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Top 20 Best FREE Xbox One Games To Play In 2018

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Looking to save a few bucks on Xbox One games? We've got you with some free-to-play games worth the bandwidth. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv ~~~~~ 20 APB Reloaded Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 19 Powerstar Golf Platform: Xbox One PRICE: FREE 18 Crossout Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 17 Clicker Heroes Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One OS X, iOS, Android, PRICE: FREE 16 Trove Heroes Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 15 ROBLOX Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One OS X, iOS, Android, PRICE: FREE 14 Dungeon Defenders 2 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 13 Pinbal FX 2 and 3 Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch PRICE: FREE 12 DC Universe Online Platform: PC PS3 PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 11 Paladins Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 10 Neverwinter Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 9 Gwent Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 8 Smite Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 7 Path of Exile Platform: PC Xbox One PRICE: FREE 6 World of Tanks Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Xbox 360 PRICE: FREE 5 Fallout Shelter Platform: PC Xbox One iOS, Android, PRICE: FREE 4 Phantom Dust Platform: PC Xbox One PRICE: FREE 3 Warframe Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE 2 Killer Instinct Platform: PC Xbox One PRICE: FREE 1 Fortnite Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One PRICE: FREE
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Text Comments (845)
gameranx (2 months ago)
NOTE: these are games to consider playing IN 2018. These aren't all 2018 releases, but they still hold up.
Ilja Suoniemi (9 days ago)
gameranx I will dislike because fortnite
minecraft nuke gameing (11 days ago)
gameranx WTF APB Reloaded is absolitly complete shit
Shadow Heart (1 month ago)
How dare you compare Warframe to that walking pile of shite destiny talk about adding insult to injury.
Phill Deviant (1 month ago)
You should really take a look at a video about Warframe and Digital Extreme's A free to play game thats just had its 5th birthday. Whats not to love about the destiny done right?
Sam (1 month ago)
gameranx STOPPP YOU’VE MAD AN ERROR! #3 Warframe: I love both Warframe and destiny, but they are almost nothing alike, in gameplay, or style. Please fix this. You’ll give people the wrong idea. Side note: please play the games you’re comparing.
Infinity 436 (10 hours ago)
Gosh I haven't finished the video but if fortnite is number one I am going to give up on humanity.
Infinity 436 (10 hours ago)
I'm going to kill myself now...
Fl1pg8r (1 day ago)
Paladins I played and I used to play trove. I got tired of the grinding because at the time wit felt like I stopped progressing. Probably to be expected since that was the only part of the game that didn’t take more then 2 hours to pass, so I thought I was the only one and just went back to playing my usual rocket league. I think I probably will revisit the game due to all the messages Xbox has gave me of its update and special offers and redeem code to its player. It is very thankful of its players and rewards then constantly I regret leaving it and will definitely play it again I am excited to see how much improvement it’s made in the game. If you think you will have to make friends on the game or make your friends play the game or you’ll have to grind solo your wrong. It has two unique features one being able to see everyone in your world on the map, and when you go into a world have the option to teleport to a player or sometimes a group. I think that is great if you like to grind and put hours in but your friends don’t, or if you don’t have friends and your lonely or your friends don’t like the game, in that case I know how you feel man. It is really helpful to have people to back you up when you are trying to defeat the boss of a dungeon. That’s why I like those features so much which most mmos don’t or just games like it in general. It has a pretty big world and will keep you interested. Check it out and don’t make that same mistake as me.
Fl1pg8r (1 day ago)
Well it took lien at most 1 hour to pass all the other parts of the game before that part so you. Can have a better idea of how I felt and why I left, but I’m gonna revisit the game and I hope you check it out too, it’s a great game and deserves as much credit as it gives to its players. Seriously it gives you rewards for playing at least every month maybe and weeks
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
The olny three Games I Despise 3. Halo 4 2. *Fortnite* 1. *Roblox* Well RoCringe will burn 🔥
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
Top 20 BEST Puts Roblox You're saying the worst game in exsitance
יואב כהן (1 day ago)
Yes, they are free but you need to buy xbox live gold for some of them
Cole M (2 days ago)
What mmo
iceuck (2 days ago)
where's hitman? EDIT: oh yeah microtransactions
Gwilym Evans (3 days ago)
Fortnite is my fave game
Adrian Burton (4 days ago)
If you need to gain a way to generate card you simply have to do a search for " *pranaholistico xbox* " in Google or Yahoo. :))
Pixeler (4 days ago)
Roblox has pedos
King Bob (5 days ago)
Fortnite is terrible
wait 5:22 😂😂😂
Saucyyy. Amia (7 days ago)
Fortnite I don’t free? It won’t let me play
ilyas Bh (7 days ago)
Can you tell as the offline of this games
Lol XD (9 days ago)
I like Roblox :)
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
Cringe 5 year old
Shia Hernandez (10 days ago)
Trove is shit
GTE Æ (12 days ago)
PF Psycho (12 days ago)
all these free games are boring except fartnite
GamingFox Fox (13 days ago)
i play trove for 3 years now and its nothing lke minecraft like wtf (pc)
Parag Tyagi bro (14 days ago)
DT Animates! (17 days ago)
everyone likes fortnite it was no surprise
DT Animates! (17 days ago)
you shoud not have put fortnite on there even tho its free you need xbox live which costs
ErikTheRandom (18 days ago)
3:42 Fortnite Raven Skin... I’m sorry I just had to state it
xXGHOSTREAPSXx (18 days ago)
did anyone else see the raven lol 3:42
EFABES93 (19 days ago)
Deadspace is free. I'm surprised it's not on this list
The Demolisher (20 days ago)
Number 1 is obvious
Star- Voltz (20 days ago)
Why all this games for kids 😢 and boooooring
Is Clicker Heroes even on the Xbox One?
AirGoose8326339 (21 days ago)
Roblox is a game for 7 year olds u know than right
Mayajoy Robinson (21 days ago)
These games aren't free you need Xbox live
Israel Cintron III (21 days ago)
Destiny is like Warframe waframe came out before destiny.
Fonls (21 days ago)
Why is Warframe 3rd
to Gulag (21 days ago)
More like free games we just compiled cause they were free
Omar Garcia (22 days ago)
What a trash list
Daniel Stevenson (22 days ago)
Some of them are shit
ĐҜ_Momo Money (22 days ago)
This is pure shit now I wanna buy games.
Jesse Deleon (23 days ago)
toasted butter (24 days ago)
I think they removed fortnite from xbox
Muhammad Zeeshan (25 days ago)
On no#15 Roblox isn't on PS4
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
Im Jealous Roblox is dead
Dragon Slayer799 (27 days ago)
I hate that when you get a free game and you think oh I got a deal but you have to get xbox live gold
Grumpy Cat (28 days ago)
Slushy Boi (28 days ago)
So 14 is like a rocket bunny brz
Wazzup Baby (29 days ago)
Does Neverwinter uses Xbox live??
ThatSlave Gt (29 days ago)
U should play war thunder insted of wot (WORLD OF TANKS)
Sjoerd Vaan Der Zee (1 month ago)
Mitchell Jackson (1 month ago)
The tone that he makes when describing Neverwinter really made this video. 10/10
shotiko tevdorashvili (1 month ago)
I wont to by an Xbox 1 and I thought all the games cost munny butt I looked it up and there are lots of cool free games; thanks for making this video!!!!
justbebeg06 (1 month ago)
I've never heard of half of these. They look hella fun tho
Jahil Vazquez (1 month ago)
Y no world of tanks #1
Ariel Vlogs YT (1 month ago)
He put "roblox the shitty quality Game But He Didnt Put The Good Fortnite
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
its number 1
Ariel Vlogs YT (1 month ago)
AND fortnite
macdonalds internet (1 month ago)
So glad you added crossout on the list 👍👍awsome video
Adrien Thomas (1 month ago)
Noah 11677 (1 month ago)
DO NOT PLAY APB RELOADED. I got banned for playing it on my second xbox live account (both got banned from that game) WHICH IS COMPLETELY BS AND UNFAIR
ArisenFTW (1 month ago)
This helped me. To get gud gamez ty
spookisoldier (1 month ago)
Warframe is so amazing
GothiQ haQer (1 month ago)
I've played the majority of these... I guess I'll give the others a shot.
Ghastly Ghost (1 month ago)
Seth Thunderhawk (1 month ago)
APB is dumb as hell.
Daniel harrison (1 month ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $6531_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?Sr9Xka Try once.
GuardianXwolf (1 month ago)
Warframe so much before then destiny but it gets boring when u finish everything all left is pvp and fishing
MineMaster98 YT (1 month ago)
Thanks! I just got an Xbox and this was very helpful.
MustyRook72 (1 month ago)
pba looks like sants row 2
Bendy Yellow Eye (1 month ago)
im not a hater but some of those games are for xbox live and xbox live is not free
Jack Turbo (1 month ago)
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Jack Turbo (1 month ago)
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american dream (1 month ago)
I don't need buy games on Xbox because I just download free games thank god. And thank Xbox
xmatthewxx (1 month ago)
the best game out of this list for me will be path of exile. i wish it was on ps4 :(
Hawu Yosafat (1 month ago)
pfftttt is that all? pathetic
Mobile Gamplays (1 month ago)
I played dungeon defenders 1 on Xbox 360
Youngboy Games (1 month ago)
Before watching full video I bet fortnite #1.
King Cutler Metal Gear (1 month ago)
Do you need gold to play these games?
Armando Claudio (1 month ago)
fortnite? bruh
Velacroix (1 month ago)
xbox suuuuuucks
Takaya in Action (1 month ago)
Ikramah Tipu (1 month ago)
Why Am I getting a notification now?
bdckody1 (1 month ago)
Smite should have ranked higher. Jake made a video for playstation free games and ranked smite above most of the games that were mentioned.
ak36 gamer (1 month ago)
who's down to share xbox live for forza horizon 5 ?
Rimiku YT りみく (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but fortnite is so overrated
mohammed ali (1 month ago)
You can't play power star golf. You have to pay for the levels
Julian Holt (1 month ago)
1 mode on fortnite is 39.99 and that's the campaign, and a game without a campaign is like battlefront 2 without loot boxes. (I'll let you think if that's good or bad...)
Game Playerr (1 month ago)
BeastalRage (1 month ago)
Fun fact: Warframe has More content than Destiny 1 and 2 together, and better than Destiny 1,2 as well. Honestly, Warframe is superior to destiny in every part that concerns gameplay.
3D (1 month ago)
*R O B L O X*
TheKeithvidz (1 month ago)
how the studios earn money then?
Don Hec (1 month ago)
God of War.....
marcel mc (1 month ago)
sophia daniels (1 month ago)
my partner just pointed out that Peter Coffin was doing the narration for this video..... so now i know that Falcon is Peter Coffin's secret identity. what is heard cannot be unheard.
Mr Sniper 1730 (1 month ago)
Shouldnt a free game be a game that does not require you to have xbox live gold or ps plus
bendy playz (1 month ago)
While i was watching the video i look in the desc to see the number one spot and i predicted it was fortnite
Keila Alvarenga (1 month ago)
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
Jacob Walsh (1 month ago)
You actually recommended apb reloaded the game doesn't even run wtf XD it's obvious you just threw this video together for views ffs.
Sirisha Ramamoorthy (1 month ago)
happy super
dimano MC (1 month ago)
smite is definitely the shit on pc tho never played it on xbox
Star Wars Core (1 month ago)
Where is Jake Baldino??
The Bruckler (1 month ago)
Roblox beat Trove.......
BobbyGamerAT (1 day ago)
Game Opinion List 3. Trove Last: Roblox
Justin Tyler (1 month ago)
DC universe is a great game however you will need to buy dlc to get to most of the endgame
Anthony M Sweat (1 month ago)
Tiger 05 or so was perfect console golf control. Three click... yuck
Bryan Brooks (1 month ago)
What about Tera
XXMORRIDINXX (1 month ago)
i highly recommend Smite to everyone. its a really fun games with over 85 gods and many different modes. The q-times arent long (2-5 mins) and the MM is improving. i hav spend over 1000 hours on this game and think i am going to spend much more time with it. have fun.

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