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34 of the Best / Worst Bad Miiverse Posts

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Bad Miiverse posts are nothing new, in fact there was even a whole Twitter account dedicated to showcasing these glimpses into user's minds. Alex has compiled just a few of the best (or worst) bad Miiverse posts and is going to read them out to you against his better judgement. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (1039)
Ghost_Drive (13 days ago)
5:42 *sees his name his heropon* I would like to apologize on behalf of the Xenoblade community for this comment it if is real.
Solly Bussell (17 days ago)
3:31 wow
SHAD0W milkchoco 2 (25 days ago)
I was playing battle cats pop on the 3ds and looked at the art aon the 3ds of battle cats pop and there is a weeb cat and i called the creator a poo poo lol
sjk210 (28 days ago)
Draw your self
The X-Brow (1 month ago)
2:48 😂 lol
Icydoom Fire (1 month ago)
Nintendo life
Icydoom Fire (1 month ago)
Donald Trump agenda
ChriSaito (1 month ago)
Late to the party, but what your missing about the Wii Fit community is that a lot of people used it for their shit posts
Money Maker (1 month ago)
Mike Searcy (2 months ago)
User: I wish bayonetta would just fist me Me: ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Epic Simii (2 months ago)
3:03 Top 10 Questions Science still can't anwser
David Falc. (3 months ago)
RIP Miiverse
Richard Pape (3 months ago)
My reaction to these I made and = O or lol
MarioIsAwesome8 (4 months ago)
Why did that one have to be first. I expected it but why first. I don’t want that mental image. Oh god Also “I wish (blank) was real” was a huge meme in splatoon 2’d fake miiverse. Funny stuff
Phil Collins (4 months ago)
I didn't Know Dan Schneider owned a Wiii. 8:49 how cool!
Phil Collins (4 months ago)
Dan Schneider at 8:49
eeveelutionmaster (4 months ago)
I've seen the "y can't metroid crawl"
eeveelutionmaster (4 months ago)
RIP miiverse
HyperFreshYT (5 months ago)
You should do "worst splatoon 2 posts" This video was funny
ricE / EC-Design (6 months ago)
CrazyWeirdoRH (6 months ago)
I made a smash post that was a picture of Marth with a pre-orgasm face, holding his sword, and saying "Just the tip"
ZeldaFan 1337 (6 months ago)
I think the republican agenda meant its always one team against a different color team deperately trying to win in a set ammount of time
ZeldaFan 1337 (6 months ago)
There are 7.9 billion people in the world...
ZeldaFan 1337 (6 months ago)
My miiverse account got fucking unsuspended as miiverse shut down
Xperion Gamer (7 months ago)
I Like How You Put 34 Of This, Incoming Nudes
The Shitposter (7 months ago)
I love the violin in the background of this..
GrimRockNebula (7 months ago)
Wapeach wouldn't be fat. she'd be hot. Waluigi is skinny so the Wacast is not entirely overweight
Johnnyprime04 (7 months ago)
At 6:36 thats me i just wanted to make a meme and it worked lol!!!!! lmao!!!!!
Seagull (7 months ago)
*"family friendly"*
Owen Behnke (7 months ago)
Please do more of these videos.
Techno Spyform1 (7 months ago)
When you misspell a word and you get minus
Stabbity Joe (7 months ago)
One time I started drawing Nintendo characters as zombies and one of my followers begged me to stop because it was disrespectful to Nintendo and it was scaring him.
Fraser Creswell (7 months ago)
If that guy hates Mario so much for being fat, what about Wario?
Mr. Tangerine (7 months ago)
3:49 she’s right Luigi’s better
Mollie Griffin (7 months ago)
Please, bring it back, this shit was my weed. And yes, I never actually drawed inappropriate things, I drew Sonic... I thing Nintendo hate me XP
Dat Guy (7 months ago)
8:35 They say that because it has "gun violence."
Mark Mckenna (7 months ago)
I think they should bring it back, but have it be restricted to a sertent age.
Tyler Rastovski (7 months ago)
Once I got banned for drawing a penis
Jared Ivey (7 months ago)
Anyone else notice how Splatoon 2 has become just everyone posting about how they’re gay
Yankee Doodle (7 months ago)
Alex is just dead by the end of this
Sariah Little Dreamer (7 months ago)
Lol zss is pretty awesome
Sariah Little Dreamer (7 months ago)
And hot
Sariah Little Dreamer (7 months ago)
Robert (7 months ago)
When a roblox player comes to miiverse
GregShadow1 (7 months ago)
I used to have this girl HARRASING me about being my gf
GregShadow1 (7 months ago)
123 for gf xD
Robert (7 months ago)
Dragxfillia (7 months ago)
There were people of all ages and likes...........9 year olds who like Sonic, adults making an account for their kid, edgy 12 year olds, people with foot fetishes............ Sounds fun to me! (This comment is satire btw)
Louis Nexton (7 months ago)
lol those foot fetish posts
Gamer Owl (7 months ago)
WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT 5:38 😂😂 don't worry i'm not making fun of you. was just funny
it's me (7 months ago)
5:37 Explain this atheists
Classy Vamp (7 months ago)
Searching for gf's on miiverxe was thirsty work
StickGhostMiner (7 months ago)
Brendon Cooper (7 months ago)
At 2:15, as funny as this comment is, Stella Glow is actually an incredible hidden gem on the 3ds. I recommend everyone who's a fan of turn-based SRPGs play it.
The Lone Doge (8 months ago)
there's actually 7 billion people, XD
aj west (8 months ago)
No wonder it shut down.
Lyall The Loser (8 months ago)
*who want some T3d now?*
Gengar Guy (8 months ago)
Jellyfish is helping yes
Lord Sivler (8 months ago)
my dream is for u to shut the darn up
Can I die please (8 months ago)
Anyone remember wii u chat? idk me and my friend dean called once.
WeaverWill (8 months ago)
Waluigi is severely underrated. He's not a mistake. One like = one WAH.
GamerNation (8 months ago)
I'm scareyd.
Samuel Lamoureux (8 months ago)
People are dumb sometimes.....
NinjaArthur (8 months ago)
Conclusion: Every Nintendo player has a foot fetish
This game is fun but i hate my parents.
NintendoFan (8 months ago)
2:27 boy do you i have some good news for you
Nintendo Boy (8 months ago)
3:49 Bowser said that
Nintendo Boy (8 months ago)
7:02 I seen that one before
SpicyWeegeeBoi (8 months ago)
This is why miiverse was taken down...
Dragon Dude (8 months ago)
1:06 xD
TheDopeyPotato (8 months ago)
I bought that little red riding game, it was bad
Carson (8 months ago)
Those were so terrible they were great.
Makoto Naegi (8 months ago)
I'm glad Miiverse is gone...
BunkyFunchYt (8 months ago)
R e p o r t s p o i l e r s
Mystic Brush (8 months ago)
*THIS* Is why we can't have nice things.
Thepixelbengal (8 months ago)
0:46 read the comments lol
Weep Gaming (8 months ago)
Bye Miiverse READ MORE
will riseabove (8 months ago)
I miss miiverse, wouldve worked nicely if they would have age grouping and banning weird people doing sexual jokes in the kids section. honestly from these posts I can see why online has been the last thing they worry about.
Brayden. Fenderson (8 months ago)
5:29 had me dead lmao
Gabriel Prado (8 months ago)
There’s 7 billion people on earth and 6million sells sure lol
3Hard5Me Productions (8 months ago)
I wish people are real.
Timothy Frieze (8 months ago)
The guy at 4:54 needs to watch the 3/8/2018 direct with the sauntering octoling. I’m pretty sure his head would explode.
Fascism Is Great (8 months ago)
My middle nutsack hurts
There are way more than 7 million people in the world
Pastel Pride Productions (8 months ago)
5:39 is when he becomes a horse
Lucas 4a (8 months ago)
I was watching this after my bedtime and I had to try soooo hard to not laugh
DeathRocket4990 (8 months ago)
0:58 That one is almost everywhere lol
TEK (8 months ago)
I've got some good news for you Jenna
Cobobble16 (8 months ago)
Splatoon 2 references "I wish squids were real"
Penguin Man (8 months ago)
Kool Gabie Boi (8 months ago)
5:41 Heropon u watch dat mouth im a yoshi fan yoshi is far more better than u he has intelligent and also raised a baby to let u kno that was mario so u leave him alone or i will swear cussy cus cus and h8 at u
CaptN Bill (8 months ago)
This game is fun my dad broke my leg again
BewpleSSB (8 months ago)
UltraSmashGamer (8 months ago)
8:24 Too many guns.
Smickaru (8 months ago)
I abused the Animal Crossing girlfriend things for money
Slasher (8 months ago)
But Wapeach is real, she wears an orange dress and her name is Daisy.
Joestar (8 months ago)
5:33 magnum dong
BeatBattles #7404 (8 months ago)
8 millions, biggest joke in the video! Probably 100% troll
Kame Rasen5163 (8 months ago)
2:46 ...
Brandon Davis (8 months ago)
4:12 Favorite game: animal crossing...check Birthday: 1/11...check That oddly makes it worse for me...
mrbigstick (8 months ago)
Splatoon has a pessimistic outlook on the deeds of humanity but is optimistic about the humans themselves and knows they will always disagree but if having fun with squirtguns keeps them from nuking each other over disagreements like the splatfest debates
Crusty jpeg man (8 months ago)

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