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The Story of Illidan Stormrage (Only Cinematics)

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The Story of Illidan Stormrage in the In-game Cinematics. From Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne to World of Warcraft: Legion! Playlist, (0:01) Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Intro (3:08) Arthas vs Illidan (4:09) World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Cinematic Trailer (6:58) Harbingers - Illidan (11:11) Legion - Demon Hunter Cinematic (12:11) Illidan's Demise In-game Cinematic (12:52) World of Warcraft Cinematic Teaser (14:16) Nighthold In-game Cinematic Finale (15:38) Tomb of Sargeras In-game Cinematic Finale (17:47) The Battle for Argus Begins (21:01) Rejection of the Gift Who's awesome? You're awesome! See my latest videos, Most Legendary & Epic Game Trailers | Top 5: Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time (https://youtu.be/DspL8ajmhhg) Overwatch - All Cinematic Trailers (https://youtu.be/GG4_i38ZyZw) Top 5 Blizzard Cinematic Trailers (https://youtu.be/hEmEgaEg3EE)
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Text Comments (200)
Switch0.o (8 days ago)
lol he didnt fight arthas, that was a fan made video...
Shendu LordOfDragons (3 days ago)
He did but it was non cannon because in TBC Arthas wasn't the LK
huntman1412 (11 days ago)
He looks so much worse in WoW than WC3...
مالك الحربي (15 days ago)
من ايام ٢٠٠٦ ونا مقدم لك الولاء 😈
Vice Awish (17 days ago)
A Hand (26 days ago)
Illidan is always my favorite character.
Viktor Schubernel (28 days ago)
Wow, was macht hier Ukrainian prank? 😁🤣
Kris Deng (29 days ago)
The old Illidan in Frozen Throne was the best. THe later model with purple lipstick looks gay as fuck. Not to mention the green eyes through the eye fold (which looks like some fat ass social justice warrior's eye liner)
Mauricio Araya (1 month ago)
10:57 FINALLY! After years since the Burning Crusade, HE GIVES HIS SEAL OF APPROVAL!... thank you!
Breon Wogan (1 month ago)
A Lone Spirit (19 days ago)
Words to live by... One of the best anti-hero in Gaming History, Truly worthy of Respect. Heck, he's the Hero... "NO ONE CAN SAVE US, ONLY WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES"
Voolcan (1 month ago)
thumbs up for Liam O'Brien
amio overlord (1 month ago)
Internet Entity (1 month ago)
This guy fucks.
enkhbold D (1 month ago)
Illadan is my fav
Eljero Junior (1 month ago)
i play World of Warcraft 6 year and its still fun,
Boriss Yap TV (1 month ago)
Bannen Shale (1 month ago)
For lord illiaden
Khyf3r Ben (2 months ago)
Illidan is blind
shingamin (2 months ago)
illiden voice is the same guy yasuo
Oom The Mighty (2 months ago)
I miss old Illidan voice....
Executioner Gaboo (2 months ago)
virou demônio pra pega mulher gado demais kkkk
ARUN A M (2 months ago)
the best character ever in games... period
Eternal Cancer (2 months ago)
is this all there is? damn i want :(
Virgil J Inding (2 months ago)
antimage who became terrorblade. lol
Internet Entity (1 month ago)
You are the idiot, you fucking idiot, and you will be purged.
Pogi Mala (1 month ago)
this is not dota idiot
Internet Entity (1 month ago)
Power corrupts. But I was already corrupt.
Germany is Kawaii (2 months ago)
where can i have the last animated scene (from 24:14)?
Silbergeist Mondschein (2 months ago)
Illidan's thought process is really good. Must be a cool guy to be cracking open a cold one with the boys.
Putti Le Puffie (2 months ago)
19:12 "You will never understand what i did to save my people" Is someone gona tell him who he is talking to?
karnchana ball (14 days ago)
I'm think it furion
Tymoteusz Gancarz (3 months ago)
The hunter is nothing without the hunt
Devilikg (3 months ago)
fucking love Illidan, been fav since wc3
spunky xetron (3 months ago)
Man this guy dies alot .. they chose the right voice actor for Yasuo #inting
Ivan Georgiev (3 months ago)
Illidan's character should teach us to always pursue our dreams and be ourselves until the end.
Kris Deng (29 days ago)
and not to use purple lipstick cuz it looks lesbian as fuck
black wolf (3 months ago)
War craft lvl 70 they are end in the past im very love it 😭
Jouh (3 months ago)
X'era was not prepared.
GAMEOST (25 days ago)
benben saiyan (3 months ago)
Shendu LordOfDragons (23 days ago)
Lookup "Black temple patch cinematic"
Swoost (3 months ago)
could you at least turn the graphics up if youre making a youtube video lol potatoman
Noctum (3 months ago)
Maria Rasmussen (3 months ago)
love ilidan but hate that hes tatoes dosent shove, one of the dm stuf you se tato så sad i dont see inidan's
keikei79 (4 months ago)
So... Critical Role fans here?
Kaltaz Xenia (4 months ago)
I have watched that last cutscene probably 20 times and it still gives me goosebumps.
Rheanon Jasmyne (4 months ago)
You won't be laughing to long guldan after Illidan destroys you!
Singularity's Marauder (4 months ago)
Burning Crusade had good action, but from that point you could see Illidan go lower and lower in terms of character contained within the voice.
Greer Christy (4 months ago)
never played wow in my life, just came here to listen to liam o'brien
lucius Ong (4 months ago)
I believe wow story was about illidan stormrage
DarkSaruman (4 months ago)
Great video, but the final cinematic, when Illidan decides to stay on Argus, is missing.
Kevin Relyea (5 months ago)
I think the original voice actor sounded much better. The new illidan while interesting, sounds overly melodramatic like a bad soap opera. The old actor or direction with his character seemed a lot more grounded and subtle, instead you get hamfisted dialogue about how Illidan sees the light as some hippocritical form of fake self righteousness. If they were to stay true to the vision of illidan for example he wouldnt even bother with trying to work with anyone else he would just gather his demon hunters and whatever underlings he could muster and invade Argus via his own means. I feel like a major issue with wow is that the way the game is set up and the way they wanted to bring illidan back into the story while being there to interact with the players majorly conflicts as to how he operates as a character. I would say first and foremost Illidan is a loner, he is obsessed with power and doesnt give a shit about making friends. The only time you would ever see him chatting with someone is if 1. He respected them 2. they were an underling critical to his plans, 3. They happened to show up during a battle to fight the same enemy. If they wanted to have Valen and Illidan properly interact they should have always had them meet in the heat of an intense battle or at least planning one. Having illidan provide this snarky expository dialogue towards heroes on a different path as him show Neo-Blizz really dont know how to write, they dont understand the creations of better people who came before them and turn them into shallow bastardizations that in the end hardly bear any resemblance to what made them intriguing in the first place. How would I correct this? Illidan acts mostly in the background of his own accord he strikes down Argus absorbing its Titan power and kills Sargeras. He then takes over as leader of the burning legion and uses them along with his demon hunters to invade the void and fight an eternal war or some shit. We never hear from the void, illidan or the burning legion or titans ever again. Boom now Blizzard has a blank slate where no more godlike beings from other realms beyond our comprehension exist and we can have villains and heroes who are much more grounded and warcraft can go back to being more like what it was always intended to be.
Daniel Bathaei (3 days ago)
the Void is yet to come... your analysis was beautiful. your details, and the way you illustrated them were something of analytical gold. But then you proposed a solution and instead of having that awesome objective approach, you added a hint of "I want it to be this way". The void is as much part of the grand picture as fel, nature, necro, and even light. To have them go away would be to break the story. Although the story has already unraveled and illidan is gone with sargeras, give me another shot at how you would correct this. I want to hear more from you.
Steel Heart (5 months ago)
Whatever and How much the way games develop and graphics get better there will never be a game as epic as "Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne"- what a plot and what a storyline, the characters are damn perfect and my god remember Arthas-The death knight , the lich king, archimonde , malfurion, tyrande, maiev shadowsong, akama, thrall, grom. THE BATTLE BETWEEN ARTHAS AND ILLIDAN WAS EPIC-This i remember what warcraft is. No ones ever created a RTS game as good as it. If it was possible i wish there is a renewed and high graphics remake of the game with added features and adventures, but this is only a dream.
blacktiger07 (5 days ago)
Steel Heart they just did this!
Mee` paw (9 days ago)
ur wish is granted wc 3 reforged is on development
Zenovarse (5 months ago)
Illidan - the guy who stole the IQ of the universe.
Man O War (5 months ago)
Matt yang king's voice acting was so fit for illidan. He knew tge character much better. The new voice actor from TBC is just an illusion of his deep vengeful epic voice. Compare the lines "some times the hand of fate must be forced" in Naga's awakening and battle of argus
Mercy (5 months ago)
12:40 what is that girls history with illidari?
SovietXred2 (4 months ago)
Mercy- she's the Night Elf leader and also a cunt that pretty much used Illidan's love for her as a power vice and then imprisoned him, let him go when she needed his help and once he helped her she fucking banished him like he was nothing
Nausherwan Babry (4 months ago)
Mercy that girl is Tyrande Whisperwind, who has been childhood friends with Illidan and his brother Malfurion. Illidan did so many things to impress her but failed to do so. She chose Malfurion for his different and calmer attitude towards things
Mercy (4 months ago)
omfg. that's so sad
Kimberly Wolf (4 months ago)
Mercy. He loved her. She married his twin instead
Sorrahel (5 months ago)
no subtitles?
Oguzhan Kaygisiz (5 months ago)
i wanted to kill Turalyon after the last cinematic,such a bitch
Dream Catcher (5 months ago)
devilJin kazama
Sadi (5 months ago)
seems like Xe'Ra was mot prepared.
Swaggy P (5 months ago)
he called slardars underwater
Dulu (6 months ago)
I don't like the newer Green Eye look. I think he looked better with just the blindfold.
Kris Deng (29 days ago)
he looks like a lesbian with green eye dark blindfold a.k.a eye liner and freaking sjw purple lips. Ewww
Nyte Terrorz (1 month ago)
Love the fucking blind fold. One of the charactistics that make him look so bad ass.
Zedrik Allen (6 months ago)
Funny how Illidan gets so much screentime.
Zedrik Allen (3 months ago)
Kamentaro Kolmani Why are you liking your own replies?
Zedrik Allen (3 months ago)
I like how you like your own reply
Abdul Ahad (6 months ago)
Guys what is the name of this soul keepper movie
DragonKing23 (6 months ago)
The warcraft 3's voice actor is better than WoW's voice actor
Hesham El-gammal (26 days ago)
Anything from w3 is way better than wow which is milking the lore for money
Shelby Mille (1 month ago)
Sorry, but I prefer Liam's new version. He uses his Gaara (from Naruto) voice. Love it!
82Axell82 (2 months ago)
nah. it's not even close
Rheanon Jasmyne (2 months ago)
NO Liam is 1000% better!
Hassan Shawky (3 months ago)
Denis Black (6 months ago)
illidan is throwing punchlines all over the place, cuz writers totally think he is Jesus of Warcraft
Internet Entity (1 month ago)
No, Illidan is a better Jesus than Thrall and even a better Jesus than Jesus. Thrall didn't sacrifice anything of importance and let the Horde and everyone else down multiple times. Sure, he was a wise and kind ruler. But kind rulers are weak rulers and wise rulers become lazy rulers. So he went out into the nature to masturbate with the elements and let the savage Horde take apart itself. Jesus sacrificed *almost* everything. All his possessions, all the glory and fame, his chance at procreation, power and all the other sinful things. Even his life itself. To save humanity. What Jesus did not sacrifice was the comfort of never having to deal with his consciousness, his innocence. Jesus also did not have to sacrifice his chance at redemption because he never left the convenient zone of never doing something worth of redemption. Illidan did and sacrificed redemption. To sacrifice (the today for a better future) is the highest value in Christianity and Illidan lived a lot more in accordance with that than Jesus. Accept the dark side in you, only that way you will be able to bind it to your will. And if your will is aimed at the good alone your power and brutality will be too. The end of evil itself (the end of the legion) is very good.
Ninja Hussar (2 months ago)
I thought Thrall is jesus. And anduin is emmm jesus too ?
*You are not a Faggot* (7 months ago)
17:35 i think what he meant was "well fuck me"
Terry 309 (7 months ago)
The Ultimate Edgelord
momo xmomox (2 months ago)
Edgelord means he screams a lot?
Somekind of Dude (7 months ago)
Wait did the leech king cut off his dick?
Maria Rasmussen (7 months ago)
dont understand the pore voiceagting the other times sorry mtn pore eng
Nhật Minh (7 months ago)
Poor him :( my most fav character
Matthew Fears (7 months ago)
You r not preapared is his best line ever i mean he is the best character in the damn world of warcrat universe
John Smith (4 months ago)
Matthew Fears garrosh and arthas close though
Hamlet Simonyan (8 months ago)
i hope all yall know that the guy that does illidans voice does yasuo's voice as well lol
Ging Craft (5 months ago)
Hamlet Simonyan so thats why it's so edgy
Mihael Terziev (8 months ago)
Illidan my hero (^°•°^)
No he's not anti hero he's a hero
lucius Ong (4 months ago)
He is more anti hero
George Depp (8 months ago)
RussianPremier (8 months ago)
I don't know if this was intended, but it seems to me that there is a subtle message about religion, like you can't just sit around and believe, you gotta be illidan and actively work toward the goal you believe in, otherwise when things don't go your way (Turalyon getting angry at X'era's death) you just fall to shit.
Scaldar von Ascalon (4 months ago)
Yeah it's an obvious message. But i think blizzard try to tell you faith can help you in you're path but pure fanatism will doom you. But blizzard has an another stories for that case if you belive in that you can forge you're own desteny than you can become easily hubristic and right after you can fall a very big.
Mihael Terziev (8 months ago)
Religions are retarded to begin with ;)
Chad Nationalism (8 months ago)
14:50 it was at this moment, that gul'dan knew, he fucked up.
Pentashift Whitten (9 months ago)
Gul'dan killed by the same being he himself resurrected, in the same fashion as he killed the alliance king. double Irony
Illidan must've seen what happened with telepathy or something
Armer Bautista (4 months ago)
666marrin he got ressurected at the twisting nether.
666marrin (5 months ago)
And by being who have his scull. So now he have 2 sculls of Gul'dan!?
Kread Read (9 months ago)
literally the best line in world of Warcraft is Illidan saying "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED"
Saturday Sperklez (2 months ago)
Tied up with "FOR THE HOARD!"
right behing "I AM MY SCARS"
Lawman280 (5 months ago)
Kread Read right behind “FROSTMOURNE HUNGERS!”
roxE- (9 months ago)
The hand of fate
Wesleypaulsales Sales (9 months ago)
is he a good guy or not?
He's a hero not anti hero
He just wants to proof Malfurion that he is better than him. He is tbh, but sometimes he makes bad decisions that end up good, like bringing argus to azeroth.
lucius Ong (4 months ago)
Anti hero
Emanuel Peter (7 months ago)
Wesleypaulsales Sales You could say that his methods are sometimes questionable. But nobody knows the legion better than illidan, not even themselves. He has always been a misunderstood character. He always had good intentions but were kept in the shadow of Malfurion and always came second. He lost the love of his life to Malfurion aswell wich allowed illidan to completely separate his ties to the Nightelves to pursue his own destiny unhindered. And alot of Blizzard fans never had a chanse to realize that Illidan always did what he did after good research and investigations. He sacrificed everything to become a honored man but were always shamed and shunned away. Even tho they all knew Deep inside that they wouldnt be alive if it werent for Illidan. And it's all Malfurion and Tyrandes fault
adi jaya (7 months ago)
He is more than good, he is the best
Le Mérovingien (9 months ago)
All the world of Warcraft lore has been written from a guy who does not even give a shit about wow and its players... See all these retards talking about wow as it was something that might change their life in a good way (but it won’t) makes me sad
Manol Georgiev (9 months ago)
that guy's story should have ended at 3:50.
Internet Entity (1 month ago)
Found the Arthas fanboy who cried at this mommy's shoulder after WotLK.
Havi Gamage (3 months ago)
ended from a papercut? watch "Illidan vs Arthas Legion's edition remastered"
Leo Strehaia (9 months ago)
Ma pula
Ali Syed (9 months ago)
holy shit man that last cut scene was so amazing watched so many times are their more of illidan cinematics after this?
black temple cutscene is a must watch
Natsu Dragneel (9 months ago)
yes antorus ending cinematic
Ali Syed (9 months ago)
if blizzard didnt make this character of illidan i wish i would have never born hail lord illidan
momo xmomox (2 months ago)
Yes but they missed important cinematic in this video with Illidan and the black temple in burning crusade where he closes demonic portals and kills demons and saves the draenis and invade magtheridon with Lady Vashj and Prince Kael the lord of all fire
Saturday Sperklez (2 months ago)
*Smashes like button in the face so hard that it brakes my phone* Aww crap, not again!
Esme Fisher (9 months ago)
Space scale odd seemingly educational substantial journal yes salary.
Agnes Gador (10 months ago)
The 18 dislikes are the fragments of X'era
Kuban P (2 months ago)
And me.
there are 93 dislikes now
Manol Georgiev (9 months ago)
I liked the video, but that doesn't mean I like the lore
Mattia 77 (9 months ago)
Agnes Gador S A V A G E
Christian Wiksten (10 months ago)
3:43 ouch between the leggs
Shendu LordOfDragons (3 days ago)
Right side of his chest actually
gamer (10 months ago)
Now i get reapers you are not prepared spray before i didnt understand it
Whisperwind Tyrande (10 months ago)
Hey you forgot where Illidan was is this emerald like crystal and the demon hunter's were captured by the warden's and such
Shendu LordOfDragons (23 days ago)
Also the black temple cinematic .. it was the most badass cinematic to Illidan
that the why i like illidan :)
Infantrydlm (10 months ago)
Gul'dan... Still the best raid yet. Amazing fight!
Matthew Philip (10 months ago)
3:46 thats the part where illidan gets chop in the dick LOL
Rashmi Ranjan (10 months ago)
"Your Faith has Blinded You... There is No Chosen One... Only We Can Save Ourselves"
Andreas Österberg (11 months ago)
I swear Illdari is one of the smartest pepole in terms of lore in World of Warcraft, don't have to agree with me, but for me he is both cool and smart.
Thomas Blaylock (11 days ago)
Anyone who disagrees are not prepared
DarkPatrix (2 months ago)
but, he's not a bad guy
Raging Kid (4 months ago)
He’s smart but not wise
Oguzhan Kaygisiz (5 months ago)
True,they dont even hold grudges. They helped Wardens straight away when they got freed after 10 years. They can SEE the greater picture
Longlive China (7 months ago)
Demon Hunters. Illidari is the faction he founded
Sith Pancakes (11 months ago)
I guess the cutscenes from Warcraft 3 don't count? Only cinematics?
Krumpwizard (11 months ago)
i think xe'ra knew illidan would kill her if pushed like that, and i think she knew her essence would be used to power the forge we used to empower our artifacts further which allows us to defeat the legion. she knew illidan better than anybody aside from illidan himself.
the prophecy (8 months ago)
Nah. Belen didn’t even know illidan would stay to fight Sargeras
Thiago (11 months ago)
The Light can see only half of the path and discards everything she does not see. That is why The Light believed that prophecy needed to be fulfilled, and tried to do this even when Illidan refused, in order for the world to be saved. Illidan proved that this was wrong. Velen lost his world waiting for The Light to save it, but Illidan shows him that only they can save themselves. Turalyon is blinded by his faith just like Velen was too, that is why he gets mad and tried to kill Illidan. The Light can't see everything, it could not see that they have another way to save the world. If you read or hear the story that Blizzard shared on the site, the one that explains the trajectory of Turalyon and Aleria when they was lost, which explains why Aleria accepted the power of chaos, you would know that. Locus-Walker? (cant remember the name of the "guy" that teach Aleria how to control the Chaotic Energy) he says that The Light can only see half of the path and think this path is the true, everything that it can't see is false and rejected. And The Shadow the other half, but different from the light, The Shadow considers all paths true.
Krumpwizard (11 months ago)
i mean considering the naaru and velen have a bit of a future sight i dont see why its out of the realm of possibilities. sorry if my opinion bothers you.
Khrono (11 months ago)
Are you really defending that fangirl?
Ian Tejera (11 months ago)
When the hell did illidan fight Arthas?
Ilyrian Blood (2 days ago)
Ian Tejera fucking newbie kid
Muhammad mohsen (3 months ago)
Kamentaro Kolmani dude he already roasted arthas lol As I said above in rise of the lich king novel the full fight was described , illidan literally brought arthas to his knee with 1 spell at the beginning of the fight.
Muhammad mohsen (4 months ago)
lol someone doesn't read the lore boys in rise of the lich king novel the full fight is described , illidan brought arthas to his knee with 1 spell and keept fighting him until he had no power to even lift frostmourne but illidan got cocky ofc and left himself open and frostmourne seized it not arthas , the bloody sword has a mind of it's own ! read the lore before you talk man.
Matthew Fears (8 months ago)
well arthas cut of his <cough> and left him to die in the snow,#talk about spoiled brat:)
Manol Georgiev (9 months ago)
Illidan fought Arthas back in the day when the characters still made sense and Blizzard wasn't throwing one-day bosses at people's faces like it's nobody's business. Or in other words 15 years ago. I still feel like Illidan should have died that day, Blizzard just kept him alive so he can be a bad ass later (and to say that Arthas didn't do his job well so they can fck him in Wrath of the Lich King).
RAIDA BOAH (11 months ago)
Best lines imo: "I AM MY SCARS" "Only us can save ourselves"
Arsil Asmade (2 months ago)
explain why
Kuban P (2 months ago)
To continue my older response: Or he did things just for power. My point still stands strong. He was a selfish character that did every right thing for the worst reason. Changing that cheapens him.
Rawc90 (2 months ago)
Arsil Asmade - No, not really.
Arsil Asmade (2 months ago)
Doesnt it seem like the lights , a brainwashing beauty. Posing to be a savior but really a dictator in beautiful attire?
Kuban P (4 months ago)
It all feels wrong. Even when illidan did a good deed, it was for a selfish reason, such as love. It was what made him a such wonderful character. Turning him into some kind of hero feels really wrong. In truth, love was his main drive. Not ideals. It was the case when he sided with Ashara, and it was the case when he pursued Tyrande.He either manipulated trough it (in case of Ashara) or pursued an unrequited love - in case of Tyrande.I understand "fan service" but it's really out of it's character. (For his motivations being at some points, also simply not to die :P)
Tinka Armando (1 year ago)
Спасибо за видео!
Ruslan Tumanov (1 month ago)
Tinka Armando russian bitch
Синяя Звезда (4 months ago)
GAMEOST вечно изволь
GAMEOST (1 year ago)
Спасибо, что поглядели)
kokodrie Mobs (1 year ago)
You are not prepared!

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