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How Scary is Outlast?

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We locked 20 people from IGN in a room and had them play Outlast to answer the question. What did we discover? See for yourself. Like this? Watch "How Scary is Alien Isolation?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EWe69vP1pA How Scary is the Paranormal Activity VR Game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qsna1ChGt0E Watch "How Scary is Until Dawn?" too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRzMpAfZflw Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment
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Text Comments (10313)
Alex HSV (6 days ago)
Little pig:D
Petar Jovanovic (16 days ago)
Mariana Peña (20 days ago)
I want to try please
mohammad radzie Hashim (21 days ago)
Every time I saw dead people with blood I will think that the blood is ketchup
MAD (23 days ago)
This in vr :o
Peter Productions (27 days ago)
Outlast = REC The game... Is that too honest?
the amount of missed batteries in this is frustrating...
Got trough the 1st story(physically and mentally strained). Got myself the whistle blower, till this day its not completed yet.(whistle blower is too much)
Denis unbekannt (1 month ago)
Denis unbekannt (1 month ago)
Chris walker is there scary but now is He Not so scray
Fazd Ahmad (1 month ago)
I never finish this game...Ive got this downloaded together with the outlast2...I stopped playing at the part where there was a blackout and need to go to the generator.. today i watched this video and yeah I screamed at the last clip at the exit door....
GRME PLAY (1 month ago)
alxisiies (1 month ago)
Well outlast pax demo price 2.0$ outlast price 9.000000$ outlast DLC price 1.000000000000 outlast 2 price 2000000003000000000000
ScarySara93 (1 month ago)
I watched this game being played on *Zombie Horse* , and those 2 guys made fun of it the entire playthrough. : )
Monkey.D Luffy (1 month ago)
Outlast 1 the scariest game i have ever played
BatJonny 06 (1 month ago)
How scary is whistleblower
DOVIS SAM (1 month ago)
Im 12 years old and even im not that scared of outlast
The SleepingMoose (1 month ago)
Day before my birthday lol
Geralt z Rivie (2 months ago)
chris walker aka pig man in this version looks way more scarier
MultiKushie (2 months ago)
One of the best horror games ever made, it’s definitely going down as a legendary game along with Dead Space 1 for horror games !!
Русские кушать ?
Dan Roland (2 months ago)
so I guess scary means adrenaline drainage. Jump scares aren't scary you shouldn't have a smile on your face after being scared unless you're just happy to have been legitimately scared and not cheated with a jump scare.
zOwA_cop (2 months ago)
IGN Crew GTA 5
billy bob231 (2 months ago)
outlast is scary i have played it myself
SukiMi Mizu (2 months ago)
Chris Walker Bajo De Peso We :v
Anarchi Black (2 months ago)
Best game ever made I replayed this game twice and I'm still enjoying it.
Keller Neill (2 months ago)
The mental people are on pcp or something
UrAverageNigga (2 months ago)
qbotplayz (2 months ago)
Yeah you wanted to make “SURE”
metal injented (3 months ago)
the producers of this game are demented:))
Felix Wenzl (3 months ago)
poor mans, aren't they?
executiveE (3 months ago)
No black peoples, really IGN? A scary game and you are gonna do us like this?
miguel roman (3 months ago)
MR Clean on crack! Lol 😆🤣😅
i'm broke (4 months ago)
The game was so different!
OSMAN ABBASI (4 months ago)
If outlast was on vr all dead
Double Ay (4 months ago)
“This dude looks like mr.clean on crack “😂😂😂
The Salty Pickle (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Chris Walker looks scarier in this version?
J R (4 months ago)
I had nightmares so freaking scary that I stopped playing it But I’ll start again
Herbet Herbet (4 months ago)
for me
Herbet Herbet (4 months ago)
lol totally not scare
Sean Russel (5 months ago)
is this the demo?
the will (5 months ago)
Outlast is nightmare fuel trash it's a good game but bad in horror it not even scary or gorey
Thimoty Andersen (5 months ago)
how come the how scary series always had the same girl screaming on its thumbnail haha its hilarious
allie Morrison (5 months ago)
$2 for a can of cola?! Hell yeah Id be worried about that too!!
Pj Ferdinand (5 months ago)
Mike Soho (5 months ago)
This kinda reminded of condemned 2 criminal origins. I want to play this game now!!!
Daniel Gatchell (5 months ago)
Lol, this dude looks like Mr. Clean on crack. Best part 😂😂😂
Умар Героев (5 months ago)
Melissa Andersin (5 months ago)
I'm scary just look at me in the morning lol...
Marta Valdez (5 months ago)
Is that the demo or full version
Scary scary scary scary scary. :-(
GamerGuy 8796 (6 months ago)
I think the Chris Walker In the pax demo looked scarier than the current one :(
Angel Harlan (6 months ago)
Outlast is scary ur stupid if u dont think so.
LeonSKennedy21 (6 months ago)
bunch of babies
Bobby Papoutsis (6 months ago)
I just got the game today, and Christ, it's a tense experience. The jump scare with the falling corpse really got me. Also, that girl, Alexis is really pretty.
Frog Bear 3 (6 months ago)
chris walker looks so different back in the day
BlessedThrone (6 months ago)
Outlast isnt that scary actually its just the fuckin chasing part that gets you
Flightcore ? (6 months ago)
These people are random and they're amateurs so don't expect them to not be scared. This game isn't scary enough to remember anything after ending it. So stop shittalking like you always do IGN
DEBASHIS BAGCHI (7 months ago)
neka choda magi r dol
Flifi (7 months ago)
my money is on subject 10
Ferny Wolf (7 months ago)
i played this when i was 10 :) 3 years later im suffering from mental insanity
B ROLL (7 months ago)
You know the speedrun ?
Sabina Bibu (7 months ago)
the scariest part was probably the price of the cola
Hisham Salah (7 months ago)
Try Dead Space 1 alone in dark at midnight
Hisham Salah (7 months ago)
Dead Space 1 Scarier 👍
Darien Delport (7 months ago)
when I think about it, I've personally only really described this game as "intense" and "stressful". In a good way of course.
Leonardo di parma (7 months ago)
Now I'm definitely not playing this game ever
Orbital Hazard (8 months ago)
*Is that a floater?*
Charlie Branner (8 months ago)
Outlast always scare the sh*t out of me
Mr. Hyperface (8 months ago)
That's such an uncool, yet awesome, way to end a game demo.
Autumn Peirson (8 months ago)
I own this game and never notice dthe body on the couch, went back in to see and I don't have the body near the tv.
Iamnrdypat xxx (8 months ago)
Mr clean on crack 😂😂
Mc snickers man 234 (8 months ago)
I played outlast and outlast wistleblowher it is scary i finished the game in 3 days outlast and wistleblowher
morbius109 (8 months ago)
After you play it a little bit, Outlast isn't super bad....though it is true they hit you pretty hard several times in succession right at the start. But somehow, someway, the game will ALWAYS manage to spook you. Its intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat, and that's what I love about it.
Spencer Ireland (8 months ago)
if someone just happens to see this tho there is only 15 minutes left until its not longer free
Spencer Ireland (8 months ago)
its free on humble bundle rn
OguzhanFortniteEnMeer (9 months ago)
new updates yay
coolnessjack777 (9 months ago)
I don't even think I can handle half an hour of this...
Cloud Chan (9 months ago)
F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F***F*** lmao
Issa Paper Bowl (9 months ago)
tmd p (9 months ago)
Outlast isn't scary
Spaced out Nerds (9 months ago)
Cannot wait to play this game Friday
HELP I HAVE NO SKIN (9 months ago)
Love these reaction videos :)
Имя Фамилия (9 months ago)
Крис лучше смотрится в бета .
The Rev (9 months ago)
Ok honestly I was scared for the first time playing it then I actually played it and I was 75 percent done it it's that fun and scary but if a game has 2 jump scares in a row stop playing it it's not gonna be good trust me your adrenaline is already high so it won't be scary
Kürşat Yılmaz (10 months ago)
Its beta version ?
John Dominguez (10 months ago)
It was scary at first but it sinked in to me
Henezz (10 months ago)
i thought i will never be tensed or scare any game but in outlast i freaked out couple of times :D. This is more tensing than watching scary movie. this is very good game and gets you new feelings of playing
SimpsonsVideos (10 months ago)
im playing outlast while watching this video..
Milan thegreat6 (11 months ago)
ZTyperAAXX (11 months ago)
what the hell the old version made you wake up in the basement instead of the lobby?
Nycrone zeith (11 months ago)
this game is not scary... you wanna play scary game play doom 3 kuon and sire games...this game use the same formula of the horror movie today...the game have great ideas but cloud use better...
Truckerboy genuis (11 months ago)
this is beta
Aeipathy.mp4 (11 months ago)
It's no longer scary to me
Charlotte Casey (11 months ago)
After playing it myself, I can hands down say this is the scariest game I've ever played.
Brax qp Cameraman (11 months ago)
"My hands are sweaty!" MOM SPAGHETTI
Hostile Meerkatz (11 months ago)
Chris Walker looks SO much different than the original. is this the demo?
Hostile Meerkatz (11 months ago)
im watching because chris walker looks different
LanCable (11 months ago)
I'm sorry but I don't see how you can scream playing Outlast, then again they're probably just trying to put on a show.
Jason Scalzo (11 months ago)
1:47 $2 for soda is part of the horror.

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