early. I guess I need to practice.
Banana Rama (2 months ago)
Great tips but I disagree with one! "Charge or double tap everything" You can charge everything but double tap isn't necessarily better than single tap. Single tap shots will have more control on them (if you're hitting them correctly) and can go on some nasty angles on the court, especially if you're playing a technical character like Peach. Using a proper single-tap shot will force your opponent to use their Zone Speed or Lunge regularly which can put them on the backfoot or score you easy points.
Steven Umana (2 months ago)
What's an easy way to get a start to appear?
Sebastian Korwal (2 months ago)
Help? What is the shot the typically counters a lob, the results in hitting the ball very fast? When I see opponents hugging the net I'll usually lob above their heads but on occassion they catch it ahead of time, then perform what looks like a zone shot to counter it, but it's almost instantaneous in comparison. I'm using the pro controller so any specifics would be appreacited!
matthew pace (2 months ago)
im pasta online btw id say im in the top tier of best players online
Bob Dobalina (1 month ago)
no one cares
matthew pace (2 months ago)
Good tip is to come close to the net for returns if someone is gonna hit a really powerful shot
Nipple Nom nom (2 months ago)
1. Play chain chomp 2. Play chain chomp 3. Play chain chomp 4. Play chain chomp 5. Play chain chomp 6. Play chain chomp 7. Play chain chomp 8. Play chain chomp 9. Play chain chomp 10. Play chain choooooooommmmp!!!
Professor ShyGuy (2 months ago)
Tricky Characters serving is actually ridiculous.
Nicole Manos (2 months ago)
How do you get daisy
cute kyogre (2 months ago)
i rlly like this game but my play style i like bowser and chainchomp
Michael Novelli (2 months ago)
Lol I won a tournament without the double press thing
Emo Imo (2 months ago)
The hell is with everyone complaining about lag? You guys do realize that before EVERY game, they tell you your connection level, and give you the option to skip over them, right? Yeah, a couple matches will drop after you start, but never if the connection is perfect. Sure, that’s only one in ten games or so, but... why not skip those nine bad connections, and get to the perfect one?
_JayBuzz501 _ (2 months ago)
What’s your favorite character?
Benjamin Bilenko (2024) (2 months ago)
Two words Drop Lob
Always Wright (2 months ago)
Thank you so much! I have won so many matches since I watched this. This was very helpful
White Emerald_ (2 months ago)
I think another good tip to know is that you can play this with a GameCube controller. Gamexplain showed it in their video and basically said it is a better controller. I think they said you can do a slice easier with a gc controller.
White Emerald_ (2 months ago)
I admit, I sucked. I thought I was good but I wasn't. Also the lag killed me sometimes.
Ultimate 777 (2 months ago)
Dude, just be *By Boi Rosalona*
Palpas (2 months ago)
My biggest enemy is the LAG
Stephen Harvey (2 months ago)
My Tip For You... Zone Shots Will make them not notice their racket is broken... they'll be careless and you can get a KO if you can pull off a bunch of successive zone shots....
Jacob Torres (2 months ago)
Just played the most BS game where all Mario kept doing is perfect trick shots, how do i counter that?
Xnerdz (2 months ago)
My personal rule of thumb is that I reject any match with less than 4 bars of network speed. Better waste 10 to 50 seconds cycling through bad match-ups than waste 5-8 minutes with a laggy, unpleasant match.
unsub (2 months ago)
Tip 1... Main chain chomp... tip 2.... main chain chomp.... tip 1007.... main chain chomp
Stephen Harvey (2 months ago)
I'm looking for a specific tip... there's a charged serve, and I'm looking for how to not make it "fault".. how do i successfully do this charged serve
Stephen Harvey (1 month ago)
Bob Dobalina can you please delete that... there's no need for language... its immature of you...
Bob Dobalina (1 month ago)
you're a serious piece of shit. get fucked, shitdick.
Stephen Harvey (2 months ago)
Emo Imo i know how to play tennis... and if was out, would count as an out, not a fault... and second, charge is a term applied to all things dealing with energy, and third... the tutorial taught you to zone shot, it did not tell you how to do a charged serve... yes, that name is absolutely applicable...
Emo Imo (2 months ago)
... That isn’t a charge. A charge is an actual thing in this game. You can’t just take the name of a random mechanic, and stick it on top of a completely unrelated one. The tutorial taught you that you can serve with a zone shot, and if you get a fault, you’re an idiot. There is no “chance of failure”. It goes exactly where you tell it to. And, if you were dropped as a baby, that location might just be “out”.
Jacob Torres (2 months ago)
I thought the game was fun but hated how when someone max charged a slice or topspin it affected the opponent in a extremely negative way giving u an opportunity to fully charge it again but if you can counter that then i guess the game is perfect imo (nvm they lied)
JesseAndMike (2 months ago)
Awesome tips! :D
Villager of SmashVille (1 month ago)
I am so confused by your uploads.
• •Punkayk• • (2 months ago)
I HATE double tapping X to do trick shots. I always used the R stick and i lost many shots to accidentally done pressing x...
Ben Whittington (2 months ago)
I suck at the tournament
monus 9 (2 months ago)
i love this game and will definitely grind it from its release day on but the biggest and extrely annoying flaw is the internet connection which affects both players. so when my opponent has a bad connection Its impossible for me to play due to input lag and frame drops. (lag sometimes is longer than a second!!!)
TaperTrain (2 months ago)
2v2s will be chaos, I can’t wait to yell at my friend for being bad. And it has to be my friend’s fault because if it’s not, then it’s my fault and I don’t like that
TaperTrain (2 months ago)
nitro yes
nitro (2 months ago)
this comment has to be a joke right
recorder-ometer (2 months ago)
Does Bowser Jr have a disability? Can't he run around like his father?
Sean 3061 (2 months ago)
How do I play?
OSG 17 (2 months ago)
Best Pro tip. Hit the ball where your opponent can’t hit it back.
Emo Imo (2 months ago)
You know the funny part? I literally can’t tell if this is a joke or not
longg kong (2 months ago)
For me, this is how the tournament always goes: 1st Opponent: Medium Difficulty 2nd Opponent: I wipe the floor with them 3rd Opponent: I get my ass kicked and lose
TonySchulte (2 months ago)
My best tip is come to net as much as possible until they find out to lop you! I'd like to know more about blocking shots & using that aiming thing during special shots
TonySchulte (2 months ago)
Ok, that helps. thanks
Emo Imo (2 months ago)
... What is there to know? You block to not take damage, but it’s risky without zone speed. You aim at them if you want to break their racket, or in the corner if you want a point. Tutorial over
fightnight14 (2 months ago)
Is Boo immune of body shots? :D
Great Scott! (2 months ago)
Whenever I see I’m playing against a Bowser I know I’m in for a loss
Emo Imo (2 months ago)
Only if you don’t know how to block, counter shot types, zone shot, charge, lob, or drop shot.
Emmanuel Aguilar (2 months ago)
20k points and 10 tourney wins so far.. I love using peach and her nasty wide shots
ZaP fusion (2 months ago)
Hey i. Am just starting my first tennis game ever and my character is bowser
J-rod The Umbreon Master (2 months ago)
Another way to block a zone shot is to trick shot at the right time
XDarkEcho (2 months ago)
So, what are the strengths of Technical characters like Peach?
Emo Imo (2 months ago)
....... Did you even read the how to play section?
BCXdarkblade (2 months ago)
Anyone notice that it feels like zone shots on speedy characters are faster?
Super Smash Drew (2 months ago)
It’s so fun! Next comes a LABO racket...
André Perez Segato (2 months ago)
I loved the tips, but next time, use clips relative to what you guys are speaking. The Switch now has a video recording feature, there's no excuse not to record one of each Start Shot effect and illustrate then in the video instead of speaking over the reveal trailer...
soul elevation96 (1 month ago)
BlessedCobra when a youtuber get a video out first its not for the viewers, its so they can get the most views first. They rush on purpose for the sake of the views.
BlessedCobra (2 months ago)
André Perez Segato yeah, but it seems as if they wanted to get the video out quickly so that people could actually apply it while the demo was still live.
ucantbeme (2 months ago)
Everyone I go up against always loses to the lob.
LemonFresh (2 months ago)
just won my first online tournament with Chain Chomp!
Junior2K (2 months ago)
power ful playerARE WEEK AGAINSt all around players
stapuft (2 months ago)
Chain chomp is even more op, still haven't beat him or roseilina.
Do you liek Mudkipz (1 month ago)
stapuft Sorry to use this after two weeks. Bowser Jr. is now the best overall pick. He's a defensive character with good qualities from everything else. Low knockback, fast move speed while charging, can hit ball into corners, reach on par with Waluigi, has fast curves, serviceable trickshots, and builds up energy well. He defo needs a nerf. Backwards and forwards trickshots basically negate lobs and drops and I think they should be removed to make positioning matter. I've mainly been using Dong (donkey kong) because he's my favorite character, win ratio be damned.
stapuft (2 months ago)
Do you liek Mudkipz holy shit...........
Do you liek Mudkipz (2 months ago)
stapuft I'll admit, Chomp takes up over half the court in reach and has good power, I think he might need his range nerfed a little, but he's mostly a newbie stomper. When you know how to position and trickshot consistently as Mario, curves, lobs and drops can't do much to you. I can predict where Rosa balls are going 99.9% of the time, I can even catch them while tricking forwards; that's how fast Mario's tricks are. lobs and drops are slow af. I can even catch charged Bowser, Spike and Chomp shots without knockback or losing meter (I actually gain meter) with trickshots. I stopped using slowmo to block zone/specials once I figured out the trick timing on those, too. Trickshots give more meter than fully charged starshots. Let that sink in... Mario's trickshot either needs a nerf or everyone elses' trickshot needs a buff. A skilled Mario is a better wall than a skilled Waluigi and Chomp combined. You need to be near psychic to land trickshots as most other characters.
stapuft (2 months ago)
Do you liek Mudkipz that has to be it, I must be nudging the stick accidentally, I'm using the Zelda power A controller btw, about the only char I haven't played alot with was Mario, I know he's probally the best all around, so I was using the demo to try to find the style that fits me most, I 100% agree on the slow trick shots,and correct me if I'm wrong, but imo, I haven't gotten out a high speed camera or a stopwatch, but waluigi seems to use the least power per use of slow mo, and he builds it up at a decent speed as well. I also think Bowser and chain chomp have about the same power, but chompy has better regular swings, while Bowser is better at the backhand Peach is a faster than roselina but roselina has more controll Same with Yoshi vs toad
Do you liek Mudkipz (2 months ago)
stapuft I tried multiple characters until trickshots clicked btw. Rosalina, waluigi, chomp, yoshi, spike, bowser, and toad all have slow trickshots imo. Mario and peach have very nice trickshots, but peach doesn't have enough power in her swings imo; it's too easy for foes to get to her shots. Another downside is that she's more likely to get bodyshot than mario during the trick. Both can zonezkrieg tho.
stapuft (2 months ago)
I'm not a fan of zone speed either really, I like having that bar to save for doing trick shots, zone shots, and the super move. *I take hat back you can do zone speed shots from the serving shot*
stapuft (2 months ago)
OMG I didn't think this game would be as fun as it is! I played all night last night! So much so that at 1600 points I managed to beat a 9500 point holder, still haven't won yet, but I've made it to the final round!
Mark Mauk (2 months ago)
I am not the greatest out there, but I am quite good I guess. I am at 79 Wins and 29 Losses. What about you guys?
Master-Smash Sandoval (2 months ago)
Here's some advice, try to break your opponent's racket when you're winning
Martim Bastos (1 month ago)
I think it's better when you're losing. Use the zone shots and special shots onto the corners and then when they don't except it, hit them with them and cause a K.O, damage their racket or break their racket.
SonicShinobi (2 months ago)
Master-Smash Sandoval exactly that will give them instant KO
Kurt Hummel (2 months ago)
people need to stop complaining, the demo ends tomorrow geez 😒
Kiseki X (2 months ago)
At first I sucked Soooooooooo bad xD but I got the hang of it and I've won 8 online tournaments with Rosalina 💙💚💜💛💖
BrokenSpace3 (2 months ago)
I agree with everyone else on the lag. My other issue is the blocking of like the super hits. The full energy shots. Why is it that I can block it perfectly and it launches me to the other side of the court and just lightly hits it back to the opponent so they can just power hit it to the other side of the court where I have no time to reach it. I block the shot for a reason. There's almost no incentive to block those shots at that point if the opponent is gonna get a point either way. That's just a broken mechanic. Am I just doing something wrong if it's just launching me across the court or is that the point?
FervidVirus1515 1515 (2 months ago)
True, and when the you try to block by using your own shot, it just makes it as if your just normally blocking it.
Jacob Torres (2 months ago)
BrokenSpace3 I'm pretty sure you can direct the ball when you block it so make it go away from them so u have time to recover
ChillingCreeper10197 (2 months ago)
I have literally never played anything with tennis, except wii sports, and I found yoshi amazing, and bowser feels underpowered, whenever I fight one, I win. (knock on wood)
VoluXian (2 months ago)
I've yet to win an online tournament. Whenever I'm at Grand Finals, I lose to either lag or Rosalina.
RWBYSNIPER (2 months ago)
You can also use your charge meter for serving as well
Justin Q (2 months ago)
Do you think you can block my style?
Kings Gambit (2 months ago)
That bit of information about how to deal with charged shots really is difficult to pull off and it dosen't counter your opponent it just gives them less of an advantage. However, it is better than nothing. I think the charged shots are OP and that the reply should have better benefits.
Mineithebear (2 months ago)
Rosalina's curve shots are overpowered AF.
Duke the Fircehog (2 months ago)
Mineithebear I still need to get better at other characters once the full game comes out. Until then, my main is mario and possibly spike (Fishy Boopkins)
Mineithebear (2 months ago)
Duke the Fircehog I know how to counter them, I mained her and destroyed other rosalinas
Duke the Fircehog (2 months ago)
Mineithebear she is op if you don't know how to counter her shots.
Mineithebear (2 months ago)
Duke the Fircehog So you're saying tricky class characters are op?
Duke the Fircehog (2 months ago)
Mineithebear that is why she is tricky class
renS (2 months ago)
I love this game, but I really have anger issues with this game and I can’t control myself. Everytime I lose I slam my desk lmao
FervidVirus1515 1515 (2 months ago)
I NEVER get mad at games, i usually just dont care. But my god does this game REALLY BOIL MY BANANAS
Russian Spy (2 months ago)
renS therapist.
HIgh OnCoIns (2 months ago)
Waluigi my main 😎
Derek DeSmet (2 months ago)
I didnt even know the color of the ball trail was the type of hit. Damn the tutorial is crap. Should of just watched this .
WEH LUIGI (2 months ago)
I found reading the controls and tips section more useful, since it gave way more information than the tutorial.
Alexandre Chevrier (2 months ago)
White Emerald_ I'm okay with being rude to someone who craps on the work of hundreds of people just because he didn't notice something. And that thing isn't even a tiny detail, it's a core element of the gameplay; it's okay to not notice it, but don't blame the people who made the game. There's visual cues and explanations, they couldn't have done much more. Don't disrespect them like this please.
White Emerald_ (2 months ago)
Alexandre Chevrier Woah. Chill. He isn't being an entitle brat. You actually sound rude. And to be fair, he has a point about the color trails. For someone who is new to the game, you expect them to pick up that detail significance? I don't.
White Emerald_ (2 months ago)
Derek DeSmet If you ask me, I love it when the tutorial doesn't explain everything. Because it shows that there is more to learn about the game.
Alexandre Chevrier (2 months ago)
It's really not. Don't be so lazy, you shouldn't wait for someone to spoonfeed you everything.
Consupreme Plays (2 months ago)
Game is way too hard
Super Smash Drew (2 months ago)
No you can’t
francisjairam (2 months ago)
You can always play with Simple Rules.
Andy Webber (2 months ago)
If confused by the triangle just remember the colors should make purple. Purple+purple=purple, red+blue=purple, & blue+red=purple
Mervyn C (2 months ago)
Use power serves (pressing the R trigger when serving only works if the power meter is at least 1/3 full) to attempt breaking the racket of an opponent if they mis-time the block it also puts the opponent on the back foot straight away in the rally if the manage to return it. Beware though as it's easy for this to get out and ensure it's only done on the 1st serve.
Mattimoo 2 (2 months ago)
What would also help is a good internet connection so you don't lag. I lose too much from this
debauched13 (2 months ago)
A little disappointed in this video, it would have been far more helpful if you had video example of each tip you were giving while you were giving it. Thanks for the video, regardless but that's my criticism.
mytears (2 months ago)
PORK LAZER (2 months ago)
I’ve been having input lag because of bad connections
Angelo Jonsson (2 months ago)
...you didn't give a tip how to BLOCK!
Angelo Jonsson (2 months ago)
Aqu0 lol I said I already can block, I meant the new players.
Angelo Jonsson (2 months ago)
Aqu0 I know how to block it it's the new player I'm talking abot
Flaming0 (2 months ago)
Angelo Jonsson I have only blocked a couple times, practice blocking with a cpu if you can.
Angelo Jonsson (2 months ago)
Aqu0 easy for you to say when it just says "Too early" and never "Too Late"! How are supposed to time it as a new player when the "Too early" does not make sense? For new player to the Mario tennis series it's super confusing.
Flaming0 (2 months ago)
Just time it, that's literally it
Alan Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Eleven of my fourteen loses has been due to lag which is frustrating but I’m 24-14 overall. Having tons of fun with my boy Waluigi!
soul elevation96 (1 month ago)
Its waaaaay better in the full game.
Russian Spy (2 months ago)
Alan Gonzalez I hope and think itll be better in the full game. Also just decline players with bad internet
Atari-Dude 1 (2 months ago)
I've gotten to the finals like 20 times but haven't been able to beat my opponent 1 time... lol
Sammy Arzola (2 months ago)
Is there anything that blocks drop shots and or lobs
TheBitBlock (2 months ago)
Chain Chomp is garbage and OP and the character that nubs pick.
Monado Max (2 months ago)
You can play 100 games but it doesn't mean you aren't a noob anymore, I'm the living example of this kek
nitro (2 months ago)
Nintendo Beyond this isnt really true though, if you were a noob you wouldnt have 1500 points
Monado Max (2 months ago)
He's the new Bayonetta lol
anty (2 months ago)
hes good because only high level players can use him, its the last character you can unlock in the demo and you need like 1500 points
legolover8805 (2 months ago)
Not as bad as roller in og testfire.
Theflashguy 125 (2 months ago)
I usually hate mario tennis games and now because of this game,i love them

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