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INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM - Official Gameplay Trailer (2018)

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INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM Gameplay Trailer • Platform: Coming to PC and, for the first time, PS4 & Xbox One • Release Date: 2018 • Website: http://www.insurgency-sandstorm.com ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1030)
that pa outdoorsmen (7 hours ago)
Is there any plot? Sorry if that’s s dumb question, but I saw dead marines and contractors , and wasn’t sure
J Cundari (6 days ago)
hope this does well so there can be another day of infamy mod
Nestor Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Se ve genial!!!
CSGO Desiigner (7 days ago)
Oğuzhan Özcoşar (10 days ago)
It looks great.
Frqncy397 (14 days ago)
Minecraft and Fortnite RIP
세발달린드라군 (14 days ago)
So...we can use the car?
GZA036 (22 days ago)
They added women in this game TOO?? Jesus Fuck....
nSLIC3 (22 days ago)
Finally, a game that nailed the A-10 noise!
That Guy (23 days ago)
of course there is a fucking woman force injected but its in a scenario where she could possibly belong so its somewhat okay...unlike BF5 SHIT!
Foster Fors (27 days ago)
И нахуя мы растрачивали средства на обыденную?
So, basically a better MoH:W, but without the Tac-50. Still wort it.
2023PerfectDark (1 month ago)
TitanFall 2 already did that reload mechanic but no one else doesn’t seem to do it when it’s more realistic.
Grimey Reaper (1 month ago)
2:21 the slide wont lock open without an empty magazine engaging the slide lock
Ебать! Кс будет сосать хуй!
Nathaniel Pillar (1 month ago)
So many reused assets from insurgency 2.
jersey city61 (1 month ago)
This going to have multiplayer I can't wait because cod been bad for a while now
DeltaHardcore (1 month ago)
the A 10 firing is pretty nice
闫博涵 (1 month ago)
well i have insurgency but i played pve way more longer than pvp, in the video the speed reload is a mod in the insurgency 1 at least in coop mode so it is not a really new feature for me, and the sound of the game from the trailer and for those videos they post on their facebook, they didnt change the sound of the person's talking(when he yells reload, etc), and the sound of the gun. It has been a long time i see the sandstorm video but listening insurgency 1 audio. I HOPE they will add new audio for this brand new game, because many insurgency 1 players(including me) looking forward to this game for about a year. But the graphic and environment looks nicer than before.
Ixpqd (1 month ago)
I feel like you should be able to pick up the magazine you drop after a speed reload.
Chris Chi (1 month ago)
Shut the fk up and take my money!
Egor Kovalenko (1 month ago)
Looks amazing
Paulo Mioto (1 month ago)
Paulo Mioto (25 days ago)
yairv13 thanks
yairv13 (26 days ago)
Paulo Mioto yeah in the future
Sturmdude (1 month ago)
Wait this has a singleplayer campaign? Fuck I guess I'm playing.
Necrotik (1 month ago)
El último corto realmente una shiet si esa es la historia del juego adiós insurgency multi jugador perfecto 👌🏼
Edgier Boi (1 month ago)
This looks.... interesting
John Nowak Kind Sir (1 month ago)
,,Gameplay". 20 seconds of gameplay in over 5 minutes video.
Lucas (1 month ago)
That feeling when you click is so true
Toasty (1 month ago)
J. Kol34 (1 month ago)
Give me a beta nowwww!!!
Jay Limos (1 month ago)
Played and Enjoyed the first one, Im hyped for this one. I hope they still keep the gun customization in multiplayer.
Isaak (1 month ago)
I think console players are getting the wrong idea about this game... It would almost be an alternative to R6 Siege but less progression and more of a team death match format.
Wellington Oliver (1 month ago)
Se algum brazuca estiver olhando os comentários dar um like ai
Sid (1 month ago)
I'm so excited for this game... fuck cod and battlefield.. Fuck EA and their bullshit
ZiggModder (1 month ago)
Add some more duduududududuudududuududuudu...
Mizumi Karasawa (1 month ago)
The studio didn"t take out the single-player because, of some EA Shenanigans. They're a small studio and personally they needed to put time in a mode that they would feel less overwhelming and overpowering for them. Do not hate them. They're trying hard to make the game as good as possible.
VBLUER CRUZ (1 month ago)
Too bad they decided to abandon the single-player campaign. I hope they use the extra time wisely to work on the multiplayer component.
J. C. (1 month ago)
looks decent
dIn AMVs (1 month ago)
Бле у мя компьютер не потянет. (Пошёл накапливать на новоиспеченный пк)
The Great Chimera (1 month ago)
Oh god this is gonna be trash on consoles
Rio Armandaru (1 month ago)
Make the akbar thing pls
G-RiP (1 month ago)
Who was it that had a song with a similiar name? something sandstorm?
ashley jeffery (1 month ago)
Darude sandstorm
Ashton the commie (1 month ago)
Arma players unite
The Person (1 month ago)
this looks awesome. Especially with the UE 4 update.
AZAMAT T (1 month ago)
More cinematic than actual game play , but looks great on the most part 👌🌝👍
X ZinJa X (1 month ago)
City is my England (1 month ago)
I watched this trailer to many times
We lost source.... NOOOOOOO!
ETOZA (1 month ago)
Is that dlc for the game ? If yes. Is it expensive
A Tan (1 month ago)
How's the multiplayer on this? 10v10? 50v50? 100v100?
A Tan (1 month ago)
mr. reality (1 month ago)
A Tan first game was 10v10 in pub And 6v6 comp If I'm remembering correctly.
大城春弥 (1 month ago)
Where am i? Who shoot me? Who's my teammate?
bard icus (1 month ago)
They dropped the single player.. No reason to pay for this if you already own and enjoy insurgency, its just a prettier version with vehicles. The campaign was the main draw point for me, a story in a place that is very controversial and doesn't really get covered in games.. Damn. Guess it's time to remove this from the wishlist!
XISTIXmusic (1 month ago)
Yes!! this is what im talking about man!!! Im so hyped for this game, this game actually looks promising, and im so happy this is coming for consoles.. cuz fuck battlefield V and COD..
Adrian shabani (1 month ago)
I just can't wait for E3.. They will play the game in multiplayer... I definitely buy it thank you very much
Daum Naver (1 month ago)
단 두방에 주님곁으로
Mr Hitler Obama Kim (1 month ago)
Insurgency:sandstorm,World war 3(farm 51) and spiderman ps4 are all three games I’m getting
Pvt. Miller (1 month ago)
Looks like I'm getting this instead of Battlefield V.
Ben Porter (1 month ago)
will there be a campaign
TTPZyro (1 month ago)
Insurgency is so fun to shout, "FOR VALLHALLA!!!" And run at the enemy team with a knife only to instantly get mowed down.
MacBlox (1 month ago)
look sooooo sick
lilxmiget (1 month ago)
Battlefield fan girl BUT this and world war 3 are the ones for me this year!
TheMawsJawz TM (1 month ago)
lilxmiget Yeah. I love battlefield but these might do me in.
Mr Alien (1 month ago)
Make it free pls
G J (1 month ago)
This game is never coming. Tired of waiting already.
Richard Gomez (1 month ago)
comes in September for PC is you haven't heard
wullie gotfingered (1 month ago)
When is it out?
Bin al-Flecki (1 month ago)
Allahu akbar
faded gam3r (1 month ago)
time to ditch cod bo4 and bfv
Mizumi Karasawa (1 month ago)
I don't know if anyone heard but, Insurgency: Sandstorm no longer has a single-player. They kept the multi-player though.
Mizumi Karasawa (2 days ago)
They're a small company. They had to make a decision.
damarlboromans (2 days ago)
Well that sucks
Mizumi Karasawa (25 days ago)
yairv13 No. That's not what has been said.
yairv13 (26 days ago)
Mizumi Karasawa they just postponed it, don't worry :)
skortM Steam (1 month ago)
Is this a new game? Or update?
DunkTheCookie (1 month ago)
new game
Arad Fi (1 month ago)
i really hope its got enough changes from the original to make it worth buying
Carnyzzle (1 month ago)
Pay attention Dice, this is how you do a trailer
Alex Robertson (1 month ago)
I'll pick this up. Need a modern shooter in my library
leo Izzda (1 month ago)
Yes Yes Yes just yes
Crystal Bearer (1 month ago)
the same voice actors over and over again? smh
ImpotentGiraffe (1 month ago)
Who's here after the Battlefield V reveal?
Tyler Hulan (1 month ago)
I like the stage reload thing but if you have a pistol and drop the mag and then fire the one in the chamber, the slide will not lock back. I really like realistic gun play in games and would appreciate that being addressed.
Casey DeDore (1 month ago)
Slide won't lock without the magazine.
Joey Kuffman (1 month ago)
Same sound effecs really guys..
Jake Kane (1 month ago)
Anyone else hope they DON'T implement camo's, or "skins" into this bih
Camilo Castro (1 month ago)
Hell yeah!
RussianSpetnaz 8 (1 month ago)
Whos buying instead of bf5
damarlboromans (2 days ago)
I will be buying both!
Emerson Cooper Music (1 month ago)
MrHenrik747 (1 month ago)
lol, fuck bf5
Sir Fortesque76 (1 month ago)
I'll be getting both.
TheMawsJawz TM (1 month ago)
RussianSpetnaz 8 me
QunariandNordsFTW (1 month ago)
This game will shit on Genderfield 5: SJW edition
TheMawsJawz TM (1 month ago)
QunariandNordsFTW And Cottonfield One
Daniel (1 month ago)
love these developers! will buy full price.
Master Beethoven (1 month ago)
Whoahh this looks sick!
ItStingsWenEyeP (1 month ago)
And the graphics look like there from 2012
ItStingsWenEyeP (1 month ago)
Carnyzzle sure ;)
Carnyzzle (1 month ago)
and yet the gameplay looks better than anything in 2018
ItStingsWenEyeP (1 month ago)
And bad voice acting
ItStingsWenEyeP (1 month ago)
I think it looks dumb and too stiff
Когда выйдет и какие системные будут ?
Nate Groves (1 month ago)
DeSpace Man (1 month ago)
FUCK BFV this is where I'm putting my money down bye DICE you SJW's
Brandon Wells (1 month ago)
DeSpace Man Me too.
Johnny Jawbone (1 month ago)
In a choice between this game or Battlefield V, I'm going with this.
zanexiaopengyou (1 month ago)
fk battlefield fk cod, this and rainbow 6 prob what i'll keep
ne huinya ebat
Frankie Bruan (1 month ago)
Alright guys, you have my interest above the AAA market right now...
Pietro Dantas (1 month ago)
Came here after watching that Battlefield V trailer...you know. For some urgent detox.
ChaosSandwhich (1 month ago)
I played Insurgency, the chances of my buying Battlefield again dropped. I see Sandstorm, my chances of buying another battlefield is basically zero now. Step up Ubisoft, EA and Activision, a new contender wants to be champion, and you're answer is a MORE arcade like experience?
Khalil Shour (1 month ago)
just came here after watching bf5 trailer to cool down and watch something beatifulllll
MOMBA ME (1 month ago)
Now thats a boner making game,,, llllove it
Michael (1 month ago)
Hurry the fuck up!!! I wanna peww!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😁😁😁🔫🔫🔫🔫🗡🗡ps this looks Amazeballs 😎😎
turbotimthree (1 month ago)
One of the main features they should keep in sandstorm would be the offline mode and bots
Misteur Hase (1 month ago)

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