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TOP 18 HORROR Games Of All Time ( PlayStation 3 )

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Here Top 18 of Bests HORROR Games of PlayStation 3 . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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ps2maniax (4 hours ago)
Sorry but The Last of Us is not horror (don't have horror soundtrack, puzzles, is linear and all tragic deaths is not because of monsters). TLOU is survival. Only survival.
Dead space un juegazoooo!!
Leo nieva 1986 (1 day ago)
Dead space 3 horror? Jajajaja
ZEI2O (2 days ago)
the last of us sigo esperando para pc .algun dia algun dia ...
kapil kapil123 (2 days ago)
Where is Resident Evil 6 and 5 🤔🤔🤔
Ugo D'Orso (3 days ago)
Do we have to wait so long for the last of us 2?
Derek Dymond (3 days ago)
Just started getting back into the PS3 - the games are extremely cheap with such a wide variety.
Where is Resident Evil 4?
david brookes (4 days ago)
Lol,turned off after colonial marines,horror?!
Dead space super horror!!!
James TwentySeven (4 days ago)
If you are going to put Playstation 2 games on a Playstation 3 list, then Fatal Frame 3 is better than Alien Colonial Marines,
You D (4 days ago)
no Alan Wake?
You D (2 days ago)
junkie diskkiller oh right,my bad
junkie diskkiller (2 days ago)
Cause its not on ps3
Red BaLLs (4 days ago)
Aliens Colonial Marines вы че ебанутые
Abin Alexander (6 days ago)
Advertisement channel lol
David Kurniawan (6 days ago)
Silent Hill Downpour!? Pussy detected!!! Dude, SH DP is like a MMORPG in SH universe. So not scary, and just full of quests and side quests bs... 😑😑😑 Silent Hill Shattered Memories however, a bit scarier and a bit more intense especially because the fact that you can only run like shit, except if you have some flares... 😂😂😂
damodar pandey (14 days ago)
to be honest ps3 was one of the best console ever made and created even in 2018 people loved to play in ps3 becoz of the games which are made for ps3...
Rumple Stilskin (1 month ago)
The last of us is an amazing game, the story line couldn't be better. Characters are amazing but a bit if a rip off from Ellen page. The voice actors did an amazing job of expressing emotions throughout the gameplay. I've played through every difficulty and "the last of us left behind" It's less of a horror game and more of just survival without free world to roam around amdbdo extra things. Don't get me wrong there are a few "Easter eggs" they basically talk about who Riley is and why is she on the wanted posters? The last of us left behind explains it, and it explain who Riley is as a character
Rumple Stilskin (10 days ago)
animal kindness well try "untill dawn" it's a horror based game. Based on your choices who will survive and who wont and blah blah blah. Or dying light
animal kindness (11 days ago)
Im looking for a game like the last of us in a survival horror aspect.I played the first play through on the highest difficulty, So I had no items or skills from a new game plus as I was just barebones and I was litterally crouching the whole entire game and litterally either avoiding and sneaking past enemies or stealth killing everyone and throwing bottles to distract and just waiting to see the best time to get to the next area. It felt ULTRA realistic as you litterally had to play liek you were in the world, cuz in real life WE ARE purty damn hopeless against hordes, there was NO hollywood ranbow or uncharted marching in and running liek a hero killin everyone action movie. I litterly died 400 times I think . WAS AMAZING.I love realism and a challenge. Im looking for another stealthy game, but this is litterally the only one Ive ever played besides tenchu stealth assasin on ps2
Francesco Sura (1 month ago)
I giochi horor sono dead space 1 2 3 the last of us e bbastaaaa strunz
Kira Akatsuki (1 month ago)
Fatal frame 2 bukannya ps2 yah
assassin light (5 days ago)
Kira Akatsuki di remaster ke ps3
Dan Maier (1 month ago)
Aliens Colonial Marines is pure horror.and Not in a Good Way.
Eivan Barnes (5 days ago)
anastasis008 oh :( im planning to play that game awhile ago lol
anastasis008 (5 days ago)
Eivan Barnes yes it is
Eivan Barnes (5 days ago)
Is it that bad?
anastasis008 (1 month ago)
Dan Maier hahahahah XD
Yacine Kouitini (2 months ago)
The last one??? WTF
Yacine Kouitini (2 months ago)
The scariest game is the evil within
Blakkheim (2 months ago)
Konami should release Silent Hill Downpour for PC.
IMMORTAL SOLDIER (1 month ago)
Oscar Álvarez I thought shattered memories was good when I played it.
Oscar Álvarez (1 month ago)
Is better than Homecoming, Origins and Shattered Memories at least.
IMMORTAL SOLDIER (2 months ago)
Blakkheim is it any good?
Doris Cordova (2 months ago)
Do Wii games next
Yacine Kouitini (2 months ago)
Doris Cordova fuck the wii

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