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Top 20 Upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH Games 2018

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Hey, guys, this is my list of Best Nintendo Switch Games coming in 2018. ►List 0:00 Cubers Release: 2018 0:39 Descenders Release: 2018 1:32 Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero Release: Spring 2018 2:19 Mulaka Release: early 2018 3:04 Crazy Justice Release: Q2 2018 4:01 Anew: The Distant Light Release: 2018 6:28 Morphies Law Release: Dec 2017 or Q1 2018 8:01 My Time At Portia Release: 2018 9:19 Unruly Heroes Release: 2018 10:27 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Release: 2018 12:03 Starlink: Battle for Atlas Release: Q3 2018 13:39 Runner3 Release: Q1 2018 14:21 Moonlighter Release: Early 2018 15:45 Yoshi Release: 2018 16:34 Project Octopath Traveler Release: 2018 17:29 Lost Sphear Release: Jan 23, 2018 18:52 Yoku's Island Express Release: 2018 19:35 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Release: 2018 20:34 FE Release: early 2018 21:22 Dragon Quest Builders Release: Feb 9, 2018 22:48 Indivisible Release: 2018 ➣Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/c/Countdowngamer?sub_confirmation=1 ➣Follow us on Twitter: /countdowngamer1 Facebook: /CountdownGamer ➣Thanks for Watching ➣Subscribe for more
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Text Comments (393)
Countdown Gamer (8 months ago)
Release date Update: Dragon Quest Builders - February 9, 2018
Robert Rush (1 month ago)
Blood Stained === Chicky-vania; grafx look awesome and the scrolling is buttery smooth. Lots of blood! Invisible === Dora the Tomb Raider; looks fun and slightly Ninja Gaiden...
Francisco Burgos (2 months ago)
Great... I'll buy some of them...
Shawn Palumbo (3 months ago)
I'm looking most forward to Bloodstained, Hollow Knight and Project Octopath.. I also can't wait for Guerilla War on the SNK Collection.. I have to admit this was a horrible list of top 20 games..
Lz tLoc- (4 months ago)
sooooo nobody is excited for what looked like 'no more hero's 3'? 👀
Nuckin' Futs (6 months ago)
I wouldn't play any of these for free.
Jay Smallwood (7 months ago)
Switch sucks. There. I said it. It's not the machine that sucks the machines awesome but it's just the software. There's no games for it and there's nothing coming out this year. That's the reason why I haven't bought one.
Shawn M. (7 months ago)
I don't wanna play any of this crap.
The only good game here is crazy justice; a game that’s available for Xbox1, PS4, PC, and as you may already know; Nintendo switch. All of which excluding PS4 contain Cross Platform. no real reason to get a switch in my opinion.
Kaylied Gamer (7 months ago)
Travis Strikes Again :-)
Christoonpher (7 months ago)
3:40 that’s fornite
PartyHead Studio (7 months ago)
Need buy switch wtf...
Hans Gruber (7 months ago)
Yep, just as i thought. You can get these games anywhere else. I've seen nothing here that will wan't to make people go out and grab a Nintendo Switch in 2018. Hell, Playstation 4 just outsold it for the fourth week in a row. Nintendo already blew their load in 2017. Now nothing big till late this year and beyond. The game drought has begun for Nintendo.... AGAIN!
VoidGap (7 months ago)
What about diluvion and hollow knight?
Ong Narukami (7 months ago)
Persona serie needs to be here
Deamon OfficialChannel (7 months ago)
Unruly Heroes seems like AAA
Enneite Samud (8 months ago)
Dear sonyfangirls 1.why you come here on a switch video to get cocky about the ''power'' of ps4 1.2 If your looking for graphic and nothing else you chosed the wrong system: it a pc you want 2. no exclusive from sony is apealing right now you will have to wait for last of us 2 or death stranding b4 you get cocky signed a gamer who curently own a pc+switch and will probably get a ps4 for death stranding/last of us(the 1 was a masterpiece i have high hope for the 2), but right now you guys have nothing to be proud of get over it. On the other the switch fangirls have BOTW and odyssey(it is not a masterpiece like BOTW but it a pretty fun game, it funnier then every PS4 exclusive that I tried). Now grab your popcorn Ladies hate incoming from butthurt fanboy who dont like being told the truth.
AGATH0R (8 months ago)
Anew looks amazing
ATRAIU (8 months ago)
stop the 2d side scroll-er your killing them
Guitoune (8 months ago)
Mulaka = Okami en Afrique Shut up and take my money !!! <3<3<3
Guitoune (7 months ago)
Gerardo Hernandez Jesus Sorry for the mistake ! Thank you 😀
Guitoune mulaka is in México, not afrique.
Clyde Pratt (8 months ago)
I would love to see another CONKER'S Video game come out!!
Gamer Madden07 (8 months ago)
I see nothing but indie games smhhh
Vesh K (8 months ago)
Seeing these games, i regret buying a switch. Zelda and mario were the best games but we can't play that forever. These stupid 2d arcade games is why nintendo is going downhill. Nintendo needs more games like god of war and assassins creed origins. Zelda and mario were strong and great but they need to follow it up.
Narada ferreira blanco (8 months ago)
Sarah Byrne (8 months ago)
They need a new iconic character. We love Zelda, Kirby, Mario etc. because the games were fun and the characters are actually interesting enough to want more of. These are just games and the main characters are nothing more than NPCs that you control.
Alfredo Izg (8 months ago)
Why on earth is there so many 2d playformers
MrOnionRing (8 months ago)
it makes me absolutely sick how theres so many 2d platformer games... why are we going backwards in game technology like wtf.
Aidan Hanson (8 months ago)
Would you rather a good 2d platformer or another shitty cod?
Tj Hurst (8 months ago)
not looking forward to a single one of these
IIShadowxd1-2 (8 months ago)
More 2-d games did i mention more 2-d games? like where the company that would actually make like 3ds culture i mean i'm sure they are have wonderful stories to tell and probably a good game but come on!! lol
IIShadowxd1-2 (8 months ago)
Aidan Hanson i wasn't complaining nor did i said anything about not wanting. I was just saying if tge console can hold botw so can other great games.
Aidan Hanson (8 months ago)
IIShadowxd1-2 so you're complaining that they make good games just not the genre you want? You could try to branch out and try these games. Maybe you'd like them.
Skyeast Rulas (8 months ago)
excelent Top : ) thank you very much. Im so excited about Dragon quest Builders : ) !
NeroZ zero (8 months ago)
Marlon Ansale (8 months ago)
arena of valor please <3
MrBreaktime (8 months ago)
Where are the good stuff? Fire emblem, Pokemon, Shin Megami tensei V , Monster hunter, Dark souls remake, Disgaea 6? All these 2D no name games are not worth buying switch for.
abraham niang (8 months ago)
1:50 so his name is leaf and he has a fairy ...
Agent Frost (8 months ago)
A bike game where you get see the character crash horrible deaths... SOLD!!!
tanquistahobby (8 months ago)
Fuck!!! no mario maker??!!!
Ich trage HeiderKleider (8 months ago)
I don’t like 2D games... why so many of them???
Ausar (8 months ago)
Subnautica would fit nice on the switch
Fer Alejandrez (8 months ago)
Mr. Space! (8 months ago)
ArchCancer (8 months ago)
Wait, dragon quest builder 1 or 2?
PrAndonuts (8 months ago)
I wanted say "Yoshi and FE", but as "FE" isn't Fire Emblem, only Yoshi
Clint Pauling (8 months ago)
So many of these games look amazing!
Umatsu Obossa (8 months ago)
90% indie platformers... There are much better games than this slated for the Switch. You're actually making the system look bad to call some of this stuff the 'best' that's coming.
Sir Kibble (8 months ago)
wheres hollow knight?
Mike Solorio (8 months ago)
Bunch of indie bullshit
Cristobal Sánchez (8 months ago)
Song name of the Descenders trailer?
Marks world (8 months ago)
mulaka looked fun
Supper3 (8 months ago)
Is it just me or does it seem like all indie devs make only 2D games.
Aidan Hanson (8 months ago)
Supper3 they don't have the money to make something as complex as cod usually
Leif Bostwick-Riddell (8 months ago)
I just saw #3 and my name is Leif!
Emilio Elizondo (8 months ago)
this all look like shitty playstore apps
EZ PZ LEMON (8 months ago)
11:10 is the most i look forward if the actual gameplay same the others are good I actually forget what is a casual game is it.Maybe i buy switch this year or maybe next year till the pokemon release all new game look great and interesting tho. they probably add minecraft lol
Joel Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Those are some cheap looking games.
Maoh (8 months ago)
There are 3 half interesting titles here... Does anybody wants to buy a switch? It's like new, I've only played BOTW and will most likely not play anything else with it.
Manuel (8 months ago)
reincarN8ed (8 months ago)
If these are the top 20, I don't even wanna see what *didn't* make the cut...
Michael Romeo (8 months ago)
Nintendo Promess a next gen console and here we are ! We have an old hardware and tons of Indy games (facePalm.) We Have to mention that Nintendo is The Biggest Japanese compagny way above Sony or Toyota in 2017
Mari Maci (8 months ago)
Remember 50 percent of this is for kids
Nemesis1986fly (8 months ago)
dragon quest builders is being released in february. thats not spring technically. thats not spring at all ;)
Frikanih FX (8 months ago)
Switch kinda sucks for me. The only one I'm hyped for is the new No More Heroes tho
iknowyourgay (8 months ago)
I only liked cubers
vargtegel (8 months ago)
And this is why I'm selling my Switch
The End Game (8 months ago)
fuckin side scrollers. makes me regret getting the switch. 2 rpgs i play right now. only a couple games i care about. did not expect 98% side scrollers. so gross. when you play one, you play them all. push the stick right. jump up and down. do some stuff. end.
Brian R (8 months ago)
all looks like android games...
TheLHOtv (8 months ago)
i wouldn't even pay a buck for all of these games combiened. Nintendo: buy a console for 250€ to play Mario odyssey, zelda and bad, boring indie trash games which look exactly the same with absolutly shit 2008 graphics. and i thought the ps4 had too few titels. fuck off.
RingZ (8 months ago)
That FE game looks amazing! (As long as it is open world)
RingZ (8 months ago)
FUCK, nvm its made by EA who think £54.99 or $74.99 is a good price tag for a base game. And it will SOMEHOW be pay to win
GurrenBrigadeSoldier (8 months ago)
Star Fox, Pokemon, Metroid, Smash Bros...Seriously Nintendo, you have good IP's! Get your shit together and start properly announcing some decent games.
Aaron Bell (8 months ago)
No more side scrollers jesus Christ!
Anders Lundgren (8 months ago)
95% sidescrollers.... I really wanna get a Switch but theres only like 2 games im interested in
Klippa [Lapfox] (8 months ago)
Travis touchdown bitchies !!!!!
Gluadentus Games (9 months ago)
90% are jrpg's
GameDjeenie (9 months ago)
All these looks amazing. As an old school gamer, I'm able to appreciate all style of games instead of saying "DUHHHH INDIE TR4SH" like a dumbass.
Everyday Life (9 months ago)
Wow switch just keeps dropping hits
Everyday Life (9 months ago)
Kirby is already out
Tyler Newman (9 months ago)
Here the thing... some of these games look great. Unruly heroes, fe, and bloodstained (which is actually a castlevania game with a really hot chick as the protagonist). Dark souls on switch will be incredible if it runs well (it says 1080p @30fps... but we’ll see about that in blighttown or against Gwynn. I’m sure Kirby will be decent. Yoshi I’m a bit worried about. But other than that, Nintendo has a really shitty lineup for 2018 so far. That labo cardboard shit is... just plain stupid. It’s cool for kids, but I thought the switch getting a more adult focus (Nintendo’s main audience is actually adults, contrary to popular belief) would’ve taught Nintendo a valuable lesson- that a focus on children will doom your console sales. Hopefully Nintendo still has Metroid or something up their sleeve to save the switch’s year 2.
nehpetS (9 months ago)
i wish they would make a Super Mario Sunshine 2
sekite2 (9 months ago)
looks all good but looks all like shit
セーレンSeaclean (9 months ago)
out of these only Project Octopath Traveler intruiges me. The rest look like half-arsed indie titles. It's a shame really. Switch had a lot of potential.
Jack Shank (9 months ago)
Mulaka is LITERALLY a rip of of Breath of the Wild,just look at that final clip with the boss! CALAMITY GANON!
D3vour3r296 (9 months ago)
somehow Indivisible reminds me of Skullgirls..
blue per (8 months ago)
D3vou3r296 creators of skullgirls actually
Raul Colunga (9 months ago)
If you want realism, go watch a movie, which is essentially the same than playing the majority of the current realistic games. This video is full of creative aesthetics and gameplay. I'm honestly glad that this artistic heritage in the videogame industry is not going to be lost, and I expect that it will reverse the the trend of hyper realism at expense of loss of gameplay and other stuff, that are the core of videogames as a hole.
Ar Ziel (9 months ago)
Great Nintendo ❤️ creative Indie Games,Yoshi, old school jrpg,dragon Quest builders and a game whats look like Castelvania but with female protagonist^^ Good joob i love my switch soo much😊
frankytap (9 months ago)
I would like to see Yonder on the switch
DarkRamoreRanger (9 months ago)
Morphics, ha more like DE-morphics
1:32 skyrim+dark souls in 2d
Pirate King (9 months ago)
1 or 2 good games.... if that. RIP
ALIDO DOO (9 months ago)
i want pubg or fortnite on nintendo switch
Akaliptos (9 months ago)
too many crap games for the console.. they soould try harder .. i know they can have some great games like zelda and mario...
Shao Mark (9 months ago)
good platform for your minigames
wtf?!!! After Zelda and Xenoblade - this...??????????????????!
Hernán P. (9 months ago)
basically, the nintendo switch is gonna be a dead console when zelda btw and mario oddysey are old.
Hansi Meier (9 months ago)
Hernán P. Hahaha. What is with xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Kart 8, skyrim to go......thanks for stupid comments
James Catchot (9 months ago)
Castlevania vans just got a boner from Bloodstained
DAKINGPIN1999 (9 months ago)
Nintendo is for children
Ar Ziel (8 months ago)
Cóndor 😂👍🏻 yes i heard it 15 years before. Funny comment
Cóndor (9 months ago)
Video games are for children
Ar Ziel (9 months ago)
DAKINGPIN1999 i see play many 20 or 30 play Nintendo and many teenagers play PlayStation 4 😂 But ok 👌
satussiji anakee (9 months ago)
im sad its not cross platform, any idea that its will be released for ps4 guys?
Robert Long (9 months ago)
waiting for Fe a long time ....a shame it is the only one worth buying in the 20 you just have shone.
rodney lee (9 months ago)
That bike game thoo 👀🔫🚬
Samuel Chen (9 months ago)
Top? Switch owners must be delighted now.
angusyoung119 (9 months ago)
That mulaka game makes me believe kingdom hearts 3 is VERY possible for the nintendo switch
gogol1st (9 months ago)
No bullshit , gameplay ! thank you Nintendo
XxOwOxX (9 months ago)
In love with "Fe" ♡

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