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Top 14 Best VR Games That Will Change Gaming Forever!

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These are the top 14 best VR games you need to try if you own a VR. Seriously these VR games will change the way you play video games forever. ------------------------------ How to get up to 50% off all your games: https://gift.101nootropics.com/cheap-game-guide/ How to create a successful gaming channel: https://blogo.co/guide-to-millions-views-youtube/ My gaming PC: https://gamesalike.com/budget-gaming-pc-setup/ ------------------------------ I've fallen in love with VR like many others and the games on this list are complete game changers, literally. If you haven't had a go with VR gaming then the games on this list are the perfect place to start, these are the games people are going crazy for and they are the highest reviewed VR games out currently. Check out this amazing video: Best budget gaming laptops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoTk2pcc7wg I'd love to know what are your favorite VR games from the list in the comment below.
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Text Comments (168)
Mrbanana1113 (13 days ago)
Personally i prefer project cars 2!
PandaBoi 1 (19 days ago)
Is rec room for HTC Vive?
SgtPerkins (24 days ago)
trying Robo Recall at a friend's house was a system seller for me
Lina Pavilionienė (29 days ago)
wheres job simulator?
A Man (1 month ago)
Henry Cruz (1 month ago)
Then I’ll make a game that you explode stuff and shoot anything
The_black_Frank_White (2 months ago)
If there are games like COD or BF, i will defently buy a VR-Pack like Vive or else!! But the games today, are too boring
Mx199D (2 months ago)
Imagine GTA 6 in VR, how awesome would that be... Would probably also require a $10,000 graphics card though :/
GamesAlike (2 months ago)
That would be so awesome, maybe one day they will do it :)
Bulldog Francuski (2 months ago)
im proud im from Poland couse Super Hot is from Poland :D
dave oneil (2 months ago)
oh man I'm so jealous. I cant afford a ps4 or internet or games or vr headset. oh man
Sam Gabriel (2 months ago)
How to play vr games??? What do I need???
Jakrispy 360 (2 months ago)
Rec room is amazing now it’s my favorite
Sean & Ryan Animations (3 months ago)
Onward, Pavlov, Heights, where are those ?
GamesAlike (3 months ago)
Thank you for suggesting them :)
GaleZ - FGC (3 months ago)
Il die before i play resident evil 7 vr
VoodooDE VR (3 months ago)
VR is most awesome technology in the last 100 years 😁😊👍
eyeh8eternal (3 months ago)
ETERNITY WARRIORS VR is also an awesome game
eyeh8eternal (3 months ago)
you know what I would like to see come to VR, the TIME CRISIS games from NAMCO or HOUSE OF DEAD GAMES from SEGA now that would be killer awesome if they did this
Justin Davis (4 months ago)
Some of these games look amazing! Wow.
Thomas Gladders (4 months ago)
Kind a wish I would’ve heard just a little more about each individual game here… Thanks though!
GamesAlike (4 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback man :)
Sachin Singh Chauhan (4 months ago)
what vr is used to play game in video
roddepix anything (4 months ago)
Vr is the future. soon you will not leave the vr world, in the vr world you can live you dreams. put money on it
Ahty Pulst (4 months ago)
titanfall 2 in VR
potatos are fun :D (4 months ago)
I have player 3 of these
Rinku Multani (5 months ago)
hi can you make a video if there is games like witcher or oblivion big oppen World games with very high quality image in vr.. thanks
Remolos Remol (5 months ago)
Good for kids and close to 30yrs old living with moms ...I dont like todays games and vr still need ,,something,,.... today we mostly have ,,products ,, not like some time ago and im only 33 yrs old
BigDuke6ixx (5 months ago)
Onward is an awesome FPS. It's for real men though...no poofs.
Yoda (5 months ago)
My controller is on da wayy
AnimePabu (5 months ago)
I don’t know what VR I should be looking into since I’ve never had one. Does anyone have any good VR suggestions?
Sun God Ra (5 months ago)
Lone Echo is one of THE best games I ever played, whether on VR or not.
Andrew Gray (5 months ago)
Psvr = eazy enjoyable fucking fun ....
DumbDuck44 (5 months ago)
5:34 People don't fully appreciate how frightening horror games can be in VR. Its nothing like a movie or playing on a 2D regular screen in front of you, because you see your environment is not that of the movie/game and so feel safe. The immersion of VR, especially if you have good noise isolating headphones to go with it... woo boy!
GamesAlike (5 months ago)
I agree it's such a crazy feeling!
True Seeker (5 months ago)
killing and killing and killing and.....boring.... when will someone game to relax
Lochlan Smith (3 months ago)
Ah, thus enter the world of sims! Ets2, ats, msfx, dcs :D
dracoslayer16 (3 months ago)
There's actually a really good Meditation app for VR out there.
palmetter11 (5 months ago)
Better add Brookhaven to the list..could only play it for a couple minutes and had to take off the goggles
Gla4zed (6 months ago)
I hate anime, but what if somebody made something like that nervegear thing from that anime sword art online?
Domagoj Kobescak (6 months ago)
salty flannel (6 months ago)
Aizen Sousuke (6 months ago)
You missed skyrim vr.
Skipper847 (6 months ago)
an aircraft floating in space :D:D:D:D
Peace Gamer (7 months ago)
Fallout VR
The Tempter (7 months ago)
Super hot is the one!!!! Play it till I get a migraine
GamesAlike (7 months ago)
lol that's funny
Heretic (7 months ago)
Why do they always animate floating hands? Just looks weird to me. Why can't they animate arms as well?
GamesAlike (7 months ago)
I agree! It always looks strange.
micky mcfarts (7 months ago)
GTA v needs proper VR
PhiliChez (7 months ago)
vr chat yo
Rocay (7 months ago)
is it possible to play the oculus games on the htc vive ? pls help
Joshua Morgan (6 months ago)
Yes. Download Revive. There will be a revive icon added to the bottom of your home screen when you push the menu button on the controller. They also now show up in the main menu in the vive house that you start in.
Zafrius Rasnake (7 months ago)
I'm done with sit down and stare games. It's over for me now. Oculsus is so much of a rush. I dreamed of owning one for so long. We have arrived !
zeezhz (8 months ago)
Lone Echo absolutely blew my mind. While it's certainly mediocre on a normal screen, the setting and gameplay is just perfect for VR. I felt completely immersed and really hope there's a sequel somewhere in the future
BAD DONKEY 900 (8 months ago)
Where's the rick and morty vr game PUT IT IN RIGHT NOW
Tony Marzano (8 months ago)
Wing suit mountain awesome game
Eddie The Bastard (8 months ago)
Most say Payday 2 VR is the best VR game you can get at the moment, and it come free with the normal version of Payday 2.
ChainZ (8 months ago)
You missed quite a few really darn good games. But i forgive you for showing me Robo Recall ;D
GamesAlike (7 months ago)
haha thanks man
Hayseman 5000 (8 months ago)
do you find that most of the software is pretty universal to all of the vr headsets? If not which system has the best games for it?
Niks _28 (8 months ago)
I've got 2 VR
Stock Brazen (8 months ago)
Do people still use the oculist rift vr head gear
Kid Boonk (8 months ago)
Just got a ps4 vr ad before the vid came on and just finished up playing the pa4 vr before watching this video lmao
GermanSniper (8 months ago)
I cant wait for actual real vr. Not "Vr" where you strap a screen infront of your face. Even though this kind of VR is still really great.
Jacobnelsonnn ! (8 months ago)
Need a gta vr !!
KediT (8 months ago)
"I didn't want to waste your time" I love you
Shreker Of Worlds (8 months ago)
Serious Sam VR? The most fast paced and best controls VR game.
Stephen Hudson (8 months ago)
Bravo team should have been here it's a modern shooter
ShatteredFalcon (8 months ago)
I’ll buy be when something like the oasis comes out. For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch or read ready player one.
Anthony Jaswinski (9 months ago)
The Climb??
Zaib Jan (9 months ago)
Where from I can download robo recal for ps vr
Dragoon TV (9 months ago)
Don't know which VR headset to get.
Dragoon TV (9 months ago)
Im bless to have a lot of clear room space but still havent got one yet.
Chris (9 months ago)
Dead Space VR!! Bring it on!!
Chris (9 months ago)
Mass Effect VR!!
JustRelax (9 months ago)
Just bought the oculus rift roomscale bundle with the 6 free games pack and im gonna get it in 6 days, What is the first game i should play or buy?
H D (9 months ago)
Skyrim VR is honestly amazing
Val Sorim (9 months ago)
good choice
Alan Cotton (9 months ago)
Froddy (9 months ago)
Im waiting for my HTC vive to be delivered and im really hyped for the payday 2 VR mod
snootnoot snipes (9 months ago)
what about fallout 4 vr
DaRkGoKu2006 (9 months ago)
dead eff 2 makes me motion sickness...
TheZHpredator (9 months ago)
No Pavlov or Onward? The best Multyplayer FPS right now for VR.
Christopher Snyder (9 months ago)
I really wish I didn't get vr sickness :( I have a headset and it is really awesome... if only I didnt get sick...
thexfilez (9 months ago)
I've read Dramamine should help.
Perkele Itse (9 months ago)
I just tried out VR with Oculus for the first time ever, and now I'm just looking through VR games :D Played Robo Recall and that shit was AWESOME! All the videos about people "standing still" and shooting shit are boring, but actually BEING THERE yourself it was truly something else. I was already before, but especially now, I'm CONVINCED that VR is the fucking future, no doubt. It's just so real, and only the edge of the expanding universe is the limit to what you can experience with it. Incredible, truly...I GOT TO get my own VR goggles! If only I got a job.....
Eduard Trofimov (8 months ago)
Perkele Itse good luck man)) Finally got my headset.))
Jiří Dušek (9 months ago)
why nobody made dishonered game for VR? the blink is literal the teleport function
Dismemberment Jack (9 months ago)
Fallout 4 vr???
Caden Crass (9 months ago)
What VR headset should I get?
ᔕυᑕKᒪE (8 months ago)
Oculus is bang for buck but if u have a ton of money than get the htc vive
Tyron (9 months ago)
Google Cardboard VR
UsuallyThirdWheel (9 months ago)
Fallout 4 vr?
Grovzy Gaming (8 months ago)
It only just came out
Random Person (9 months ago)
Yes please.
xXKuuhaku (9 months ago)
VRChat gave me life
john mcintosh (9 months ago)
Never mind the VR games, where's the porn!?
Deadpool Loves youtube (9 months ago)
If only the last of us was on VR .. we can but dream
Jiří Dušek (9 months ago)
How bout realeasing it first on something common like a fucking PC!!!
Undenied Punisher (9 months ago)
Deadpool Loves youtube that would be crazy cool!
Exzerpt (10 months ago)
Hover junkers is amazing but the player base is dead
Jannick Raaymakers (10 months ago)
it's sad that i have to buy a whole new pc before i should buy VR since my 960 is 2 old for this shit
Funky Gamer (10 months ago)
dude I'm using a gtx 760 on a amd 6300 and I can play any game on it! edit : I'm using a DK2 though
Niklas A (10 months ago)
I came for vagina, stayed for VR.
absol_89 (10 months ago)
Nice list :) are you looking forward to Budget Cuts or Kartong? Some stealth shooting there for ya
Mirak M (10 months ago)
Obduction should be in that list.
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion! :)
Isaac Soto (10 months ago)
Onward dude, how can you miss that one?
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
haha sorry! thanks for suggesting it :)
kuyanatnatdkrx7 (10 months ago)
Someone make a Matrix Simulation training programs into a VR game
MFSGamePlay (10 months ago)
I'm going to start streaming vr horror games,but I'm too scared . 😢
TheMightyevo (10 months ago)
needs a lil tweeking to get it running, but i still love skyrim and gta5 in vr
Windex (10 months ago)
I'm sorry if I missed the answer to this question, but what headset are you using ? and what phone? thank you for uploading !
Snoopy The Mage (10 months ago)
Silentfire64 From the list of games mainly looks like the Oculus Rift. Some of these games I can't get for my Vive that I know of.
Kamo Pirate (10 months ago)
Raw Data is an amazing VR game and so is Elite Dangerous... There's also this game called Sound Boxing which is my personal favorite because it's fun and I get a great workout
GamesAlike (10 months ago)
Thank you for mentioning sound boxing, it sounds great :)
NerdIsTheWerd (10 months ago)
i have most of these on this list and hes not wrong about any of them
Cletus The Stud (10 months ago)
you hit the nail on the head with this video, except for superhot, i really dont enjoy that game
Nariman Khorshidi (10 months ago)
I dont have VR but i've heard nothing but praise for Superhot VR, I'm really intrested to know if why you dont enjoy it
Cletus The Stud (10 months ago)
fallout 4 vr will be huge
Cletus The Stud (10 months ago)
im getting all of these. vr>social life
BowieMoonen (10 months ago)
Great Job on the Video man.
Semi-Serious youtuber (10 months ago)
Sariento vr is the best vr game I have ever played.
Luckster 247 (10 months ago)
When 8k comes then I'm sold to VR and it's coming soon baby!!!

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