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Top 12 BIG Upcoming PS4 OPEN WORLD Games in 2018 (New Playstation 4 Open World Games)

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Text Comments (153)
Hector R (1 month ago)
So basically every single character in these games, is white. Ok
Hector R (1 month ago)
All the characters in Kingdom Come Deliverance look exactly the same.
Michael Coffey (1 month ago)
Some good stuff coming down the pike. For me my gem is Dragon Quest 11 as I love the series and we in North America get so few of them.
subby pop Girl (2 months ago)
Biomutant looks so original can't wait to get this.
Cheese Crumbs (2 months ago)
I’m so exited for biomutant ,anthem and red dead redemption 2
Abdullah Iftikhar (2 months ago)
skull and bones is similiar to ac black flag
Mason (3 months ago)
We need a GUN 2
d e g u s t o h (3 months ago)
daamnn biomutant looks siiick.. cant wait for that one.. wish there was more fun over the top open world games like that.. if there is let me know my kind of game
Krissh Drake (3 months ago)
the best spiderman and farcry4 and red dead
Dragon2k (4 months ago)
Anyone else think this guy sounds like cult of mush
SpookyAvenue (4 months ago)
What's with all these fucking kid games nowadays...
Jawith Khan (4 months ago)
Fcuk you this video has lot of advertisements
[GD] ZimBerHD (4 months ago)
Where dafuq is God of War man this is bullcrapage stuff this video sucks >:V
RPG Junkie (5 months ago)
yo! Yakuza 6 looks awesomely hilarious!! I'm definitely picking that bad boy up!
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Lucas O (6 months ago)
Can't wait for Yakuza!
Former Leftist (6 months ago)
Resistance was an excellent franchise? Lol
Sammyj W (6 months ago)
Lmao that Anthem game is so fake lol the 2 people talking at the end lmao! Jarras wrath 😂 gayyy
Sammyj W (6 months ago)
Far cry 5 comes out in March not February get ya shit straight
A. House (6 months ago)
I'm still waiting for a Split second 2. That game was so damn fun.
Rama Altukhaim (7 months ago)
i cant wait for days gone red dead 2 and spiderman they all look so good!!
Nirmala Gurung (7 months ago)
days gone is the best
Jn Mc (7 months ago)
Was interested in Anthem but there are two reason I will not buy it... because it is online only multiplayer game and because it is EA. No one is worse when it comes to microtransactions than EA... they've abused it. After a couple of EA games I've had enough of them. Too bad, I used to like them.
Evan Ireland (7 months ago)
Skull and bones is a rip-off assassins creed black flag but different characters and no land gameplay
Tikishiyo (7 months ago)
My heart dropped when I heard Black Desert Online was going to be released in 2018. However, I did some research on the web and apperentley there is only a release date for Xbox 1. They said they are preparing for a launch on the PS4 so I guess there is a good chance it will come to PS4 but I think they want to see how it will do on the Xbox1 before they make a final desicion. If anyone else hoping for Black Desert Online to come to PS4 or knows somthing that I am not aware of please let me know! Thank you!
A. House (6 months ago)
Tikishiyo Taylor Xbox is simply getting BDO as an early release. PS4 will get it some time after. It may be one month apart, like when The division dropped or it may be like 3 months later like Destiny 2 did PC.
How Big is the Map? (8 months ago)
I wish they made an open world game of Redneck Rampage (1997)
Karen Cole (8 months ago)
No Dragon Quest 11...... seriously?
Gaming Girl (8 months ago)
i see Skull and Bones how the things should have been on the ocean in Assassins Creed Black Flag
Lady Grey (8 months ago)
Online only games are an instant pass for me optional online play games are alright prefer single player games i like to be in complete control in my games so that's difficult to do in online only games as other living breathing people sadly have free will haha... yep. ps I don't alienate online completely at times I'll play online but very rarely hence why online only games are an instant pass for me so dropping $60 for an online only game is pretty pointless as I'll barely ever touch it or even forget I own it mhm you get it ( °-°)
T Turner (8 months ago)
Your RPG preference is too dominant, these videos should be more impartial to what you like. There are other genres.
Lail CrystalBearer (8 months ago)
what about lost soul aside
j j (8 months ago)
imagine if rdr 2 was 2 player split screen. LOLb eawesome
Lau Reyes (8 months ago)
black desert online ,will be my anticipated game.
Teapleton (8 months ago)
Club Penguin coming to Ps4 in March 2018! CAN'T WAIT!
Usman Majoo (8 months ago)
the crew 2 is coming the day after my birthday
Kinuhbud (8 months ago)
Every game looked pretty sweet for the most part. The problem I see in the Spiderman game is he should be one hitting normal thugs. Spiderman is that strong and fast. I don't want play yet another mediocre 3rd person beat'em'up. I'll just keep the fond memories of the ps1 spiderman games I guess.
Eazy E (7 months ago)
Kinuhbud oh stfu
TheGAMESHARQ (8 months ago)
Red Dead Redemption was overrated trash
Brad G (8 months ago)
The Crew 2 already looks like the graphix will embarras any previous racing game ever made.
GRM Daily (8 months ago)
Spidermans got 2 number 1 picks from you. You are definitely a spiderman fan😂
Ivan Ivanov (8 months ago)
looking for online openworld game there alot of crap Spinderman #1 WTF im not 14 years old ...
MON LOL (19 days ago)
I know its old comment but haha If u read this, Get Destiny 2 is an open world game and its really hot
MrSMF (8 months ago)
Rad dad radamshan taw!
Mike Green (9 months ago)
Scull and bones...... Assassin's creed black flag rip more like.
Rishi Nivedan (9 months ago)
Where is god of war
Animax (9 months ago)
cant wait to play this games, but im more hype to this games: that racoon thing , black desert, days gone, hope theres announcement to their release yet, MHW is coming🤤🤤
Raza Kazama (9 months ago)
2017 - I played only one game, the fap game 2018 - Lots of good games to look forward to
Daniel Son (9 months ago)
I won't byu any game of EA ever again , last one was ........I just realized I don't have any EA game.
CHRZZ (9 months ago)
Lol Spiderman is number one how?
saksham Gandhi (9 months ago)
when gta6 will release ?
Ich Will Ein Switch (9 months ago)
2020 november
Charles Pholo (9 months ago)
Damn, I would really like to "Days Gone" and "Spiderman". Quick question, when is GTA 6 getting released
orangelightening (9 months ago)
Damn reading the comments and hearing what he says looks like there's a good chance anthem will be online only, i hate games like that. I mean eventually the servers will be taken offline and what than? i guess anyone that purchases the game will have a nice $80 Frisbee lol. I know it's not even out yet to be worrying about it but online games only games kinda trigger me. Certainly hope it won't be though it looks fricking amazing
Anyone hyped for FC5??
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (9 months ago)
Come on normalize that audio already.
Someone Somebinks (9 months ago)
No delays aren't unfortunate they mean more content more refining more complete games. Far rather play a master piece that has taken "a lot" an I mean "a lot" of time an effort.
Senior Savage (9 months ago)
Days Gone,Spiderman and Red Dead 2
Dakota Spinks (9 months ago)
whatever happened to the infamous games ?
subby pop Girl (2 months ago)
Dakota Spinks same Dev been busy with ghosts of tushima,so hopefully were see another infamous again.
bepis boy (9 months ago)
Anthem looks like EA's Destiny, so that's gonna be a negativo
Mick Savage (9 months ago)
Skull and bones looks waaay to similar to assassins creed
Connor’s Coin (9 months ago)
Can’t wait for ghosts of Tsushima
shawn (9 months ago)
The game play shown of FarCry 5 looked to be running at 10fps lol
Jason Smith (5 months ago)
shawn lol at that profile pic.
William Davenport (9 months ago)
Does any of these include loot box’s?
Nico Kitty (9 months ago)
we need more 3D platformers like spyro, Rayman and Crash
tzz (9 months ago)
Ps4 games sucks? Wtf new ones then
William pabon (10 months ago)
Black Desert hasn’t been stated to be going on any other console accept Xbox at the moment. Don’t know why you added it to the list.
Joker (10 months ago)
Yakuzaaaaa 6 comes to me
EP1CNELSON (10 months ago)
This video should be called, "Top 8 upcoming open world 2018 releases with 4 ps4 open world releases."
bud lee (10 months ago)
Looks like Tera online said fuck consoles sad face
Schatten2712 (10 months ago)
Yooo!! what the heck are these lists!! haha they are terrible
Aiden Foxx (10 months ago)
Biomutant: Furry revolution gone wrong. XD yes, i am a furry. yes, i will buy this game. yes, i will spend hours in the character customization screen to make my character as sexy as possible and let my imagination roam in the gutter as i play.
Aiden Foxx (8 months ago)
Lethalex sorry. Fresh outta fucks to give. 😀😀
Nixiid (8 months ago)
Aiden Foxx nasty ass weirdo!
XgamerX (10 months ago)
Dynasty warriors 9?....No? lol
Mc001Rem002 (10 months ago)
Tlou2 and red dead 2 is all I want and that’s really only if there is survivors n poker game modes... 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 survivors on tlou2 all day bae bih... and TDM or whatever with poker on red dead... fuck I hope the DONT fuck those games up... it’s all I bloody want!💯💯💯💯💯
tzz (9 months ago)
Mc Rem yeah i hoped they make a game like PUGH on ps4 or dayZ bur no always rpg mmo shit
Shannon M (10 months ago)
You spoke of Yakuza but no Shenmue?
ThronedPenguin67 (10 months ago)
That looks stupid how you morph into a boat or plane
Letplayminesmart (10 months ago)
wtf the fps for far cry 5 is bad
Daryl Nahorodny (10 months ago)
You're missing monster hunter world
Is Black Desert Online really coming for the PS4? Or is it just a rumor?
Lightning Destr2 (10 months ago)
Raphael, The Lost Nigga GTMNT it’s coming to ps4 it’s only a Xbox times exclusives.
atharva 659 (11 months ago)
Is the crew 2 offline
Leoni Gomes (11 months ago)
Thumbnail game?
Saidul Alam (11 months ago)
need more offline JRPG's.
King Cole (11 months ago)
I like the crew but I suck at it. Do you think it's worth it
Sahand Karim (11 months ago)
farcry 5 will be in my birthday I'm hyped yay
wileywilson (11 months ago)
3 adverts? Two too many.
Paulo César (11 months ago)
God of War dont in 2018?
Paulo César (11 months ago)
The hard part is having so much free time to play it all.
elusive mg (11 months ago)
If you wanna have a good deal when it comes to games you Need to buy them AFTER release and during SALES.....PERIOD
Ismael Fofana (11 months ago)
I cant wait for spiderman and anthem
Lars Verstraten (11 months ago)
I want to buy so many of these games!
Master Knife (11 months ago)
I don't care what people say but Far Cry 5 actually looks pretty good
Kaleb Smith (9 months ago)
Master Knife I’m pretty excited for it
Emmett Ruskowsky (11 months ago)
Skull and bones looks just like assassins creed blackflag
Ali Poo (6 months ago)
Its basiccaly sea of thieves without the thievery lol
Chris Bailey (7 months ago)
That's because it's made by Ubisoft. They saw how much everyone liked being a pirate on black flag was and decided to create a game solely for pirating. It's going to be just like black flag except the assassin part and your gonna have new pirate skills and new ship weapons and all new upgrades and looks for your ship and I think there will be new types of ships to use in your team. Because it's probably going to be like an online call of duty match except people are controlling different ships to take out another team to raid the ships for gold or islands or whatever. I'm sure it's going to be just like call of duty but with ships and online only of course.
Walker Gumbert (10 months ago)
xxfalconlordxx - without being able to actually board the other ship that was like the most fun part about it
Raul Rojas (11 months ago)
Yakuza zero, kawami and 6 in 1 year?? how the fuck isnt this considered MILKING?
Dragoner Productions (11 months ago)
Yakuza Kawami is a re-made of the first game in the series. Yakuza 6 is a brand new game and the last game of the series. They will remake/remaster yakuza 2-5 as well for it all to be on the PS4.
So Excited (11 months ago)
Ones a prequel the other is a remake and one is actually the next installment
Kami Esmond (11 months ago)
so hyped for yakuza!
xKrAzY8sx (11 months ago)
I'm still excited for Skull and Bones and Kingdom Come. Those both look great.
Rev AK (11 months ago)
We don’t need another MMO multiplayer. Make it offline RPG or don’t make it at all.
d e g u s t o h (3 months ago)
no mmo multiplayers are needed.. barley have any good ones as it is
Alex Mtz (11 months ago)
Dragon Quest XI :)
Kyler Smith (11 months ago)
Hell yes
ninjammer726 (11 months ago)
red dead 2, ni no kuni 2, and monster hunter world!!!!!!!
Tariq Hassan (11 months ago)
Amazing video, crazy line up cant wait to get my hands on all of them😍
YOUNG AJAY (11 months ago)
It would have been helpful if u put the release dates of the games
YOUNG AJAY (11 months ago)
xKrAzY8sx then they can just put not available but theirs only 4 games with no dates
xKrAzY8sx (11 months ago)
Some of the games don't have any set release date other than 2018....
aquaglow1 (11 months ago)
The Crew 2 looks fun but I'm put off because Ubisoft make it, probably your typical grind with millions of map markers
ad libitum (11 months ago)
you got it, its nothing more than that
NYD Gaming (11 months ago)
Assassin's Creed Origins :)
Skibbehify (11 months ago)
Actually sad that biomutant is PS4 only
Idle Vows (9 months ago)
Xbox One too.
Dark wolf (10 months ago)
PoorGamers yeahh baby
Ahmed Faraz (11 months ago)
PoorGamers it's not PS4 only
AziaXtremeInphinity (11 months ago)
That Anthem game better not another Destiny/MMO game I'm hoping (against all hope) that it will be just a traditional, regular single player game with a linear story but because it's an EA game everyone knows what that means, multiplayer experiences up the butthole
Fruit Loops (11 months ago)
AziaXtremeInphinity quit being a little bitch.
AziaXtremeInphinity (11 months ago)
I am deaf. I'm deaf because I'm sick and tired of this obsession with MMO-style games. I hate the fact that a majority of modern games are forced to implement multiplayer-only gameplay. I don't wanna play with other people online just to advance and progress through the story. So yeah MMO games make me deaf, give me tuberculosis, leukemia, septicemia, brain tumors and other deadly diseases
Anime & Music (11 months ago)
AziaXtremeInphinity r u deaf? he clearly said online only
Nick Diciurcio (11 months ago)
Fuck gameranx i love gamecross

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