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Titanfall 2 - World’s Hardest Achievements - Becomes The Master

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Benny and Lydia take on Titanfall 2’s Gauntlet. Is it time to prepare for Titanfail? Got a brutal Achievement for our rivals? Suggest them in the comments below! Make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing here: smarturl.it/XboxOn Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny, Lydia, Graeme, Matthew and Adrian for daily videos at 6pm, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame Graeme: https://twitter.com/AceyBongos For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (992)
Legendary King (7 days ago)
easy once you have a plan and remember the controls well
Yo I did this acheivent.. And it's really hard
I_am_the_forth_GENDER (1 month ago)
It took me a long time to finished this
Rice Is Nice (1 month ago)
Madooka Magooka (1 month ago)
I just recently got the achievement on ps4. Only took me exactly 37 tries
XoTheAnimeGODZXo (1 month ago)
Its actually not that hard i took only 15 minutes to do this
Patrick Doty (1 month ago)
I was the exact same way as Benny when trying to unlock the achievement.
Anna marie Harlan (1 month ago)
They syck
Anna marie Harlan (1 month ago)
Someone beat it by just 12 seconds
Konagaming The pro (2 months ago)
I got it on my second attempt ( literally) and I feel your pain, if I wasn’t such an experienced player I would never would of got it (btw it’s easier with the EMP) my record is 32.80
Power Nuke (3 months ago)
I swear that's the most difficult because of the time limit needed. My best is 34.83 and I can't achieve that damn 33!
DeathBorn (3 months ago)
After days of self-hatred, sweat, junk food and solid gaming I got this achievement and regenerated.
Itzz Finchy (4 months ago)
I got it after 2 hours
TheseBallsRLife (4 months ago)
When I actually completed it (which took about 20 tries) I was 0.05 seconds faster than whoever was 3rd
Bubbabutt04 (4 months ago)
Best time is around 14-16 seconds. Can't remember which
Bubbabutt04 (4 months ago)
I took two days trying to beat this. Most annoying trophy I tried to get
Hdjekso (5 months ago)
not to be stereotypical but girls do suck at fps
Comic Guy (5 months ago)
#TeamLydia Rocks
Kalle Kröger (5 months ago)
With epg shotty and arc its easy sub 30
Riley Parker (6 months ago)
They do realize that they don't have to kill the dummies
RoboRiot (6 months ago)
This is a long and useless comment, don't read it. This actually isn't that hard when you get a good feel for the controls. There's an EPG by the shooting range on the circle above the ledge. That helps big time, the best way is arc nades, EPG and the Eva-8. Arc nade the first three guys like benny, but instead stay on the right side walls. And you can wall-ride on the left wall at the start area to get an extra boost of speed. Try to land right in front of the huge wall and slide under it. Then shotgun the four in the corridor at the beginning, switch to the EPG at the cluster of three at the end of the rock wall corridor. And continue with the EPG on the three before the ending area. Now i don't know the walls on the last part that well so i can't help there, but the Eva helps there. P.S. the guy at the top of the leaderboard (G sager) is Gamesager, he goes more in depth on his video about this achievement. (The current world record is 16 seconds)
Gabriel Tanner (6 months ago)
I platinumed the game, my user tag is corytanner1979
NickOnRadioPotato (6 months ago)
This is easy
*Michalich* *123* (6 months ago)
It took me one hour to get that achievement.Wasn't that hard.
XoTheAnimeGODZXo (7 months ago)
This achievement is so easy
hofee _ (7 months ago)
The ghost is fast beacause he jumps off the walls much faster and that gives it momentum
Dat Boi (7 months ago)
Victor Kaquatosh (7 months ago)
This only took my 15 tries, it's most certainly not the hardest achievement, to ever get.
GREEN BLUE (7 months ago)
I've beaten the ghost in the training by 4 seconds
Viper (8 months ago)
TBS FC53 (8 months ago)
12:12 look what ya did
IHoodieHiro 2005 (8 months ago)
I did this achievement in about 5 minutes Yeah I needed a little practice
Max Bakedfries (8 months ago)
you xbox people suuuuuk
Orqnges (8 months ago)
Lol u can tell Benny has seen tutorials
Nicholas Wijaya (9 months ago)
I got to the top 2 I got 27 secs
Meli Hampton (9 months ago)
just did this one, hair ripping
S4lami_gr GAMES (9 months ago)
both of u cant play tf..just stop and go play cod or something..
Aleksander R Madsen (9 months ago)
Humorous Cookie TV (9 months ago)
Did 31.03
yaxebb Haj1 (9 months ago)
12:13 I feel your pain to mate
bzthetornprince (9 months ago)
Guys, you're so lovely to watch at :D
Ada Wong (9 months ago)
Try getting the mile-high Club on Call of Duty!
Michael Jimenez (9 months ago)
Try Rapid discord Overwatch
Lloyd Repton (10 months ago)
This was painful to watch
Starkiller Ren (10 months ago)
He is fast because just pay attention to beat not the people
Scorch Main (10 months ago)
My record is 29.67
A_Human (10 months ago)
Becomes the master was hard at first, but after finding some shortcuts, I pulled it off. And I'm proud of that
Jeffery (10 months ago)
This is one of the easiest platinum trophies Ive gotten in my life
king young (10 months ago)
Scrubs I already did this today trash players
The Rook (10 months ago)
Took Benny 12 minutes to get the achievement. You should not consider something that took you 12 minutes as hard.
FIREWISP (10 months ago)
Use the epg
domonator5000 (10 months ago)
Mui Tsumuri (10 months ago)
The first one is easy af
Justin Pearson (10 months ago)
Did this it took so many try's to figure out the best path and technique
Ion Gaming (10 months ago)
If you don't know how to slide hop you'll never beat sager...
Ion Gaming (10 months ago)
This achievement was easy...
Cobra (11 months ago)
I got this in about a week (this was my first shooter on pc) so I'm sure people who are used to things like COD would get it after like 2-3 days :P
Boerish Horstink (11 months ago)
I have beaten the gauntlet in 31 secs on master difficulty and you play this on easy mode
FlamingPotato 352 (11 months ago)
This might be my favorite achievement for titanfall 2
DEREK98Z (11 months ago)
I spend hours in the Gauntlet and eventually got 23 seconds and got the achievement
Hudson Rupp (11 months ago)
Im young and in 5
SpaceCayde (11 months ago)
Can they just get rid of Lydia please
Kai Jerke (11 months ago)
Meme Chromodome (11 months ago)
I just got it today AaAAAaaaaahh
Turretguy (11 months ago)
Def the hardest achievement. Once you get the movement down tho it gets easy. Made a similar video about it and the EVA is widely known to be the best gun for this
LongBow Shoot (11 months ago)
I did 21 seconds on PC EDIT: It took me about an hour...
Thirsty Timmy (11 months ago)
They should have used the secret rocket launcher in the shooting range
Richard Rooster (11 months ago)
less lydia pls she is a scrub git gud n00b
Austin T (11 months ago)
learn how to bunnyhop and get your aiming down and becomes the master isnt that hard
Austin T (11 months ago)
i say that but learning how to properly bunnyhop is really hard on console and it took me a week or two
GamingF-8-2C00L (11 months ago)
My best 41 seconds
Ervin Dahlen (11 months ago)
I have the becomes the master achievment
Benjy Loney (11 months ago)
sorry caps
Benjy Loney (11 months ago)
Benjy Loney (11 months ago)
Benjy Loney (11 months ago)
Only fahad (11 months ago)
Me 33:20
gaming101 (11 months ago)
this is just painfull
András Petrovics (11 months ago)
aah.. I got this achievement today. I'm so happy for it. It takes a 100 try to get it and i'm get so angry to the end.
barking dog (11 months ago)
12:15 mission failed we'll get him next time
[Insert Name Here] (11 months ago)
This is achievement is really easy, if anything the worlds hardest achievement is completing the campaign on master....
Palmer Golsan (11 months ago)
Tip for all those who never got the achievement, learn the advanced movement technique AKA Slide-Hopping and Air-Strafing and use this load-out: EVA-8 + EPG (by shooting range, above the weapons) + ARC Grenades. Takes time to learn the advanced movement
AlefDragon (11 months ago)
Its not so hard, all you need is a good memory lol, it took me more than 50 tries to get it
CyKa BlYaT (11 months ago)
I already have this one
Quantum Spectre (11 months ago)
I've beaten the 1st place time
ouzounisg (11 months ago)
Becomes the master was the second achievement i got in TF2....
Undefined (11 months ago)
I did this it took me the time since release lol
Solstice the Espeon (11 months ago)
I have the "become the master" achievement, it took me like three attemps
blackpanda006 (11 months ago)
I got that achievement :)
Janjoe17 (1 year ago)
Benny I used the same wallrun and used the grenades and got the achievement
Janjoe17 (1 year ago)
I got it after just playing around in the gauntlet
TikiAssassin (1 year ago)
...Becomes The Master was easy
Tom Van Loenen (1 year ago)
my record is 22.8 seconds
KingWithNoRing (1 year ago)
I was 0.05 seconds off before
AnToonY Animates (1 year ago)
The ghost isn't shooting
xh 128 (1 year ago)
but I dont whana xbox one am more a ps4 person
Ice Cube (1 year ago)
so where's PS4?
Rian Koning (1 year ago)
This was pretty easy
Shadow_Llama- (1 year ago)
I already git this a while back...
Ravager (1 year ago)
this is actually very easy
Moses Cuadra (1 year ago)
I beat it in 32.00

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