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Top 15 FREE Android RPG Games of All Time

1264 ratings | 141501 views
Ranking the best free-to-play role-playing Android mobile games for your phones and tablets. These are the highest ranking Free RPGs that are available on the Google PlayStore. You may get these games by clicking the links below. Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG https://goo.gl/mEiY14 Dark Legends https://goo.gl/25THX8 Dungeon Boss https://goo.gl/FzJqBG FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS https://goo.gl/DAvzSM Hero Hunters https://goo.gl/Y7B6UP Inotia 4 https://goo.gl/J7HHfw Nonstop Knight https://goo.gl/ZoTgzd Pet Alliance 2 https://goo.gl/wdg8co Pocket Mortys https://goo.gl/HGamSM Postknight https://goo.gl/twFP3m Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes https://goo.gl/QcCpj4 SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag https://goo.gl/uqFu5b Tap Titans 2 https://goo.gl/Vb4BX2 Terra Battle https://goo.gl/5kS1io ZENONIA 4 https://goo.gl/EqnXMi whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover all the best, new & upcoming PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS video games at https://whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (154)
Oni Satsugai Sha (3 days ago)
FFBE needs constant internet connection it loads every time you do something or enter anything even in the menu its not offline
AnLise (10 days ago)
Anchor BRO (13 days ago)
Honkai impact 3rd is amazing
Distaval (16 days ago)
I fell asleep.
Huebert Cumberdale (16 days ago)
Clickers need to die. Honestly. They should be a separate category. Not lumped into RPGs. Not cool
hypercom trading (19 days ago)
lol the first game is shit!sry to say that
whatoplay (19 days ago)
Nahhh, it's okay to have different opinions :)
Jonadab Condeno (20 days ago)
I think you need to update this video.
Sylvie Rose (21 days ago)
RIP Terra Battle 2
John Ferrari (26 days ago)
The best rpg... is a mindless clicker.... this channel has lost all credibility
Konstantin Steinmiller (29 days ago)
try battleheart legacy and u have a new number 1
mark moiser (1 month ago)
This list sucks there is only one good game on here and i already knew it this video was no help and who puts a idle clicker as number one wtf.
Dominus Ghaul (1 month ago)
Almost everything on this list is six years old.... There has GOT to be more modern shit that's worth listening. The app game industry is always releasing new shit. There are so many newer games that could've been here...
Wax Doe (1 month ago)
Is he High? This list is BULLSHIT. 😂
Mathieu Doucet (1 month ago)
Lol what a garbage list.... Ffbe is in it but NOT ffrk which is BY FAR superior....
Frei Francheise (1 month ago)
final fantasy brave exvius is the best i mean look at the fucking visual effect dang legit!
Noel Trevino (1 month ago)
Where exactly is Brave Frontier??
duo7777 (1 month ago)
pet alliance 2 only for me. beside tap titan i can the nutaku version
Isshiki色慧 ̊ ̆ ̊ (1 month ago)
Arcane legends ^o^
Wargbane (1 month ago)
Lineage 2 Revolution? No?
lifeyui (2 months ago)
Adimulia sani (1 month ago)
lifeyui which one is better avabel or toram
Wax Doe (1 month ago)
Pagdalagan Sur (2 months ago)
Hold your horses. Too soon for you to be declaring RPG G.O.A.T.s. A lot of great games are released regularly on android.
Dj Duo (2 months ago)
Jay Benz (2 months ago)
Wow funny how people always put FFBE over Record Keeper , FFRK has become so good over the past 3 years its ridiculous RK's relic mechanics are so much better then FFBE where you gotta use the same units to get chain damage lol it's the dumbest mechanic ever ,and RK's relic drop rates are actually legit i think its about 10% for a 6* relic , plus the nostalgia of the FF titles on ness and sness is there 100%.
Matt (2 months ago)
where is fate go
schwaengo algan (2 months ago)
DoDsoníkova Videa CZ/SK (2 months ago)
Half of them are not RPG lol
Valentine shadow (2 months ago)
Sao memory defrag sucked ads
Benoit (2 months ago)
Hm... I think we need to re-define the term "RPG".
TiltingArt (2 months ago)
Is it just me or anyone else can't find the games shown here? (not all)
whatoplay (2 months ago)
The links to download these games are all in the description box :)
Ame Shiroya (3 months ago)
I came for RPG!!! RPG Damnit!! Not clicking games for god's sake! Idle clicker games farming is different from RPG farming, it's boring!!
This list is outdated
Fransisco Gaming (3 months ago)
You talked about Inotia 4 the second time and Zenonia to From 1 year ago
Arnold Layne (3 months ago)
Asdivine Dios > all that games
Night Shade (3 months ago)
YeH shitty list gg.
AHM ED (3 months ago)
top rpg games !!?
Bagam (3 months ago)
It seems all RPG's feature cute/anime style characters. The cancer is strong...
BlueNBlack (3 months ago)
Zenonia broke my heart with the newly released game
Korbro (3 months ago)
Fire emblem heroes should be number one lol
TheAmazingGamer (3 months ago)
This list sucks!! How can a clicker be "The best free rpg"?? It doesn't have any sense
MadiCat247 (3 months ago)
Finally a fucking video about mobile games with commentary and not stupid ass trap music looped. Thank you so much
Color Cloud (4 months ago)
派叔 (6 days ago)
Eternium is best
whatoplay (4 months ago)
We're sorry, Eternium doesn't have a Playscore because that game is still on Beta.
Deserve Not Desire (4 months ago)
Tap Titans is 1?! Who made this list? If the person does not hangs himself, I swear, i will stangke him instead, this is just plain sad to even look at.
Pride (4 months ago)
as the said list is off the ratings of the games
Riper DT (4 months ago)
This list must be made in April 1st
Ali Super (4 months ago)
Dragon ball dokan battle
Korbro (3 months ago)
Ali Super horrible game
Nina Lan (4 months ago)
Cool free rpg list. First game is a shooter 😒
Potato Animator (4 months ago)
How did Pocket MMorty get there
KusoGaki (4 months ago)
boy you sound bored af
Josh McCowen (3 months ago)
Timóteo André (4 months ago)
Where exactly is the roleplaying in a CLICKER game? WHERE?
K Jh (4 months ago)
some of them are overly pay to progress, random lootcrate system, extremely grindy. Dislike
Rakiat TV (4 months ago)
Exiled kingdoms is cool game also,I recomend it.
Yung King Icy (4 months ago)
roguemeatball381 (5 months ago)
this list sucks
john Olson (1 month ago)
roguemeatball381 The "play scores" are pretty meaningless.
Mero Steel (5 months ago)
Most of those are not even RPG's
Ali B (5 months ago)
what are the best lightweight rpg games for android?
Kusanagi2k (5 months ago)
You need to add King's Raid to your list
Illiann19 (5 months ago)
The best game of this list is clicker? What is wrong with you people?
mayuko gw2 (16 days ago)
There are some actual rpg's on my phone but this is retarded how is a game that plays itself even considered a game isn't the point of a game playing the damn thing not letting it play itself why not watch a movie then?
Random Dood (1 month ago)
No problem dood, just casualin' on my phone lolz
Ame Shiroya (3 months ago)
Tap Titans?! WTF kill me now pls
Luchiop (4 months ago)
the entire list is a joke. and that number one is the cherry on top.
chris chris (5 months ago)
that's just sad
Larome Fisher (5 months ago)
Hell naw
XDESTROYERXXZ (5 months ago)
where offline?
Choros Daniel (5 months ago)
Where is DOFUS TOUCH ?!!!!!!!!!§
Justin Moore (5 months ago)
Violent root question cost glove stretch endless previous boy.
MiniBots Gamer (5 months ago)
Pls put Toram online in your list and make it popular
MiniBots Gamer (4 months ago)
Im happy that you're enjoying and if you can tell this game to more people it would be more enjoyable
Pride (4 months ago)
+MiniBots Gamer yeah im enjoying it so far
MiniBots Gamer (4 months ago)
The start may be bad but after getting used and playing you will see how good is it
Pride (4 months ago)
+MiniBots Gamer i played it i didn't like it much but ill try it again
Elijah Washington (4 months ago)
MiniBots Gamer idk
Kikko Meyh (5 months ago)
Dont Forget Honkai Impact 3 .. 😍😍
Darkfyraproductions (5 months ago)
would it be possible to get an ios list
whatoplay (5 months ago)
It's coming up in a week or two. Stay tuned! :)
SNIPER Lord (5 months ago)
legacy of discord
SNIPER Lord (5 months ago)
i hate u need pay get top but it additive
Grand Duck Magus (5 months ago)
Toram Online from Asobimo wasnt mentioned...hmmm
hawk 122 (5 months ago)
I think Final fantasy brave exvius should be higher it has the best free RPG story with insane strategy in trials
What are you looking at? (5 months ago)
John Tucker playing any Game isn't free, you need to buy a mobile phone... Go Play at park for free
John Tucker (5 months ago)
hawk 122 it also requires an online connection. It'll use data if you aren't on WiFi. So it isn't technally free.
Shadman Sakib (5 months ago)
where is the alchemist code?
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, THE ALCHEMIST CODE does not have a PlayScore yet. Hopefully, it will receive more reviews soon.
nSuea (5 months ago)
...King's Raid?
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, King's Raid does not have a PlayScore yet. Hopefully, it will receive more reviews soon.
Younes Ten (5 months ago)
The best RPG👍
Younes Ten (5 months ago)
The best RBG
The 6 Keys (5 months ago)
Logres, unison league, honkai impact
Yozu Z (5 months ago)
King's raid
Yozu Z (5 months ago)
whatoplay that game very generous to free player.. Recommended free rpg game
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, King's Raid does not have a PlayScore yet. Hopefully, it will receive more reviews soon.
GAMESTUBE (5 months ago)
Nice Video
Alfea A (5 months ago)
Ronaldo Ramos (3 months ago)
Alfea A you can always download the apk pirated version.
Raka (5 months ago)
Zenonia 3 needs a remaster tbg
Galle Glory (5 months ago)
playstore had to pulled it out :( best damn sequel
Excel Raintung (5 months ago)
Seven Knight..
Aditya Junior (5 months ago)
Surya 0771 (5 months ago)
Aditya Junior ada orang indo wkwkwkw
Lwb U (5 months ago)
Can you do anime/manga focused games list? Like one piece, and fire emblem heroes? Others that i know are Re:Monster and The New Gate from alphapolis
whatoplay (5 months ago)
Hi! Here's our last Anime list for the Android. Hope you enjot it! https://youtu.be/FyiWnaOlihU
Slender 1345 (5 months ago)
can you guys make top 10 offline rpg games
xeno gamer (5 months ago)
Epic conquest
Leon lionhart (5 months ago)
meh, none of these really strike my interested...are these really the top rpgs atm?
BOSTASH (5 months ago)
Leon lionhart listen these games is not what you are looking for. try exiled kingdoms and if you did remember to increase your INT AWR PER first and have a lot of fun :)
Zerconixe (5 months ago)
Arcane Legends and Treasure Cruise are there :)
Joger Gerald (5 months ago)
Zenonia S 😂
Kushal Bagchi (5 months ago)
Nice video!
Ivan Rivera (5 months ago)
In which game does the character on the thumbnail shows up?
Volpe (3 months ago)
terra battle
Grimly Di (5 months ago)
Ivan Rivera 4:42
Yugi Mutou (5 months ago)
Fate Grand Order?
R nB (5 months ago)
Not yet available in europe so maybe that's why it's not listed...
Carlos Cervantes (5 months ago)
Captain tsubasa?
Abdsamade Loubbiz (5 months ago)
where is Fate go :/
Ditya chen (5 months ago)
Honkai Impact 3rd
Sofia Marandino (1 month ago)
Chocolate Explosion "Neko-Chan!"
Chocolate Explosion (2 months ago)
Ditya chen it's bretty good but gets painfully repititive after a while and Kiana constantly screeching is annoying
Charles Ph (4 months ago)
What are you looking at? Lol😁😁😂
What are you looking at? (5 months ago)
Played that Game for 30mins and uninstalled It.
Raihan Nadhifa (5 months ago)
Caesar Sihombing (5 months ago)
final fantasy dissidia opera omnia? score?
azratina (5 months ago)
No fate go......WTF
Pixels (5 months ago)
Honey Badger it is definitely not p2w, the story and events are very much beatable with just 3 star characters
Hermit Kermit (5 months ago)
how delusional can you be my dude
azratina (5 months ago)
Honey Badger how is a p2w?
Hermit Kermit (5 months ago)
Francisco Moreira fate go is a p2w mess
Kevin Lin (5 months ago)
Inotia 4 needs a godamn sequel already, it's been years!
anirudh mohanty (1 month ago)
The Zenonia series has been abandoned too.
Wax Doe (1 month ago)
So true
Emy Pierre-Louis (1 month ago)
Deserve Not Desire com2us is busy with their chain strike game lol
Kevin Lin (4 months ago)
Desire Not Deserve I know right?! We've been screaming for a sequel for so long, TOO long, and they never made it happen! Inotia 4 ended with a godamn cliffhanger, that's sequel baiting for christ sake!
Deserve Not Desire (4 months ago)
Kevin Lin years? It's been damn ages, oh for Christ I swear what is wrong with Gamevil and Com2us!? why won't they release and support the literally best games in their arsenal.
OhNose NotAgain (5 months ago)
You cant play FF Brave Exvius offline. Nice vid apart from that error.
Draskex (5 months ago)
400 Chopsticks (5 months ago)
dhema1905 (5 months ago)
lol, searching for ios games when..
when ios gaming starts to become any relevant kappa

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