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SteamOS in 2018... Does it work?

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Back in December 2013, Steam announced a new operating system that would free us from Microsoft’s grip, so that we might enter gaming Nirvanah. What we got was SteamOS. And it’s kind of still in Beta… But first... What am I drinking? Tonight, Ninkasi's Dawn of the Red (Eugene, OR). It's a 7.0%, 66 IBU Red IPA. Pretty good taste. If you're just a fan of Reds, this is a bit hoppy. But for IPA lovers, this is a great brew. Parts in this video: Stratos PC Case: https://amzn.to/2ufxDGp Intel i7-8700k: https://amzn.to/2INaWN9 Gigabyte Z370XP SLI Motherboard: https://amzn.to/2G7n89G Pick up a Steam Link so you don't have to go through the hassle of SteamOS just to play games on the big screen: https://amzn.to/2Jz8WZe According to the latest Steam Hardware Survey, 98.31% of all machines on Steam are running some variant of Windows. This has been the story really since Windows 95 burst onto the scene with Its slew of DirectX APIs. It's nearly become the industry standard, with most games for both Windows and X-Box taking advantage. Enter Valve… They proclaimed a vision for the future of gaming back in December 2013. One that would be free from Microsoft’s hold on consumers. One where you could build a PC from off the shelf components, and download a free operating system where your entire library of games would await you. Or, you could purchase a SteamBox! A prebuilt gaming computer with Linux preinstalled from your favorite retailer. And Valve said… Let there be SteamOS! But… was it good? Support me on Patreon and get access to my exclusive Discord server. Chat with myself and the other hosts on Talking Heads all week long. https://www.patreon.com/CraftComputing Follow me on Twitter @CraftComputing Music: Babylon Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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UteZ (23 hours ago)
I kinda like Windows. I can tweak to fix any issues on Windows and adjust it to my liking. Any other OS including Linux and Mac are just a pain in the ass. Not to mention the lack of support. I would try SteamOS as a fun experiment. But there's always Windows to go back to. Any other OS will need to jump light years ahead for me to abandon Windows. Though Android and iOS seem promising. Why hasn't Steam games been developed for mobile platforms?
Garrett Wainscott (2 days ago)
You should update this. You should enable the beta and use the beta feature called proton. It uses the Vulcan API and allows windows games to be played on Linux or steam OS
Domagoj Recc (3 days ago)
what about STEAM PLAY
LambentTyto (3 days ago)
I definitely would. So say you wanted to ditch Windows. Which OS would be your top choice? Linux? Steam OS?
Felix Hinze (5 days ago)
If my favorite games where available on Linux I would kill my windows installation in a heartbeat! Which is why I have not upgraded to win 10 yet, in the hope that I can switch to Linux before I kinda 'have' to upgrade my windows! I am however planning a dual boot system, but will probably go with Ubuntu and install steam there, rather than going all out SteamOS as I still want to use the PC as a proper desktop; doing banking, invoicing, spread sheets and the usual business chores. Still researching what would be the best Linux Distro for my needs... And THAT is a major issue and probably THE biggest reason why Linux has not taken off as it should. There are too many flavors of Linux, each with different pro's and con's. If only Linux devs could get together and make ONE distro\flavour which is made up of only the best that ALL the distro's combined have to offer; But for as long as that day does not arrive, windows will remain where it is, Aaaarrrgggg!
FlyBaby (7 days ago)
I would ditch Windows in a heartbeat. I have an open source os dula booted or virtual box installed in every PPC I own. My wife just uses Zorin on a daily basis, doesnt even bother to switch to Windows any longer. It's only there for gaming.
Updare this video, release proton and more
Max camilion (7 days ago)
Can i video edit on steam? use adobe products? is it generally k own as stable?
Alex Seibz (7 days ago)
I'd also like to point out that you didn't enable Proton, in which case, most Windows games will work fine. I game on Linux on the daily.
Alex Seibz (7 days ago)
+Craft Computing yessir, just making a note for future watchers
Craft Computing (7 days ago)
I'd like to point out this video was posted March 23 ;-)
LiamTheNerd (8 days ago)
If PUBG ever came out on it I would instantly install this.
blue name (8 days ago)
In my country 100$ its a lot
ZVLAD VLADESCU (9 days ago)
mah name is jeff
Ryan Clack (9 days ago)
Luiz Cezar (9 days ago)
The games are not a huge problem for me and i bet it wont be for a lot of people, i havent played a AAA title from EA or Ubisoft in years. What i want from SteamOS is to be able to build some wacky shit for cheap just for fun, i want a small G3258 with a GTX750ti overcloked to hell and back on a low quality motherboard and not even bothering with a keyboard. TO me all it still NEEDS to do is better their controller interface and thats that, im moving over
John M (13 days ago)
There's a hidden option that enables all games on steamos. However they are not all fully functional. Valve have been doing a lot of work with proton and wine
Brain Dropps (13 days ago)
Call of Duty on SteamOS/Linux!
Toothless (14 days ago)
Hell yes if it's works well if the game's I play on stream then I would drop windows in a heart beat. But Linux OS's needs to make things easier when installing other programs needed for some game i play. IE : f4se , Nexus mod manager an a few other things. That's the only reason I haven't dropped windows at this point an just hope they sort it out as fast as possible as I'm sick of the BS I currently have to deal with in windows shity updates an updating driver's that are the wrong drivers in the first place an haven't even asked for drivers to be updated. The list goes on an on so i;ll stop there.
Malcolm Hughes (14 days ago)
I want steam os to leave windows behind but what about vr?
Liam Brown (16 days ago)
I've been making a steady transition from Windows to Linux for the past few years. I've dumped Windows from every laptop I own now, and I've been distro-hopping. I used Xubuntu for a couple of years, various flavors of Linux Mint, hell I even played around with some old fedora to get the Linux version of Railroad Tycoon II to work. Recently I've fallen in love with Elementary OS (Highly recommend, Juno is almost out of beta and I think it looks fantastic. Loki has been awesome the last 6 months), but on my home desktop PC I still run Windows. With end of support for windows 7 approaching in January, I'm considering a big Linux transition for my games, keeping a dual boot of Windows 10 for when I really need it, but otherwise I would love to go pure Linux. Steam has a new compatibility layer in beta called Proton and while SteamOS won't be my gaming OS of choice, I think everyone should give Linux a shot if you're interested in a Microsoft alternative. I hated Windows 10 when I had it on my laptop and never used it. It's a pain to keep in dual boot as well, as it has a tendency to change boot configurations to Microsoft defaults during updates. I may also attempt to set up Arch. I've never done it before, and I've always wanted to try. But for now, Mint 19 is looking nice as well, and my family will tell you that I've been groaning about updating to Windows 10. I think I'll install it in a dual boot and migrate everything over to my Windows alternative and enjoy my user experience again. Windows 7 will be missed, but I think it's time we all take a good long look at Microsoft (and Apple too. I like their stuff, but some of their stuff is annoying me as well) and ask whether we really want them to be the norm for the rest of our lives.
William Faulkner (16 days ago)
I feel bad for people who bought the Steambox aka Alienware Alpha running Steam OS.
Comp U More (20 days ago)
Anyone else notice the beer during the video?
Matt Dean (20 days ago)
I use Ubuntu Linux to game with steam I would love to see games before steam os get ported into this os like the fallouts, need for speed, and other games but that unfortunately is not the reality as of yet. There's the odd game that isn't compatible with Linux that I do have and those are played on the windows side of my setup. But for a good percentage of my gaming it's on the ole trusty console.
Petabyte Productions (21 days ago)
Steam OS for the win so I don't have to deal with uuughhh hai guys internet security Norton ad here, buy us or else
TheRetroDudeAbides (21 days ago)
*listens intently, while watching glass slowly be depleted of beer*
golan (25 days ago)
Yeah, that part about similar performance - I'm not buying it. I dual boot because I work from home and need a linux workstation, Most of the games that require long playthroughs or that I replay constantly or that I might to play again at least once in the near future are available on Linux. And they run smoothly enough, those that crash occasionally, also crash on Windows with a similar frequency. However, the visuals look seriously downgraded by comparison (and it's the same machine and display). It's not the same performance at the same settings. It's easy to get a high FPS while displaying less details and less advanced rendering methods, even if your game's settings are configured almost identically.
Fabian (26 days ago)
Im trying to do most I can do on Linux. Working on Windows is shit, Gaming isn't that much better. Often there are errors and lags just because Microsoft is dumb. The complete structure of all the directX and so on is so bad. See Linux: Error -> someone finds it and reports it -> some days later it's fixed Windows: Error -> nearly noone reports, cuz it's much work -> ppl who report are getting ignored most times and rage
Fabian (26 days ago)
I love how many ppl say they'll switch to Linux if Gaming works on it. The problem is: as long as you game on Windows, the game company can track that. They'll only change to Vulcan/OpenGL if ppl change to Linux and request the games for it. Just by waiting, it will take very long for big games to get to Linux. Just ask for a Linux version. Or support ppl who did. You'll see, Windows Gaming will die fast. Or at least loses most users. Change to Linux, you can work great on it and you just have to ask for Linux versions. Thanks for reading :)
Vlad (27 days ago)
yes i want it, hurry up guys, it will be an Independance day for human consciousness
cricketol (29 days ago)
Windows 7 is the last Microsoft is I will ever have
Trump (1 month ago)
i think i will use steam os for gaming but for other stuff i still will be using windows
Laurent Tréguier (1 month ago)
Now Proton is available to run Windows games on SteamOS... Will that change its fate ?
nate edwards (26 days ago)
vicchopin (1 month ago)
yay!!! go for it, play some of your favorite windows only (ahem) and tell us your opinions; btw GREAT steamOS in depth vid!
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
I'll be finding out myself in a couple weeks... #spoileralert
Alan Cyril (1 month ago)
I'm using linux mint and play most of my steam titles using steam play...i love linux and always on Linux...
gudenau (1 month ago)
I am already playing games on Linux.
Ross Mclaughlin (1 month ago)
Id like to see this revisited now proton is in the works
Rahmi Acar (1 month ago)
Running steam in ubuntu, I miss access to the big titles, but for me, it's ok for now. I won't however buy new hardware until I find the big titles on the OS. The reason is simply that apart from gaming microsoft has very little to offer me in terms of me developing software ON linux operating systems, they are far superior when it comes to building large frameworks using Apache Maven for instance. (Read cache hosts most of my files that are active in the projects inside memory) so build times become much shorter than on a windows system where read caching is not a thing. among other things. The Linux/GNU/Ubuntu platform is just less bloated, remains fast and the terminal/bash/unixness e.t.c. is brilliant for me. I only game in between, when i stop and think about things.. so it's just for having a rest.
Ferran Neira Jorba (1 month ago)
Can you repeat this video with new steamplay? :D
j burg (1 month ago)
I can play DOTA 2 and FFOF on UBUNTU now steam is avilable on UBUNTU! no more filthy windows!!!
Brad Pope (1 month ago)
I'm putting together a desktop for gaming in my living room right now, and I was seriously considering the Steam OS because I'm mainly just going to running Steam in Big Picture anyway. I still use Windows 7 to avoid most of the Windows ads and datamining nonsense, so, my only issue is basically A) Does it play the games, and B) will it run Netflix or Shudder or youtube or whatever else I might need in my living room. Thanks for answering that A) It doesn't play all the games, and B) It doesn't really do that stuff well. I'm looking forward to updates, but I'll stick with Windows for now. Thanks for the advice.
Now that Wine has been baked into SteamOS itself, maybe it's worth another shot?
Craft Computing nice!
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
Definitely on my list to cover in the near future.
Nevyn Hira (1 month ago)
I'm a Linux user but don't use Steam. Part of the reason for that is the websites interface. I can search for Linux games OR I can search via a genre but I can't search for Linux games under a particular genre. I'm not sold on the "if there was a big enough game library" bit just on the basis that I think people would find another excuse to carry on using Windows. It's uncomfortable moving away from what you're comfortable with... Look at the switch to Linux from Windows for example. People are often put off by the things they can't figure out easily (for me I think it was the lack of a "control panel" that I found annoying. It took awhile to get used to this) rather than the stuff they can do right out of the box. Just about EVERY comparison between Windows and Linux takes this approach too. After a 15 minute install of Linux, I'm able to edit a document for example, unhindered. After a 40 minute install of Windows, there's a very good chance that I'm still looking for and installing drivers (they're not installed as part of the kernel like Linux. Truer for older hardware) and then I have to go and download and install an office suite. Right out of the box, Linux is able to update the majority of software for me rather than, for example, trying to open Firefox and Firefox wanting to perform an update rather than letting me browse (has this change in Windows 10??). Do people use their computers solely for gaming? I think people would need to figure out (be comfortable with) other tasks they do on their machines before they made the switch.
Cannon Ball (1 month ago)
What mice is that on your desk? I was curious about gaming on Linux OS, I decided to watch your video and it's so good, on point and no BS. I'd like to try Ubuntu in the future.
rogue angel (1 month ago)
The biggest problem with any windows operating system is your putting your resources that could be put into gaming performance into running that windows and trust me big picture mode takes alot less resources than even windows xp. We just need to think smarter as people and see. Playstation kept there minimalistic operating system and imho plays better performance wise then the bulky os that is xbox one.
Mindplague (1 month ago)
Would love to see your take on SteamOS now with Proton.
Drog007 (1 month ago)
"If you're not fluent in Linux, installation of any software outside of steam can be a chore for the average user." Yeah, I mean in Windows all I have to do is somehow find a reputable site to download an installer from, check for an gotchas, run the installer, and sometimes reboot. Meanwhile in Linux I have to open a terminal and type "sudo pacman -S *name*" Man, I don't know how I possibly wrap my head around a process that's so much more difficult than it is in Windows. /Sarcasm Granted, I realise he's talking about SteamOS particularly and I'm not familiar with it. Steam runs on most distros just fine though, and Linux package managers and repos are a far more elegant to the Windows world of just installing random binaries.
TheKenjiStream (1 month ago)
Wouldn't mind to switch to SteamOS at all. I don't have any grudge against Windows in general, but I have a lil pref for Linux
GardenData61371 (1 month ago)
Why do I keep watch the beer in the glass getting lower and lower.
Carlos Carroll (1 month ago)
Proton and steam play for windows games now
Lord Chuckles (1 month ago)
Well.. this didnt age that well... everything changed... SteamPlay solves all complaints.
`Scorpio'M (1 month ago)
Windows is like matryoshka you get rid of a problem but the new one unfolds.
RT HJ (1 month ago)
If they add support for Chrome, Photoshop, and a video'n'audio editing software, VLC player, and such, then yes. I would love to be rid of Windows. As long as my performance does not suffer, I would gladly relearn an operating system.
Leppo (1 month ago)
All of those things already have existed on linux though.... (minus photoshop)
Shawn Hopscotch (1 month ago)
I would have gladly given up Windows for a dedicated gaming LinuxOS. I still do. But what infuriated me most about SteamOS was its removal of Legacy support and failure to include Wine and Play-On-Linux. The whole point about Linux is its ability to be installed on anything regardless of the hardware. Just look at Debian which Steam OS was built on top of. Debian boasts itself as being "The Universal Operating System" Look at what Debian supports: 64-bit PC (amd64) 32-bit PC (i386) EABI ARM (armel) Hard Float ABI ARM (armhf) MIPS (little endian) MIPS (big endian) IBM System z 64-bit ARM (AArch64) POWER Processors 64-bit MIPS (little endian) On top of that, Debian has 51000 packages available in its repository. This was chiefly why I was so shocked not to see Wine and Play-On-Linux in SteamOS since both do a great job at bridging the gap between Windows programs running on the Linux OS natively. Its just so... sloppy. I'm disappointed in you, Steam! You don't understand! You coulda had class! You coulda been a contender! You coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what Microsoft is, let's face it! It was you, Steam... and you let all of us down hard.
Elijah Brooks (1 month ago)
You should make a follow up using Steam Play. Only a few games are whitelisted, but the Linux community has been testing many titles.
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
I've got SteamOS beta installed on a machine, and will be diving into testing in the next few weeks. I wanted to give the beta and the community a chance to mature before giving a judgement on it.
Red Phoenix (1 month ago)
@0:09 LOL, Microsoft's grip. As if Microsoft would force programmers to develop their games for its platform only.
Channel07 (1 month ago)
Hey Proton says hi. It is basically like Wine or PoL but better because Steam is working on it. Speaking of Windows now local sellers selling bulk bought licenses as low as two dollars.
serotonin (1 month ago)
SteamOS is literally the same as any linux distro with Steam installed and in big picture
Raymond Morgan (1 month ago)
@Craft Computing --- you might wanna take another look at Steam Play now... they've released a new beta and whilst it's still a little rough around the edges, it is major...
Raymond Morgan (1 month ago)
Admittedly this Steam Proton thing is in Beta - graphically Fallout 4 runs beautifully. Surprisingly the issue with Fallout 4 is sound. The other games I tend to play (Cities Skylines& Mount & Blade) have native Linux versions so obviously those are fine. Haven't tested GTA V yet but other people have and apparently it runs quite well. Definitely still a tad rough around the edges but fun times are ahead....
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
I've already got it installed on a test machine. Will likely be a video in the next week or two.
SerjG2005 (1 month ago)
Steam Play will make it more usable!
7MBoosted (1 month ago)
Revisit this once the steam compatibility layer is released. I am already preparing installs if linux mint or ubuntu to start testing.
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
On my list as soon as I get back from PAX.
Kaio Henrique (1 month ago)
Por favor legende seus vídeos em pt-br
Mike Bibby (1 month ago)
I wish this worked; I've spent about a day trying to get it to install on my old gaming PC just to get away from Microsoft, but it won't work with BIOS, even tho the page just says "UEFI Firmware (recommended)". I thought I could get it to work, but no. Apparently stephensonsrocket.horse (formerly known as Ye Olde SteamOSe) solved it, but that's down. I also liked the idea of a low-cost gaming / media PC that I could leave in the living room and not have to give Microsoft another $100. Is there a way we could get Valve excited about this again?
Almost3Pandas (1 month ago)
I pray for the day that I can finally ditch windows.
Nonetrix (1 month ago)
Windows 10 ads give a me seizures
Steamos for a unraid server is perfect
besorgter Burger (1 month ago)
So now with the new Steam Play and Proton, do you wanna make a new Video about this?
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
Jeez, it was announced three days ago. Give me a chance here ;-)
Heat Zero (1 month ago)
I certainly would move. Wanted to do it today, but installing SteamOS appeared to be a pain: starting from needing to tinker with asus bios, ending with steam need to be online loop. That is far too inconvenient to dedicate myself to using it, better to select another gaming linux distro or move back to using win10... Very disappointed that SteamOS isn't polished enough today.
Dan Bradford (1 month ago)
With Steam Play, I'm definitely going to load this up on my old PC in the closet. Worst comes to worst, I've got a giant Linux based Steam Link!
1973Washu (1 month ago)
The thing is once you have paid your 100 bux for windows 10 you don't have to pay again, it is a one time expense and as long as you can remember your Microsoft login details you can install it on to every computer you build for the foreseeable future. Microsoft has been marketing Win 10 as the final version of Windows and they will update it forever. So a one time expense of $100 for an industry standard OS is not so bad of an expense.
Channel07 (1 month ago)
Microsoft should change their licensing policy* so end users didn't face license headache. Example is how Android provides great out of the box experience. *for example make a Windows license chip embedded to many motherboards so the price of Windows include motherboard and no activation required.
cryohellinc (1 month ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/1696055855739350561 latest news
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
We talked about it on my live show tonight. I'm well aware and very excited to give it a look.
RainbowCookie (1 month ago)
I hope SteamPlay helps to improve SteamOS and Linux gaming situation
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
I read every comment. And I have the same hopes you do. I'm actually installing Windows and SteamOS onto a dual-boot system right now to test out the new Steam Play beta and see where performance is at. Look for the vid in the next few weeks.
RainbowCookie (1 month ago)
Wow, I really wasn't expecting a hearth, and even less a hearth from a 5 months old video. This is the first video I saw from you, and I got nicely surprised that you came back to old videos and read comments. New sub
Rook (1 month ago)
Valve need to get this sorted well before the Window 7 switch off date, if they want to have a chance of grabbing a chunk of the windows users that hate paying for an ADware operating system.
Joshua Rose (1 month ago)
I need help with my pc, my dad turned it into a steambox sparkylinux and i want to turn it back into windows 10 can anybody help
Keystroke Cascade (1 month ago)
Keystroke Cascade (1 month ago)
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
Gabifuertes (1 month ago)
"If you're not fluent in the OS, installation on any software outside of Steam's friendly wrapper can be a chore for the average person." Explain this a little bit more. How is this different compared to Windows? You just double click .deb files instead of .exe or .msi files. Sometimes these executables are compressed, just like in Windows. Also, it's worth noticing that installing software through a package manager is way easier than going through different websites downloading installation files. It's like the Windows Store, but packed with actual software. That said, I don't really like SteamOS. I used to love Steam but I don't like the idea of being tied to a single store anymore. Compared to Microsoft, Steam is equally intrusive with game updates... When a new update is live, you download it or you download it.
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
Linux is mostly fine, but let's not pretend for a second it's nearly as intuitive to use as Windows is. As much as people don't like the redesigned settings menus (as opposed to the old Control Panel), there is very little you can't change inside that screen. Compare that to Linux, where yes, 80% of what you'll ever need comes in nice .deb packages or available in a package manager. But let's just take Chrome as an example. I can install Chrome by downloading the .deb, double-clicking, and entering my password. Now, uninstall Chrome... $ sudo apt-get purge google-chrome-stable $ rm ~/.config/google-chrome/ -rf The second you ask the average person to open a terminal shell, you've lost them. They won't go any further. It scares them, because it's not intuitive, and heaven forbid they make a typo after finding that information. So yes, to you and me, that's a very simple instruction. Open terminal, type in these commends, and Chrome will be uninstalled. To the average user, there's no way to know they didn't break something, or that the outcome was what they intended, or that some internet forum where they found this isn't installing something nefarious. To the average person, none of this makes sense. Until a flavor of Linux becomes just as intuitive as Windows, this perception will persist. SteamOS can go a long way toward making that change, but it needs to make Big Screen and the rest of SteamOS just as intuitive to compete.
OrochiCr (1 month ago)
Steam OS 3.0 is coming, also your claim Steam OS is in beta is bogus. As Windows 10 user I feel like Im using a Beta OS, constantly doing annoying updates for fixing bugs and security issues. Also it sounds like you would like Valve signing blank checks to "force" AAA developers to bring more games to the platform. If you think that way, you should be playing on consoles. Also I find funny that every "reviewer" like you always forget the most important thing in a free market: Competition!! When Valve announced stuff making games like L4D to run on Linux, Microsoft started to works again on DirectX, which were pretty much untouched since it got to DX 11. Im pretty sure Valve moves on Linux made Microsoft to work more on the gaming part of Windows which were in oblivion because Xbox. Maybe Steam OS is not a success for itself, but its a success for those who play games on Windows and PC in general.
Craft Computing (1 month ago)
The 'kind of still in Beta" was tongue-in-cheek. Basically me saying they hadn't provided a meaningful update since the Beta period to be worth calling this a full release. Yes... it works. But there are still problems simply navigating the UI, and outside of a few AAA games, they didn't entice developers onto the platform. SteamOS was more a shot across the bow of Microsoft for announcing Windows N (only MS Store apps allowed). It wasn't so much MS started to work on DX11 again as it was MS backed off disallowing third-party store fronts to exist inside Windows., SteamOS is a catch-22. You need games and a better experience to entice an audience to move from Windows, but you need people to move off Windows so developers will write games. Competition is fantastic for the market, and I'm sorry SteamOS HASN'T done well, and HASN'T been updated. Which is why the thumbnail says "What could have been. I have very high hopes for SteamOS 3.0, especially with rumors of a possible compatibility layer for Windows games. But if this just turns out to be another kernel update without so much as a UI or library improvement, you'll likely see another video just like this one in the near future.
Rohit Kudatarkar (1 month ago)
Hell Yeah I would switch to Linux
Jeff Pfeifer (1 month ago)
I'm really hoping that news of Windows' push to make Windows 10 a monthly subscription model leads to the development of a gamer-friendly alternative OS that has the capacity to support third-party applications.
Daniel Martinez (1 month ago)
Now I have heard that SteamOS will be able to play windows games. That sounds good.
JohnnyThund3r (1 month ago)
I just switched to Mint and I'm loving it.
Carl B (1 month ago)
100% Game support, then absolutely.
paul Z (2 months ago)
I honestly don't understand how there still isn't another choice for an stable X86 OS in this dayband age
Mr. Dupont (2 months ago)
I am waitting for better compability with Ubuntu i will upgade my pc but i do not want to have windows 10 on it.
vicchopin (2 months ago)
Some biggerbgameplay on this machine would be neat!!
Ymirithe Nova (2 months ago)
Only reason i would not switch is i also use window for other things. Browse interner alot. Graving Cd and dvd. Mp4 convertion. Heavy resourse multitasking. Archive management. So yea , steam would esentialy need to be a carbon copy of window in reguard to universality\functionality.
Vladimir Putin (2 months ago)
Why are you drinking in this video?
White4ss (2 months ago)
I came to see your video to hopefully switch to have a '' Starting computer = Either game or desktop'' Too bad it isn't fully realized yet. Thanks for the good infos
Me2 (2 months ago)
Yes i would since im not a big fan of windows 10 and i dont have driver support for any other os like windows 7.
LoganDark (2 months ago)
I hate Windows with a passion. I do most of my gaming on macOS. Unfortunately, these days I'm forced to Windows for no good reason just because nothing these days has cross-platform support.
Korwynias Wolfdrake (2 months ago)
The so called "AAA" titles never interested me anyways. Been a Linux gamer for 4 years now.
Goodgoyim Takethepill (2 months ago)
The games BETTER work with reshade or im not buyin
Teemu Myyryläinen (2 months ago)
i do agree with nearly every point you make, but one was an sore thump under the hammer blow.. Internet browser is odd, specially when using controller... .. ... erm.. how does that have anything to do with os and how good or bad it is ? Anything with controller expect playing indie tittles is pain and agony ... specially something where you need to type key words at minium , if not complete url.s at some point....
ReverendNillerz (2 months ago)
Moving to linux is worth it.
hidaz (2 months ago)
I'm genuinely surprised that Valve hasn't tried to implement DXVK into SteamOS.
Russian Terminator (2 months ago)
who buys windows for 100$? you can get it for like 20$
Zachcarry (2 months ago)
install Gentoo
Vipor29 (2 months ago)
i'm on ubuntu 18.04 and performance is very very good.its alot better compared to 5 years ago.its pretty close to windows performance if not better in some titles.i have over 700 linux titles which most are not garbage,i have very few that are casual.but i get the reason why people use windows.it is great to have a choice.
Richard Tuck (2 months ago)
I wish more devs would put in the extra effort and use Vulkan in their games. Great performance and supported on virtually every platform and would open the door to mainstream Linux gaming.
Richard Landgren (2 months ago)
Absolutely not, Microsoft has made great strides in accommodating gamers with Windows 10, and people who build computers on a regular basis know where to pick up copies of legal Windows 10 Professional for around $20. Don't even get me started on the unmatched levels of software and hardware compatibility on Windows 10 vs Linux... 😂
Gabe0511 (2 months ago)
As long as it has a desktop screen I’m good
Whisky Papa (2 months ago)
I like Steam as much as the next guy. But honestly, Steam can't even get their own app UI set up properly. For the amount of user, it really should be a lot more user friendly.
BIGOTE (2 months ago)
Wtf? No versatility? No versatility on gnu-linux? Are you serious?

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