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10 Little GTA 5 Things You Probably Didn't Notice

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There's a lot of awesome things about GTA 5 that we totally love. But here are ten little things you probably never noticed. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv *Written and recorded by Andrew Gebbia
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gameranx (1 year ago)
This was fun to make. Let us know what games you'd like to see us point out the little things in!
knicks xx giants (1 month ago)
The Ripper (4 months ago)
gameranx you put IGN to shame
They have oil lets go (5 months ago)
Moon (8 months ago)
assassin's creed
Mohd Qayamuddin khan (8 months ago)
renos harizonas tarka
Rhett Gibbons (2 days ago)
If your girlfriend dumps you, you cry
United Divisions (2 days ago)
3 years hold my beer
Gaming with Marco (3 days ago)
Who watching in 2018??
i do too
PixelatedGameplays (7 days ago)
"number nine!!!"
iiBluecupcakez (8 days ago)
THE DRUNK THING work in single player only on trevor tho lol just sayinm
chelsea cheyenne (8 days ago)
If you walk on the beach and then on a beach towel it leaves foot prints from the sand 😂 just saying
Mankaran Singh (10 days ago)
also, Cars run out of petrol/diesel after driving long for time.
Dave Lee (10 days ago)
Whos watching on 2018 and saying, "yeah the player base is still huge" lol. Rockstar is in no hurry for GTA 6.
Magnum Gaming (11 days ago)
Sooo detailing sweat on shirts makes a game real.. Sure, lets forget that tanks and rockets cant destroy a simple vending machine....
Christopher McDonough (12 days ago)
One detail I was waiting for was a flash flood.
Abang LGaming (13 days ago)
I Crash A Tree And Go Out Through The Window And Wasted
Jason Bane (14 days ago)
5 years ago now
Kyle Marriott (14 days ago)
Chris Pratt narrates videos now?
Rawli Ringor (14 days ago)
Police officers also shoot at people that are trying to attack you but you can’t hit them and make sure that the police officers sees them hit you to start shooting
Teralcraft (15 days ago)
in the very begining of the Game Trevor looks like Ron Jeremy
jatt boyz singh (15 days ago)
Gta 5 is best
Nicholas Corton (15 days ago)
U mean 4 yars coz u was in december of 2016
DownShot (16 days ago)
GTA IV Physics + GTA V graphics (or better) = GTA VI
Sin2x (17 days ago)
Vending machine scene was intense.
Adnane Azami (18 days ago)
you don't fuck with trees, they're older stronger and probably smarter than you. -gameranx
Princess Karma (19 days ago)
I only just realised today that Michael doesn't actually have a shower that we can see in his house
guardians of magic (19 days ago)
I have made the ceding thing run out during RP (role play) not the other one
YO MAMA BOYFRIEND (20 days ago)
Link (21 days ago)
5 years and GTA 5 is still not dead I mean TF2 is still alive after 11 years so it makes sense
I knew Number 8
cody mccollum (24 days ago)
I just let off the gas and they turn kust fine forget the e brake lol
DJ Pup53 (25 days ago)
Just imagine gta 8
Mrmcmeme 9000 (28 days ago)
i know this video was made in 2016 but there was a thing you didn't know you can actually can black out in the story mode too if you drink too much but it is pretty hard to do but you could do it i did it before with franklin or michael so you could actually blackout in story mode too not in just online.
Madison Kohut (29 days ago)
Gta 4 story mode > gta 5 story mode
Timothy Schmidt (1 month ago)
You can drink your self to sleep as Trevor is the vanilla unicorn
Sanai Stewart (1 month ago)
Never seen a Tampa in gta
RedFoxPlayerHUN RFPH (1 month ago)
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (1 month ago)
5:20 It does trust me.
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (1 month ago)
1:56 😂😂😂 Ok I'll try
Xeno 2 Juneketsu (1 month ago)
1:37 K
AP (1 month ago)
Yeah, I still play it . Last time was an hour ago. My most played game probably.
snoookie456 (1 month ago)
When I first watched Westworld I thought it was just another sci-fi "machines are gonna kill us" conspiracy bullshit, but when I first played GTA V and saw what Rockstar is capable of, I actually got concerned. This game is too realistic. And there are many others even more so. The amount of stuff you can do in this game is just insane and the characters and AI are so well developed you actually get to experience that weird "holy shit, I just killed somebody" vibe throughout the game. Especially after I watched the alternate endings, since I obviously chose the "Deathwish" option... but man oh man, if you choose to kill Trevor... holy fuckin shit, it's dark...
Jeremy Thomas (1 month ago)
Chris Poindexter (1 month ago)
Kind of noticed #9 of leaves falling, didn't realize it came from collisions, pretty sure I noticed #4 pedestrians speed walking on crosswalks, may have seen #3 paint spraying and #2 grass patches a while ago, I mostly noticed #1 and really enjoyed it. Insane details 😃
Hysandel GT (1 month ago)
the drinking thing works on story only when trevor moves to thr strip club
son ant (1 month ago)
I'm still mad cars don't take much damage like GTA IV, makes gun fights less exciting
son ant (1 month ago)
JULIAN eat my ass
son ant (1 month ago)
Next huge multiplayer game? Uh no
Ripped Pheonix (1 month ago)
Who's ready for red dead redpemption 2
Ripped Pheonix (1 month ago)
1 like = 1 respect for the vending machine :'(
The Holder Of Demons (1 month ago)
#DontFuckWithTrees squad where ya at.
The Holder Of Demons (1 month ago)
JULIAN really?
El Nino (1 month ago)
If you go to another mission and you wanted the characters will shoot the cops
GAME ON (1 month ago)
I have a question in story mode when you go to switch characters what are the number for below there heads???
GAME ON (22 days ago)
DragonwinQ thanks so much that really helped
DragonwinQ (25 days ago)
GAMMING CENTRAL dont know if you already know but its the number of missions that are available for the character
DarkMassTV 1568 (1 month ago)
SD12 gaming (1 month ago)
the unlimited soda thing was in gta san
Ryan Sipe (1 month ago)
Sweller Squash (1 month ago)
it came out like 5 years ago now
James Isaac (1 month ago)
Please EA buy GTA give truckloads loads of money to rockstar North. No matter what please EA buy the IP.
Door kicker (1 month ago)
No10 is actually pointed out in the singleplayer campaign
Shaw-krow däshsabè (1 month ago)
none of these things are hard to figure out at all
Yell Font (1 month ago)
No lightweight, you are the only one who can drink yourself into the hospital. Stop putting every body who drinks in the same boat with you retard who shouldn't be drinking.
Jack of Shadows (2 months ago)
That thing with the leaves falling after you hit a tree? Try playing it on Ultra settings, full peds, full variety of peds, Max trafic, Max variety of traffic, etc..EVERYTHING turned up to Ultra MAX [I could do it on a GTX970 so on a 1080 it's even better], you WILL notice fkn small branches falling from trees as well as leaves.. IF you got a powerful enough rig to run the game on full settings. I'm sure an Xb1 s MIGHT be able to do it but I dunno since it's already been coded and Sony, M$ don't bother 'full tilting' games 5 years after release. And Mods? pft. Forget it. Oh wait.. I'm using a 200GB textures mod. THAT'S why it has so much detail. I think. And as for hoods flying off your car? GTAV, yeh? It's a game. This has happened to me and a coupla buddies driving thru the Mersey tunnel. The fucking hood [bonnet] actually flew up - was locked in place - in a narrow tunnel - under the Mersey River? that's the last thing you need because you CAN'T STOP YOUR CAR in that tunnel because of the high risks of crashes as there is almost always a winding bend in the road [going both ways] so you won't see cars ahead of you and wham! Massive pile-up. Anyway, I had to lean out the passenger side and give directions to my mate who was driving. That was fkn scary.. also, you're not s'posed to leave the windows open cos the carbon monoxide is seriously poisonous in an underground tunnel but obv if your car's bonnet has been blown up because some dick forget to lock it in place? [Mentioning no names... Peo] Like leaving the gas on but not lighting it... except it won't explode if you're smoking. That was seriously fkn scary at the time but looking back it was a laugh. Driving at 50mph then suddenly somebody puts a blindfold on you? And you have to drive from verbal instructions and looking at the walls? It's just ocurred to me that hanging out the car was a really dumb thing to do but how else could we know whether we were on the road? it was narrow af.
Spooky Skeleton (2 months ago)
Spooky Skeleton (1 month ago)
Jithin Krishna R (2 months ago)
RIP soda machine
too much detail
Landon Clapp (2 months ago)
Cigarettes may leave you with stained teeth
Claude Akel (2 months ago)
Gta sikth
Claude Akel (1 month ago)
JULIAN i don't care about anyone subscribing to my channel because i don't upload shiet
🤷🏼‍♂️Alfredo (2 months ago)
jutubaeh (2 months ago)
4:35 dön+ flörry... theyll möv. ^^
jutubaeh (2 months ago)
3:33 Geö möd nöt leihzäntßt büy löckstär ^ ^
jutubaeh (2 months ago)
trees ? sign pöles and trücks --.-- thöse dämn ´pöwR´ siGnz ^^
santz * (2 months ago)
santz * (1 month ago)
Alexander Stahberg (2 months ago)
Damn he didn’t live the idea of sodas running out
CreationZikaz (2 months ago)
Why try so *hard* to be funny? People are just looking for info, not a comedian. Everyone on youtube needs to be spunky now.
Comrade StepanKo (2 months ago)
Smartphone screen's brightness will lower if you enter a building
oh yeee (3 months ago)
Even just playing freerome and doing fun shit is awesome the game just doesn't get boring.
Shane TGP (3 months ago)
I don’t see the leaves cus I play old gen
ahmed Roham (3 months ago)
i couldnot afford how could i afford gta 6 lol
PrtyGbr (3 months ago)
Still can't get out of a car without shutting down the fuckin enginge.
R3DZ Cosmic (3 months ago)
*All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy**All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy* *All work and no play makes trevor a dull boy*
Josue Arechar (3 months ago)
You don’t fuck with trees 😂😂😂
Michal Jagielo (3 months ago)
1 thing you probably didn't notice is this game is fucking shit. Waste of 260 million dollars. If they have so much money to fuck up a game like this then damn. No wonder ppl are homeless and starving.
TheTTVCrew (3 months ago)
I was expecting to be dissapointed and talk shit, but hell. I'll be honest. "THIS" video was pretty imforming. Thank You
Freshprince Montana (3 months ago)
“You don’t fuck with trees “ 😂😂
HonestGamez (3 months ago)
*all work and no play makes Trev a dull boy*
Magic (3 months ago)
It's crazy it came out 5 years ago and it's still the #1 game
Jeremiah May (3 months ago)
That vollyball net fucked me up
wolverine mmmk (3 months ago)
The pins in a race cars hood are replacements for the hood latch. Not to say you can’t keep the latch and the pins but they are meant to replace the latch.
Breded (3 months ago)
for number 2, you wouldnt think its trippy because it would be normal
foreign warren (4 months ago)
i hope you can kidnap people in gta 6 and like make them get in cars and shit!!!
Memegalodon 8} (4 months ago)
You mean 5 years
Pk Purple (4 months ago)
u can also pass out when u hit the bong many times
Nockturnal29 (4 months ago)
You can see tail lights in the raindrops..
Kojo0tti z (4 months ago)
9 6 5 2 and 1 were new for me... Thanks
kailomonkey (4 months ago)
#9 just the One night?
Ananth Krishna (4 months ago)
0:22 5 was written
Anime Maze (4 months ago)
True i didnt knew this cuz i dont have the gaaaaame😂😂
mrwonderful7074 (4 months ago)
Nah you just wake up dead in a freezer...KJ
13braiden. bf (4 months ago)
People still play blackops2 it's been out longer than gta5
Debabrata Sarkar (4 months ago)
Good clickbait dude. I really thought there was a shining reference in there.
Erika Montero (4 months ago)
RIP vending machine hi
Erika Montero (4 months ago)
kid smith (4 months ago)
I beat a cod bo3 mission on regular with controller in hand had 2 play the whole mission when I woke up #realgamer games while sleeping
Aunt Jemima (4 months ago)
Liberty city is based of New York City...
Jömpa (4 months ago)
Manhattan is IN New York city.
Steve Folmz (4 months ago)
There is air in game!!!!111!!!!! Did you know that? N-n-n-next time you're playing look around you'll see it. Its everywhere!!!!1!!!1

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