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Styx: Master of Shadows - Launch Trailer

1802 ratings | 325937 views
The new infiltration game from Cyanide Studio comes out this week on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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Goyahkla100 (3 months ago)
Are the graphics in game the same as Trailer??!! Doesn't look like it from what I've seen. The game itself looks pretty sweet though.
Mickil Volda (1 month ago)
Goyahkla100 It’s A Cool Game But The Graphics Are Not The Same As The Trailer Unfortunately , ps sorry For Answering Late :p
Jobe Jones (4 months ago)
Still watching this everyday; even though I'm playing shards of darkness.
бля, будто же пиздат этот трейлер!! издавна прошёл styx'a два раза, однако пересмотрев трейлер, всё равно пробежали мурашки по коже
Dakabro (10 months ago)
this my favorite trailer of all time it is brilliant and the song is insane
jaeson kyle dalupang (1 year ago)
what's the title of the song?
protohunter1 (1 year ago)
Sexy Rakash voice! ILOVEIT!
Ryaan Ahmed (1 year ago)
I have watched this so many times.
MonguinAssassin (1 year ago)
Anyone get the feeling that there should be a separate game for every typical role-playing game class taking place in the Warhammer world? It looks like we pretty much covered the Rogue class. What's interesting is that gaming companies are now doing this more and more often, making games where each class plays differently. I know two that do that, Trine 2 and Gauntlet. So, what about the other three common classes? Well, here's my idea: Fighter would play like a straight up action game, kind of like if you played Star Wars Battlefront or Halo but with the controls of Assassin's Creed, only you can't climb walls or parkour as easily and you would spend most of the time on the front lines in combat. This would be the right class for those of you who would want to go on a killing spree. Wizard would be interesting. Something like Magica: Wizard Wars? Wizards might have a thicker RPG element to them since I personally see classes more focused on magic use to be more socially oriented then combat oriented. Wizards neither fight dirty nor do stealth work, but there is joy in using magic. Lots of it. You probably might want to stay out of combat and remain in low profile. If you do, make sure you cast spells rather quickly. Also, fair trade anyone? Cleric: Again, thinking of how one plays a Jedi in a Star Wars game, maybe even more so like a Jedi, since Jedi were actually kind of like Clerics a bit. The joy of this class is in healing and charity, to play a good guy. That is unless if you decided to turn evil through a series of choices.
Infiko CZ (1 year ago)
best trailer ever
MrProteeus (1 year ago)
Wish they made more games where you could play as the goblin.....like how they make them intelligent and crafty.....READ Re:monster....it's what got me into desiring more games/movies about goblins being the protagonist
TheLamppost444 (1 year ago)
When a trailer is done well...it is a beautiful thing.
LandShark11011 (1 year ago)
This is what a trailer should be. STRAIGHT DOPE
THE FIRST RyeLenDum (1 year ago)
he would be paragon character
DooV (1 year ago)
When the trailer is as good as the game .
Bende Taborosi (1 year ago)
this game was great
zero-zero-Śmierć (1 year ago)
Mr. Sausage Fest (1 year ago)
Dat beat doe...
Chris Katko (1 year ago)
This game is the first spiritual successor to Thief 1/2 I've ever played. Game mechanics are different but HOT FREAKING DAMN the story is straight out of Looking Glass / Irrational Games. Even when the game mechanics get frustrating, the STORY BEGS YOU TO CONTINUE. "Just one more chapter... JUST ONE MORE SECRET REVEALED!"
MerlinsJester (4 months ago)
Chris Katko The game mechanics are awesome I dunno what you’re talking about. I’m on my 2nd Goblin run in as many weeks and this game gets so much more entertaining once you get various evasion techniques down pat
The Bloodshot One (1 year ago)
I loved the game sooo much
Jerzku'sGames (1 year ago)
Just like it was in the first game :)
Jake Everett (1 year ago)
I like the music
YouTube Troll Poop (1 year ago)
assassin's creed ain't got nothing on STYX
JustYour AverageOtaku (1 year ago)
This is one of my favorite video game trailers, I just can't stop rewatching it its so good!
A&A Ali (1 year ago)
0:21 LOL! hilarious
miko_ reach (1 year ago)
Me too!!!!!!!!^_^
BigBrotherIsTooBig (1 year ago)
Raid on Iron Forge!
evilmouse911 (1 year ago)
Boss Snikrot: The game
Lola Atamuradova (1 year ago)
Marcelo Candel (2 years ago)
the voice is epic
NONGamersMustDie (2 years ago)
best game ever , i put this game in the games we reccoment you in my youtube channel ( its a series we doing ) and i dont regret that. I have finished it 4 times , one in easy and 3 in goblin difficulty. Atmosphere in this game is awesome , i would love to play a sequel with styx only.
narx221 (2 years ago)
+NONGamersMustDie i hope cyanide studios show this game in e3 ^^
NONGamersMustDie (2 years ago)
thanks mate +narx221
narx221 (2 years ago)
there is one coming in 2016 :D http://www.styx-thegame.com/en/news/36-shards-of-darkness-styx-will-be-back-in-2016.html
Obeha Ef Gekahem (2 years ago)
Excellent trailer.
Daimy Doruyter (2 years ago)
FAMAS | Styx
Maritza Matthews (2 years ago)
thats hot my homie
better than cod
weismeister121 (1 year ago)
dude, for the love of christ, those are 2 different types of games. stop comparing different games to one another
+Daimy D lol
Daimy Doruyter (2 years ago)
make styx 2
+Doctor Nefarious ik
Doctor Nefarious (2 years ago)
It's called Styx:Shards Of Darkness
Boldi Kubikos (2 years ago)
me neither, it will be a summer release i guess
Boldi Kubikos (2 years ago)
+joe criollo development in progreess...
Darek Domagała (2 years ago)
ubisoft level trailer gr8
Khorothis (2 years ago)
The lack of world-saving and heroism in this game is so refreshing.
Gerson Lopez (2 years ago)
Styx trys to save the orcs/goblins in of orcs and men (which takes place in the future since master of shadows is Styx's origin story). I think frangitus is confusing the games.
Khorothis (2 years ago)
+Frangitus ... I wanted to play through the game again anyway :D
Frangitus (2 years ago)
+Khorothis When you are stealing the key from the govenor, i think he mentions it
Khorothis (2 years ago)
+Frangitus During the bossfight? Or somewhere prior? Just give me a rough estimate and I'll check, because, you know, sequel is out this year and theorycrafting is always fun. :D
KroolZboza007pl (2 years ago)
this game is one of my personal favourites if we talk about stealth games and this music in trailer. game and trailer deserves a beer. EACH!
Biały wilk 007 (2 years ago)
this is the worst game in the world...
MerlinsJester (4 months ago)
Biały wilk 007 I’d have thought it was Sexy Hiking, myself
zeid qiblawi (2 years ago)
We got Rocket League and Styx in the same month. BEST.MONTH.EVER
Doctor Nefarious (2 years ago)
+Jamie Quinn It already came out
Jamie Quinn (2 years ago)
when do we get rocket league??
Timon A (2 years ago)
This gave me goosebumps...
ahmed kabbary (2 years ago)
lol me too.
R3bro (2 years ago)
Most epic trailer in the past years no comparison to COD or Battlefield, this trailer gives u a natural hype!
IHAZCAMEL (2 years ago)
"I Can Remember Only One Thing... ...A Name.... Of Styx."
Jack Was (2 years ago)
zeid qiblawi (2 years ago)
Dawaun Parker - Grape Street
Giorgi Gvenetadze (2 years ago)
it;s only x64?
Lucido961 (2 years ago)
One of my favourite games of all time
halil can kemik (2 years ago)
bu oyunun 2 si çıkacak mı ki? oyun çok güzel
CoC Laba (2 years ago)
This game is getting addicted but game is alreydy completed so i cant play lol.. i hope they make Styx 2 or something
Dallas legend94 (2 years ago)
The next one called shreads of darkness
Field of View (2 years ago)
You can replay the game trying to be faster, it shows you the time at the end of the level. Or if you didn't play on highest difficulty you can do that still.
Dallas legend94 (2 years ago)
Yea they are actually
6eg2msauma (2 years ago)
They should make a game called arkail, following the story of the orc.
+CoC Laba Very nice england comerade. Kappa
swe haxer (2 years ago)
Tramp's Music (2 years ago)
Daamn! Best trailer ever!
WhisperIn TheWind (2 years ago)
Obvious rip off of Thief which ripped off Dishonored (a much better game) but hey its free lets give it a try
MerlinsJester (4 months ago)
WhisperIn TheWind Dishonored is a sneaky Bioshock clone and nothing else. The underwhelming effects and hackneyed plot points make me wanna gouge out the screen with a toothpick
S.A.M (2 years ago)
Dishonored was an amazing game but I am going to give this a fair go judging from the trailer It looks pretty epic.
Shania Del Guercio (2 years ago)
Dishonored and Styx also share nothing else than the stealth genre, with Styx holding a LOT more on to being a traditional Stealth Game. Story wise: Dishonored's Story is about how Corvo's taking revenge after being .. well dishonored in an attempt to clean up the messy goverment after the empress's been killed. Styx isn't *completely* different in that it places the Protagonist in a hostile world while he's trying to infiltrate the Atrium Of Akenash, a gigantic Tower, built to protect the world tree, source of the powerful liquid that is amber and Styx's Goal, the heart of the tree. The main element that makes Styx Story appealing is that he doesn't know why he even wants the heart of the tree, against the fairly linear Story of Dishonored. Gameplay wise: Styx: Master Of Shadows holds tight to the original idea of a stealth game. As a goblin, Styx's physical form is tiny and weak, making him practically incapable of surviving in straight combat against even more than one foe, for the benefits of being easily overlooked and agile, making him an ideal infiltrator in this world that is the Tower of akenash. If he gets detected he might be lucky enough to parry a few hits from an inexperienced opponent like a servant or worker, but inevitably Fails at surviving against trained soldiers and Knights. Corvo on the other hand always has the Option to try and defeat his enemies in a fair and square Scenario, with his Knowledge in using swords, crossbows and the magical powers he learns throughout the game. Styx has the benefit of amber, allowing him to turn invisible, superior sight and even creating much weaker duplicates of himself as quick distraction, but really stays helpless in fights throughout the whole of the game.
Connor was here (2 years ago)
+WhisperIn TheWind ... Thief came out in 1998. the Thief game you're thinking of is just a shitty reboot of the original version, which was released 14 YEARS before Dishonored.
WhisperIn TheWind (2 years ago)
No, dishonored was a hell of a game Thief was alright but it tried to do things dishonored already did and did better
Kate Konarske (2 years ago)
Awful Story telling. Fun stealth levels. Value: Good Waste of time.
6eg2msauma (2 years ago)
+Kate Konarske i liked it a bit confusing
Kate Konarske (2 years ago)
+6eg2msauma It has a good story, its just told horribly.
6eg2msauma (2 years ago)
Awful story telling? What's wrong with you
DaVeganZombie (2 years ago)
Free on the PSN currently... get it while you can...
megusta guy (2 years ago)
is there ever going to be any physical copies of this game or is it just going to be for download ?
megusta guy (2 years ago)
+Connor Kemper yeah thanks for the tip
Connor was here (2 years ago)
+megusta guy i think its just downloads. sorry to disappoint, but if you're interested in this game, Steam is an extremely safe platform on which you can buy it
Christian Berthelsen (2 years ago)
2 Month ago, i was about to buy This game. Now 2 Month later its free, for PS plus members, ty Sony <3
Knågen (2 years ago)
Only 173 thousand views? Man this deserves much more.
Simon Robeyns (2 years ago)
just got this, graphics & cutscene animations look extremely outdated for a game only 1 year old, but let's give it a try anyways..
MerlinsJester (4 months ago)
Simon Robeyns playing current gen games on a toaster then judging the visuals makes 0% sense
Simon Robeyns (2 years ago)
+Demasus already deleted the game, glad i never bought it the cutscene animations & lip sync is terrible, game look bad & yet plays worse than the witcher 3 on my computer (which doesn't make sense) and the story is crap, it's a no go for me (yes it's just my opinion and you don't need to care 2 shits about it)
Timo Eric van B (2 years ago)
+Simon Robeyns ohh allright
Simon Robeyns (2 years ago)
+Timo Eric van B the pirate bay is open
Julian Bonilla (2 years ago)
PS Plus games come out on the first Tuesday of the month now so actually they'll be out on July 7th
Bence Csik (2 years ago)
These guys know how to make a trailer!
Falfool (2 years ago)
I just discovered that this game is the prequel to Of orcs and men, and btw i played this game, and it is very nice, i might play OOAM soon idk.
zecaherdeirofilhodorei (3 years ago)
Eight time watching this video.. The music is so epic
Kémaël Kauppaymuthoo (2 years ago)
+F*ckTheEstablishmentAndSuch lol nice one 
zecaherdeirofilhodorei (2 years ago)
+Kémaël Kauppaymuthoo (Kem) Thx !
Kémaël Kauppaymuthoo (2 years ago)
+K kík K bÔtÓvisqq Grape street, Dawaun Parker!
Erik (3 years ago)
Why does everyone and all the reviews say it sucked. They seem outdated because the developer made a patch and fixed it
MerlinsJester (3 months ago)
Fa Kenews I’d agree, since I’ve cleared this thing on Goblin mode
Fa Kenews (3 months ago)
MerlinsJester Yeah, or similar games that had you actually playing, instead of watching.
MerlinsJester (3 months ago)
Fa Kenews so, essentially OG Prince of Persia
Fa Kenews (3 months ago)
The controls aren't bad, they just dont do everything for you like in assassins creed or new splintercell. You actually have to push the jump button, and decide when jumping is a good idea, and when it is not.
MerlinsJester (4 months ago)
Erik if it takes more thought to play it than it does to make a plain bowl of cold cereal, it’s terrible. At least, this is what the internet hate mob tells me
vel lord (3 years ago)
that the music played in the background?
vel lord (2 years ago)
+xethaios thanks
xethaios (2 years ago)
+Эдик Зур Grape Street, Dawaun Parker.
Harvey Groom (3 years ago)
Does this run at 60fps on PS4?
Th3Gr8Ali (3 years ago)
fucking badass :D
Avgrund (3 years ago)
song name?
crni gruja (3 years ago)
crni gruja (3 years ago)
+guilherme bezerra tnx a million times dude!
guilherme bezerra (3 years ago)
Grape Street
tetris chess (3 years ago)
wo that fucking trailer wow that was raw
crni gruja (3 years ago)
0:52 :D :D :D :D
Музыка зачётная.
RyadWarrioR31 (3 years ago)
Please give me the link of this music 
cupcakewilleatu (3 years ago)
Damn but this is one of the most awesome trailers I've seen in a long time
ChamVayne (3 years ago)
He is from "Of Orcs and Men" game
rrweed (3 years ago)
I came here for the song!
Ребят а музочку можно?
Dawaun Parker – Grape Street изволь. 
Fred Fredburger (3 years ago)
Xelroth (3 years ago)
music trailer pls ?
Salzblut (3 years ago)
I fucking LOVE this game. It doesn´t only have all classic stealth elements, you can also solve the (gigantic!) vertikal maps in a million different ways and it´s just big fun to discover every corner with little Rakash. Styx is small and kinda weak, but that way it is for once actually necessary to avoid enemies or silently kill them, whereas in most other stealth games the main character is strong enough to simply  battle his way through. I really adore Styx´ nasty voice and his dirty humour and sarcasm, he really is a charismatic character and I feel very motivated to spend hours playing with him.
PolskaNatura (3 years ago)
Jeszcze nigdy nie widziałem tak świetnego zwiastuna :)
Если трейлер таковой неплохой, то и забава должна тоже быть неплохой
The Lone Wanderer (2 years ago)
+Егор Киселёв графон солидный, а чтоб осознать сюжет необходимо миновать игру Of orcs and men.
+The Lone Wanderer блядь хуйня ебаная графон 2012 года и там тупоумный ии блядь сюжет хуйня ебаная 
The Lone Wanderer (2 years ago)
+Егор Киселёв сосни, забава заебись.
Но позже я решил отобрать свои слова
Brad Belford (3 years ago)
whats the name of the song in the background it is dope
hadock32 (3 years ago)
Fun original "goblin" stealth game. Long gameplay and very addictive !
BlackSonicShadow (3 years ago)
this. is. so. awesome. whats this song? really wanna know
GameMinds (3 years ago)
No problem! :D
BlackSonicShadow (3 years ago)
+TrinityGaming your my fucking hero :D Thanks :)
GameMinds (3 years ago)
Grape street Dawaun Parker
Giorgio B. (3 years ago)
this game is like dishonored, except that dishonored sucked while this is good
Shania Del Guercio (2 years ago)
The parry system in Styx became exactly what was imagined. You are no combatant. You're not experienced with wielding a weapon and it was supposed to become a hard Task to stand your ground against more than just one Opponent, or simply out of the Picture against some of the latter enemies in the game because of their superior skill in Terms of combat or simple nature.
Skyman (2 years ago)
+coolleax it focused more on combat and silencing targets then not being detected
Skyman (2 years ago)
+Jeix Herald of Taon dishonored isnt a stealth game its more of an assassination game
Giorgio B. (3 years ago)
I liked it a lot, especially the main story. It is graphically inferior to dishonored, but it rewards exploration and a stealth approach (while dishonored allowed you to be rambo but gave you a bad ending). so far I've only played it once on the hardest difficulty (goblin), and the game does really feel hard (while in dishonored it made no difference as long as you didn't get detected).
Xenath Gaming (3 years ago)
Whats the name of this song? its bad ass >.>. Gotta go play this now haha, looks cool.
ToxicWolf (3 years ago)
This goblin should be called Zed ... Kappa
headbite alien (3 years ago)
looks like it takes itself a bit tooo seriously by the title i thought this would've a ton of jokes
Roma Bakharev (3 years ago)
Grape Street – Haplo 
deposed lord (3 years ago)
Lindsay Lohan: the video game.
aT afterThought (3 years ago)
Love the editing style of this trailer!
Inkoix (3 years ago)
I agree
fan23fan (3 years ago)
I love this trailer!
Alexander Dragonfang (3 years ago)
Has to be one of the best stealth games in a good freaking time, from just the stealth perspective is even better than Dishonored and lightyears better than Thief. The underdog of the year, an amazingly good stealth game.
G@mE-R (3 years ago)
Dammn i'll definitely make a gameplay for it ! check my channel for PC gameplays !
Xaveric Jr (3 years ago)
I love how people say "this is this plus this " and only show their ignorance. Styx is from the universe of Of Orcs and Men, he has NOTHING to do with your casual orcs and goblin from wow or dota, and the game is PURE stealth, like the previous Thief or Hitman, not an hack and slash-open world like Shadow of Mordor or Assassin's Creed.
Field of View (2 years ago)
FYI, the word "previous" means the most recent one. So your statement is false as the previous Thief and Hitman game weren't stealth games when you posted that comment. The current Hitman is a stealth game again but Thief is still dead, RIP.
Shania Del Guercio (2 years ago)
+Xaveric Jr there are People calling shadow of mordor stealth? LOL
The torpedo named Joe (3 years ago)
FED L. (3 years ago)
A lot of nice things in this game, good visuals, a lot of love put in making things expansive and immersive here. But it's all it is really, just an average or below average stealth game, world is kind of interesting, I bet the story might be interesting but that's subjective. If yer lookin for a good stealth game, there's plenty of em that do it better, story is pretty much all you can say is interesting here, I'm wondering if I should get it myself, maybe some other time, on a discount.  Difinitelly finding out that soundtrack though. Now that's amazing.
Kian Najmechi (3 years ago)
+FED L. :3
FED L. (3 years ago)
+Kian Najmechi That sounds great, I'm glad I was wrong about it!
Kian Najmechi (3 years ago)
I got it from steam for 5 dollars and honestly it is worth much more than that, it has quite a few issues but none are enough to be game breaking, the level designs are the best thing about this game. it is like a very well thought out labyrinth and you just want to explore every room, i even come across rooms where it is impossible to kill everyone so i simply have to sneak pass that room instead.
stoni vr (3 years ago)
omg so nice beat.
Donnie Brasco (3 years ago)
Track Grape Street – Haplo
@KreativeMente (3 years ago)
No clue what this game is about. But the music is DOPE!
PBJ YO (3 years ago)
ShadzWins (3 years ago)
Well, now I understand why I didn't hear about this game.

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