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NEW Fortnite Switch Rumours! E3 Reveal Happening?!

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Fortnite is rumored to be revealed at E3 with Switch exclusive contend coming in some form! We are all very excited about Fortnite potentially coming to our favorite console and these new rumors only fuel the fire. Let us know what YOU think in the comments below! Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/04/rumour_fortnite_could_be_headed_to_switch_with_exclusive_features_and_content Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (678)
The Raven (2 months ago)
Blo bloooow boooooooom
the big hotshot 1243 (2 months ago)
Hey when will fortnite be on Nintendo switch
Prezi Gamer (3 months ago)
I don’t want it
DehmWard (3 months ago)
What do you guys think. will Fortnite switch to the switch. Yes, or no?
Crazyfireball 808 (1 month ago)
Dehm Ward yes
Daisy and Harry (3 months ago)
The zombies are called husks because I play save the world
Game Film (3 months ago)
It WILL be in e3. Hopefully.....please......
Primož Sulcer (3 months ago)
Primož Sulcer (3 months ago)
Fuego Spin (3 months ago)
I don't have a ps4 so I'm excited
The Big Straw (3 months ago)
They should put fortnite on WiiU
Linked OverWriter (3 months ago)
If that does happen you Know damm well there gonna make fortnite 20 bucks
toni rodrguez (3 months ago)
Cross progress please 👍👍
miSt Legend (3 months ago)
i feel like if it was gonna be on switch it would have been on a long time ago
Eevee Lover666lol_JK (3 months ago)
i hate fortnite
[WUT] Catie (3 months ago)
Fortnite is the most obnoxious and annoying game i have ever been "graced" with. If people wouldnt shit up about it and obsess over it maybe I wouldnt hate it so much
Reyna Espinoza (3 months ago)
guys it is coming for Nintendo switch
Delfino Dimas (3 months ago)
If it happens it gonna be the first game on evry plataform
Crazyfireball 808 (1 month ago)
Delfino Dimas *cough* minecraft
The Gamer With A Guitar (3 months ago)
Delfino Dimas lol no its not
thevagabond thetramp (3 months ago)
Fornite = $hit
Djkitty 101 (3 months ago)
Oh god plz no
ItsJustJosh Diaz (3 months ago)
Save the world is going to be free late 2018
Jeff Murphy (3 months ago)
It s comeing sep or augs
SKYSHARK GAMER (3 months ago)
JinnTuXoXaan (3 months ago)
It will be announced for a September release, coinciding with the Nintendo Online Service. No reason to have the game come out before that if you have no good way of playing online with the Switch at the moment.
Reece Felt (3 months ago)
all my friedns have it on ps4, xbox and pc but the switch doesn't so i cant play it release a vid switch force for the due date btw good vid
Ghost Royale (3 months ago)
what is E3?
Lil Choco758 (3 months ago)
I feel like this game gonna be the end of the world for online gaming cuz....this game is really f***ing lit......I wonder wat season 7 or 12 gonna be like......n season 4 aready litt....🙌🙌💯💯
Sebastian Rami 946 (3 months ago)
Hey! When Is Fortnite coming yo the switch?
Dreamer Ecstasy (3 months ago)
Pizzachu22 (3 months ago)
Nintendo is NOT going to release switch-nite, possibly because of its toxic community, gun violence (with bullets, not lasers!). It might also fill up the console, or cause you to break it in anger.
Alhasan Ahmed (3 months ago)
And how the duck are you going to break it
Alhasan Ahmed (3 months ago)
Pizzachu22 believe it or not doom is on the switch so there goes the 'Violence ' part
Harvivek Dhindsa (3 months ago)
Holy this guy Save the World is going to be free the whole thing is free when relesed. It is still in beta but closed not open.
Edji (3 months ago)
What if we get a BOTW Link skin, a Master Sword as the pickaxe, and link's BOTW glider
The Great Potato (3 months ago)
Its not going to be on the switch. Its a free game and nintendo doesnt do free. Also profit wise the money would just go to epic games since its ingame purchases only instead of something like a dlc where you buy it in the eshop.
Crazyfireball 808 (1 month ago)
The Great Potato sike
Moises bravo (3 months ago)
im going to be 1000000 honest and i dont give a shit of how dumb this idea is but i would want to see fortnite on the newer versions of the 3ds that would be fuckin game breaking i mean the game is so popular and good that its made its ways from consule to even mobile and now soon on the switch thismmay sound so fuckin stupid but i want to see fortnite on the new 3ds
Emi Anderson (3 months ago)
Please happen!!! Please happen!!!! Ahhh i luv fortnite and my switch 2 of my favorite things together is a dream come true!!
Annoying Dog (3 months ago)
I’m sure about this and correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t people on reddit confirmed that fortnite would come to switch between September and August? Also I forgot who but, did it a fortnite developer post on his twitter “Fortnite = Nintendo Switch”? Please correct me if I’m missing any clues or any info that’s wrong or that needs to be added to this puzzle... Thanks!
nezzly (3 months ago)
EVERY platform. *except Android and Switch
Luis Rodriguez (3 months ago)
The switch needs this so bad cross-platform play should be a must and I don't expect this to be free Nintendo is behind it after all
- KingLeedle - (3 months ago)
Wow suprising
- KingLeedle - (3 months ago)
That was sarcasm and I believe fortnite is too late for the switch
Yirani Rivera (3 months ago)
It will be my dream
Steve Jobs (3 months ago)
Yes, cross platform. I can use my Nintendo account name which as ‘Trump’ TO TROLL LOL
Door Stopper (3 months ago)
If fortnite will not come on switch iam getting a ps4. Iam gonna wait until December .
Plexos (3 months ago)
The comments here are very split, either you hate Fortnite, or you love it. There is no in-between.
Exclusive switch skin like PS4 in br
Gabriel Palandro (3 months ago)
Too weak
Elliot Playz (3 months ago)
Auhhhhhhh wOWWWWW
SIR (3 months ago)
Yes that's a good idea, but what about Fortnite on Android? I'm disgusted by the fact that Android, my favourite operating system, gets left out.
Woody Woodpecker (3 months ago)
You do know the released some key to an early access a few months ago
Rya_. 72 (3 months ago)
Whats E3
Goldy Sun (3 months ago)
Trollocus (3 months ago)
Kill me
Jax_Atax (3 months ago)
They better add split-screen.
kev the man (3 months ago)
30 fps on switch
Kingbunny47 (3 months ago)
I really want fortnite on Switch
FlagFTW _ (3 months ago)
Plz god i hope its not true
Toxic Woot (3 months ago)
PLs a Pls pls pls god help us we are suffering
A Random Nerd (3 months ago)
I hope it doesnt happen. The game is too popular and it’s legitimately annoying and the game really isnt that great. But it unfortunately will because for some reason nintendo wants a garbage game on their system.
Michael Tapp (3 months ago)
I really don’t want this cancer on my switch
the black rayquaza (3 months ago)
Yall act like ps4 xbox and pc never got exclusive things
Michael Novelli (3 months ago)
I just want it so badly cuz I wouldn't need a new phone to take fortnite with me
Vore shi (3 months ago)
Exclusive contend
cheapness 101 (3 months ago)
I can just imagine a bullet bill launcher like the one Roy uses being used as a rpg.
AnimeGudS (3 months ago)
Fortnite is releasing when season 4 on switch
Crazyfireball 808 (1 month ago)
AnimeGudS howd you know
Dean Patriots (3 months ago)
We want Fortnite
Ethan May (3 months ago)
I think that if Nintendo wait too long then people would have moved on. They gotta get it as soon as possible in my opinion
Giraffe (3 months ago)
Please! So tired of playing on PC!!
FirstWorldProbloms (3 months ago)
But is it free?
Shawnie Playz (3 months ago)
They still don't even have it for Android
Prime's Pro arcade (3 months ago)
J_laubster (3 months ago)
I thought you said leaky panty
Shade Gh0st (3 months ago)
I seriously still want Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch
Ninjacat 512 (3 months ago)
ok fortnite save the world would be great but not battle royale
Ninjacat 512 (3 months ago)
ToxiicRamen- (3 months ago)
I guess I’ll play it but I mostly play on PS4(yes I play PS4 and Nintendo Switch) BUT I will play it on Nintendo Switch if you can connect your keyboard and mouse because I’m comfortable with keyboard and mouse but I can use my pro controller. I guess I could buy it just for on the go...
Galactic Gaming (3 months ago)
I need it
Ultra Instinct Vegito (3 months ago)
What's E3
Josh Cotto (3 months ago)
What is e3
Alexis Loveraz Vlogs (3 months ago)
Fortnite should’ve been in Switch this whole time like what...
Cristian U (3 months ago)
A breath of the wild glider
Angel Lino (3 months ago)
What is E3 lol
Matteo Molina (3 months ago)
Fingers Crossed, Hoping it’s announced
Masterbone 867 (3 months ago)
Fortnite Is Kinda Confirmed, Epic Games Is A Mentioned Company By A Certain List
zaeemTV (3 months ago)
I want crazy justice
Blizzard Billz (3 months ago)
If it wasn’t announced I will get pissed
Monopoly Man (3 months ago)
I bet it’ll release at the start of season 5
Nick Vlogs (3 months ago)
I want motion controls for switch fortnite
Infinite Music (3 months ago)
It would be awesome but, fortnite needs internet. What will Nintendo do about this?
BattleModeBainbridge (3 months ago)
I don't like this game so I don't understand the appeal but I hope it comes for all the people who do want to play it.
Wolfghoul (3 months ago)
Okay but can I have all my :,) purchases on switch
landon123 keeton123 (3 months ago)
your vids are amazing😀😀
Amanda 55555 (3 months ago)
Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! 💖💖💖 I’m so excited!!!!!
Kaison Lee333 (3 months ago)
What about a motion control option?
The Autist (3 months ago)
Anyway this is Nintendo so even the Battle Royale will cost money. See any free games on Switch? Thought not. You’re all dumb if you believe Nintendo will make it free.
The Autist (3 months ago)
Fortnite is dead!!!! I will cringe so hard if it’s announced because its just another platform for sweaty twelve year olds with no life who think they’re cool to ruin.
Jonathan Janvier (3 months ago)
Stw will be free gabe except right now u have to buy it
Steven Cano (3 months ago)
Please god no
UhJayy (3 months ago)
JoyCon Nation (3 months ago)
Breath of the wild map 200v200 lmao I'd never play any other game
yousuf albannai (3 months ago)
JoyCon Nation that would be amazing
Goosi (3 months ago)
It better be announced, also congrats on 200k!
Jonathan Tenorio (3 months ago)
Save the world will be free this year
Danny King (3 months ago)
But can we use motion control please? I know it would be weird but it could work. Make it on and off like Splatoon, just turn it off if you don’t like. It could be a cool switch only thing

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