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10 Little GTA 5 Things You Probably Didn't Notice

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There's a lot of awesome things about GTA 5 that we totally love. But here are ten little things you probably never noticed. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv *Written and recorded by Andrew Gebbia
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gameranx (1 year ago)
This was fun to make. Let us know what games you'd like to see us point out the little things in!
Dirty Pancakes (1 month ago)
you missed the realness of the flip flops when u walk
Joseph Pro Gamer (1 month ago)
saints row the third
knicks xx giants (4 months ago)
The Ripper (6 months ago)
gameranx you put IGN to shame
go commit die (7 months ago)
Chief Beef (1 hour ago)
So nobody's gonna talk about how surprisingly useless this was? Everybody already knows these things
J man (8 hours ago)
gameranx You should switch bodies with a real falcon bird.
HooDie - Gaming (2 days ago)
Im saying this comment was posted in 2019 but its from 2018 so like if your watching in 2007
Sydney Stander (3 days ago)
After trevor owns the strip club on single player he can drink till he pass out then he respawns in his office
ST gamer (3 days ago)
3:27 Micheal:Fuck You machine Vending machine:You can't do anything thing to me😂😂
People knows tht sweat come visible on no1
dublecrossgaming (3 days ago)
I tried it at home
Uncle Doge (4 days ago)
People take pictures of your vehicule when it is modified, even if its the engine only
Evan Yaun (5 days ago)
Numba 6
Evan Yaun (5 days ago)
Numba nine
Gaming4 Life (5 days ago)
Agent Shot (6 days ago)
This channel is an oasis in the middle of the clickbait-AllCapsTitle Top10 channel Desert. You deserve all your views and likes. I'm impressed.
Deadpool (6 days ago)
I am gonna take a potato chip and eat it !!!!!!
Drayek Broad (6 days ago)
No no no the pins are used for the ease of removing the hood because it's faster than going inside the car
Uncle Khamis (7 days ago)
Gta 6 is just san andreas remastered with better graphics and gameplay
YTGoBoom (8 days ago)
ill take a shot of vodka per like this comment gets
Lukey Dunleavy (8 days ago)
The narrator sounds like Chris Prat
AMAN1 V (8 days ago)
*Sees The Shining in the thumbnail* CLICKS IMMEDIATELY
Culo Ano (10 days ago)
You get a boner when ur at the striptease
Nash Wyatt (10 days ago)
I Allready Made Trevor to jack Torrance/Jack Nicholson’s
MrBlackout06 (12 days ago)
Ran into tennis net the other day...the thing didn't move.
Duckscito Master (13 days ago)
Nice reference to the shining :)
Maxie Waxie (14 days ago)
I think it is more realistic that the vending machine's plastic actually breaks if you kick it enough
darkknight (18 days ago)
Wow umm the title in the video say 5 things
Al_xz Games123 (18 days ago)
It Wong let me drink in GTA 5 as franklin in his home
Flykope (19 days ago)
0:57 subconscious number 9 gta reference?
Umair Javed (19 days ago)
I think I am click baited
rickameurs dragnir (19 days ago)
trevor is toilet in pant out and we can see his dick
Tofu And-Tofu (20 days ago)
I also noticed there are absolutely no kids. There are amusment parks, but you will never see a mother with a baby or a child or even a school. no schools in GTAs. It's funny cause in GTA V there are all sorts of animals, but no kids. Even Michael's children are teenagers/young adults and you never see them as kids in any sort of flashback or photo in the house.
Dexter Blake (21 days ago)
When M. goes to visit his therapist, when he sits on the couch the cushions take shape.
Oopsie Poopsie (21 days ago)
This was like cinemasins quality, as in it was shit
Cheezy Topqz (22 days ago)
I thought he said fuck that, not fun fact
michael craig (22 days ago)
2018. 5years my friend. Thats a tiny detail you missed.
GTA V is such a fancy game.
Nick Burchfield (23 days ago)
I seen that thumbnail and automatically got that was a mudvayne reference
DJ. MadHat (23 days ago)
Gta san andreas is still better
The sky is the limit (24 days ago)
About the alcohol one: when I started up with the game and I first got to Franklin's house I didn't know what to do and I couldn't find an objective. The only thing I found was the tutorial saying how to drink a bottle of beer. So I was chugging this beer expecting something to happen until I eventually passed out and woke up in my bed. So basically the first thing I did in GTA was dink myself into a coma.
Adrian (26 days ago)
Actually you can drink your self to death as franklin in his old house
Jesus Chimney (26 days ago)
Mafia is better story mode
nathan irlam (27 days ago)
so fuck off tanks
nathan irlam (27 days ago)
1 time when i shot a tank it exploded but in real life i think it dosent happen
Kiki (28 days ago)
i was the 52,000th liker lol
Z0rf (30 days ago)
Rockstar focuses on small details.
Mr . Rando (30 days ago)
I'm playing for 5 years
Robert Vojvodić (30 days ago)
Hide in hole GTA5, Battlefield 1942 is still played online, released in 2002! New games will never live that long, and you have to spend some real life $ for stay in game, that's not fun for my views...
KaiMon3y (30 days ago)
I hit a volleyball net and I passed away afterwards
itzsizahere 1 (1 month ago)
I just wasted $5000 dollars because of that volleyball net thing 😤😤😤😤
Manny Pardo (1 month ago)
if you try to take a prostitute into your car when a cop's nearby, prostitutes won't enter your car.
Dark Eagle (1 month ago)
Me too man, wake up in the hospital and be like "wtfk why i am here?
George Ace (1 month ago)
The online version has changed a lot since it first came out. I didn't play it for over a year till last week I went back and it's changed so much I didn't know what to do but that was ok. Was lvl 1 newbie with only basic pistol, some people helped me do a few mission things and glad they helped I didn't have a clue and would be impossible alone with a pop gun :) -- Gee I babble on with trivia ;-)
George Ace (1 month ago)
How many times has a mountain lion killed you? They got me lots of times while hunting. Can hear them growling just before they get you. Them and the sharks give me the creeps like I'm scared of the cartoon people LOL
kidd4406 (1 month ago)
I played as Trevor once and drank a lot of beer and passed out
Encrypted Encrypted (1 month ago)
5 years still an awesome game
seán whelehen (11 days ago)
Unspeakable Nobidora (1 month ago)
Colin Allen (1 month ago)
When I got on the vid a gta ad came up 🤣
vivek dwivedi (1 month ago)
Right gta 5 is awesome but gta 4 has given more importance then gta 5 on minor things
Z-Twinturbo (1 month ago)
NUMBER 6 : Holy Shit! My mind is BLOWN!! D:
Orc Man (1 month ago)
But it seemed like there was actually more to do in GTA 4.
Jhonny Klebitz (1 month ago)
I think gta 6 will be gta 5+gta 4
GuyCyber (1 month ago)
"A thriving online community," 😂😂
Smile Bomb (1 month ago)
I never knew there was spray cans
I don’t know if you know this but you can go to Trevor’s grave
Nipixel Gaming (1 month ago)
Trees will fuck you up boi
James T. (1 month ago)
2000th dislike!!
ImpossiblyOblivious (1 month ago)
Why don't we just make body armor out of volleyball nets? They'd be literally invincible
Christopher Simon (1 month ago)
That it is terrible online and rockstar are full of assholes! Worse than ea and Activision combined
WHY SO PRETTY SEULGI?! (1 month ago)
Dirty Pancakes (1 month ago)
the tampa is in the story mode js
Jar Jar Binks (1 month ago)
1. there are no kids
Demonic Sushi (1 month ago)
0:25 that's a BIG thing that's been in the game since the first release. when the game first came out, the tutorial tells you how to do it. IDIOTS
Elena Park (1 month ago)
Um I think you can get black out drunk I tried it works when playing as Trevor if you go to his bar I did get black out drunk but I dint spawn at the hospital I went to Trevor's bed
cutoverspice (1 month ago)
welp i should of never took my gta5 back to gamestop :(
ptlofts (1 month ago)
LegacySnipes 360 (1 month ago)
I know something you didn't add, there is a camera on his dick because how does he look down and not see his stomach?
Vladimir Duran (1 month ago)
You can do it in story mode but as Trevor in the strip club
Daiva Melingyte (1 month ago)
i noticed number 2 before watching this
Diego's game stuff (1 month ago)
If you have a club and you take Mary Beth whiskey you black out
So basically its like i was trashed last night fifty beers in my body
You don’t fuck the trees the trees fuck you
Chief plays roblox :D (1 month ago)
you can get hurt if you ride a bike to long
Steel City Show (1 month ago)
My neighbor as a kid hit a spray paint can with a axe LMAO it was green spray paint and his face got painted he looked like the hulk after it was said and done I'll never forget that day
lol 😂😂 stupid guy
Yellow Jell-O (29 days ago)
Steel City Show Lol
jahel The gamer (1 month ago)
Red dead redemption 2
fleasuasu2 (1 month ago)
i know the nets hard like a tree i have played gta 5 since i was 7 im 10 now
WILDCAT GAMING (1 month ago)
midi-clhorian gaming (1 month ago)
There are orange trees to the north at the tree farm and only about 2 or 3 trees that have oranges fall off when you run into them.
Logan’s juicy memes (1 month ago)
Great video
Jack.E Johnson (1 month ago)
Newb (1 month ago)
I am from the future and your prediction is correct. Your welcome.
TaZer (1 month ago)
0:19 FAAV OR TEN?!
Kenny (1 month ago)
when you're standing on top of a moving train your clothes will be moving in the wind
SlipshodDonkey7 (1 month ago)
If you go into yours or your friends night club and drink some drinks, you will spon in different locations in the map, like the bathroom, the golf course, and even where the homeless people live under neath the highway
Grant Pantling (1 month ago)
Hood pins are purely for ease of popping or taking off your hood. Everyones hood latch can handle "high" speeds
JLR 96 (1 month ago)
Shows and talks about leafs falling down puts a click of him crashing leafs don’t fall
Mati Boy (1 month ago)
I only dindt know off that L2 thing
oli5 zocker5 (1 month ago)
The life is a good game Too.
Bert Gumble (1 month ago)
Don't clickbait Trevor over Jack Torrance's writings. Manipulative bs.
Danny Snitzky (1 month ago)
Is this video a joke?
dem dank memes (1 month ago)
It's been 5 years almost 6

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