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Does Star Wars Battlefront Suck?

328 ratings | 10156 views
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Text Comments (109)
texaswalker2011 (1 year ago)
No sniping spots 😬
Matthew Theobald (2 years ago)
I think the gameplay is the worst part of the game not the lack of content. It feels like everyone is riding around on fucking roller blades and shooting Nerf guns at each other.
Devin Sweeting (2 years ago)
are you kidding me, this game FUCKING SUCKS
Sadman - The sad man (2 years ago)
this is such a disappointment what specially made me get disappointed is that it doesn't have any single player or co op campaign. (But the video and audio aka: Graphics and sounds are amazing) and @GameCross you are right this was Dice's first game so we can give em some mercy with the game and its price.
Devyn Pryor (2 years ago)
too little content. stupid card system rather then equipment load out which just is a lame name. gameplay not nearly as fun and forgiving as the old one. this is cod with a star wars skin.
Bolle Geit (2 years ago)
Star wars battlefront 4 because there where 2 games before this star wars battlefront
Ham Caesar Sandy (2 years ago)
I just want proper couch split-screen battles with large numbers of AI, or maybe even online guest play/splitscreen, not just those shitty missions..! Also, the melee should be fixed big time..!
gojokid 24 (2 years ago)
Yes it does
Notorious J (2 years ago)
I hate battlefront I made a bad choice just wishing I can go back to when I got it and bought destiny peice of crap dont mind buying it if your a fan of starwars but if your not you should get destiny, bo3 or fallout 4 no battlefront!!!
9reen (2 years ago)
After hardline I will never buy EA games
Ihatetrainyards (2 years ago)
"Hopefully they make the star wars battlefront 2 good" This is where i ripped some of my hair off... CAN ANY GAME REVIEWER BE THIS KINDA DUMBASS THAT THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT PANDEMIC STUDIOS STARTED STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT NOT EA-mpire! Old Battlefronts were so much fun, but the new one just lacks content. EA SWBF Contents. Space Battles? no Instant Action? no Ground vehicles? Power up only Air Vehicles? Power up only Classes? No Clone Wars? No Sniper Rifles? Power up only. Grenades? Power up only Rocket Launchers/Missile Launchers? Power up only Heroes? Power up only and in one game mode 3 random persons from each sides gets a hero Teamwork? No Finished upon launch? No Sonic Blasters? No Grenade Launchers? No Unique maps? No Enough maps? No That's all... for now...
Robin (2 years ago)
its a good game but story mode is needed
Brent Swift (2 years ago)
game sucks
TheHixPart (2 years ago)
It's shit
Aidan Birdi (2 years ago)
I don't think the game is bad due to the lack of content - the content itself is well made, I've never felt so immersed into Star Wars in a video game. Its down to the fact that EA wanted DICE to make a casual game with little customisation, dumbed down mechanics and a tight launch schedule. Also DICE were freakin bolted by fans to create something dissimilar to Battlefield when in concept they are very similar games (Exclusion of squads, star card system, PICK UPS, less reliance on teamwork.) The game itself would be so much better if it had borrowed mechanics from its brother.
yeah buddy (2 years ago)
+Aidan Birdi It would be so much better if it borrowed from Battflefront 2.
Beas7ie (2 years ago)
Of course it sucks! No Clone Wars, no space battles, no single player campaign, no conquest mode, horrible heroes(not the characters themselves but that they're way OP compared to the normie chars, and hero vs hero lightsaber battles suck) Oh and there is that $50 season pass.
Danny Alvarado (2 years ago)
Dude, Total disappoint
Jimmo (2 years ago)
Star Wars Battlefront is amazing. Bye.
Robin8991 (2 years ago)
The game should have cost $20 rather than $60. Very expensive demo
Bolle Geit (2 years ago)
Starwars battlefront 4 before this their where 2 other battlefront made
PJ PvP (2 years ago)
i have never played battlefield singleplayer why would i play battlefront single player? i dont see why people are mad about the fact that there is no another shitty singleplayer
whitewolf3131 (2 years ago)
+PJ PvP Playing games for graphics or multiplayer is like watching porn for the plot....
pnabz (2 years ago)
You're talking about the biggest franchise the world has ever seen you know, of course people will expect a story out of it. This is Star Wars your talking about, people dont just want a point and shoot. Battlefront 2 on the ps2 had an AMAZING campaign.
Beas7ie (2 years ago)
+PJ PvP You must not have played the original Star Wars Battlefront games ten years ago. The singleplayer on those was pretty cool, and conquest mode was awesome. Also, dedicated servers.
MusicKing758 (2 years ago)
Mainly like if there bored they can play that for a lottle bit
slummest (2 years ago)
all these PC gamers that complain about content but then go play 2 maps in csgo
whitewolf3131 (2 years ago)
+oscar navarro 1) CS:GO doesn't cost 60$. 2)The game is kept updated. 3)You probably never played CS:GO. You should know that the game has more maps than you think. You didn't count the amazing maps made by the community. 4)SW Battlefront was a disaster. I wish I hadn't bought it.
mattloy (2 years ago)
+oscar navarro stupid comment considering i got csgo for 7 dollars. I've have yet to pay for a dlc and i've played 1100 hours
TheNeoHack (2 years ago)
+oscar navarro CS GO doesn't cost 60 bucks though.
streetwalkingnigga32 (2 years ago)
+oscar navarro They aren't the same people dumbass.
Jack Jack (2 years ago)
CeNtOSetTe (2 years ago)
BFBC2 is the best. i need BC3!
MusicKing758 (2 years ago)
Bc3 would be awesome
Nanda Raffi Fajrianto (2 years ago)
I like this kind of videos rather than "battlefront sucks!, ea sucks!" type of video.
R33SS (2 years ago)
Fuck multiplayer only games.
CrazyDude269 (2 years ago)
So far im at 40% good 60% bad... this game should have like... 2 more games in it to be complete... in content.
DrePodcastToday (2 years ago)
It just bothered me that they used the battlefront label, but its nothing like the previous games. No conquest, there's character customization instead of earning a special character on the battlefield and there's no space battles, like wtf that was the pinnacle of swbf series. Shit vehicles, mainstream heros/villains, no droids or clones, shit selection of maps, DLC is gonna shove a big stick (with a 20-40+ dollar price tag attached to it) up everyone's ass. I think the last DLC in battlefront was 10 or 20 dollars and it added 15 vehicles 8 maps and new heroes. Lets see what happens, but I doubt this games ability to have a soul.
Vladimir Putin (2 years ago)
I have it and I think it's a good game but for the money it does have a lack of content. I'm just hoping that the DLCs are huge (maybe they could add a clone wars or force awakens DLC) with that 50 dollar season pass.
Stan Keepers (2 years ago)
I bought the game for €35 in the ps store
declan. (2 years ago)
I think the game is just fine. A few DLC's will be nice, but the game is really fun to play as it is.
Shnizzels McBiggles (2 years ago)
DAMN! This channel got big fast! Been here since around 3000 subs!
Jason Tang (2 years ago)
If it had more content the graphics would had to be toned down a bit so it a good trade-off.
Jason Tang (2 years ago)
People were expecting Battlefront 3 not Battlefront which is heavily quality over quantity.
Carson Henry (2 years ago)
The dlc better add heroes, villains, planets, and weapons from the prequels(1,2, and 3)
MusicKing758 (2 years ago)
I think they said only original trilogy :(
Arbaz Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Gamers already knew about the Lacking features of this game and the DLC's expansion rate, but still they've bought it and trying to criticize the game!...We could've done before buying the game and gonna shook EA by not buying it!!
Chris Rivera (2 years ago)
It was certainly a bit of a dissapointment, especially since EA is a bunch of shitheads but I love star wars and I'm having a lot of fun playing this game so I'm happy with it.
Steven Caban (2 years ago)
They wanted to get it out ahead of the movie. Makes business sense.
mark menzies (2 years ago)
You say deveolpers need money...ea really...they own Fifa...the game that people spend about x999 more money on Fifa points than they do on buying a copy of the game
Ben (2 years ago)
we just need more maps and modes and I'll be happy.
Kieran Rogers (2 years ago)
Honestly I like the game, and am willing to spend money on extra maps. I do feel like a single player mode would have made this game one of my favorite games ever, and I was also the same about Titanfall. This is seems to be the way EA are looking to operate these days and as long as the games are as good as this and Titanfall I have nothing to complain about.
Judy (2 years ago)
I thought you make a full game with content and add aditional content with the dlc. Not make a dlc and publish it for 60 dollars, creating more dlc in the future, and make a full game like that.
Johnny Bravo (2 years ago)
It doesn't suck, it just needs more content.
Kozzzmozzz7 (2 years ago)
nobody likes sp in dice games. and now they complain its not there?? nobody would even play its sp. also its clearly stated that this was mp only. crying afterwards that there isnt a sp is just plain dumb.
Kozzzmozzz7 (2 years ago)
i love it! havent had so much fun since BF3!!!
Mannie (2 years ago)
The DLC has more content than the actual game…
whitewolf3131 (2 years ago)
+Mannibo Yeah, I'm supposed to pay 50 more bucks to the additional game just to get the season pass in order to have more content because the actual game sucks?? Hell no.
Lets get this straight, this game is for Fanboys... if you don't like Star Wars then you most likely won't like Battlefront! I love this game! (imma huuuge fanboy)
YourName - Minecraft & More even if u do like star wars u won't like it considering what fame before
Gerson Payes (2 years ago)
I actually like the game it's just super full when you play for a while no custimization is also a Down so dlc have to be Whorth it
bepis boy (2 years ago)
This is the fairest review I've seen. Most reviewers just jump on the bandwagon and say that it's the worst thing ever. It's a good game, it just has flaws like any other.
whitewolf3131 (2 years ago)
+Zack Loewen Yeah but it has too many flaws..
Igle Jan Weidenaar (2 years ago)
I loved the old one but im gonna buy online soon and play the online of the game because that is the big thing of the game
Kitomir (2 years ago)
its a good game as said amazing sound and graphics character design is good so is the map design they really are gorgeous now on to the cons lack of content, gameplay is just too casual, first person should have more accuracy which isnt the case, no singleplayer at least to introduce you to mechanics, lack of maps especially for big gamemodes like walker assault as i said game IS good but its also very dissapointing
Kitomir (2 years ago)
+Keywi i meant first person should have more acc to 3rd person which isnt the case
Keywi (2 years ago)
+This username is awesome Why should it have more accuracy? that's the whole point! you have a chance to plan your strategy more if you arent getting killed instantly. That will just turn it into another CoD
VaporCode (2 years ago)
is this the guy from Cult of Much?
Matt Smith (2 years ago)
+carlos Rios k
VaporCode (2 years ago)
Oh ok cool, thx for the info man.
Matt Smith (2 years ago)
+carlos Rios I think he gets paid to talk on this channel
VaporCode (2 years ago)
so he made a new channel? 
Matt Smith (2 years ago)
He's the same guy
Lucas 328 (2 years ago)
No, its not bad nor excellent but as gamecross said, it is dice's first star wars game so i understand them for the lack of content. Apart of that, the graphics and gameplay are incredible, i actually got the game and i never get bored of playing battle of jakku or heroes vs villians, also it has some single-player and coop missions for you to enjoy that are great and last of all there are 4 upcoming expansions that look great! Like i said i bought the game and i really reccomend it for all.
Frost Bite (2 years ago)
DLC is killing the gaming industry -_-
DiplexSnow0 (2 years ago)
I think it's sick
DerpyWeavilePlays (2 years ago)
I've enjoyed it so far. spawning can be a little annoying, but the maps are decent enough
Jeeper D (2 years ago)
No, it does not suck. You all are just idiots.
Shnizzels McBiggles (2 years ago)
Don't cry.
Spicybigfoot 1 (2 years ago)
EA should have realized that the campaign is vital to success so they should have added that, but the game is pretty fun if you are into it. I wish they had gun customization, that would be great!
Tim Jordan (2 years ago)
Disney and EA said that this game is canon, so where's the story or plot?
feelingtardy r u kidding this game is full of sniping spots
feelingtardy (2 years ago)
+Tim Jordan Would have been useful for single player, but they forgot to put that part in, lol.
Andres Diaz de Leon (2 years ago)
Biggest disappointment of 2015 by far
James Hough (2 years ago)
ITS SHORT But what is in the game is great and the main thing about games is about having fun would u rather have a short game but fun and very well done or A long game which feels forced plus there is DLCs which I can buy
Vladimir Putin (2 years ago)
+James Hough I see a force pun in that comment lol
MattXzK - (2 years ago)
I don't want to pay 50$ for this shit game when I can buy 4 steam games with 10x as much content.
Andreas 17498 (2 years ago)
Great game, too little content
Zach (2 years ago)
BFBC2 and BF4 had great campaigns imo
Grave Flower (2 years ago)
+Zach G I completely agree! I thoroughly enjoyed the BF4 campaign. I prefer single player games with good stories and I had taken a pass on BF4 initially due to all the negative criticism. I also wasn't impressed by the BF3 campaign and expected much of the same. I feel like all these recent FPS single player games have been pretty piss poor lately with the only focus being put on the multiplayer but I was blown away by BF4 and genuinely impressed by it.
Zach (2 years ago)
+scar 2k15 I played a bit of it and it was just okay.
scar 2k15 (2 years ago)
+Zach G BF3 had good campaing too :)
Zach (2 years ago)
+Hero Brine the story of bf4 was really good, the spotting system, and weapon choosing/unlock system was great, the characters weren't boring. The enemies were neither too hard or too easy, the list goes on. I really enjoyed the campaign.
Ajax Malokimby (2 years ago)
HUSSIEN OSAMA (2 years ago)
Tris (2 years ago)
Yes it does. ONLY after they add a ton of content would the game be remotely decent
TUBZ600 (2 years ago)
Marv The Hooper (2 years ago)
Agree with everything the game is still cool tho
zaronhdgamer (2 years ago)
i lags in contet
Bruno Gomes (2 years ago)
Are the graphics better than battlefield 4 on the ps4?
GrammarGod (2 years ago)
+connorrrrjp what jeffery said. Order 1886 is not worth being called a game, a technical demo seems a more apt description.
Jeff G. (2 years ago)
+connorrrrjp lol if you can even call that a game 😭
connorrrrjp (2 years ago)
+gamehero4 order 1886?
GrammarGod (2 years ago)
+Bruno Gomes I would say it is the best looking game out right now, only game this year that looks comparable is the witcher 3.
Gabbe Nilsson (2 years ago)
Asanjawa (2 years ago)
The dlc's better be big
Ray Cocker (2 years ago)
+Chronos yeah, and better be good.
Noss Njeppa (2 years ago)
+isaiah rojas ha
Praise The Sunfire (2 years ago)
+Njur Njep 1 map later
Noss Njeppa (2 years ago)
+Chronos "It's gonna be *huge*!"
Praise The Sunfire (2 years ago)
+Marco Rosa just because no clones... i hate to say this... titanfall>battlefront 3 D:

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