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Top 12 BEST Upcoming PS4 Games of FALL 2017 (New Playstation 4 Games Coming Soon 2017)

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Text Comments (99)
Luczan (10 months ago)
100th comment
Bernardo Augusto (11 months ago)
When i go to USA in December, i'll buy Assasins Creed Origins, Wolfenstein 2 ans G.T. Do yo think is a good idea?
Runemystery guy (11 months ago)
As someone who likes to play a few hours of ps4 in the weekends (aka filthy casual) I cannot understand the reasoning to have 30 fps, a ton of motion blur and other lazy effects. Why not kick the graphics down a notch to get that smooth 60 fps? I'd rather have graphics that look last-gen and have gameplay that feels curret-gen. Sure I can play 30 fps games just fine, but having at least 60 fps makes it more enjoyable.
MrPiggyGuy (11 months ago)
Anyone knows the clickbait game. Name pls??
John So (10 months ago)
MrPiggy Guy Dragons Dogma
Franky Lopez (1 year ago)
This generation of console lacks games
Iggy Lopez (11 months ago)
Franky Lopez thinking moving to PC.
Alireza Alavi (1 year ago)
sorry but #1 should be shadow of war , this game deserve to be number 1
Bud Fahnestock (1 year ago)
wtf was the the thumbnail? looked like dragon quest, why is the game in the thumbnail not in the vid?
John So (10 months ago)
Bud Fahnestock its Dragons Dogma
Alex slade (1 year ago)
a new hack.G.U. i just shit my pants holly fuckin shit im glad im getting a ps4 tomorrow 😃
Kimron Majere (1 year ago)
As much as I want .hack to be good I'm not gonna get excited about it. In my heart I know it'll just be another button masher
hakuryu (1 year ago)
Why not make a new game Dragons dogma? Instead of remaking?
RJ Nash (1 year ago)
But they already did that... DD Online... Hmm I need to research... I want a proper DD2 ffs.
Anime3691 (1 year ago)
Because the new Dragon's Dogma is gonna be a MMORPG.
TeaBagz TV (1 year ago)
Who else heaed him say the stick of truth is coming out haha:)
Wft32540 (1 year ago)
Thumbs down for false thumbnail.
Frosty Vulpus Media (1 year ago)
Jay Ghost (1 year ago)
You people are fucking dumb dead rising 4 was onky an xbox1 exclusive for the first year of release
thelonious rokutaro (1 year ago)
.hack a for sure bye n maybe evil within. i gotta see more but i enjoyed the 1st
Antonio Rodriguez (1 year ago)
And this is the moment that you realize you don't have Wi-Fi
Travis Meszaros (11 months ago)
Antonio Rodriguez ....thank you
Tan Wei Hao (1 year ago)
I came for that thumbnail game but is not there
Anime3691 (1 year ago)
That's Dragon's Dogma if it had the colors of Ni No Kuni.
Country Boy Ogre (1 year ago)
Hey man you said the stick of truth is coming, not the fractured but whole.
Evilala (1 year ago)
The picture of dragons dogma for the cover of thus video is so misleading.
joshua (1 year ago)
TheDeadFrozen (1 year ago)
Why do you upload the same videos like 6 times lol
Clinton Peacock (1 year ago)
definitely gonna lock in Dragons Dogma today on preorder... i know folk are salty about the dlc... but I preordered Shadow of War... no way I'm gonna miss out on the GOTY...
Tien Th Phan (1 year ago)
The evil within 2 looks way better than part 1!!
GamingTechChat (1 year ago)
omfg all these games are generic af. i can tell you havent games long...
Anime3691 (1 year ago)
Dragon's Dogma is the less generic of the bunch. Classic on the PS3.
maverator (1 year ago)
Coming soon, literally nothing but rehashes, rereleases, and recycled games.
Anime3691 (1 year ago)
South Park is one of those?
P-sharp (1 year ago)
ruiner looks pretty dope!
scumbag supreme (1 year ago)
So what game is the thumbnail
Cyrrow (1 year ago)
I hate misleading thumbnails. This should be a bannable offense.
Wft32540 (1 year ago)
Dragon Quest 11, which isn't coming out yet. Misleading thumbnail.
Anime3691 (1 year ago)
with Ni No Kuni colors.
Arab Drifter (1 year ago)
Dragons dogma
Joeno On (1 year ago)
Who still remembers no man sky from last year... Lol time goes flying... 2017
adam death (1 year ago)
I might get COD, Star Wars, Dragon's Dogma, Assassin's Creed and The Evil Within 2. I'm most definitely getting a Nintendo Switch and getting a bunch of games for it, ESPECIALLY MARIO ODYSSEY!
sharebear421 (1 year ago)
Meh lol
Admyr 6 (1 year ago)
Adam Jaime that's over 600$?? you sure?
Thomas Lyman (1 year ago)
Adam Jaime I finally got a Switch over the weekend and I regret nothing.
No-Knickers-Emma (1 year ago)
Posted 07 August 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds ?
Eric Nick (1 year ago)
Brighton fan DLC
MGTOW Life (1 year ago)
I feel like you're just releasing the same videos over and over, using the same boring trailers. like I get it these games are releasing this quarter, but why spam it?
Arab Drifter (1 year ago)
Because money
Gabe newell (1 year ago)
.hack//GU & Dragons Dogma ! 😀😀😀
Kortez (1 year ago)
It feels like if I stopped gaming for the next 10 years I wouldn't miss a thing.
Iggy Lopez (11 months ago)
Nope, it just means that console games are currently going downhill while PC & Indie games are on the rise. Don't jump to conclusions boi
Aamir Basir (11 months ago)
Eric Nick huh
Eric Nick (11 months ago)
Iggy Lopez Probably cause you were never into it to begin with. Just a casual thing.
Eric Nick (11 months ago)
Aamir Basir Kek
Iggy Lopez (11 months ago)
lol I was wondering the same thing. I’m a well rounded gamer since 4 years old and now I’m not that into gaming as I used to.
Jameel Far (1 year ago)
you forgot daysgone
Andrew Gibbs (1 year ago)
maybe we are talking about different games but here's what i was talking about and sadly was pushed back further than i thought. https://www.gamestop.com/collection/days-gone
Jameel Far (1 year ago)
it's release date is 29/Dec/2017
Andrew Gibbs (1 year ago)
because that comes out in 2018.
Antonio Howard (1 year ago)
Why do you keep hating on Gundam Versus? It hasn't gotten any coverage in these vids and it drops next week. Thats ok though, I already preordered.
H.R. gaming4plebs (1 year ago)
I loved it too but not having split screen is a bummer especially when I tried the beta trial and it still have lag problems. Gundam vs used to be fun couch multiplayer.
Antonio Howard (1 year ago)
Sucks to be you, I loved it.
Turan X (1 year ago)
Antonio Howard / Played the beta, that was some incredible BORING shit.
H.R. gaming4plebs (1 year ago)
it doesn't have splitscreen like previous titles sadly
aquaglow1 (1 year ago)
The only thing on the list I might get is Dragon's Dogma. I'd swap all 12 games for just Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2.
Cipher Twelve (1 year ago)
aquaglow1 Dragon's dogma on the switch would be awesome
Fabio Silva. (1 year ago)
As much as I loved Shadow of Mordor, I can't help but wish that Shadow of War flops. It's so disappointing that a game with such a setting, mechanics and fun gameplay gets infected with dumb microtransactions and plain stupid and insulting dlc's. Gamers, vote with your wallets! Don't let scumbag publishers like Warner Bros. get away with their filthy actions!
somewhere its ok , u can buy items which have only visual function , but in most game it have Pay To Win character , like in all Battlefield games..If u must level up to 20lvl to get some strong shotgun or to add seeking missiles on tank or aircraft and others will just open these weapons on lvl 1 cos they use Microtransaction - its unfair ..I pay for the game - i understand that in Russia where most ppl play still on illegal copies is the microtransaction their only investment - but for me - I paid full price for their product so i am not satisfied with pushing me to invest another money to be square with ppl buying their better chance how to win over me. I am not cheater and i never cheated in games ,but this is the same as cheating ..only oficial way ..
Negatix 501st (11 months ago)
Vaclav Adamec - my nick : HarryMesser I don't understand what is wrong with micro transactions. I mean you don't have to buy any it just an option
Fabio Silva. (1 year ago)
Can I ask you why?
The one and only thing we can do against this is STOP BUYING THIS CRAP . we must do it for us , times when they released free add ons with new maps are gone (now it's called paid DLC ), but it can return .The chance is small . We must wait till huge players base will be pissed so much that they will act together. Even 30% of players can make huge damage to profit of some big company. Ssr my English..
Carlo X (1 year ago)
Just an xbox guy who's checking out the vid because I like ps4 too
Couch gaming news (11 months ago)
Carlo X cool cool🖒
YOUNG AJAY (1 year ago)
Carlo X thank u for understanding
Carlo X (1 year ago)
YOUNG AJAY haha it's cool. I know what u meant. This isn't school so it doesn't matter.
YOUNG AJAY (1 year ago)
Holy shit I just looked at my first comment and my English is terrible 😂😂
YOUNG AJAY (1 year ago)
Holy shit I just looked at my first comment and my English is terrible 😂😂
SLOVENSKI TROLL (1 year ago)
First one
Carlo X (1 year ago)

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