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Star Wars Battlefront 2 - 10 BIG Things You SHOULD Know Before You BUY (SW Battlefront 2 2017)

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Text Comments (659)
djames4ever (7 months ago)
Its 20 euro now Is it worth it to buy now :)
dan warren (8 months ago)
god I hope battle points isn't going to change from earning in matches to unlock heroes to star cards level
Pepito (8 months ago)
3:05 *A NEW SYSTEM* Nope,just using 2005 mechanics to arrange a REAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY bad system from the 2015 game
d0oFy * (9 months ago)
It's the music I can't stand. It'd be nice to hear some rock or even rap while playing.
Asifa Ali (9 months ago)
Kabir Venugopal (10 months ago)
I saw fives in the thumbnail. So i clicked. I feel dissapointed now...
Reggie kusters (10 months ago)
Its iden versio not eden versio and its the death star not starkiller base
MAURIFICO (10 months ago)
Gonna wait and buy till is less than $10 dollars like the first battlefront, then I will buy, I'm a waiter.
TheMultiBrony Mal (10 months ago)
Can't wait to buy it. Screw those moronic complainers!
Domenic Spivey (10 months ago)
to late
GRAYWOLFE69 (10 months ago)
You obviously haven't played the original Battlefront 2 because they reused a lot of the stuff that you see in this like the battle points space battles and also the class system for soldiers.
Michael Perkins (10 months ago)
This games fucking amazing but they need to add more clone era heroes and maps in dlcs which they will and add customization to troopers when they start to finalize the stuff soon
Stewart Deel (10 months ago)
Can you still fly into the enemy ship and run around inside it or did they remove this gamemode
Combat 1 (10 months ago)
Don't buy it
Rob Douglass (10 months ago)
I️ have fun taking to the skies and shitting on pilots
A Person (10 months ago)
halo forger (10 months ago)
Battle front 2 its its...... its a trap
Brody bean (10 months ago)
Don't subscribe to this channel. Sucking up to EA
StorytimeNacho (10 months ago)
you know what this game doesnt have, galactic conquest. you know what game i dont have, this one
MpCaptainRuby (10 months ago)
EA Is fucking gay
L AK (10 months ago)
Why’s echo on the title card...?
Patrick Murphy (10 months ago)
Like I understand if a free to play game has a premium currency, and micro transactions, that's literally the only way for the Devs to make money. But if you've already dropped 60 bucks for a triple A game title, it shouldn't have micro transactions, that's ridiculous.
kallum hobbs (10 months ago)
All I want is outfits or cosmetics ughhh
ClaytownUSA (10 months ago)
Here's what y'all need to know don't buy it because EA are a bunch of greedy assholes
Buying it
Sreerram Chavali (10 months ago)
Eden Vercio?
Prometheus Eks (10 months ago)
Is this gameranx?
Sridevi N (10 months ago)
It’s pronounced Iden not eden.
G31M1 (10 months ago)
I‘m more of a Clone Wars guy so I will wait and see how the game does. A friend of mine has preordered the game and I willing wait for his review.
ShadyPlays (10 months ago)
I haven’t bought 1 loot box and I constantly get 30+ kills a game, maybe y’all just fuckin suck
Thomas Connolly (10 months ago)
To play as a hero u need to play about 35 to 40 hours or spend 150 to 200 euro.
Amaze Doggo (10 months ago)
For those of you who are upset about the heroes keep in mind there will be multiple dlcs
Core Chara (10 months ago)
Just don't support the pay to win and don't buy it. Seriously.
Brendon Brea (11 months ago)
1 thing you need to know before you buy Star Wars Battlefront 2. Dont.
lulzPIE Gaming (11 months ago)
First thing you need to know, you need a thick wallet. Boycotting this BS.
Ryan Harkins (11 months ago)
These fucking assholes under appreciate me just bcuz Kenobi got lucky! Stars has always left me out
rsextreme477 (11 months ago)
I wish it was this good the dirst time around...
Ivanperez 128 (11 months ago)
Story more like bland fanfic
wynnie55 (11 months ago)
How can you mispronounce so many phrases!
GavinA220 (11 months ago)
we just gonna ignore that that first clone just attempted to gun down civilians right off the bat? XD
White Knight 5 (11 months ago)
Im going to wait till this piece of shit game drops to $20 or less then buy it used. Reason being is I just dont want to support EA..
CC-3714 Fil (11 months ago)
LOOT CRATES?! No wonder they got rid of DLCs they got new trash to throw at you! FUCK EA!!
Charles Simonds (11 months ago)
Calling these games “battlefront” is an insult to the original Battlefront duo released in 2004 and 2005. Instant action, galactic conquest, an incredibly epic campaign, and SPLITSCREEN available in all modes (except campaign), but just some shite 5 minute wave defense mode with 6 maps. I’m sure EA will read this and realize the error of their ways.
Multiplayer Daubeny (11 months ago)
You all do know the best gear is obtained by challenges and progression right?
TheHappyHuntsman (11 months ago)
Isnt this CultOfMush?
Nikkimond (11 months ago)
I hate the fact that heroes can be played during battles when they weren't even born yet or already dead.
Forensic Wow (10 months ago)
Nikkimond yeah exactly
Archie Coffey (11 months ago)
Saw Gerrera not Saw Gera
Locked Firing (11 months ago)
But is the game worth it?
VinnySOB (11 months ago)
You must have received money from EA for making this video. You completely skipped over the pay to win aspect of the game via micro transactions and said "there is nothing we can do about this now". Actually, there is something we can do...not buy the game. What did EA give you? A free copy and some free loot crates perhaps? Disgusting fanboy propaganda.
Adrian Vanegas (11 months ago)
Can you still get the epic upgrades even if you don’t buy the deluxe edition ?
Storm Pooper (11 months ago)
Ten things you need to know before you buy: 1. Don’t 2. Don’t 3. Don’t 4. Don’t 5. Don’t 6. Don’t 7. Don’t 8. Don’t 9. Don’t 10. Don’t
Jack Snodgrass (11 months ago)
I don’t understand why people even give a shit about loot crates. Half the emotes and poses are retarded and all of them are useless.
LoopyBahamas (11 months ago)
Battle points isn’t new
Ryan Albino (11 months ago)
I’m not paying for this game unless they put in general grievous and jango fett. Straight up. Idc what y’all feel about that, that’s really all I want outta this game.
John Stafford (11 months ago)
Number one dont buy this Microtransaction crap.
Sanskar Mishra (11 months ago)
I already bought it.
chop me tenders (11 months ago)
HippoZoned (11 months ago)
I never understand how people have two.channels.and get a shit ton of subs on both and i cant even crack 2000 on one channel
CJ Gerrior (11 months ago)
Alejandro Chavarria (11 months ago)
CJ Gerrior 15,000*
Deus Cognito (11 months ago)
#1-10: Pay to Win
jeffisgay4eva (11 months ago)
First and only thing everyone should know is don't buy the game.
Andrew Perry (11 months ago)
This game looks epic
TresspasingToad (11 months ago)
10 things to know: Nr 1: don't buy it's pay to win. Nr 2: good graphics Nr 3: good flying mechanics The rest disappeared....
Geara zulu (11 months ago)
Huh nothing we can do about loot crates huh how bout don’t buy the game not say don’t buy BF but if the numbers drop in production it will tell them to get rid of the damn pay to win loot crates
John Dark (11 months ago)
I want a remastered rise of the empire story mode.
ShadowRaven (11 months ago)
1 its not an empire campaign they promised us, you will be dissapointed
luke mus (11 months ago)
so i can pay 20$ more to be stronger than other players..... why... just why
Matt Larsen (11 months ago)
What do you mean there is nothing we can do about the loot crates? if we all stop buying these games when they pull this crap they will stop doing it. For fuck sake battlefront 2 has tied loot crates to progression you don't get any more intrusive then that!
Parker Rossadillo (11 months ago)
The battle point system is not new, actually it's being revived. It was in the original Battlefront 2.
Gus D'Bus (11 months ago)
there should a final thing to know before you buy..... Don't
Camden Osborn (11 months ago)
it seems like its just me but, i dont like how both of the battlefronts have a really arcadey aiming system, like when you look through your scope its like it just goes to this really dumb looking magnefying system where the reticle looks stupid. i just dont like how its aim and shoot until they die. In the non star wars DICE games it was like be precise. Each shot has some recoil and you want to line up your sights on that enemy. In this game its not authentic. Its like your're not even shooting a weapon. thatst he best way i can expain it
Camden Osborn (11 months ago)
and it makes the gunplay EXTREMELY dull for me.
JakeBecks (11 months ago)
Wait I thought the campaign revolved around Iden versio, who’s this eden versio character...?
Mystic3 Meyhem (11 months ago)
What time does this game release???
Martin Lua (11 months ago)
Mystic3 Meyhem the 17 of Nov
Echan Henry (11 months ago)
Does the game have different clone divisions and such?
Brandon Coronado (11 months ago)
I got the game it's so fun you guys should play it
Nev 19 (11 months ago)
Fuck the whole loot system. Still gonna buy the game and destroy those who wasted their money on the damn crates...people need to stop being so scared of other players with higher gear...they all sound like a bunch of bitches
Andrea Rogers (11 months ago)
Dang I’m excited now
Necromater 665 (11 months ago)
Hey like to pay 80 dolars to play as darth vader? Well you now can with star wars battlefront 2 No really you pay them your 60 dolars and then 80 more for darth vader
Necromater 665 (11 months ago)
Please please dont buy it the original battlefrobt 2 is cheaper has a story mode more features and now has an online mode
nNoch (11 months ago)
Heard a person tell me that BF2 is a just a copy and paste of BF 2015. Hes dead now.
Benjinx (11 months ago)
6:01 did he say *MUSELK!*
Comonster2000 (11 months ago)
RunbowTM (11 months ago)
Dont spoil me. Pls
Mikolaj Wojnicki (11 months ago)
Looks cool. Too bad my pc is a potato
Cephalon Wikipedia (11 months ago)
Free DLC? They have learned from the titanfall series!
JavaJiveGaming O.O (11 months ago)
The cross era heros just make me hurt inside...
Tara Zainab (11 months ago)
Wait dlc is only free with an EA account?
Gareth Battersby (11 months ago)
The sloppy controls and this stupid loot crate thing put me off buying it. Im not sure what was so wrong with being lucky to find a hero or starfighter pick up on the battlefield gave everyone a chance to be the hero. This only rewards the top players who no doubt will camp with their team and rack up maximum points to then unlock heroes which they will then use to camp and spend the whole match just racking up more points to buy more heroes... Or theyll be total scrubs and just pay actual money to buy the heroes. Screw this game I'll buy it cheap second hand
Redneck Sniper (11 months ago)
Already preordered the game
TZ Footballerz (11 months ago)
1:49 saw gerra? Let the star wars fanboys attack.
Would not the first order be the resistance
Isaac Koch (11 months ago)
Is it me or does this guy sound JUST like cult of mush
Tyoxy (11 months ago)
So hyped
Werkku. Lalli (11 months ago)
Hesssus Christ when i get out of school im gonna fucking run like sonic to the store and then home to play this
Schafeez (11 months ago)
Does anyone know if you can select the difficulty of the campaign because the rebels are oblivious.
TheoreticallyYourWrong (11 months ago)
Stop whining about the loot crates you babies. Its totally not like everyone has the same chance of getting the same shit as each other...
Jonathan Pent (11 months ago)
Never tell me the odds
World Of Potential (11 months ago)
Sense there is no season pass are dlcs gonna be free
Faheem Matin (11 months ago)
Hay, ur the cultofmush guy
LiLNikoable (11 months ago)
People defending this lootbox and P2W model is why we get half-games nowadays
Samurai (11 months ago)
yea its sad lol
Justin Kaleo (11 months ago)
Literally just a compilation of what everyone knows already

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