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THIS is Why I NEVER Trust Early Access Games!! - Culling 2/Fortnite Rant

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Perhaps the darkest thing in modern gaming is early access. Making gamers pay for unfinished projects feels so shady and now most of these never get done EVER! The release of The Culling 2 really highlights that this is a business built on greed so let's rant about it. Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Xaviant wrapped up its "deadly game show" battle royale The Culling last year, pushing the game through Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview in October. The studio then announced its shift to a new project in December 2017. That game? A sequel. We're already getting The Culling 2. Fans of the original are less than enthused about the sequel. The Culling got off to a decent start in March 2016, but things went downhill from there. As director of operations Josh Van Veld recently told PC Gamer, "We did dozens of patches and content updates after that, but we never saw our sales or player numbers return after the initial boom died down. To be honest, apart from a passionate core audience, the majority of PC players haven't seen or thought about The Culling in two years." Notably, The Culling 2 will not launch in Early Access -- it's out tomorrow on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I understand Xaviant's desire for a clean break, so to speak, but winning over old fans won't be easy. Clearly the developers want to compete with Fornite Battle Royale and PUBG but I dont think they even have a chance. Fortnite Battle Royale's gameplay and Season 5 are already too strong for this to find room on consoles.
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DreamcastGuy (3 months ago)
Did you like my silly greensceen opening? Let me know so I try and do more stuff like that occasionally in the future!
The dark knight returns (2 months ago)
DreamcastGuy i thought it was pretty gay 😒🤨🤔
DreamcastGuy You should use the green screen again.
Difford (3 months ago)
New hillbilly early access guy spin-off series please!
jairo flores (3 months ago)
DreamcastGuy lol i loved it
Pharese Jackson (3 months ago)
it was cool and early access games are the worst.
Grim Soar (1 month ago)
Deathmatch, the original Battle Royal. It was not invented in 2016. It may have been a mode called "Last Man Standing" or "One life" etc. Counterstrike perfected the formula for team based 1 life matches. I played online multiplayer games before CoD crap, respawning every second didn't used to be a thing. So when it's suddenly gone, others think it's new. A large, useless map where you never find anyone so you are "alive" longer giving people a false sense of accomplishment was more of the recent thing.
John James (2 months ago)
The video gaming industry needs a governing body like FCC/ OFCOM! The industry can't go on like this otherwise.
Gary Wintergreen (2 months ago)
One of your best videos yet
Raynaldo Ray (2 months ago)
Yeah Early Access Guy is up there with Corporate Commander by Angry Joe. I never felt the hype of fortnite never played it. To me it’s like the cool kids in school trying to make you like something.
Craig Andrews (2 months ago)
Then don't whine to us and don't play early access games some people like early access games some people buy them because they are so dumb and they get a good laugh out of all the unpolished glitches that aren't in triple a titles because they are more polished
Ramirez Benedict (2 months ago)
man. your verbals are on point, just wondering if you script it before recording or just let it out and let it be as you speak; nice.
Troy Cruikshank (2 months ago)
I want more characters for sure. It was funny.
Eiad Tarabulsi (2 months ago)
An early access game is essentially an unfinished demo and I will never support such a greedy, lazy and shoddy business tactic. Plain and simple. High quality games that are finished deserve my hard earned money, not this B.S. nonsense.
Xavier -Uribe (2 months ago)
I think it started with Minecraft
Xavier -Uribe (2 months ago)
Just a thought...
MrHustler (2 months ago)
I never buy Early Access Games!
Alex Fajardo (2 months ago)
you look like Jason Mraz.
Astro (3 months ago)
Where the fuck did you get the Culling was the first battle royale game? H1Z1 was out in early access before the Culling and even then the playerunknown's Arma mod was out before that. Don't rant on shit you don't know.
GtaGamer97 (3 months ago)
I’ve never bought an early access game really with the exception of snooker championship 2016 on the Xbox one game preview. It’s a pool type game that never made it out of preview which isn’t a big deal anyway. I remember when ark survival evolved came out and I tried it and never got into it. Not that it’s a bad game, just not my cup of tea. At least ark got a full release though
Captain420 Marvel559 (3 months ago)
Cool video , but fortnite is doing a lot more then those other games just saying .
P Sway Z (3 months ago)
Def keep the skits going. I think they'd be fun. If not you've always got good content anyway.
the infinity (3 months ago)
YOU ARE ANGERY!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!!?!!?
snakemastar123 (3 months ago)
You are dead Nutz on sir. It is sad that gaming has been destroyed. Not for morons, or ppl with attention spans the size of a gnat. But The early access model also gets the "mod" community to basically do a lot of development and programming etc with promises of future pay off. The Developers get their cash on early access then flip us all the bird and run with the money.
Difford (3 months ago)
I've never paid for something that wasn't complete. All my money has gone to games on shop shelves.
Mimiyo (3 months ago)
The steamcharts on the culling 2 is laughable
Original Glass (3 months ago)
Go play Fortnite...
131013y (3 months ago)
I enjoyed a lot of early access games . Rust being the best one . For 10 bucks I got 5 different games in the same genre . Best devs ever
Sergio Núñez (3 months ago)
good video, I don't even like the games that soon to release rub you in the face that you'll have to pay for content that most likely was cut out of the final release... then this early access...
Travis Green (3 months ago)
Early access is a definite problem, not just because of early access itself, but also because as the whole system catches on, some AAA developers are doing their own variation of it, releasing games at full price with very few features, promising additions down the road through patches and DLC, when really a lot of that stuff should have just been in the game at launch. It's a very worrying trend, to be sure.
Charles L (3 months ago)
Don't stop fighting the good fight! Look forward for your Octopath review.
Radio Raven (3 months ago)
Early access survival crafting bullshit Battle royal children's playgrounds Mmo lite daily chore games Retail price Games with a battle pass Can all die in a fire, give me rainbow six Vegas 3 and Amy hennig's Star Wars.
thenicofu (3 months ago)
Nobody should trust developers with games in early access just like that. You may or may not get a good game for investing into an early access game, everyone should be aware of that, there will always be people who just try to make money. (like the culling dev's, i liked the game but i ain't paying money for a "sequel". f**k that!) But consider early access like donating money to the developers, not buying a game. Getting early access to their game is just a bonus. Either way, without people paying dev's for early access games, a lot of developers wouldn't be able to continue developing the game at all. (you need to pay for assets you put into unreal engine for example, once you reach the free limit that is) Besides, money is what motivates people. It's hard to invest hundreds of hours (and $) into creating a game without being motivated. Early access is a good thing, but again, there will always be people just trying to make a quick buck.
SkinnierSteve (3 months ago)
Yep, I bought a few that got cancelled mid-way through development. Some of those are Dovetail games flight sim world and Grav, and there's 2 I know of that got cancelled and are now getting sequels instead, and those are jet racing extreme and guardians of orion.
Spence Mossman (3 months ago)
im with u. ill stay with great,finished games! i recently bought the whole F.E.A.R. trilogy on steam for $11! the content in the first game alone is worth that or more. im very happy with a complete product.
Justin Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Loved the green screen and I feel like I got screwed over by the Friday the 13th game when I pre-ordered it before it came out
MySplatterhouse (3 months ago)
AMEN!!!!! I've been saying this since Warframe, not to say it's a bad game but I'd rather pay for a complete product than an evovling product. Glad a YouTuber has finally said this!!!!
Charles Gurley (3 months ago)
No company is required to give you a sequel just because you helped with money on the last one. That's on the people that paid. You better get your moneys worth.
Rockhy2j Kamille (3 months ago)
My brother let´s face it your generation and my is dead even if we don´t play those lootboxes, free models, incomplete games other people play it. I am fine I don´t play those games.
PapaP86 (3 months ago)
Meh, it's pretty easy to hedge your bets and support early access games that are by good/known developers and have a good track record. Wreckfest and Overload turned out very well and I backed both early access. To support Early Access and not have a problem with it, you *have* to approach it with the mindset you may never see or get a finished product. If you're ok with that and want to support the developers, then there's no problem. If you do have a problem with it, then just wait for the final product/official launch. It's really that simple, just have to use your brain a little.
Daves Reality (3 months ago)
Hmmm no Arma 2 mods have been doing battle royal for years
AverageSoul (3 months ago)
Totally agree
Cookie 33 (3 months ago)
I dont understand how early access guy can afford a 360p web cam when you max only can afford a 144p cam
Media Glitch (3 months ago)
Just found your site through twitter and my boy Iretrogamer. great content man you got a new sub and look forward to seeing more content.
Nothing for Granted (3 months ago)
I don't subscribe to Battle Royale. Pub G is full of bugs and cheaters, Fortnight may be fun but I don't wanna jump in with building tryhards.
Nothing for Granted (3 months ago)
Throwback on point.
n0zebl33d (3 months ago)
What's good dawg!
Ladywizard (3 months ago)
Wild Season burned me bad... was supposed to be a mystery style harvest moon game never got past episode 1
WILSON (3 months ago)
cough cough, that stomping land game on pc ...cough cough
666videlicetunus (3 months ago)
This is nothing new. What is Mechwarrior Vengeance vs Mechwarrior Mercenaries? Vengeance was released buggy and incomplete, Mercs was released a year or two later with updated code. Same shit Micro$oft did it first.
assholemon (3 months ago)
Sadly not every game can be like crosscode, which is incredibly polished even if it's early access.
Austin Yo Mom (3 months ago)
Always a 10mins vid for ads
daeraloth (3 months ago)
cough...escape from tarkov...cough...
KusanagiMotoko100 (3 months ago)
I think companies or would-be-companies have simply developed a new business model, instead of own investment to make and market a product to make a profit at the risk of losing their original investment, they simply promise a product get the money before hand, don't ever deliver the final version but do enough to keep the clients hopeful so they don't get completely angry and keep pouring money into the project, I think it's a bit a legal loophole, would you imagine if they'd make movies instead of games? they would give you first the script, then pay more money and get the unedited footage, then the whole movie but without the VFX, and so on, gaming is the only industry companies can get away with this shit.
Koffin Kat (3 months ago)
You know, I'm not even mad at the lazy hacks who use early acess to just earn some quick cash. I'm mad at Valve for being so oblivious and I'm mad at the people who seem totaly fine with throwing money at unfinished, never-out-of-EA crap (hi there, PUBG). Like Jim (fucking) Sterling (son) said in his recent video - this is why we can't have nice things, or even tolerable things in gaming. Someone does something good (in this case the idea of early acess) and then someone else takes it and completely ruins it for everyone.
AstonishingREDD (3 months ago)
Where’s that one morally bankrupt person in the comments who’s always quick to shout “capitalism”??
bignekidbatzero (3 months ago)
Early access guy talks about ark survival evolved, because the game is a dumpster fire and I'm sick of its praise.
Philalethes (3 months ago)
Day Z.
Dave6767 (3 months ago)
I'm blown away how you state the facts and and let us gamers no about all the bullshit that goes on and there's close to 100 dislikes on your video, is it just people that didn't like your video in general, or is it people disagreeing with what your saying and support this shit that goes on. I don't really understand. My thoughts are, I'm in total agreement with what you spoke about dreamcast guy and as a gamer I'm also pissed off that this anticonsumer practices is a loud to happen.
jbakes25 (3 months ago)
The hat blending in with the greenscreen. I like Early Access guy.
BackForwardPunch (3 months ago)
Why do people contribute to projects if they are unwilling to consider the money lost? I agree 100% early access is not cool. I'm okay with a kickstarter for a game to come out (like Shovel Knight, etc), but early access as a thing is really a scam to me. The only game I played early access was this game Mercenary Kings. I got burnt out on the lack of content, and then when the game came out (super late) they had changed what had made it fun in the first place.
Cole Parks (3 months ago)
This game is so bad. Bought it because I enjoyed the first one and it plays much much much worse than the first.
sfturbo (3 months ago)
Early access and kickstarter are both scams
Taylan Demir (3 months ago)
This has to be the ugliest content creator on utube. BY FAR!
dirkyd3rk (3 months ago)
DCG has evolved. You got a green screen!! Lol
kenneth83DK (3 months ago)
I've only tried it with Ark evolved, and from that experience I learned NEVER EVER EVER to buy into an Early ripoff / Early access experience. Unless they show a history of completing products and their new product is 90 % done. Since my girlfriend is a pc gamer I've had to research many Early access games, and often they stay in early access, but there are still good early access titles like My Time At Portia out there. My advice would be to do research on said Early Access title before throwing your money at them. If it's a dev that active in the community and updates the game on a regular basis then go ahead. But for the love of the gaming gods don't buy early access games only based on buzzword pitches and pretty stills.
Tawnea (3 months ago)
I invested in Clicker Heroes 2, not sure how things will pan out!
Pyrex (3 months ago)
gildas wantier (3 months ago)
I'd play that Leekapoo.
meligoth (3 months ago)
The people who disliked the video does not understand capitalism. What I mean if their idea of capitalism is to lie, cheat and steal then they can take those thoughts and shove it where the Sun does not shine.
jinx20001 (3 months ago)
I have to say you are absolutely right but some of my best experiences have been with early access, some games I have seriously got my money from already way before release and the good thing is when big developments drop in the project you have a good reason to go back in all over again and get your moneys worth again. one downside of a completed game usually is once its finished you put it to one side and move to the next, you rarely get massive developments from completed games so its easy to get bored of what you already have. games like subnautica or escape from tarkov are easily value for money way before they release you can put so many hours in and then go back when updates happen and sometimes the content drops are huge like a whole new game. I do absolutely agree tho massive caution has to be used when picking and choosing who to support, history plays a big big part. wreckfest is a game that was in development for a long time with lots of development issues but behind wreckfest was bugbear who have a good history you could be confident the game will get completed and you are playing a part in supporting that and most people again will have put more than enough hours into that before release to warrant the initial cost. I guess a game that is a good example of needing early access would be something like sea of thieves, its released and died basically on arrival and no matter how many times we hear new content is coming you just know the game is a failure and really really would have benefitted from early access and lots of it. with a name like rare behind it I would say its fair to suggest that early access would have sold millions and you could be confident it would be finished and they could take all the time in the world with it, you create a happy player base long before it needs to go gold.
did Dad step on your face with golf cleats bro like what the fuck is wrong with your crater face
Johnny Wellman (3 months ago)
Rocket league is available on xbox game pass today
Agent (3 months ago)
This video gave me cancer
duhmez (3 months ago)
sure I like the fun new character,and I'd like to see more!
Don’t hate early access hate lazy dumb lazy motherfuckers
Jordick (3 months ago)
The only early-access game I've ever supported was the PUBG and the only reason I did that was because my friends recommended it. The premise for that game looked promising back then, but fast forward to this day and I regret that I ever supported that sinkhole. So yeah, early-access games...screw them.
logicalfundy (3 months ago)
Still waiting on Star Citizen to be something playable. Actually, I've pretty much lost interest in SC; the ships are way too expensive, and I'm not really seeing the game I want in SC. That said - I'm gonna toss a bit of contrarian in here with counterexamples: Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, Don't Starve, Subnautica. All had early access before their release, all got released, and all are great games. Astroneer has announced a release date, and Oxygen Not Included is made by the same development studio who made Don't Starve so I'm sure they know what they're doing. Maybe it's not so black and white. Yeah, there are developers that do exactly as you say: Turn to EA as a way to get a quick buck, or lose interest in a game before it's finished and bail. So yes absolutely we need to watch out for them. Personally, I look for games that are either (a) almost done and already polished, or (b) made by a studio that has a good history. If Astroneer were completely abandoned today, I would feel like I've already got my money's worth. So to me it's acceptable. Oxygen Not Included is made by Klei, who has already finished a few games. So to me that's acceptable too. If a developer wants to use EA, then EA should in my opinion start when the game is worth the purchase price. It's a big mistake to release a game into EA too early, when the developers themselves don't know if the game will be worth it.
LouDogg 420 (3 months ago)
Keep fighting the good fight Dreamcastguy. Most of us know you rant about stuff like this because of how much you care about the industry. Early access in principal sounds like a great thing and can produce great projects. However, it can also lead to complete dumpster fires. There needs to be more quality control but I doubt Steam even cares enough to do that. I may not agree with a lot of your reviews but I always agree with your passion for the industry to keep getting better. Keep on dreamin buddy
- Arrow - (3 months ago)
the only argument I have is that not all Triple A games release finished. That's been a trend lately, too. But yeah, you right.
TheHookBoy (3 months ago)
Nope, I refuse to do this early access thing and actually can not understand how anyone could be stupid enough to do it. I am doing something that might be considered in the same arena as early access but I don’t see it that way. I think that American McGee’s “Alice: Madness Returns” was a masterpiece and I love it. Damn thing came out 7 years ago and I still love playing it. I also enjoyed the first in the series, American McGee’s Alice, but it hasn’t aged well. Regardless, Madness Returns was amazing and he’s trying to make a prequel to the original game. As deep as you are in the gaming industry I am willing to bet you know a lot about McGee and you also know the EA owns the rights to the Alice games. He has been gathering support and funds to be able to make a product that can present to EA so they will agree with him doing another. It doesn’t have early access so that doesn’t work and I have nothing to show for it, but I love his vision when it came to what Wonderland really is. I don’t consider giving him $35 a month on Patreon as a foolish investment because I got so much more out of Madness Returns than I paid. Do you see my actions as being foolish and doing early access because I don’t and simply see it as helping the creator of a game I love get the chance to continue his vision. I’m actually curious to see your views on what I am doing. Keep being great brother. 🤘🏻
That early access guy was wonderful ^_^
OtakuMan hakdre55 (3 months ago)
I liked when the gaming years were honest and fair. Now they sell you half a game and expect you to pay the rest while buying the DLC. This needs to change.
Allan Curtiss (3 months ago)
This is what happens when physical media is abandoned. From now on games will only be built to barely work, and to last only a short time. Consumers have only themselves to blame for supporting it.
flavdorks414 (3 months ago)
Yea that true and I never play free to play expert mobile but console is different
Too CasualDX (3 months ago)
I cashed in on this early access game called CROSSCODE on Steam. It may be one of the exceptions but it plays pretty good to me.
Martell Tha Cool (3 months ago)
I hate todays games. They're incomplete, garbage doc skins, hide behind pay walls and etc. I want a full completed games
Gimpler Da Happenin (3 months ago)
Content gets boring eventually. Mechanics must remain the same though. Solution? New maps. New classes. New skills, not different existing skills. New skills. People will take time to get bored of the new stuff. No need for a sequel. I hate early access. BTW, I have mad respect to MAX since he can get mad and still be classy by NOT swearing his head off! Truly appreciate this =)
matt carnes (3 months ago)
Early access is like communism it sounds great at first but then you see it all the reasons why it’s stupid I mean seriously the rule of life is to pay someone as a reward for doing a task not pay them before
Daakist (3 months ago)
Summary: "Dont do this stupid thing that I'm just now realizing was really stupid." You might as well spend 12 min yapping about your new discovery that people shouldn't eat tide pods.
Snowypods (3 months ago)
The only early access worth getting into is starcitizen. Regular updates and constant two way conversations with the dev's and gamers.
Dhruvo DZ (3 months ago)
lol where did u get that bengali taka?
Mykk Robo (3 months ago)
Thank you for covering this. I'm hoping you're the first of MANY to cover this scam. As an owner of the first game, I'm left shocked (but not surprised) that they could do something like this.
Drs 43 Gaming (3 months ago)
Whys worse....early access or crowd funding? Legit question
Rick Smith (3 months ago)
be true to yourself... this is not who you are...terrible vid.. i get what your trying to do... but maybe practice, goto improv class... if you care about being successful and i wish you the best .. but i cant stay silent...
Frank Dizzle (3 months ago)
Kent Maddox (3 months ago)
Loved it. Keep up the great work.
abendroid (3 months ago)
We need The Fake News Guy
TheThirdDaySH (3 months ago)
Lmao I have the same S.T.A.R.S. shirt.
luke Mcfarlane (3 months ago)
video was stopped for a fortnite ad lol
TheChromescorpion (3 months ago)
The only thing I've ever crowd funded was a couple of years ago I gave $100.00 to John Spinello. Back in the early 60's he invented the board game "Operation". At 77 he needed oral surgery costing more than $25,000 and could not afford it. It seemed so heart breaking !!! After all the hours my Sister and I played with that game I just had to help. But as for early access games or Betas I do not and will not support them.
oasisbeyond (3 months ago)
Fortnite is pretty much done, it's made by a big company. They will just add new stuff every week that are useless to the actual game. If it's ever "Done" Guess what, something will be more popular by now.
Joel Rosario (3 months ago)
This is a legitimate question. Can someone explain to me why people play early access games? With so many great games in my back catalog that I still haven’t played I don’t understand how one can find time to play an unfinished game. I don’t understand why I would ever play one when I’ve got literal classics that I’ve bought and haven’t even touched yet.
oasisbeyond (3 months ago)
Hi early access guy!
Matoro Zeliph (3 months ago)
That's how I felt about Warframe. They put in half-baked content in there and leave it abandoned if it doesn't work out... Yet, I've invested $90 and 275 hours (as of this comment) because the half baked PvP got me hooked.
Ben Loohole (3 months ago)
The game industry at the moment has become littered with bad practices, exploiting gamers for money. Early access games are just another method for companies to make more money. When gamers play an early access game the numbers gamers determine the game's future but the company will always make money even if there is low or high numbers of gamers playing that game. It's a bad practice, many early access games will/do not get completed, gamers are getting exploited as unofficial playtesters and companies are getting making money process. Also the percentage of early access games that end up complete and turn out to be good is very few. Early access games just should be avoided.

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