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10 LATEST PHYSICAL Games ANNOUNCED For Nintendo Switch

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This video is about 10 LATEST PHYSICAL Games ANNOUNCED For Nintendo Switch. Do leave a comment, best comment will be pin after 24 hours. ◆ WEEK 1 MARCH 2018 ◆ (NEW!) 27 NEW SWITCH GAMES ANNOUNCED https://youtu.be/xbD9PswBSdo 10 FANTASIC Switch Games CONFIRMED QUARTER 2 2018 https://youtu.be/ypn7NY2aJTk -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (73)
Mikko Anthony Ting (8 months ago)
Yay! A list exclusive for physical releases. Thanks! Keep it up guys
Francisco Burgos (7 months ago)
What about Mazinger Z for NSwitch? That would be awesome!
William Blount III (7 months ago)
The Lost Child looks like Shin Megami Tensei! They ain’t fooling nobody 😂😂
Ebefren Revo (8 months ago)
Alex Nascimento (8 months ago)
I think Yonder is the most awaited one.
Skyler Game (8 months ago)
The Lost Child.. .you mean Shin Megami Tensei?
DarthQball (8 months ago)
Shining looks cool
Leo Hartzmann (8 months ago)
10 latest physical poops
Jan Marco Ch. (8 months ago)
God bless you for this list
quotes quote (8 months ago)
I think The moonlighter is awesome.
JPR2199 (8 months ago)
Human fall flat is like 20 frames for the switch just terrible
DarthQball (8 months ago)
JPR2199 then why are you here
Jacinta (8 months ago)
I'm most excited for Moonlighter to get a physical release especially since I've been dying for just a release date since it was announced. I heard that Flinthook is also getting a physical release as well. All I need to be happy would be children of morta on switch. Please, Switch gods, make it so!
Drago (8 months ago)
If we don't get Kingdom Hearts III im gonna implode!
whitegenome22 (8 months ago)
Why are all the physical games releasing in may wtf
Fairy Princess (8 months ago)
Yonder is basically BOTW.
Ebefren Revo (8 months ago)
YEAH, sure you doesnt play both, yeah ?
Luis Pineda (8 months ago)
I need this game!!! Yonder!
Crazy Old Skool (8 months ago)
Love to have shovel knight with all dlc physical
saif akeel (8 months ago)
Why im continue watching this channle I dont have switch
DarthQball (8 months ago)
Then go get a switch
HeyThereImCloud (8 months ago)
saif akeel this was me before I got one...get a switch...you'll love it haH
Lord Vaacko (8 months ago)
saif akeel 😂😂 i'm in the same case
Still unbelievable how the switch is able to handle unreal engine 4 decently. I really hope to see fortnite on the siwtch
narutofox180 (8 months ago)
ILLMINDEDJOSH apparently it's coming out of Android and iOS so if it doesn't come out for the switch it'll be dumb.
Ryuko Gaming (8 months ago)
look at all those dragons in Shining Resonance 😭 so beautiful. I have a feeling it’ll be the Ar Tonelico of dragon games (has lots of songs—particularly beautiful ones). Music is a core feature of the game. Thanks for giving it a long spotlight!
Ryuko Gaming (8 months ago)
I’m commenting as I watch and... 1:56 ASDFGHJJKL ANIME/WEEB GAME!!!! YES! EDIT: de blob looks like those old school THQ games (spongebob, Rugrats royal ransom, etc). I’m totes buying that one when I can. I miss THQ’s old games. Soooo is anyone else getting Tony Hawk vibes from Urvan Playground? Coma’s cover looks really good. Switch’s visual novel scene is growing!! SHINING RESONANCE!!! THE DRAGON GAME!!!! I’M *SUPER* EXCITED CAUSE I LOVE DRAGONS. Someone buy the dragonic launch edition for me 😭
Ryuko Gaming (8 months ago)
I remember I wanted to ask the devs about Yonder but someone on Steam already did it. I’m glad they’re making a Switch version cause that game is literally perfect for Switch.
Richard MG (8 months ago)
Hay alguien que hable español?
Lord Vaacko (8 months ago)
Si hablo un poco Espagnol
Canterlot Snob (8 months ago)
nadie :)
Hell on Earth Animation (8 months ago)
Yo I forgot about slain back from hell 🤘
David M (8 months ago)
90% of these game were all ready listed on amazon UK yesterday
David M (8 months ago)
Ebefren Revo when did I say I didn't like the channel? I was just writing a fact, did it not dawn on you that perhaps i was looking for a game and noticed these game? Obviously not, I'm sorry if facts got you triggered
Ebefren Revo (8 months ago)
yeah, like EVERYODY pass the time looks at the UK Amazon page all the time. If you dont like, DO A CHANNEL BY YOURSELF OR STFU
sunsbookishgamesx (8 months ago)
Omg now i need to sell my ps4 version on yonder if I can play it hand held im.going to play it handled
Black Beast (8 months ago)
i love this intro song
Alex Jeannite (8 months ago)
Any news on wizard of legend?
JCookie (8 months ago)
Most hype for Shining Resonance. Excited to receive the preorder. & not to forget some other good games
Polruss Tomakriss (8 months ago)
This was amazing list like moonlighter is something I want, and it's like you don't usually see the pixel art so crisp and in between becoming 3D usually ughhh so cool and coma looks dope and I'm anticipating and maybe shining resonance lol I haven't seen no gameplay but if there is can you be gladly to upload a video of it's gameplay lol it does sound intriguing and keep up the good work, this was good and a like for you my man
MrBrownie 01 (8 months ago)
Has minecraft a physical release?
MrBrownie 01 (8 months ago)
Ok thanks
Marius (8 months ago)
It will have in the future sometime...
Jon Moua (8 months ago)
Lygalos Nerghoul (8 months ago)
More disappointment
Lygalos Nerghoul (7 months ago)
N K fine one dislike for you
Nik (7 months ago)
Lygalos Nerghoul . Why are u commenting that? I wouldnt have bothered, i mean if dont like it the games shown, give it a dislike.
sarthak shrivastava (8 months ago)
Lygalos Nerghoul **you’re
Lygalos Nerghoul (8 months ago)
Ebefren Revo i only have a Switch that is why id like more than 5 games that are worth the time and money
Ebefren Revo (8 months ago)
go back to your shittystation4 X dude, nobody wants you here.
Cabrini Kun (8 months ago)
If we don't get some news on Hollow Knight in the direct today iWill spontaneously combust
Jean Gorrin (8 months ago)
Yea I was actually thrilled on the games they mentioned. There is still E3 so I can wait until then for Pokemon or whatever else they bring.
Cabrini Kun (8 months ago)
Jean Gorrin yeah South Park, Little Nightmares, Crash, OKAMI HD (!!!!!!!!!). And I'll finally be able to play Undertale. It was okay but Smash is the only thing they confirmed for me.
Jean Gorrin (8 months ago)
Well at least we have Smash, so at least it shouldn't burn so much...
Cabrini Kun (8 months ago)
Jean Gorrin yeah my bitch is applying aloe vera to my burns.
Jean Gorrin (8 months ago)
Sooooo, did you combust yet?
Sebastien Fruity (8 months ago)
Somebody knows available languages for Coma? Looks good, but I don't want to make it in English...
Sebastien Fruity (8 months ago)
Ho thank you!
Jon Moua (8 months ago)
I will check 4 eshops around the world (usa,mxn,jap,south africa) for you ina bit, eating right now. USA Eshop : English, French, Russian Japan Eshop: Not available South Africa Eshop: English, French, Russian Mexican Eshop:English, French, Russian Ok, pretty much all eshops would support just those 3 then.
aunder forge (8 months ago)
Now this is what ive been waiting YOnder and MOOnlighter..
aunder forge (8 months ago)
indeed the game was beautiful and adventurous so much art in it
sunsbookishgamesx (8 months ago)
aunder forge yonder is amazing!
SwitchPlanet (8 months ago)

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