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What Venom 2 Should Be About (SPOILERS!)

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Venom seems to be a box office success, pretty much guaranteeing a sequel. Should hey move forward with one (which they most likely will), what should it be about? Will has some ideas, one of which is something they should have done in the first film. 🛍Support the channel! Use these links to buy stuff: Spider-Man/Venom: Maximum Carnage https://amzn.to/2QzVtmy Carnage Classic https://amzn.to/2QKbx5x Carnage Unleashed https://amzn.to/2A1llCl Venom vs. Carnage https://amzn.to/2ILoSHT 🔔GET NOTIFIED: SUB! http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1 ▶️New Videos Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! 🔴Wulff Den Live Every Wednesday at 9PM EST 👕W U L F F D E N A P P A R E L 👕 http://wulffdenapparel.com ➤➤➤Support the channel! Become a sponsor: https://gaming.youtube.com/user/wulffden#action=sponsor • Access to Sponsor only Discord chat • Chat badge & Emotes • Watch new videos WHOLE HOURS EARLY (via discord) • Priority game time for monthly multiplayer streams 🎮Twitch: http://twitch.tv/wulffden 🐦Twitter [Bob]: http://twitter.com/bobwulff 🐦Twitter [Will]: http://twitter.com/WillWulffDamnIt 🐦Twitter [WulffDen]: http://twitter.com/thewulffden 📸Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden 🔷Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden 💬Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3aVYkhR 🎧Rate us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wulff-den-live/id1072626893?mt=2 🎧Or listen to this on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wulffden butt touch (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (___)___)
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Text Comments (109)
IceFire (17 days ago)
After reading some actual canon Marvel Venom comics.... Eddie better call Venom "darling" in Venom 2 cuz that giant mass of murderous space slime being refered as such is very amusing.
kings army (19 days ago)
Cruzinthruspace (23 days ago)
The movie was fine. Now, should the first venom movie be fine? No. But it was, and it wasn't bad it set up everything pretty well for lethal protector story line
Natalie Grant (27 days ago)
We are carnage😂🤣😃
Amir Gouda (27 days ago)
Wait what if spider man just been transported by thanos to the venom universe like if you agree
Nikolas Christodoulou (27 days ago)
Malle Kimberg (1 month ago)
I hated that venom died
Flxre YT (22 days ago)
He did not.
Neera Joshi (1 month ago)
Fuck you
john silcox (1 month ago)
Sony cannot use Spider-Man . Sony Spider-Man to the MCU . and I'm sorry I'd rather not have Spider-Man in the Venom movies . Besides the Venom movie does not take place in the same universe with Spider-Man
Supergamer plays (1 month ago)
THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! On a scale from one to ten I say 9/10
But... Riot is Venoms offspring... kinda...
Angela Aguilera (1 month ago)
I will give venom 10.10 because I watched it
epic default (1 month ago)
i disagree with u about venom 1 but i agree about averything else.
Cole Nichols (1 month ago)
Cole Nichols (1 month ago)
I give it 100%
n . s (1 month ago)
If Spider Man is added to the Venom sequel, then he won`t be in the MCU.
Veni Vidi Vici (1 month ago)
It'd be cool if his ex had her own symbiote to help Venom fight Carnage
kevin mason (1 month ago)
LMAO why don't you make the movie than if it was soo bad bruh shaaaart up
Marcus the loser (1 month ago)
Look venom the movie I fuckin loved it but I'm sure the 2 one will be better so don't say shit about how it's so bad
Hunter Sims (1 month ago)
so just randomly throw in a Spiderman with no background?
Socg Gaming (1 month ago)
i loved the movie <3
Muhammad Hatoum (1 month ago)
I hope Sony can somehow pull spiderman from the MCU so that We can see him in Venom 2
Marvin Calloway (1 month ago)
The venom movie was good to me bt in the next movie we need spider man and venom working together to take down carnage
MOVIE MAN (1 month ago)
Venom was awesome
Yahziel Aviña (1 month ago)
The movie was pretty good for what it was I paid $4 and got free popcorn and soda for my bday month so I enjoyed it
Señor Ktor (1 month ago)
About nothing?...
Coszmo Gaming (1 month ago)
I personally think that it was good and way better than all the critics are saying but that’s their opinion
Kraig Dorney (1 month ago)
I loved the Venom movie, I think they should leave Spider-Man out of Venom 2.
Z (1 month ago)
The success will hopefully propel them to extend theater show time so they don't have to cut so much out to save money from feature length.
WhisperWolf_SR (1 month ago)
marcus sosa (1 month ago)
Description “ should hey move forward with one
BloodBound 696 (1 month ago)
well i got bad News Already i read an article that Venom 2 might not be Rated R and ik... ik would make sense considering Venom 1 and Sony trying yo pull off some MCU rating to have more range viewer wise But how tf you gonna Put carnage ina PG-13 Like are you fucking kidding me? Were Talking ABOUT CARNAGE not some Anti Hero venom Literally serial killing no remorse Carnage like wtf Carnage is 1000 times more violent than venom and btw... I hope sony gets their head out of their ass Because I love venom Hardcore since i was little, and I found out sony was making venom Months Ago before any trailers came out or picks of venom, and that lil sneek peek from Brisk Venom dark cherry promotion gave us like a Half face While back Anyhoo, I never judged a movie like a critic because it just wasnt my thing and i was like Who cares.. But For sony To fuck up That hard That i waited and tracked this movie for so Long the excitement rushing through my veins That Thursday of October Got demolished that day At first i was like Ahhh fuck them, But even i knew the Movie felt short Even i felt the Rationality of the characters was retarded, that the Script/Plot flow was Bad It turned me into some kind of critic and I was so sad and mad... I hope sony learns from This and Fixes these mistakes Fuck this Market your trying to tap into, Give us what we want and you will make More money than ever, Make those kids under 18 Wait to see the movie Just like we all did to see a rated R movie when we all were kids Please sony your reaction As a company Your Gut feeling sucks Start to Listen to what We want especially for Venom Spin off Universe
prufan (1 month ago)
Disney can't buy Sony after just buying Fox. it won't be allowed. Also wasn't a bad wig either.
Patrick Mcdaniel (1 month ago)
Loved the movie (then again I love anything venom) but I dont know how they'll do a carnage sequel....without making it rated R.
Patrick Mcdaniel (1 month ago)
+john silcox kleetus is a serial killer cannibal before getting bonded with carnage. Read the comics with him and tell me carnage isn't rated R lol
john silcox (1 month ago)
Carnage is not a rated or character , he was on Saturday morning cartoons .
TheUnholyOne (1 month ago)
Oh thank God. I'm so excited to hear the movie did very well. The theater had very few people in it when I saw it so I was scared it didn't do well. I know they didn't get Brock perfect and it's odd having a Venom with no Spider-Man, but I haven't liked a Spider-Man film since Spider-Man 2 in 2004. I don't mind Venom is doing his own thing.
Andres Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Let's be real they're only making a sequel to make more money
Comic Addiction (1 month ago)
I bet a shit ton of people didn't know carnage was son of venom
masterprick1 (1 month ago)
Maximum Carnage was my first super hero comic, it will always have a place in my heart.
RubberDuck PRIME (1 month ago)
When i get out tHerE wilL bE cARnaGe
Damebo 7 (1 month ago)
I 100% agree with what he says they should do with part 2
MrMeech (1 month ago)
I thought Venom was okay. Not quite as terrible as everyone is making it out to be, but also not great. Besides his goofy accent I thought Tom Hardy was great. I also wholly agree with you that we need Spidey in the sequel. Tom Holland is by far my favorite of the live action Spidermen and I would love to see him get some camera time out of IronMan's shadow. Woody Harrelson in a sideshow Bob wig won't be enough to carry a sequel. Lastly I also agree that we need something new just to change it up. TBH my least favorite part of Venom was the Venom-Riot fight. It was a bit dumb cgi mess, and I considered getting up to get a refill during it. P.S. put Spider-Man in Deadpool 3 too...
JmdrawsStuffs (1 month ago)
They should add Spider-Man but my problem with that is that Tom Holland is way to young and friendly. Back when venom was announced I was hope that on the off chance that they add spider man, it should be Andrew Garfield but with better writing
john silcox (1 month ago)
The don't need spider-puss , it wouldn't make sense .
Jacob Fisher (1 month ago)
I think they should just not make Venom 2.
Jacob Fisher (1 month ago)
+MCU Enthusiast I'm not saying it's NOT gonna happen for Venom, but they also set up for a 3rd Amazing Spider-Man movie, and we all know how that went. Maybe I'll give Venom a chance when it comes out on Bluray, but I'm not itching to go see it in a theater.
MCU Enthusiast (1 month ago)
The end credit scene sets up venom so you're too late
Hooliganz (1 month ago)
I feel venom was portrayed as more of a hero in the film. I have always seen him as a anti hero or villain.
Hooliganz (1 month ago)
i mean stopping the planet from being taken over by symbiotes sounds pretty heroic to me
Powered By Croissants (1 month ago)
Hooliganz an anti hero is a hero without hero like traits, so he was an anti hero in the movie
Kebren (1 month ago)
You say "didn't work the first time", but it did. It sold, and it worked, so probably they should just keep doing it their own way.
Ramon Wessel (26 days ago)
From a business standpoint. Not from an artistic one.
Chris Toro (1 month ago)
*Didn't like the movie, wants a sequel....Logic.*
Jacob Diaczenko (1 month ago)
WULFF DEN <- yeah what he said
WULFF DEN (1 month ago)
Didn’t like the movie, is resigned to the fact that they’re probably gonna make a sequel anyway so why not give unsolicited advice on how to make it better...
EPS5000 (1 month ago)
Since the movie was already garbage, and logic was thrown out the window, how about in the next movie Venom has to fight the Hobgoblin? 5 Sony produced Spider-Man movies, and no damn Hobgoblin. You’d think that since Raimi already did the Green Goblin, that Webb would give us the Hobgoblin, but no, just more Green Goblin; and a crappy looking one at that.
hernan91 (1 month ago)
is he sitting or standing up?
Anthony Ciccarelli (1 month ago)
I believe he’s sitting Indian Style on a milk crate.....
Cathy Wulff (1 month ago)
I love your videos!
Tobiest (1 month ago)
I loved the movie And I loved this video
RCMTSmaster (1 month ago)
Sanmitra Deshpande (1 month ago)
They should make venom a winner atleast on this planet
RCMTSmaster (1 month ago)
i know
Jesse McKowen (1 month ago)
Eddie travels to New York for some reason. Venom and Eddie split for some reason. Venom bonds with Spider-Man. Spiderman forces venom off him and venom finds Eddie and dons the classic venom look. Somewhere in there Carnage gets born. Marvel writes the movie. Profit
Nash Rich (1 month ago)
I liked Venom but I feel like they didn't show venom enough in the movie...you didn't see venom until probably 40-50 min into the movie
Geek forlife (1 month ago)
It was an enjoyable movie but not a good movie, in my opinion
Marco Polio (1 month ago)
does sony have any control on when they can get spiderman in a film? i thought disney got exclusive rights for a while
Thunder Goku (1 month ago)
I really don’t think Eddie Brock’s Venom works as a protagonist.
Thunder Goku (1 month ago)
THAT ISN'T WEED SHAGGY Flash Thompson suited that role better than Brock did, IMO
+Thunder Goku well they did portray him more as a hero than a antihero.
Thunder Goku (1 month ago)
THAT ISN'T WEED SHAGGY That never say well with me.
He's supposed to be more of a antihero.
rohan shan (1 month ago)
if they are adding spider man which idont think they should venom has worked as a solo act for years idont they need spider man but if they are dont have tom his spider man would not match venoms universe they should get a new spiderman or recast andrew he is a great actor and i think he deserves another chance with a better script
Venom was fine I give it a 6.5 Come at me haters I'm armed and ready for battle EDIT: Thanks for the likes
vyash gamesZ (1 month ago)
My country didn't really took venom movie serious.there was venom in just local cinemas and Inox have 3d.so I downloaded and saw but I don't understand because they were talking in Telugu while I know English
Aurora Lane (1 month ago)
Visionnez le film "Venom" en ligne en qualité Full HD 1080p t.co/TOOVFpUzLe #Venom #VenomMovie
Kai Williams (1 month ago)
What do you rate that movie? R, because of the serial killer with super powers. Or Pg-13 due to the webhead?
Hey hallo dud i don't like it
J-NAX (1 month ago)
More Venom, less Eddie
john silcox (15 days ago)
Yeah I kind of wish that that sing We Ready says that I used to be was kind of a more end scene of Eddie sitting in a bar after he's been bonded to the Venom symbiote .
jake winchester (1 month ago)
im not ready yet ill be back after i get a chance to watch venom
Sonic171000 (1 month ago)
Sony can be really stupid sometimes.
Sonic171000 (15 days ago)
john silcox (15 days ago)
+Sonic171000 of all the Spider-Man films homecoming is ultimately trash . But it was not as bad as Avengers Infinity War
Sonic171000 (1 month ago)
Homecoming still had the better script unlike Venom.
john silcox (1 month ago)
Sometimes but not a stupid as Spider-Man homecoming
Meh. 5/10
Legion Entertainment (1 month ago)
Venom was such a great romantic comedy movie!
SimpleCelld (1 month ago)
There are, unfortunately, a lot of people who can't tell the difference between an enjoyable film and a good film. I found Venom enjoyable - which is subjective. But Venom was not a good film at all - there were a lot of issues with it, which are completely objective, and it's what critics are complaining about. Tom Hardy just managed to carry the whole thing based on his acting alone, Goransson's soundtrack was pretty good (mostly) and the action was good dumb fun. However, there were definitely issues with dialogue, characterization and narrative
john silcox (1 month ago)
Someone always needs to complain , anyways I like it better than avengers infinity war .
Vladimir Vasquez (1 month ago)
Omar El-Rasheedy I don’t know if that logic is 100 but ok.
Veni Vidi Vici (1 month ago)
Tbh I think that its because they rated it PG-13 just my opinion
Omar El-Rasheedy (1 month ago)
Simplecelld. Ur just over complicating things. A film that majority of people like would kinda be considered a good film 😉
Completely aggre my 6.5 comment means it wasn't good but okay or enjoyable :)
soaringbullet (1 month ago)
Of ya didnt like the movie you hate fun
Tevya Smolka (1 month ago)
Honestly if they are going to add carnage that should be interesting but I got a really bad feeling Sony is going to screw This up
john silcox (1 month ago)
Sony don't write the movie , so please stop .
prufan (1 month ago)
I don't think they will. And almost any studio can screw up a film. It's always a possibility
Aurora Lane (1 month ago)
Visionnez le film "Venom" en ligne en qualité Full HD 1080p t.co/TOOVFpUzLe #Venom #VenomMovie
Burgundy Burnouts (1 month ago)
Venom has reached the Maryland point, where it's so bad that it's good. It's just hilarious the whole time
greeneyedscar (1 month ago)
Burgundy Burnouts liking this because I’m from MD and this comment is 100% true 😂
Tevya Smolka (1 month ago)
I thought the movie was okay at best
Regular Anime fan (1 month ago)
Nice vid
FeelsModMan (1 month ago)
i think it was a great movie !!!!
Joshua Grady (1 month ago)

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