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Top 10 Best RPGs (Role-Playing Games) for PS4 | PlayStation 4

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What are the best RPGs for PS4? We countdown our favourite role-playing games for the PlayStation 4 to date. What are some of your favourites? Full article: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/03/guide_the_best_ps4_rpgs --- For more information, visit: http://www.pushsquare.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pushsquare Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pushsquare
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Push Square (3 months ago)
Hey everyone! What are your favourite RPGs for PS4? Do you agree with my list? You can find our Top 30 through here: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/03/guide_the_best_ps4_rpgs Thanks for watchin'! - Sammy
HAU BAWI (9 days ago)
Witcher 3 haha..such a boring game and bad combat...bloodborne is no1..my opinion.
TemLedZem (18 days ago)
Disagree, where are MGS phantom pain, dark souls 3 and GTA 5?
Brock Bartel Music (1 month ago)
yah! great!
TheRoastingToasters (2 hours ago)
dovahkiin, dovahkiin, naal ok ziin los vahriin
Jordonius Gaming (12 hours ago)
Okay i knew it. I knew i wasnt the only person still interested in bloodborne. I have literally 1000 hours and have finished the game (kill and loot all) around 25 times. Maybe more Idk. Buy Bloodborne. Its dope.
Dale Fahle (16 hours ago)
Where is God of War and FFXV?
Txawjhlub Lao (4 days ago)
All of these were trash. couldn't put more than 20 hours in any of these. hyped garbage. help me find a good game thanks!
Tyki Mikk804 (6 days ago)
Witcher 3
Billy.GD. Pitt (6 days ago)
Steve Zion (9 days ago)
No FF15? The Witcher 3 is the pinnacle of WRPG's.
EGF4Z34TT4CK (9 days ago)
1. God of War franchisd 2. Skyrim franchise 3. Fall out franchise Dark souls would be in this but I (never played it, only watched it)
EGF4Z34TT4CK (9 days ago)
God of War??
martinbanks840 (10 days ago)
Skyrim not in the top 10....
Casperwinde (11 days ago)
Thanks God no FF XV on the list
kakarottoriyama (13 days ago)
Dragon age 3
OUTLOOK Gemini (14 days ago)
Witcher 3 is amazing love it. Hope there will be a 4.
강JavaDog (14 days ago)
I would personally rank Persona 5 as first and Witcher 3 as second.
Grandtimelord (14 days ago)
I agree my friend.
Vintage Turquoise (15 days ago)
It's funny that half of the list is not even considered Rpg. Skyrim, Kingdom Come, Divinity and Dark Souls 3 should be there.
Devon Mans (15 days ago)
Hahaha I love how some people get so emotional about an opinion! I'm I the only one that thinks AC Origins was epic? Haven't even seen it mentioned once in the comments so far???
TRENDY BADASS (16 days ago)
Bloodborne should have been on top
deni sherlock (16 days ago)
Don't get me wrong The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece. But i don't think the game is a fully blown RPG compared to games like Skyrim or Diablo 3
MultiHadex (17 days ago)
Persona 5 was goty the year it got released
zKingArthur7777z (17 days ago)
I like the list but Horizon should be at #10 or lower. Nier Automata was far better and you don’t even include it in your top 10, very disappointed. You even said it in your video, Horizon is a solid game but overall very lackluster. It has very polished gameplay but not even close to being as enjoyable as any of the rest of the games in your top 10. But overall nice list, I think that way too many people overrate Horizon. It’s a good game but not really that awesome to be on anyone’s top 10 list. There are far better games. Every single one of your games on this top are better than Horizon and games like Ni No Kuni or Nier are also better. But cheers, and thanks for the effort. Please stop overrating Horizon, it has crisp gameplay keep it in a top 15 or top 20 but stop saying it’s that good because it really isn’t.
I think Dragons Dogma and some Dark Souls should be in the top 10
Scooter Blalock (18 days ago)
Why isn't Skyrim on the list? To obvious? No Fallout 4?
James TwentySeven (18 days ago)
The only game that can beat The Witcher 3 will be Cyberpunk 2077
huskytzu (18 days ago)
James TwentySeven i don’t think it will. It’s first person eww
Shingi N (18 days ago)
The Witcher 3 !!!!!!!!
ShionShinigami (19 days ago)
Witcher 3, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, NieR Automata, Nioh, Monster Hunter World, God of War, Shadow of Mordor&War, Skyrim, FF XV, Persona 5, Dragon Age Inquisition
Olaf The Mighty (8 days ago)
ShionShinigami Your list is correct. Not sure what this guy on the vid is smoking
Yaki Clone (20 days ago)
#1 and one of the best games ever made....... Mad Max
huskytzu (18 days ago)
Yaki Clone except it’s boring
Joel Rosario (20 days ago)
Wow I really agree with a lot in this video. I wasn't expecting to agree with this so much. I, of course, would switch some things around per preference. 1. Persona 5 (while I can see a case for the witcher I just think this is a perfect JRPG where the Witcher 3 is a near perfect western RPG 2. Bloodborne (again, executes it's formula perfectly) 3. The Witcher 3 4. Monster Hunter World 5. Horizon Zero Dawn 6. Nier Automata 7. Undertale 8. Diablo 3 9. Final Fantasy 14 10. Odin Sphere Games I had a hard time leaving off of the list Yakuza 0 and 6 Divinity Original Sin
waibelr (20 days ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn, while a good game, is not an RPG. Really by any stretch of the imagination. It's an action adventure game.
Army of Ninjas (2 days ago)
waibelr Lies.
Michael Coffey (20 days ago)
Hell of a good list :). It's why I went Sony in the PS1 and stay Sony it has the rpg jrpg line up's I love with just enough platforming, racing and such as well.
SanCheezy (26 days ago)
I can’t say bloodborne is better than HZD I’m sorry
mph seti (27 days ago)
Do any of these games have turn-based combat? ARPG's are fun, I'm a big fan of several...But, IMO, a true RPG isn't at all about fast fingers and reflexes.
Austin Hall (26 days ago)
mph seti persona 5 is entirely turned base and honestly it’s the best game on this list.
Pokemon Trainer (29 days ago)
U didn't even mention mass effect or dragon age !?!?
Majeed Abdul (1 month ago)
The best RPG is secretely Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Obviously a joke
Siraj Saad (1 month ago)
Bloodborn is shit
Siraj Saad (1 month ago)
It is to hard
Amber_pops133 lee (1 month ago)
Kingdom hearts 1.5+2.5 HD Remaster
Emad Al -Lawati (1 month ago)
Too bad we don't have much of turn based rpgs on ps4
Furkan Keskin (1 month ago)
I wanted to see RPGs, come on..
Michael Russell (1 month ago)
I see you missed Dark souls 1 :0
RegularJedi (1 month ago)
I actually think Witcher 3 is so boring I played maybe 7 hours I tried to like it but I hated it
samuel Esquivel (17 days ago)
The game its really fun, the movement and battle are not that great but its ok, but the enviroment and the character and also the story is very interesting and fun, what is getting me a little trouble is the RPG stuff, but im getting there, i never play an RPG game before so you would understand, i have played the begining of oblivion and I didnt like it i felt no motivation on it, in the other hand with the witcher i do
huskytzu (18 days ago)
RegularJedi it’s okay to not like it. Tw3 requires time and investment to like it. And shit gets good after the half mark or whatever. With just 7 hours in u saw barely the tip of the iceberg
Witcher wouldn't be my personal pick, but I could definitely see it being number 1 for a lot of people. Thing is, I dunno if I'd really call HZD an RPG. Monster Hunter is borderline, but I feel like that's almost its own genre at this point. Also, no NieR Automata, Atelier, Blue Reflection, Tales of Berseria...?
DarkAssassin (1 month ago)
For all you idiots complaining. IT'S HIS OPINION. "We countdown our favourite role-playing games" SMH
Dobby #FreeElf (17 days ago)
Witcher 3 in a nutshell Reviewer who played the game: omg best game 10/10 Random twat who saw the review but hasn’t played the game: omg I’m cool so best game 10/10
Jim Harkin (1 month ago)
Hmm we have different ideas of what a rpg is.
vichet Mam (1 month ago)
Witcher 3 is the best !! :D
Karis Selmon (2 months ago)
I was walking to some coworkers, and when they asked me what games I like, I told them rpg games. But they have absolutely no idea what rpg games are, so how do I explain it to them?
C. Shabaiash (6 days ago)
Find new friends at work. And don't explain rpgs.
huskytzu (18 days ago)
Karis Selmon tell them to google it ez
HighNoon (2 months ago)
I'm sorry monster hunter, Diablo 3, bloodbourn? You lost all cred with me. If you like a grind and not a fantastic fantasy RPG that has tons to explore, puzzles to solve, gear to get and upgrade, caves, dungeons, towns, and tons of side quests and mini games then you can have your bloodboring. Even God of war is more of a RPG than those games.
Jason dp (6 days ago)
C. Shabaiash rpg games jrpg
C. Shabaiash (6 days ago)
What do you play?
huskytzu (18 days ago)
Invizable99 isn’t rpg translates to role playing games. Where u “role play” as the character u want?
Jason dp (26 days ago)
Invizable99 ppl still play Diablo
jhgnlex (2 months ago)
The witcher 3 SUCKS ASS!
fernando perez (2 months ago)
Where tf is Nioh
mellowman1978 (2 months ago)
Pillars of Eternity? Divinity Original Sin? Nier Automata? I don't disagree with your list, but maybe you should've done a top 15 or 20. Hell Dragon's Crown Pro is out now as well.
mellowman1978 (26 days ago)
I think it is. Most people who like rpgs like it.
Jason dp (26 days ago)
mellowman1978 pillars any good
Jay Draws (2 months ago)
God of war!
James Norman (2 months ago)
Persona 5 background music :D
kemyt fajny (3 months ago)
Where is SKYRIM?
Rhaegar Targaryen (3 months ago)
Just purchased The Witcher 3 game of the year edition for £15 .that's a steal , check out ps store guys if u want it 🤗
KA6'EM (3 months ago)
Witcher 3 Persona 5 Yakuza 0 if it is RPG Horizon Ni no kuni 2 Nier Automata
KA6'EM (1 month ago)
Jason dp ni no kuni 2 good but persona 5 great
Jason dp (1 month ago)
KA6'EM I’m might go with the Witcher all the dlc looks pretty good I just like anime wanted some advice
KA6'EM (1 month ago)
Jason dp I didn't played the first one, only 2
Jason dp (1 month ago)
KA6'EM have u played Ni no kuni
KA6'EM (1 month ago)
Jason dp so far Witcher my top rpg
Cain (3 months ago)
Skyrim Remastered??
Want Game Hacks? Well then Vist Google For "Crustygames4u". There You Will Find Many Hacks For Games.
Jordonius Gaming (12 hours ago)
Landon Bruce these are all spam accounts
Landon Bruce (1 day ago)
Thanks buddy
Derek Dudley (3 months ago)
Amazing Finally worked well
Adolf Hitler (3 months ago)
Most of these barely qualify as RPGs, they are more ARPGs if anything.
Nur Fitri (3 months ago)
I’m ok with this list, but i do think Nier Automata should be in top 10. 😊😊😊
Hamza Khairi (1 month ago)
Antonino Pollina they also left out ffxv
Antonino Pollina (3 months ago)
While I feel Nier is a bit overrated, I have to say this list is bullshit. They put odin sphere and final fantasy realm reborn and left out so many better games, like Nier, Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dark souls 3... this is just a click bait poorly designed.
Mike (3 months ago)
Fallout 4?
LEX (14 days ago)
Mike really? 😂😂
Phrema (3 months ago)
HZD as an RPG? LOL.
beutelratte 888 (3 months ago)
Fallout4 is my 1. Place
Aaron Tyrrell (3 months ago)
Mgs V
Gökhan Gödek (1 month ago)
Aaron Tyrrell is not rpg
Gummycore Gamer (3 months ago)
Good list of good games, but personally I wouldn't call half of these games "RPG", unless you also consider FIFA 18, Everybody's Golf, COD, Tetris or Microsoft Excel as "RPG".
Kripto's Corner (6 hours ago)
Gummycore Gamer someone is a salty pc player.
Solidus Prime (3 months ago)
Ys 8
HopOnTheHype (3 months ago)
Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Ni no Kuni 2, Nier Automata, Persona 5, Disgaea 5, Divinity: Original Sins 1, Tides of Numenera, The Witcher 3, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, The Banner Saga 1 and 2, Chroma Squad, Horizon Zero Dawn, Oceanhorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Mount & Blade: Warband, Grand Kingdom, World of Final Fantasy, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, FFXV, Final Fantasy Type-O HD, Citizens of Earth, Apotheon, Star Trek: Bridge Crew (in vr), Werewolves Within (vr), Sherlock Holmes games, Skulls of the Shogun, Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana, Domina, The Count Lucanor, Mordheim: City of the Damned, XCOM 2, The Technomancer, ELEX, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, This War of Mine, Cosmic Star Heroine, Secret of Mana Remake, Sword Art Online games, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, I Am Setsuna, The Escapists 2, The Council, etc I don't consider bloodborne, the surge, god eater, transistor, vermintide 1 and 2, dark souls 3, nioh, and monster hunter world rpg but they are good. I'd have to include games like resi 7 and gravity rush remastered/2 as rpg if those games were rpg.
HopOnTheHype (6 days ago)
Yup youp
Jason dp (6 days ago)
HopOnTheHype was Ni no kuni 2 any good
HopOnTheHype (17 days ago)
I mean that'd just be stuff like Persona, Yakuza, etc. Will list some others you haven't confirmed played. Gravity Rush series, Danganronpa series, The Evil Within series, The Banner Saga series, Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter World, Nier Automata, Zero Escape series, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nex Machina (couch co op), Disgaea 5, Chroma Squad, Shiness, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (multiplayer and not sure on the activity, I pc it), Crawl (for couch co op), Trine 2 (couch co op), a few devolver digital games, Nioh, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Dead Nation (couch co op), Warhammer Vermintide, Valkyria Chronicles, Ratchet and Clank, Guilty Gear series, Thumper (though only played in vr, haven't tried without), Until Dawn, Towerfall Ascension (couch co op), Transistor, Apotheon, Valiant Hearts, etc. A few of those games are on the shorter end but none are like insultingly short or anything, just some indie games, towerfall ascension doesn't have too many levels though but it's fun if you have someone to play with you on the couch with 2 controllers. Danganronpa is a disgustingly underappreciated series, same with Zero Escape, Gravity Rush, and Banner Saga.
Jason dp (17 days ago)
HopOnTheHype whats your top 10 games on ps4
HopOnTheHype (17 days ago)
Keep in mind I was just listing rpg style games, if you want a more complete list I can probably make one for you.
Nerd Cave (3 months ago)
The witcher > the rest
Jonathan Castillo (2 days ago)
The witcher 3 have a big problem, your main quest its save ciri from the wild hunt, but you have all the time for looking for her, I mean its a race between you and the wild hunt
GamingVest (7 days ago)
Essere Umano Turn based combat does not make it less epic, the combat in The Witcher 3 is not very refined and I would argue the worst aspect of it. Persona 5 while disguised as just a school life game has many underlying themes that are prevalent in modern society and as a whole it is a much more relatable story. There are also epic world affecting moments in the game so it's not just relegated to the school setting, it also has a great time management aspect that opens itself to multiple playthroughs and it features fleshed out characters that you want to get invested into and watch as they develop as people. The game also had great symbolism as well as historic references that when thought about in the context of where they appear is just brilliant.
Essere Umano (7 days ago)
GamingVest what?not even comparable.....The Witcher 3 is serious,Big ,epic,Emotional and Beliveble....Persona 5 is very interesting jrpg....But it's a Jrpg...turn-based combat,school childood setting always present....And....no way....The Witcher 3 is still the best....
GamingVest (2 months ago)
Nerd Cave Nah, Persona 5 is much better
TheGopnikPrince (3 months ago)
HMMMMMM, I find it very interesting that every gaming channel like Push Square, gameranx, MrMattyPlays and others suddenly talk about "sence of progression" with different terms for it, this has only one explanation, it is a conspiracy, and not only is it a conspiracy to make games better but they are TURNING THE FRIGGIN FROGS GAY!!!!!!
Admyr 6 (3 months ago)
You put witcher 3 above Persona 4 and Bloodborne? Seriously?
Jupiter Astronaut (24 days ago)
It’s his opinion as he says in the beginning of the video
Glorious Mustard (26 days ago)
Bloodborne over Witcher 3? How old are you? 12?
Victor Abysswalker (1 month ago)
King Savage Bloodborne is awesome! Taste is Taste, Kid!
Jay Renninger (1 month ago)
Admyr 6 name some
Admyr 6 (2 months ago)
Jay Renninger they have rpg double as good as witcher my friend.
Admyr 6 (3 months ago)
What's with Dragon Quest XI?? It's getting a western release
NatClax (3 months ago)
FFXIV: stormblood... arr was over 3 years ago, still the base game, but it’s worth getting stormblood as it comes will all previous games with it...
79Dtrain (3 months ago)
Your name is Sammy ? 😲 I swear you were always saying Sonny lol That aside love the content as always man 👍
steve m (3 months ago)
sadly, Western RPG's are few and far between these days. i imagine this is because of the production time they take.
Jordonius Gaming (12 hours ago)
GamingVest do you see how evident your bias is? Got some thicc bias boi.
GamingVest (2 months ago)
steve m It's mainly because western games are all shitty shooters, PS4 is marking the rise of JRPGs again which are easily the best genre
Maverick (3 months ago)
The PS4 really needs more Western RPGs. Oh, and HZD, though being an fantastic game, isn't even an RPG to begin with.
Glorious Mustard (26 days ago)
Hahahaha it's not an rpg? so what is it then? hahaha
fartswallower666 (1 month ago)
How is it not a real RPG? Because it isn't full of corny Japanese influence?
Spicy Meat'a Balla (2 months ago)
Youre a legitimate idiot if you say HZD isn't an RPG
HopOnTheHype (3 months ago)
How is Horizon Zero Dawn not an rpg? It's got item management, crafting, dialogue options, leveling up, etc. It's literally as much an rpg as mass effect is. More so than something like bloodborne. Also you just need to play more games like yakuza 0, gravity rush, persona 5, etc. Though I do think divinity original sin 2 should be on ps4.
Alex K (3 months ago)
Hey guys. The Witcher 3 is the best game ever made. Buy It its cheap right now!
Kripto's Corner (6 hours ago)
You have to forgive the anti social crowd. Theses types of people see someone say something is good and they do their best to hate it and claim it’s trash. Honestly if people actually believe witcher 3 isn’t one of the best games in the past 20 years then their lying or they play too much fortnite.
dalton yates (1 day ago)
Ocarina of time is the best game ever made
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (14 days ago)
Iceman0113 agreed, I couldn't even finished the game. The combat are mediocre at best.
Iceman0113 (15 days ago)
The game had great potential but the execution is lacking. Just the mechanics of the character alone make it subpar and frustrate someone to the point of not playing . I’ve put hrs in the game and it feels like your getting nowhere .
kenneth mejer (1 month ago)
Just bought it and I'm not impressed.. the action and combat... where is it?
Boomstick Gaming (3 months ago)
"except most books have never looked this good" Rofl WHAT! Nice one
MrPaddy197719 (3 months ago)
The Witcher 3 will be beaten by Cyberpunk 😁
MEDO PW (6 days ago)
Actually Cyberpunk is not realesed Yet so Nobody knows if its good or no
Essere Umano (7 days ago)
souls borne overrated what?The Witcher 3?I am 35 years old,playng by when i was 6 with my Nes,And Sega MS,my Dos Pc.....And The Witcher 3 is still the best game i ever played....Underrated,becouse a shitty american Ign gave a 9.3 of rate like a random ugly CoD..Becouse Cd Project are Polish ..The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece from 2015....Epic,Big,Emotional,Mature,dark,Beliveble and serious....come back to play Minecraft...
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (14 days ago)
The Witcher 3 is overrated. I couldn't even finished the game, lose interest because the combat really sucks.
Scooter Blalock (18 days ago)
I dont think it will beat The Withcher 3 but I do think it will be an epic game. I'm going to buy it day one. Looks incredible!
huskytzu (18 days ago)
souls borne for real the combat is shit in tw3
Sike ckfitz (3 months ago)
My favourite RPG game is Fallout 4
TOASTEDGOOCH (3 days ago)
Homeless Emperor damn relax lmao
Homeless Emperor (7 days ago)
EGF4Z34TT4CK Multiplayer game? Hell no bitch
EGF4Z34TT4CK (9 days ago)
Wait untill you get your hands on fallout 76!
Garrido Silva (26 days ago)
Me too
Gökhan Gödek (1 month ago)
Gtav is not rpg
where is nioh fu man dissupscraub
Juri Narukami (3 months ago)
Horizon zero dawn is boring, the main character is less charismatic than a chair and the story is plain bad (too feminist for me). It's probably one of the most overrated games ever.. And Persona 5 is fine, but it pales in comparison with Persona 3 and 4, where your actions have actually some importance. In persona 5 it doesn't matter what you choose to say, because the other are always to end up responding the same thing, no matter what. And I get the style of the game and all that, but some textures are just embarrasing (their resolution is just..... pathetic). Still, I prereserved and I got the collectors edition because I'm just a huge Persona fan (I have Persona 3 and 4 for the ps2, Persona Q for the 3ds, Persona 4 Dancing all night and Persona 4 golden for the Vita and Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax for the ps3). Anyway, nice list. I'll try Yakuza 6.
Chris Dean (1 day ago)
Juri Narukami I'm really interested in what game you think is good or the best. If you think horizon its a bad game :D
Army of Ninjas (2 days ago)
This dude is an incel.
Aderyn (21 days ago)
"too feminist" that might be the most pathetic thing i've ever read
SanCheezy (26 days ago)
Sound like a hater
HisokaTheMasochist (1 month ago)
Juri Narukami Thinks being different makes them noticeable lmao, the options in persons 5 puts the others to shame, sorry but old persona games don’t hold up well at all these days. Horizon was feminist? Wtf just because it has a female main character like literally there’s nothing screaming feminism from the game for normal people
Antti Kokko (3 months ago)
What about EOS?
Push Square (3 months ago)
It's 24th in our extended list: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/03/guide_the_best_ps4_rpgs - Sammy
The Majestic Spider (3 months ago)
The Witcher 3 for life.
Chris Dean (1 day ago)
The Majestic Spider Before I watched the video I new I'd see in the comments so faggot loving wither 3 comment. The game was trash.
MEDO PW (6 days ago)
True, I Love The Witcher Series of Games And Book’s
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (14 days ago)
John Tabor (15 days ago)
Great game but was more of a play twice game to me unlike Skyrim or something.
l4dknight17 (1 month ago)
King Savage fag
Rohith Maddini (3 months ago)
Awesome titles!
Agnik Halder (3 months ago)
Great list... Has all of my favorites!
danterikxx (3 months ago)
Where's NieR Automata?
Swinglow (8 days ago)
l4dknight17 your mouth speaks where your mind is
Carleton LeGrant (18 days ago)
I saw the Extended List For me Ni No Kuni 2 is the Best JRPG/RPG I have played this Gen
l4dknight17 (1 month ago)
GamingVest gayyyyyy
GamingVest (2 months ago)
King Savage you wouldn't know a good game if it bit you on the ass
King Savage (2 months ago)
danterikxx its trash

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