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JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION Trailer #2 (2018) Jurassic Park

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JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION Trailer #2 (2018) Jurassic Park Release date: 2018 Platforms: PS4, Xbox One & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (2300)
SuperDinoGames (1 day ago)
2:39 wachout WACH OUT YES Trex salm dung dino
Torbjorn Main (4 days ago)
1:10 Too bad the raptors don’t actually hunt in packs in the game like in the trailer
Sandro Kobulia (4 days ago)
Who's here after the game's release?
Mario Moguel (4 days ago)
lo malo es que se tiene que comprar el juego
Internal Screaming (5 days ago)
Is sleeping going to finally be added into the game? In the first trailer it showed a triceratops and t-Rex sleeping
that quality sucks!!!! What is this - 10fps???
Georgia Burrell (7 days ago)
I got it nearly a week ago :) it's great and it's fun but I do have a little few pet peeves 1) the dinosaurs do not have a sleeping mode 2) the raptors are meant to be pack animals but it doesn't feel like they really are a pack yes they socialise here and there but it's not as great as it is in the old Jurassic park game and finally last but not least the Giganotosaurus why is it smaller than the T-Rex? That Dino rose to fame for one of the reasons it was bigger than the T-Rex:/ maybe it's because the T-Rex is literally the president of dinosaurs, the Justin Bieber of Dinos! Shoved down our throats to no end! Oh p.s I forgot another that ties in with the Raptor's pet peeve, the herbivores do not herd like they're supposed to do!
Xbox 360???????
pedro holanda (11 days ago)
pedro holanda (11 days ago)
Paul Ybanez (12 days ago)
>shows pack hunting >doesn't have pack hunting
> shows sleeping dinos > doesn't have sleeping dinos
SkidMark133 (14 days ago)
This is how zoo tycoon should have been when they made the new one for console. I hate that they took away the customization aspects. This looks awesome
alador werewolfBlue (14 days ago)
Cool do u play as the dinosuars or the people
Mohammad Ar (15 days ago)
Can you make update for android
Carl Carlson (15 days ago)
This trailer included herding, sleep, rocky path, herding, velociraptors hunting a trinke in a pack, we’re is all of this in the actual game?
“Life uh finds a way
Sarah Riddle (18 days ago)
It’s Daniel (19 days ago)
How much space does it take up on x box one?
Glitchy Glitches (20 days ago)
Time for somone to make a ripoff called crutasios world
Authentic _ (23 days ago)
Good thing it ain't EA shit
RobinsonJoshua (23 days ago)
That is not how the paths work :)
RobinsonJoshua (15 days ago)
BURO CHOIX thanks for going on strong for me :)
BURO CHOIX (17 days ago)
RobinsonJoshua or the fights
RobinsonJoshua (23 days ago)
I dont have the want or need to continue saying what is not in the game, but I could keep going if anyone would like
RobinsonJoshua (23 days ago)
Or the ranger teams interaction with the dinos
RobinsonJoshua (23 days ago)
Or the fence
Muy pressius
Brian hart (24 days ago)
operation Genesis 2.0 aka operation Genesis hype.0
Pato Juegos y mas (25 days ago)
So kinda jurassic park operation genesis v2 ?
Brian Ortiz (26 days ago)
Como se juega haces un parque, se escapan dinosaurios y debes matarlos o eres un dinosaurio
Dorothy Morgan (29 days ago)
Dorothy Morgan (29 days ago)
jiphelsen (1 month ago)
The ugly fake version of ARK park with ridicolous noisses.
jiphelsen Lol what the fuck are you on about? Jurassic Park was here way before Ark, and its noises were as well. You're a huge retard.
Jumping Oxer’s (1 month ago)
Yasss it’s on PS4
DINO IDEAS (1 month ago)
How do you get it on pc?
Spiele TV (1 month ago)
Dinos cant sleep
David Jeffreys (1 month ago)
Probably the most boring game concept ever.
David Jeffreys (12 days ago)
Bornstellar Makes Eternal Salting CORRECTION we have a lost... angry little boy on Comment 2. 😅
David Jeffreys lmao what a thoughtful comeback full of arguments. Thanks for confirming that you're just a sad retard with no talent for argumentation whatsoever.
David Jeffreys (12 days ago)
Bornstellar Makes Eternal Salting little boy are you lost? Do need us to help find your mom? ATTENTION PEOPLE we have a lost little boy on Comment 2
David Jeffreys this isn't CoD for sure, that's a game that requires you to think and this is obviously not for you
BroGamer (1 month ago)
Omg :'D It's Its... Beautiful
19RocknRolla91 (1 month ago)
I wish it was a tycoon game but it’s not really :/
Gary Lim (1 month ago)
God created dinosaurs. God destroyed dinosaurs. God created Man. Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man...Woman inherits the earth. ...God should destroy feminists.
KatLynn White (1 month ago)
What about iOS and Android??
NOISEf7 (1 month ago)
not a whole lot of security while repairing the fences, those thing are there to keep the dinosaurs from coming out....1+1 = 2
Irish John. (1 month ago)
2:24 Guy on the pole was about to get eaten, guy on the ground saves him by distracting the T rex only to get eaten himself. F
DudeaFrude Gaming (1 month ago)
I’m going to trigger someone but this game is shite
19RocknRolla91 (1 month ago)
You are not wrong
Red Hawk (1 month ago)
Cuando saldrá en Pc?
michaelgamer60 .DLC. (1 month ago)
TheRoblox Boy (1 month ago)
My mom doesn't play a'lot of games but when i showed her the trailer for this she said she wants to play it but she doesn't have enough time.
jimbuh (1 month ago)
Canadian devil 2.0 😂
PlayedGabrix 10 (1 month ago)
Aaa está en Xbox OMG!!!!
Sumona Florence (1 month ago)
Okay but wtf do you do?
Sumona Florence (5 days ago)
Looks gay.
Navy Baby (5 days ago)
Sumona Florence Build a Park lol
Miscellaneous Stuff (1 month ago)
Jurassic evolution.. life finds a way... people are talking about those fake dinosaurs and planet is facing die off of real spicies
Jonas Hartmann (1 month ago)
Ark ist geiler
Kaique Freitas (1 month ago)
Cringe Master370 (1 month ago)
My wish baby Dino’s to adults
Der Nominativ (1 month ago)
Kleine Nihas ganz groß
NightcoreHeaven (1 month ago)
It'll be great if you there where those underwater ones too... Like fucking Megalodon and Mosasaurus and Predator X. That'll be legit.
StanwellT (1 month ago)
Nog long now before we get the release!! I've pre-ordered the game and deliberately avoided any YouTube gameplay videos so I get the complete experience of starting a new game and knowing nothing about it! So I really hope it meets most of my expectation of the game😆😁😁😁
MrVilou (1 month ago)
The only best thing that Jurassic world movies can gives is this pure gem.
samcha14 (1 month ago)
Omg that looks coooool
Damian KKKA (1 month ago)
no underwater dinos.....
Dark-Ghost329 (1 month ago)
Looks like shit
Diamond boy (1 month ago)
I know I’m late for this trailer but I’m soooooo excited for this new game! Im gonna get it right when it comes out!
ClintonEE (1 month ago)
so fucking pumped for this
Trainzt 14 (1 month ago)
Omfg i ve been waiting this since jurassic Park operation Genesis... I cant believe this... Im super happy
DomBiohazard (1 month ago)
if there wont be a spinosaurus im out xD
Just two more weeks guys!!!
Abu Savage (1 month ago)
Logan Waters (1 month ago)
They should add a character creation to put yourself in the game and allow first person control, because we all know we want to release hell and escape from the island just like the movies. I would preorder in a heartbeat.
jeanni kemp (1 month ago)
Yea finally a Good Jurassic Park game can't wait.
Phil & Lyssa (2 months ago)
this looks stupid... I thought it was a first-person​!!!!! come on!!!!
Blue haired lawyer (2 months ago)
It would be so cool if you could play as your character and walk around the park
Miss Ammyyy (2 months ago)
So mesmerising 👌🏻
Connor Woolley (2 months ago)
I don't think I've ever looked forward to a game quite like this!
Casey Rainey (2 months ago)
I kind of adore how "froggy" JP's dinos feel. It totally makes sense with all of the amphibian DNA.
Johnny Griggs (2 months ago)
Hope they got a spino so we can have a t tax vs spino match and water dinos
911 RSR (2 months ago)
Last 30 seconds WOW.
Shimi (2 months ago)
Los recuerdos de Operation Genesis vienen a mi...es hermoso
Karl Dunson (2 months ago)
I love dinosaurs
Poke Mon (3 months ago)
I want this game 1000x then Jurassic world the game
WarshipX2 Videos (3 months ago)
Rowan Mazur (3 months ago)
im getting deluxe
Sterion Astro (3 months ago)
Sparky Kelly (3 months ago)
The first half of the trailer was boring as hell. The second was a far better representation of what to expect.
Sparrow Whu (3 months ago)
I have goosebumps.
manu putzu (3 months ago)
Irgendwie zeigt der Trailer nur dinos ober was man da machen kan und so weiter zeigt er nicht der überzeugt mich nicht wirklich
Luke Skywalker (3 months ago)
It shows that one worker being eaten by the T-Rex and then pans over to the park with the happy music, how quaint - can't wait to visit and be eaten while the park music is blaring over the PA.
Andre Dennis-rudi (3 months ago)
gibt auch pc ??
Miks 1000 (3 months ago)
I played the first one on ps2 when I was younger cant wait
STooGE4444 Metal (3 months ago)
ooohh mannnn...takes me back to Trespasser days.
Jared McDaniel (3 months ago)
Does anyone know if you can play as a dinosaur in the game?
Xander Guldie (3 months ago)
This looks dope. The scene where the t-rex escapes is awesome
JayQueLynn (3 months ago)
Please don't be bad. Please don't be bad. *Please don't be bad.*
Miquel Graanoogst (3 months ago)
I want this VR
CMDRBLADE (3 months ago)
If this fails I still have Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. They need to do this right AND I MEAN RIGHT in order not to create the biggest fuck up to our childhoods.
Benji (3 months ago)
Responses to the beta have been positive overall
tost :D (3 months ago)
willz HatesU (3 months ago)
Where is this to buy??!??? No pre order i can find...
Andreas Ioannides (3 months ago)
Perry the Platypus (3 months ago)
Can you play as a dino?
Manuel Soto (3 months ago)
My thoughts: "this can't be in-game graphics" *suddenly finds the text that says in-game graphics*
Thiskidiscool (3 months ago)
Hey did anyone notice there were no helicopter blades (first trailer) oh wait there is, just barely
Kim Tae Ka (3 months ago)
2:30 Moral of the scene: dont be a hero
Benji (3 months ago)
I thought it was don't throw tablets at a T-rex
John Smith (3 months ago)
The game looks pretty but kind of cartoonish the dinos kind of look like toys that havent been finished ywt
Benji (3 months ago)
How do they? The graphics on the dinosaurs are looking as good if not better then the digital effects used in the movies. The animations are looking fantastic so far.
Jay Master2187 (3 months ago)
How about PC?
KidtheBilly (3 months ago)
the T-rex could only run up to around 12 mph as any more would cause him to fall over the average human runs up to 28 mph that guy seemed pretty fast and had a good form so i'm willing to bet he could have out ran that t-rex, realistically the T-Rex couldn't have possibly caught that guy as the guy not only got a head start, but the T-rex had to plow through s concrete wall to get to him in the first place.
KidtheBilly (2 months ago)
oops, i put usain bolt's running speed but everyone can run as fast as him; right?
Benji (3 months ago)
hahaha xD are you high? The average running speed of a Human is about 8mph.. 12mph sprinting. Don't where you get almost 30mph from! The only advantage a Human has is their naturally high running distance. Humans can't run fast, but can run at their top speed for much longer then other species. A very healthy Human, emphasis on the word healthy, could out pace a T-rex. But only ever just match its speed. In most cases the T-rex would catch up to the Human under most circumstances. Taking into account things such as acceleration, having to avoid obstacles like bushes, branches etc. Of which the T-rex can simply walk over and topple. To the point though, Jurassic Park dinosaurs should always be taken with a pinch of salt, they're designed to be thrilling. Not just in canon but from a Hollywood business perspective also. Perhaps that guy should have been able to outrun the T-rex. But then in the same trailer the T-rex picks up and throws another dinosaur around by the neck. Which is physically impossible for a T-rex.
Max (3 months ago)
Lol they still haven't got the Dinos accurate
Benji (3 months ago)
Do you mean because they don't have features like feathers? The idea was discussed but in the end they decided the better choice was to go with the franchises iconic appearances. Which i agree is the wiser choice. Remember the JP franchise is entertainment and designed to be thrilling to an audience. For example, the famous raptor kitchen scene in the first JP movie would have been far, far less thrilling if the raptors were an accurate size of 3-4ft with colourful feathers.

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