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How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC [Dolphin Emulator]

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How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC [Dolphin Emulator] presented by Yes Guy Gaming. A tutorial about how to play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC using a Gamecube emulator. After only a few minutes you can play classic Nintendo Gamecube games on your computer. Step 1: Download Dolphin Emulator Link: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gamecube/dolphin.html Step 2: Download Nintendo Gamecube Iso Files Link: https://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_Gamecube_ISOs/42 Step 3: Download and Install WinRar (Only if you need the extracting software, most computers have it build it already) Link: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0 Step 4: Extract Emulator and ROM into same folder Step 5: Run Emulator and open load game Step 6: Enjoy Step 7: Like and Subscribe to Yes Guy Gaming! If you enjoy the video, hit that subscribe button, or maybe leave a like or comment with your thoughts. They are always appreciated! For more Yes Guy content, check out http://yesguygaming.com/ for everything Yes Guy Gaming, including all of my video reviews just like this Nintendo Gamecube Emulator Tutorial! You can find Yes Guy Gaming on twitter with the handle @yesguy_gaming https://twitter.com/ Or on Instagram @yesguygaming https://www.instagram.com/yesguygaming/ To see more Yes Guy Gaming content, take a look through our video library here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLy... Thank you for watching my How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC video and we hope to see you next time on Yes Guy Gaming! How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC Dolphin Emulator | Gamecube Emulator | How to Play Gamecube Games | How to Play Gamecube Games on PC | How to Use Gamecube Emulator | Gamecube Games | Gamecube Emulator for windows 10 | Gamecube Emulator PC | Gamecube Emulator for Windows | How to Use Gamecube Emulator | Dolphin Emulator | Dolphin emulator tutorial Tutorial | How to Play Gamecube on PC | Nintendo Gamecube | How to Play Nintendo Gamecube | How to Play Nintendo Gamecube Games on PC | Yes Guy Gaming | Windows 10 Gamecube emulator | n64 emulator for pc | snes emulator
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Text Comments (18)
Yes Guy Gaming (2 months ago)
Hope the tutorial helps! If there's any questions I'll do my best to help!
Samuel Vieira :D (9 days ago)
How did your video has so many translations?
Derrick McDaniel (13 days ago)
what about Saving a game. will it just create a file for it or do i need something?
edwingamer678 (2 months ago)
emoparadise sucks i hate it >:(
Flamed (2 months ago)
did emuparadise get shut down? i cant download any roms
Nerdy Vocaloid (8 days ago)
does it have any viruses?
Nateifier (18 days ago)
vimm.net or Vimms Lair is a great place to download roms, the place doesnt even have adverts, hope this helps
gee wizz (1 month ago)
Sadly they've taken down the games for this emulator.
CapShin (2 months ago)
also im using 7zip instead of winr is that okay?
CapShin (2 months ago)
Can you use a controller for this ? Like a ps4 controller to play these games
redhead 48 (2 months ago)
Where are the Mario games on emuparadise
Yes Guy Gaming (2 months ago)
redhead 48 Nintendo stripped some of them off, try another site should be able to find them
SoundGlare (2 months ago)
Hey man I downloaded windwaker but every time I load it it runs perfectly until I see the Nintendo sign then it just crashes :(
SoundGlare (2 months ago)
Yes Guy Gaming alright I’ll try another site thanks for the help:)
Yes Guy Gaming (2 months ago)
SoundGlare some of the game files are no good, try another site or another version of the game? It may work better. I’ve had a few that are duds.
MR,HASSAN,97 games,. (2 months ago)
Yes Guy Gaming (2 months ago)
No Problem!
Daddy Has the juice (2 months ago)
Hey man, I noticed after I close the game after saving the program wont re open the games but when I try a new game it works but only once. Once i try and re open it, it stops working

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