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killer your welcome

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get the video now http://www.mediafire.com/file/8qdbhr3n2af3s21/Killertyler83_calls_me_im_a_fraud.mp4
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KillerStrikor (5 months ago)
Bountyplays (5 months ago)
psn is Bountyplays
KillerStrikor (5 months ago)
cos I didn’t before I want u to make me a good YouTuber cos ur right I’m not really and I’m slowly getting subs I don’t know what good effort to put into my vids
Bountyplays (5 months ago)
KillerStrikor (5 months ago)
Can We talk on ps?
Bountyplays (5 months ago)
ps? what is ps
GalicEnder (5 months ago)
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you bibbles
Bountyplays (5 months ago)
Riley Rook (6 months ago)
Hi friend (:
Bountyplays (6 months ago)
hi welcome go to a cool streamer GalicEnder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSnNaen8wIU

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