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The 15 BEST Upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH Games of 2017 & 2018

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The 15 BEST Upcoming NINTENDO SWITCH Games in 2017 & 2018 | Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games of 2017 0:00 Super Mario Odyssey 0:57 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2:09 Seasons of Heaven 4:15 Super Bomberman R 4:40 Splatoon 2 5:30 RiME 7:29 Project Sonic 2017 8:38 Sonic Mania 9:21 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 10:01 Yooka Laylee 11:01 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 11:34 Dragon Quest XI 14:54 The Sacred Hero 15:46 ARMS 16:29 Shin Megami Tensei Switch ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q ►Apply for Curse Network : http://bit.ly/1Mseqxc
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Text Comments (1468)
TalentoRdTV (27 days ago)
Same games in all nintendo switch videos
Amal Raj (1 month ago)
Need gta 5 and call of duty games
Đỗ Quốc Tài (3 months ago)
World Dragon Quest 11 is of Pokemon or Digimon so good...
Mega scorpio (4 months ago)
cool video omg
Darryl Wolfe (4 months ago)
Can the SWITCH download games from the internet? I mean not from the Eshop. I mean download from a site on your computer and then transfer the game to your switch.
Marco Fanelli (4 months ago)
Cavie umane. People who is abandoned
caca rama (5 months ago)
Dragon Quest looks superb!!!
I.K. Slash (5 months ago)
DeoAP S (5 months ago)
Gosh darn i hope Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out today!
paddotk (5 months ago)
Zelda BotW can be played on the CEMU emulator for free (pirated, that is). I wasn't sure what to think of the RPG transition in a LoZ game, but the game is really good! And well playable with decent hardware.
LIBYA LIBYANO LIBYA (5 months ago)
In the first year after the launch, Nintendo sold 15 million Switch ... Ada sales reached 45 or 50 million devices by mid-2020 would be great ... If Nintendo sold 45 or 50 million devices before the launch of the Sony PSP5 it would be more than wonderful and will give a stimulus to Nintendo to launch a device Strong year 2022 competing with PS5
coolpunks (5 months ago)
Dislike by ps vita user's...
Arms flopped
Like the virtual boy
Panoris Holiday (6 months ago)
007. ninja gaiden please!!!!!!!!
Ariana Gilbert (6 months ago)
I'm waiting for Seasons of heaven
Arsalan Khan (7 months ago)
wil never buy a nintendo
Loren P (7 months ago)
Need some smash brothers and mario party 👍
GameStinger (7 months ago)
whos just watching for fun and doesnt has a nintendo switch>
Logan Yoder (7 months ago)
I really want bioshock want the switch
Jacob Trudell (7 months ago)
You can find free to play games as good as Arms or Splatoon. These aren't console sellers
Oxai (8 months ago)
Immediately after the sonics game, then the old arcade sonics game comes up... This makes me realize and put my hands together to congratulate man on thier growth
Oxai (8 months ago)
Fuck.... The super Mario odeyssey looked cool
P R E M O (8 months ago)
It's looks like half of these games copied The Legend of Zelda...
Buurt (8 months ago)
Dragon quest and monster Hunter no english release date.... fuck nintendo. this games even have english on other consoles. they dont have to do everything... dumb nintendo
Andrew Simmons (8 months ago)
They need to get with the fucking program already and just let COD WW2 be a thing on The switch
Andrew Simmons (8 months ago)
What is sessions of heaven about lol a kid walking around aimlessly wtf?
Andrew Simmons (8 months ago)
Sorry but the Mario game is SUPER CRAP GARBAGE Trying to make this shit look good is just fucking up your rep anyone who plays that game is supporting the next generation of pointless thoughtless crap games that will feed off of the failure that is the new Mario Just being real
Binder Bro (8 months ago)
gta 9
Ben Maes (8 months ago)
Rime looks f!!!!!! Awesome
Chad Man (8 months ago)
A lot of Zelda wannabees
Jose Diogenes Noboa (8 months ago)
seasons of heaven 👍👍👍👍👍
Michelle Latour (8 months ago)
Whats happening with season of heaven??? Looks nice to me
lazar (8 months ago)
Oh oh bo bo bom bomber maaaann i love it and bomberfriends
MattRevs (8 months ago)
Seasons of Heaven looks amazing, but really choppy at times... Anyway is it unreal engine?
Bre Riley (8 months ago)
Kids Learning (8 months ago)
sonic on nintendo?
SolgaleoGaming (8 months ago)
Ahh, 2017.. Please 2018, don't disappoint at the next big direct!
Luc Highwalker (8 months ago)
First person Megaman X shooter remake please
lolol eskeetit (8 months ago)
dragonquest long ad wtf duck you
bobbito007ful (8 months ago)
If I get 100 likes I’ll give in and buy a Nintendo switch, shit I’ll even upload a unboxing if it!
Patriot 2016 (9 months ago)
Breath of the wild is hands down one of the best games ever made.period.
Monica Hendrix (9 months ago)
Fantasy life
Da__Kracken__Is -here (9 months ago)
Jessica Sparks (9 months ago)
awesome list :)
Elderonn 3 (9 months ago)
die from cancer
Snipe Boy134 (9 months ago)
I want there to be a Zombie game
DuderGamer (9 months ago)
Xenoblade chronicals is awesome
720 p :(
Peachy Kitty (9 months ago)
You missed Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition
TheAssholeProphet (9 months ago)
the music for dragon warriors is so unfitting it's almost funny
Polecatt (9 months ago)
Kevin M Abraham (9 months ago)
hoping KH3 or Persona to be in the switch
Kevin M Abraham (9 months ago)
not OR but AND
LittleKlas AS (9 months ago)
still hoping for mario party .....
SynisterGamer (9 months ago)
Parkour in SM?! AWESOME!!! 😁
BRUNO (9 months ago)
AJ Arts (9 months ago)
all consoles are equal
no one no one (9 months ago)
Its 2018 and seasons of heaven still hasn't came out
Bernard Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Anybody know the possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2 on Switch?
Callum Younghusband (9 months ago)
12.47 says PlayStation 4 in the bottom under the map 😂
Walther Penne (9 months ago)
Sorry, dude. Seasons of Haven isn´t coming for Switch anymore...it was most-likely cancelled. Since it doesn´t run. What they have shown is a PC-version of the game...And you- aka the dumb customers- have fallen for this "cinematic bullshit". They did the same with many PS4/Xbox one-games last and last-last years xD Showing games looking VERY GOOD, but in the end it turned out the developer LIED and it was just running like shown on a Highend-PC... Now you can IMAGINE how it would run on a toaster-hardware like Switch...
Chris Balestra (9 months ago)
If Nintendo wants to sack up and make an open world pokemon game; I'll buy whichever new generation system they create it for. It's been 20 years of inferior handheld products and VR crap. Until then, I'll stick to big boy consoles and PC
Chris Balestra (9 months ago)
Just because I wouldn't purchase stupid crap like lootboxes doesnt mean I don't think DLC couldn't be a great idea for an open world pokemon title. The DLC could come in map additions/story and boss progression. If they could offer DLC that wouldn't make the main game feel maimed or incomplete, I'd be down for it. Off the top of my head a good example of decent DLC would be Dark Souls 3 . They added areas like The Ringed City. Each DLC feels like a whole new game. It's an expansion/sequel rather than content that should be included in the original price. That's "good" dlc vs the kind of crap you're seeing more companies try to pawn off.
Walther Penne (9 months ago)
Well i think it will happen dude...xD
Chris Balestra (9 months ago)
If you can't get an open world pokemon game without "lootboxes" then I have no hope for the video game industry. No, I would not pay for lootboxes on Switch. Similarly after my experiences with For Honor and Battlefront, I have abandoned/boycotted a great number of titles.
Walther Penne (9 months ago)
Just saying it: If you want that: Be ready for Lootboxes on Nintendo then...Would you pay similarly like for "Pokemon Go" on Switch?
Onion 512 (9 months ago)
what game 2:27
Chandra Eckert (9 months ago)
Dragon quest is a total rip off of Zelda!?
Brian Fernandez (9 months ago)
i wonder why pokemon switch wasnt on here hmmm?
Walther Penne (9 months ago)
Because it´s not clear yet, that the game will come out in 2018 dude..
Rodrigo (9 months ago)
I want a switch 😭
Shayne Shiralian (9 months ago)
Thse games are all pretty fruity
Nehad Ansar (9 months ago)
There should be games like god of wars and call of duty on Nintendo
Walther Penne (9 months ago)
Call of Duty was on WiiU...but i guess that Switch simply cannot handle it (at least not in portable mode where the GPU has only 300 Mhz to clock for dude). 300 Mhz GPU is much too few to run CoD. ANY type of CoD, except maybe stone-old Wii-Cods. Problem? You NEED a powerful cpu to run Wii´s CODs, since those were all 60 fps. Nearly no Switch-game runs with 60 fps right now, except a few ones from Nintendo like Mario Kart or Mario Oddysey.
トゥースリトル (10 months ago)
Ehy Bro (10 months ago)
💛Dragon quest xi💛
Darthddawg (10 months ago)
I'm getting seasons of heaven just to play as that insanely cute dog.
Mark Lemley (10 months ago)
Bring back double dragon please Nintendo
Gaming Dentist (10 months ago)
U misses skyrim
harter kern (10 months ago)
every game looks like crap from the 90s. Is this a frigging retro console??
max collazo (10 months ago)
I have all those games
Angel Mendoza (10 months ago)
Breath of the wild love that game number one game
Emily Skarbowski (10 months ago)
I really love Harvest Moon, but they need to step up their game... especially when Stardew Valley is basically all the better parts of Harvest Moons of the past.
Sandra C (9 months ago)
Stay away from any modern game with the Harvest Moon title. Story of Seasons is what you want to keep an eye out for.
Phoenix Bowers (10 months ago)
They should make an Ark for the switch
Who Cares (10 months ago)
Nintendo is making a comeback! They are so optimistic lol
Fearinracer13 (10 months ago)
Pikmin four? Not hey pikmin
Walther Penne (9 months ago)
Pikmin 4 most likely won´t come to Switch dude... It was most-likely cancelled for Switch. So it´s either on 3DS-successor (true successor, not the Switch)...or it will be heavily downgraded for Switch if it comes.
Sponge Bob (10 months ago)
All I want is Luigi’s mansion 3
Neko Chan (10 months ago)
I wish KONAMI would remastered Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2 with 3d-esque Dragon Quest like
Dr. N (10 months ago)
I am still waiting pokemon
Michael Zehdnicker (10 months ago)
May the moder Gods hear us and make a Banjo Kazooie Skin Mod for Yooka Laylee fking microsoft killing that game ... and remaking it to slap our faces ...
The only 15 games in nintendo switch 2017-2018
tommy mt (10 months ago)
Season of heaven looks heavenly! 😍😍😍😭😭
micho (10 months ago)
Wtf??? Rime said Ps4 and NOT switch???
K coli (10 months ago)
Harvest moon
Felicia Lawrence (10 months ago)
Felicia Lawrence (10 months ago)
Felicia Lawrence (10 months ago)
King Kor (10 months ago)
oh, I got it
Francesco Spuntarelli (10 months ago)
Not bad if you like an unacceptable video technology ... no thx I played only MH on my wii and it had a bad quality and a short campaign.... not for me this "new" tech
French Canadian (10 months ago)
Need to stop with this click bait
saeefa (10 months ago)
Bring Jet Set Radio and Spyro The Dragon but like older versions
NoobSteam (10 months ago)
Im addicted to mario kart 8,finished odyssey,cant Finish zelda,ARMS is a BANGER, dragon Ball xenoverse 2 is the best in my switch.
Bryan Nelson (10 months ago)
No. We absolutely need a remake of CHRONO TRIGGER in 1080p with extras. Drop that title alongside a pokemon RPG and Nintendo is back in the game full strength
NPP Clan (10 months ago)
I thought for a while that seasons of heaven was An pokemon game ;-; Like that ur in a giant world with pokes to catch
L e x (10 months ago)
Nintendo Switch is rather unique console - so small, but so powerful. I don't think no one could have known 10 years ago how far we could go, how far we could push. This is amazing.
WilliAm Vaquedano (10 months ago)
Can't lie. My kids and me on this switch baddd..and this is just Zelda and Mario..Yooo.thees games rock..Mario is back. I only hope they make a mother Mario next year cause we will bien out on this..I didn't even get Mario cart yet..ooooboiiii🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😁😎😎😎
JEVAN TORRES (10 months ago)
give me smash bros. now.

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