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Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4 in Minecraft Part 7 - Map Showcase

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Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4 in Minecraft Part 7 - Map Showcase The finale!! Brute Boris dies!! Thanks for 5k subs!!! Bonus Part tomorrow!! :D
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ZeroHydro (5 months ago)
Thank you all for 5,000 subscribers!! That is insane!! Thank you all for sticking through this journey with me!! Bonus episode tomorrow!!
Keaw Tierney (4 months ago)
BendyPlayz why’s your birthday today you are the only girl
Andy Weaver (4 months ago)
BendyPlayz asscdcfff
Seamus Healey (4 months ago)
BendyPlayz I
PAULO SILVA (4 months ago)
BendyPlayz bg fbrbg
Suzy Hernandez (4 months ago)
Андрэ Захар no se me kita no
John Coady (1 month ago)
.......... AMAIZING
joe studios (2 months ago)
Rip bor no steve
Sulercoolgirly 11 (2 months ago)
Im rlly sad cuz Boris is dead in chapiter 4 i cried he was rlly nice to us 😔😳😟😧
Sulercoolgirly 11 (2 months ago)
Good job
Michael Galvez Alegria (2 months ago)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
otázničkár ?? (3 months ago)
Emiliano Herrera 10 (3 months ago)
Long Nguyen (3 months ago)
hi lol
Robyn Armstrong72 (4 months ago)
You can't do anything now that early on the recording she can make it real long part with the atom are so freaking lazy
ZeroHydro (4 months ago)
R.I.P boris 2018/2018 He was a good firend /how he died:he died two times and then died again)
Ink Bendy Gaming (4 months ago)
Alva Daviovitd (4 months ago)
Trickshot Gamer (4 months ago)
Alison is the sword girl nto Tom
Mr GreenTM (4 months ago)
Очень отлично, отменно ты сделал весьма отлично дай изволь скачать карту изволь.
Neko Ink Sans (4 months ago)
This is like a nutshell but not bad
Shannon Engineering (4 months ago)
I like your videos bendyplayz
Robert George (4 months ago)
best bendy minecraft guy ever!
toy freddy (4 months ago)
Bendyplayz you HAPPY bendy and The ink machine chapter 5 coming
Bunea 7 Brunel (4 months ago)
Yes the finale
JordanCskywalker ! (4 months ago)
Red Dragon (4 months ago)
Wtf is this shit? I came here from A Lorechirck video
ZeroHydro (4 months ago)
turn back TURN BACK!!!
Freddyfaz Boy126 (4 months ago)
Poor boris
depressed man (4 months ago)
ok do it without the GUIs
Sarah O'brien (4 months ago)
So cool.
So cool 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😎😎😎😎😑
Soy Aslan Macias (4 months ago)
GoldenBoys3 (4 months ago)
Good vid👍
Wanda Mb (4 months ago)
F i n a l l y . s o m e t h i n g. G o o d!! :D
MOMO (4 months ago)
Hey man can you please upload that map for pc? i want to download it :D
2:34 wat
Baldi More (4 months ago)
BendyPlayz plz do an extra episode of chapter 4 in minecraft
Bohdan_ RBLX (4 months ago)
I Missed The Bendy Skin :(
Luke Ching (4 months ago)
That's a player
CrowIelyRblX (5 months ago)
THAT WAS An Amazing video!! Keep up the good work :D
Loriann Benoit (5 months ago)
I got a question from last video why are all the pictures in the room where we fight Boris why do all the pictures have spooky scary skeletons on it
the Santana bunch (4 months ago)
Loriann Benoit good point thow aoch
EVOKER518 BRODY (5 months ago)
PLUSHY (5 months ago)
RobloxHelper (5 months ago)
Shannon Engineering (4 months ago)
Marko Djordjevic (5 months ago)
A im subscribe you bendyplayz
Katie Knobl (5 months ago)
no ink demon
ZeroHydro (5 months ago)
*No Escape.* :P
SLEEPY CAPPY GAMING (5 months ago)
S: 5 E: 1 coming soon friends!
SLEEPY CAPPY GAMING (5 months ago)
i feel bad for boris i an sad
ßrŷãñ 2099 (5 months ago)
Wow this was amazing
BorisPlayz (5 months ago)
Aarom Bautista (5 months ago)
Did u just *SWEAR* In 1:58
ZeroHydro (5 months ago)
I said “Oh jeez, he just hit the chandelier”
Stefi 2018 (5 months ago)
Nice minecraft map showcase ❤❤❤
Chloe Bagwell (5 months ago)
good job zee :))
devlin's stacon tv (5 months ago)
You are my number two YouTuber. love your videos.
Bendy (5 months ago)
Jihan TGM (5 months ago)
Why a bonus?
L Waugh (5 months ago)
Do chapter 5 when it comes out
Cool video bendyplayz
Luke Boi (5 months ago)
Yay u made a new logo
Dimis Kizos (5 months ago)
Cool video
Freddy's Life (5 months ago)
awesome video
Atlas Gaming studio (5 months ago)
I really like your vids 😃
New Sub
Toy_ Mangle (5 months ago)
And i have one more question. How do you make the photos at the end of your videos?
Toy_ Mangle (5 months ago)
Hey bendy i love yoir videos! And i have a question could you do a Q&A plzzzz! And if u do here is my question,what apps do you use to edit and make your videos?
ZeroHydro (5 months ago)
You’re very welcome!!
Toy_ Mangle (5 months ago)
BendyPlayz no problem and thank you sooo much bendy!
ZeroHydro (5 months ago)
I use an app called Splice. It’s free on the App Store!! Thanks for the kind words Alice :P
Kit_ Kat460 (5 months ago)
Oh wait
Kit_ Kat460 (5 months ago)
Great Job On 5K! And Also This Was Amazing!!!
Silver Svihel (5 months ago)
AlexGaming HD (5 months ago)
Well done for hitting 5.000 subscribers dude :)
Scαrecrσω (5 months ago)
I'm waiting for that bonus episode though. ;)
mikdii_23 mikdii (5 months ago)
Steve killed his friend
jonny tubbie boris2 (5 months ago)
Is the bonus Episode jonathan vs bendy
Geralds World (5 months ago)
Cool vid
BorisPlayz (5 months ago)
hold up wait a minute all good just a week ago, on the radio that’s my favourite song make me bounce around like I won’t be here long now the thrill is gone, got no patience cause I’m not a doctor, girl why is you lien, why u mufasa, yeah mecasa sucasa got a strippet like gasa, got so high of volcanoes, now the floor is so lava, yeah we spit this saliva iphones got message from viber, although that head is so hydra, we let bygones be bygones, I’ll take that as a compliment got a house full of homies why I feel so theee opposite.
bobr borys i gangi (5 months ago)
you change a lot snice i was gone you knowe why i was gone bcuz i was moving to my new house
BorisPlayz (5 months ago)
Goin’ to the Lodge! The great Wolf Lodge!
Cryptical (5 months ago)
5K SUBS!!!!
BorisPlayz (5 months ago)
*Geez Boris, You Can Take Some Hits!*
Mateja Gamer (5 months ago)
Congradolation on 5k subs!
Do funny moments with the skins
Love you
SANS the skeleton (5 months ago)
Do part 8 and in the part 8 bendy turns into normal and real and good alice comes
Get those ankles broke corrupted Boris!! 0:49
Nice new profile
alex the demon (5 months ago)
yay another video!
Batim Gamer101 (5 months ago)
Amazing 👍👍👍
Bradley Roche (5 months ago)
Eliana Díaz Arenas (5 months ago)
Únete https://youtu.be/addme/vRZvtlmyy1pywUYSlEjoKRpolPc_rQ
Yay Cool Allison
Final Chapter 5 Coming Soon
Ahmet kara (5 months ago)
Finally! It's out!

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