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Evolution of DC Games 1979-2017

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Evolution of DC Games 1979-2017 Superman 1979 Superman: The Game 1985 Batman 1986 Superman 1987 Batman: The Caped Crusader (Amiga) 1988 Superman 1988 Superman: The Man of Steel (Amiga) 1989 Batman 1989 Batman 1989 Batman: The Video Game 1990 Batman (Arcade) 1990 Batman: Return of the Joker (NES) 1991 The Flash 1991 Superman 1992 Batman: Return of the Joker 1992 Swamp Thing 1992 Batman Returns 1993 The Flash 1993 Batman: The Animated Series 1993 The Death and Return of Superman 1994 The Adventures of Batman & Robin 1994 Batman Forever 1995 Justice League Task Force 1995 Batman Forever: The Arcade Game 1996 Batman & Robin 1998 Superman 1999 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker 2000 Batman: Chaos in Gotham 2001 Batman: Gotham City Racer 2001 Batman: Vengeance 2001 Justice League: Injustice for All 2002 Superman: Shadow of Apokolips 2002 Superman: The Man of Steel 2002 Batman: Dark Tomorrow 2003 Superman: Countdown to Apokolips 2003 Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis 2003 Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu 2003 Justice League: Chronicles 2003 Catwoman 2004 Constantine 2005 Batman Begins 2005 Teen Titans 2006 Justice League Heroes 2006 Justice League Heroes: The Flash 2006 Teen Titans 2006 Teen Titans 2 (2006) Superman Returns 2006 Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude 2006 Lego Batman: The Videogame 2008 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe 2008 Watchmen: The End Is Nigh 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum 2009 Justice League: Heroes United 2009 Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame 2010 DC Universe Online 2011 Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters 2011 Batman: Arkham City 2011 Batman: Arkham City Lockdown 2011, 2013 Gotham City Impostors[5] 2012 Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes 2012 The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Justice League: Earth's Final Defense 2012 Injustice: Gods Among Us 2013 The Wolf Among Us 2013 Man of Steel 2013 Young Justice: Legacy 2013 Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins (mobile) 2013 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate 2013 Batman 2013 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 2014 Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes 2014 Infinite Crisis 2015 Batman: Arkham Knight 2015 Batman: Arkham Underworld 2016 Suicide Squad: Special Ops 2016 Batman: Return to Arkham 2016 Batman: The Telltale Series 2016 Batman: Arkham VR 2016 DC Legends 2016 Injustice 2 (2017) Wonder Woman: Rise of the Warrior 2017 Batman: The Enemy Within 2017
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Text Comments (138)
diana palomino (1 day ago)
ATILA GAMING IBNU (20 days ago)
I like Batman Arkham city
ATILA GAMING IBNU (20 days ago)
No mobile
ATILA GAMING IBNU (20 days ago)
And Batman Arkham Origins
Kevin Lake (20 days ago)
You forgot the Questprobe games.
Now its even 2019!!
Abdul Yousif (21 days ago)
I get it It becomes more and more detailed year after year
Tony Stark (21 days ago)
Omg, those poor people in the seventies
Celal Baştürk (22 days ago)
Clickbait noob
Leo Neoman (22 days ago)
ZERO_YT (22 days ago)
1:30 Im plaing games)
Czili (24 days ago)
Tf 1 plz
_Datoric man (24 days ago)
Seen & Mint (24 days ago)
2018 ?
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ボディソープ (27 days ago)
Panangaran Rambe (27 days ago)
ini bojong kanyanga
les fnaf pote (28 days ago)
Ans spiderman ?
na- kun (28 days ago)
عباس Gemar (29 days ago)
اني الوحيد العربي هنا
Dr. gamer (27 days ago)
عباس Gemar منور
Dr. gamer (27 days ago)
عباس Gemar لا طبعا
0.01 I think is look like Spider-Man
Mouseen Craft (29 days ago)
I like the game 16:13
Vimal Adith zyan (29 days ago)
Boring.....but aresome.very hard to make this video.Gorgeous
Derri098 Zombie (1 month ago)
Fuck it all
Zebbiche Zebbiche (1 month ago)
Cat woman is Marvel game
Sulxana F (28 days ago)
lol ok
exploracion cientifica (1 month ago)
11:19 my favorite
LuisRax Naranjo (1 month ago)
i love the 1988 game's OST
RedZ Gam3r (1 month ago)
Superman Atari > Superman 64
Jual Toko (1 month ago)
actually batman is weak.
Most Of The Games Batman
HUTHYFA Abdul zahra (1 month ago)
theres one you missed its batman the dark knight rises mobile game
HUTHYFA Abdul zahra (1 month ago)
2003 was the year of dc wasn't it..
Jurassic Coxa (1 month ago)
16:31 This isn't the asylum?
Osman Kara (1 month ago)
Super man ?
wekkil gg (1 month ago)
sans darkness (1 month ago)
Green Lantrun like to god of war !!??
Thuong Vo (1 month ago)
Leonardo Ama (1 month ago)
Why constantine ?
Bugrahan Koksal (1 month ago)
Where is injustice 2 android
DevilWolf (1 month ago)
16:48 it isnt Batman: Return to Arkham, it is Batman arkham asylum. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sittipong Taag (1 month ago)
Me lego
Wailliaw (1 month ago)
GBA in 1991 ?
umit344 (1 month ago)
hey wheren't spiderman marvel character?
Candy Man (1 month ago)
New games are boring ! Nothing to play just movie style cut scenes
Danielle Rodriguez (1 month ago)
That wasn't injustice Gods among us, that was Lego batman 2
Supergirl VC (2 months ago)
The video would be called: Evolution of Batman/Superman and other that nobody cares games xD
Troy Fowler (2 months ago)
Nice that's what's up boss I like that more videos keep it up
d7metaku (2 months ago)
I thought batman :return to arkham comes before batman: arkham knight or what?🤔
The Phantom (2 months ago)
Arkham City is the best!
Mix Mezzi (3 months ago)
where is dying light
Aditya Bhardwaj (3 months ago)
Specify the sega consoles they’re all written sega and gba wasnt in 1992 it was the gb
Laura Dorau (4 months ago)
Co to był z bat - spiderman w 1989 w Batman (C64)
Robert Laurence Merin (4 months ago)
Are you kidding me?It’s like Batman vs Superman.
Robert Laurence Merin (4 months ago)
Why superman 1979 game looks just like Spiderman?
Edwin Escalante (5 months ago)
Just batman and superman and flash some others after 2005 just batman games
Beast of Anarchy (5 months ago)
18:22 (PS4) ''Press B''
dj z dj z (5 months ago)
I love DC games!😭😭😭😭👏👍!
Cristiano Ronaldo 7 (6 months ago)
I am not interested from this video
Happy Anniversary DC Games 39th(1979-2018).
DC games??????
Pro Gamerz (6 months ago)
Where is man of steel game?
Salute Da Grind (7 months ago)
What about dcuo
Tyler Thompson (6 months ago)
It’s on there
Pustin Y. (7 months ago)
6:04 Harley Quinn?
FeetusDeletus (7 months ago)
We need a good superman game
Ivan (1 month ago)
With rings. XD
Hwags _ (7 months ago)
GamingChornicles well the makers of the Batman Arkham games are making one so soon your prayers will be answered
Cliff Hanger (7 months ago)
You missed Sgt. Rock on the Frontlines for Game Boy Colour.
DTWX (7 months ago)
HUZZAH! You featured my "Superman Returns: Xbox360" video among your segments!! :D Don't worry, I won't sue. ;p
John Yeomans (8 months ago)
The Arkham series for the xbox/ps3 was the best superhero games ive ever played, spiderman 2 was amazing for the original xbox/ps2 aswell
Ramon Gomes (8 months ago)
GBA??? 2:24
Not Daily Bryan. (7 months ago)
(Nintendo) GameBoy Advance
T A C O D U D E (8 months ago)
Alright fuck md and snes amiga done better shit
Emiliano Madrigal (8 months ago)
2017 The Enemy Within "(ps4)" in the video they are playing in a xbox
Miguel Angel (9 months ago)
mi infancia
Sean Damon (9 months ago)
13:07 I'm pretty sure that isn't Injustice.....
Sean Damon (7 months ago)
Oh, yeah it actually is. Even if it looks exactly like Lego Batman
Infinitus (7 months ago)
Sean Damon It’s injustice, you’re just blind.
Kenni (9 months ago)
Can you please vist my channel I record better videos
Sealsick - Gaming (9 months ago)
Well.. im now spoiled to the batman telltale fights... :(
salvacionsantos santos (9 months ago)
Gary The Snail (9 months ago)
the enemy within looks like tales from the borderlands
Sean Damon (9 months ago)
SanBloxciscoGames MineCraftGamerX2 Thats because Telltale made Tales From The Borderlands and Batman: The Enemy Within
joshua Yoon (9 months ago)
Superman Nes music sounds like STRANGER THINGS THEME 0:28
Bombie (9 months ago)
Orang Ganteng (9 months ago)
9:06 there one in my PS2
angelR 43 (9 months ago)
13:01 isn't injustice it's Lego batman 2
Ankita Banerjee (9 months ago)
13:04 it isn't injustice ! its lego batman 2
Bugrahan Koksal (1 month ago)
Where is injustice 2 anroid
iReiGN xx (7 months ago)
DeathGamer 4054 how did they miss that lmao
Alexandre Dalcorso (8 months ago)
DeathGamer 4054 I
Javitotation Javs (8 months ago)
DeathGamer 4054 😂😂😂
Diet Potato388 (9 months ago)
The wolf among us is dc???
Sean Damon (9 months ago)
Diet Potato233 Yes DC helped Telltale make it.
TGBG TGBG (9 months ago)
Flash (8 months ago)
The GameraBG l
kavun (9 months ago)
Sbronx (9 months ago)
The GameraBG oh no i dont enough money😔
alessandro peres (9 months ago)
next evolution of marvel games
- (9 months ago)
0:20 habbo
Max Leopold (9 months ago)
blană bombă
PunchGaming x (9 months ago)
my favorite is 1994 the adventures of batman and robin
Dennis Sebastian (9 months ago)
1993 batmen reture i have the game on nitendo
J. C. (9 months ago)
Bueno 1:14
J. C. (9 months ago)
Que es C64 en el min 114
10 megusta menos jajajajaja
o tienes miedo de que es verdad
13:09 us not injustice god of us is Lego Batman 2
si lo puse cuando lo busque#IDIOTA#MENTIRA
Batman begins
tus videos son pinche mentiras busque Batman begins y nada mas aparecio para nintendo cub esto es lo que pienso hgdhdgfudhghru37834jmkui
Alberto Viloria (9 months ago)
Niños como tú no deberían de usar internet (PD: Revisé tu canal, es basura) y 2, Batman Begins para PS2 si existió, yo lo tuve y a pesar de sus fallos supo captar la esencia de Batman, pero qué va a saber un mocoso como tú de eso?
Xávier Sigaud (9 months ago)
Si no pones el nombre de la consola como queres que te aparezca el juego de PS2
So justice league task force was the first injustice
NotherealZack lol (9 months ago)
11:09 oh ok just lemme find my q button on my ps3
Samurai (9 months ago)
The Wolf Among Us is from DC Comics ??? :O
A WEEK IN GEEKDOM (16 days ago)
Wolf Among Us is based on "Fables" a Vertigo comic, DC's other label.
vaargheee john No silly little bit. Telltale is simply developers for video game.
Omission (4 months ago)
vaargheee john The Wolf Among is DC
radha krishnan (6 months ago)
Yes its DC
vaargheee john (6 months ago)
No it's telltale games
Arnell Long (9 months ago)
Superman Returns (Xbox 360) had some of the best sense of speed. Absolutely loved breaking the multiple sound barriers. The game wasn't all that great but no other game handled speed better in my opinion...not even Burn Out or F-Zero.

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