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The Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers (2018) - Part 1/2

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League of Legends, Marvel's Spider-Man, Overwatch, The Walking Dead, Destiny 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2: The 10 Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers of 2018, Part 1! Playlist: 00:01 League of Legends - Oddysey Animated Trailer 02:27 Marvel's Spider-Man – Be Greater Trailer 03:51 Overwatch Animated Short - Shooting Star 11:25 Beyond Good and Evil 2 Cinematic Trailer 15:04 Destiny 2: Forsaken - Last Stand of the Gunslinger 18:56 The Division 2 - E3 2018 Cinematic Trailer 22:35 Overkill's The Walking Dead - Maya Trailer 25:00 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Cinematic Trailer 27:23 God of War - TV Cinematic 28:29 Overkill's The Walking Dead - Heather Trailer
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Text Comments (1812)
Fifa Master (16 minutes ago)
Lol is day best
eba56 (25 minutes ago)
Oh it's league of legend at least we know where the budget is going
Rentaruu (38 minutes ago)
why does everyone hate league og legends so much xD
Hanzo (41 minutes ago)
The LoL trailer looks like something Gearbox would do. ;;
porshapuppy (47 minutes ago)
What game are you looking forward to?
Madison Dela Cruz (53 minutes ago)
Jinx isn't flat now! How awesome
Marie Lobitos (1 hour ago)
Is it only me or does that sound like a girl junk rat
J_laubster (1 hour ago)
jinx hot af
MrXterminate (1 hour ago)
SpiderMan is the best game of these iv played.
Z Ken (1 hour ago)
N (2 hours ago)
so many salty people shitting on LOL. Dunno why its a great game and odyssey is heaps of fun
The graphics are insane? ?!!!!!!!
Costa (2 hours ago)
is there only space and zombie games in 2018
saber gamer (2 hours ago)
My fav is spiderman
Simple You (2 hours ago)
Interesting thumbnail
Watermelony _ (2 hours ago)
Can we just appreciate that the Lol Odyssey Trailer was made and not that it isn't another game? Like,do you REALLY think any company has the money to make a game with those graphs? Just don't play league if you don't like it <3
I got jerbaited thought it was sick ass game *L E A G U E OF L E G E N D S*
RCF 2.0 (2 hours ago)
wait L.O.L. dude there are many people playing that maybe but i hate those but i love to watch them XP
Sophia Winter (3 hours ago)
Welfare explanation delay axdeghb form arena insist reverse stiff pretty rural.
Doctor starkiller (3 hours ago)
How good the movies coming out when's the diva Nerf coming out
Dangerouly Cheesy (3 hours ago)
God damn it blizard either make a campain or just skip the bullshit and make a movie
Alex Granados (3 hours ago)
What kind of tracer and genji is that xdxd
Ian Duque (3 hours ago)
Purple -ji- innards
No One (3 hours ago)
The thumbnail looks like she just got cum shoted XD
25 golden dragon (4 hours ago)
Damage she's hot
Me when I lose a uno Mach 1:17
lizard lover (4 hours ago)
Jinx x junkrat
RandomMiraculousLB Fan (4 hours ago)
The first one, the captain reminds me of Kakashi
doggo story art oc (5 hours ago)
Yes. Diva
Esos gráficos me hacen exitar mucho!!!!!
Ammotech Games (5 hours ago)
Why don't game devolopers make movies on their games? These are really good for trailers.
SpaceMagicJohnson (5 hours ago)
Did anyone else get chills when they saw the dead agents hand sticking out of the ground when they first watched the Division 2 trailer?
Black ninja (5 hours ago)
I thought it was alian jiz
Mythic B (5 hours ago)
Nobody is gonna talk about the thumbnail
Pr0 Galaxy (6 hours ago)
I wish trailers were actually the way the game looked
Maniak Manners (6 hours ago)
I honestly thought that first trailer was some kind of expansion for Fortnite Save The World... :V
Lucario Pokemon (6 hours ago)
Disappointed to see league of legends showing up on that first trailer
DeAlphaWolF (6 hours ago)
That overwatch trailer sick
iSwifty FTW (6 hours ago)
That thumbnail looks like Patrick Star blasted his pink nut all over her face.
Outer ParaDOCX (6 hours ago)
Thumbnail very interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yPluzx!¡ (7 hours ago)
camokiller9 (7 hours ago)
1st one is a no
LongRangeBushido (7 hours ago)
Crazy af jinx always makes an interesting video
HDR Reviews (7 hours ago)
I mean leage of legends crappppp
Dragonboi13 (7 hours ago)
when I saw that thumbnail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
humphrey707 (7 hours ago)
Animation is getting creepily realistic now a days
XxKNDYGamingxX (7 hours ago)
Surper Durper (7 hours ago)
D.va friend zone
XxCreamiixX (7 hours ago)
We’re Detroit
Pinnapple x Chief (7 hours ago)
WOW!!! A GREAT GAME, ODDYSEY EH? I'LL LOVE TO- League of Legends- Oh... Well then, shit...
Josue E Perlin G (7 hours ago)
The Division 2 looks tasty tasty :)
PROJECT: Yi (8 hours ago)
well its just a game mode xD
Art Masterr Tutorial (8 hours ago)
20.29 default skin
ᴊᴀᴅᴇ (8 hours ago)
Well they buffed her boobs. 😂
the one thicc book (8 hours ago)
*imagine all the porn with the fiirst one*
Raymond Pan (8 hours ago)
Jinx looking like she circle jersey a jellyfish
Uncoiledcanoue76 (8 hours ago)
this should be a game
HandyMan (8 hours ago)
The first one reminded me of sunset overdrive and looked cool until it said league of legends.
XxSc0oT3rxX (8 hours ago)
lil purp (9 hours ago)
Thanks cum
Arctic_ legal (9 hours ago)
Made by epic
Silence (9 hours ago)
0:37 this is Kakashi ♥️♥️
Weirdo (9 hours ago)
A lot of these aren't even fucking trailers. Low key clickbait to an extent.
Big Woke (9 hours ago)
Jinx reminds me of Gaige from Borderlands 2
Meswbest (9 hours ago)
TheDivision2 trailer got me hype
Outdated Memes (9 hours ago)
the first walking trailer i was like "shes seem some shit
someone someone (9 hours ago)
Ubisoft just made division 2 completely different game in a bad way
WeirdAnoozFriends (9 hours ago)
The first trailer is basically female junkrat and the other is just hanzo mixed with GENJI and the last giant blue boi is Winston
Zhang Jia hua (9 hours ago)
Spiderman gave me goosebumps
ツFallenScythe (10 hours ago)
Still flat.. :)
Gamerguy Parkourguy (10 hours ago)
Why do i even have a xbox i mean it sucks
Imacrusher 456 (10 hours ago)
overwatch team should make a movie about overwatch because there animation us good af
T3 (10 hours ago)
WOW remakes of remakes............... all female driven games are the same, you really have to wonder how intelligent people are who make these games i mean i have tons of ideas for games and these guys are just being brain dead check cashers
Mrs.Unknown (10 hours ago)
"it that a Jin... Oh"
Mariopop • (10 hours ago)
Everyone hating on League but Fornite is this the biggest garbage game out there and has more players because fcking kids are retarded.
Jordan Pearl (10 hours ago)
Overwatch hell yeah
Martin Mecar (11 hours ago)
Walking dead doesnt look like sjw propaganda at all
Raptor King237 (11 hours ago)
I never played league of legends is it really fun ?? Let me know
Raptor King237 (11 hours ago)
Jinx had blue hair what happend
crim somreaf5555 (11 hours ago)
When did jinx change also thought she was from a different game not from league
Choco Bro (11 hours ago)
Not really its almost EXACTLY like Overwatch
Moona's Lagoon (11 hours ago)
so i see that jinx has orange hair now
some boi (11 hours ago)
Jinx got jinxed in the face
NilsDerPsychoMaster LP (12 hours ago)
How is the WOW Trailer (Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer) ?
Nikki Jacobs (12 hours ago)
all of these trailers want to play with your heartstrings, don't they?
Scenetic (12 hours ago)
sup my dude (12 hours ago)
Can you hear this? *THESE ARE THE LOL HATERS*
Wonder World (13 hours ago)
bullshit dva cannot fly that long in game ;-;
Rasheed Matt (13 hours ago)
Can we take a minute to see how good that little girl paper plane is? Crafting 100.
Miyu Miyu (13 hours ago)
Best cinematics proceeds to add a LoL cancer cell, instant dislike.
Matias Sobarzo (13 hours ago)
wow, when i saw arlington national cemetary i got chills. great job on the city from what i saw, i live in dc myself
Swivelman Roblox (14 hours ago)
Oh yes I love d.va
Sachin Plays (14 hours ago)
The girl in first clip look like the queen in overwatch
Emman Cardano (14 hours ago)
thumbnail though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nin 178 (14 hours ago)
She thicc
soouup z (14 hours ago)
Munif A. (14 hours ago)
Wait. That was league of legends? I thought it's like dota.
xd Lielan FORTNITE (15 hours ago)
CM ProjectKnight (15 hours ago)
The thumbnail in jinx face is....( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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