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10 AWESOME Things to Know About The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine

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Text Comments (175)
GTA VI in Italy
FuckBoiJimmy (1 year ago)
is that the same guy from cult of mush ??
solidsnake 1997 (1 year ago)
im updating the witcher 3 right now its been downloading for 3 days going on 4 just so i can play the dlc the file is 20gb only 5gb left man my wifi sucks praying for a miracle
Eetu Palo (1 year ago)
30 fps on consoles lol
G.O.D. (10 months ago)
We also have 30 fps cinematics in the game because of your shitty consoles.
Jackalack313 M (1 year ago)
lmao 30 fps
Duisky Bruh (1 year ago)
kys lol
Curtis Sukkel (1 year ago)
when will this go on sale?
Chasing Chickens (1 year ago)
ubisoft would be like... White Orchard = Witcher 3... Velen= Witcher 4... Novigrad= Witcher 5... Skellige= Witcher 6... Kaer Morhen= Witcher 7... Hearts of Stone= Witcher 8... Blood and Wine= Witcher 9... All those 16 FREE dlc would cost $4.99 each! lol
Tu Morrow (1 year ago)
I already knew all of this
Jackalack313 M (1 year ago)
you're great
Kev Johnstone (2 years ago)
I've played the game 'hearts of stone 'and now playing blood and wine 'all since April I don't know what I'll do when this fantastic adventure comes to an end
Kev Johnstone (1 year ago)
I don't think I could grind that all out again ,,main game 2 DLC packs ...looonnggg slog
Chasing Chickens (1 year ago)
Too bad most useful glitches like the crown/item duping and the "Path of Warriors" EXP exploit were patched post version 1.23
madilen4you90 (1 year ago)
go play new game + get to 100 and make and GOD MOD WITHCER 3 :D
Tanner Whitehead (2 years ago)
can anyone tell me if u can wear the new armor sets OUTSIDE of the new area in blood and wine? it would suck if you could only wear them in that area.
Prizm Moose (1 year ago)
You can but you probably know that by now
Maestah (2 years ago)
this is a game they have to keep making new DLCs for, they just can't stop
madilen4you90 (1 year ago)
is the last game for gerald , but is not the last for the witcher game .
Boston Towny4life (1 year ago)
I know, I would have liked to see Dol Blathanna, Kovir, Nazir, Ofier, The Niilfgaardian Capital, Mahakam, so much more. IT is so sad that this is the last game with the last piece of DLC and there is still SO MUCH MORE OF THE CONTINENT TO SEE!!
Vladimir Davydenko (2 years ago)
and then we have cod clones for the same money
HardWarUK (2 years ago)
Let's call it what it is - a $25 RPG game!
andr3j (2 years ago)
So will the dlc alone have better graphics or will it improve the graphics of the base game also?
Prizm Moose (1 year ago)
I have both and the graphics dont seem to be improved.....on ps4 atleast
DarkProwlerGael (2 years ago)
Beats Far Harbour!
Lantaric (2 years ago)
Darius Clickenger (2 years ago)
can play tonight at 7 et
dialingdust (2 years ago)
this launches the 30th or 31st
dialingdust (2 years ago)
+Timothy Goodwin thanks
Timothy Goodwin (2 years ago)
31st central europen time
Aku Uka (2 years ago)
do u also know if they will add first person mode? because they were talking about that too aswell for the blood and wine dlc.
Jackalack313 M (1 year ago)
+Boston Towny4life you should seek some help
Aku Uka (1 year ago)
+Boston Towny4life u should go to an doctor
Boston Towny4life (1 year ago)
+Uka Uka No, because it would not translate well to the style of gameplay. I hate it when people pull some bullshit out of their ass and then say they "heard it from somewhere", no, you never heard from anywhere they were making a first person mode, there is literally no websites stating that, you just made that up now for this post.
Aku Uka (1 year ago)
+Boston Towny4life what if they added first person mode in witcher 3, would u love it?
Boston Towny4life (1 year ago)
Lol, there was never any rumors about a first person mode, you just made that up. That is so nonsensical that I could not imagine someone even making that up to start some bullshit rumor. The combat of The Witcher series as a whole is so radically different than what first person gameplay offers that it's just completely nonsensical.
does anyone know this game gonna come to disc?
Jack johnson (2 years ago)
no it's digital only
Christian Peralta (2 years ago)
Game definitely worth the money ... bought all the DLC for it
ArchieGamez (2 years ago)
Still catching up with the series by playing Witcher 1&2. P.S You forgot to mention Number 11 More Sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Foxy YTB (2 years ago)
i preorder it
Rusty Shackleford (2 years ago)
dude great video! cant wait for this!!!
darwin Chai (2 years ago)
beautifull place <3
Dunde Man (2 years ago)
Can I still play this doc even if I didn't complete the whole main game ???
Jack johnson (2 years ago)
+Dunde Man you can but i don't recommend it, the base game is full with content anyway, beat it first and when you have nothing else interesting to do then play blood and wine.
Dunde Man (2 years ago)
+MercilessHobo I recently built my first gaming pc. I bought Witcher like 2 days ago. I am trying to finish the main story but I am always seem to be interested in doing the side quests lol.
MercilessHobo (2 years ago)
How have you not beat it yet?
Im Qith (2 years ago)
Lanktown Hebbron (2 years ago)
do the the game on death march after beating it on death March. it is darksouls worthy in difficulty
Remy aeaez (2 years ago)
Only one romance option in the dlc , a little sad
LowEloPlayer (2 years ago)
You guys make me sick.You only play game cause of sex scene's go find some porn you virgins......
Kieran Guest (2 years ago)
how do you know? who is it?
Spy Guy (2 years ago)
aw, I really wanted to fuck her
Kevin K (2 years ago)
I'm glad...I mash threw the romance CS tbh...seen one witcher sex seen and you seen them all. HoS was solid since it was a return character though.
Remy aeaez (2 years ago)
Mr. LightBulb (2 years ago)
Is the witcher 3 really that good?
Cabbage 61 (2 years ago)
But it's a good game? It sure has some flaws like the f*cking swimming movement, why can't it be like skyrim when wasd is the same for water and ground, but no the witcher 3 has 2 movement options for underwater and ground witch sucks. movement in my opinion is not really that great, The UI used to suck badly and just really hard to understand for a casual gamer, but thanks to the new ui it's much better now. All in all it's a good game with some flaws but they are not MAJOR flaws, they can all be fixed if they wanted to.
Marek Kaczor (2 years ago)
nah, critics and gamers just trolled you by rating is as the best game ever.
Caliphisation (2 years ago)
Karan Jani (2 years ago)
+nightknight true but right now this is the best game for me. even beats the last of us but thats just my opinion
Hawk (2 years ago)
like or no it will never be best :D maybe for you but in reality you already atleast said that once on another game
Ritchie Wynants (2 years ago)
A lot of developers would make this a new 60 dollar game. Let's all thank Projekt Red
Sư Huynh (29 days ago)
You predicted the future. Ubisoft make Assassin's Creed Odyssey a $60 game by reskin Origins. It couldve been a dlc for origin
Michael E (1 year ago)
in that case i would be willing to pay
Nicolai (1 year ago)
I think they should release this as a standalone dlc but when I think about it no cuz people have to experience the Witcher 3 aswell cuz it freaking fantastic
K-frost-G (2 years ago)
ikr, at first i thought that this dlc was just some extra missions but after this video i have to buy it
Nikke DosE (2 years ago)
Still if ill look the map in witcher i feel like there is areas locked (sorry my english from finland)
dialingdust (2 years ago)
All good
mathew ghi-jones (2 years ago)
4 days until steam release :)
MrMaximum (2 years ago)
i am gonna wait for a game of the year version with all dlc on disc for ps4 , wanna have that in my liberay
MrMaximum (2 years ago)
i hope soon xd
smooth122 (2 years ago)
when will that be?
gumenski (2 years ago)
Engleshay is harday.
david Unoi (2 years ago)
Cookie Donkey (2 years ago)
yeah same. when i buy a game i want to have a physical copy of it all in one
Aladdin's Rug Dealer (2 years ago)
Noob question, but what will the ideal level for starting the dlc be? I've almost beaten the base game, and i'm at lvl31. Is that high enough?
Jack johnson (2 years ago)
+Djole Milanovic ok troll/retard you're blocked, go bother someone else.
Dank Name (2 years ago)
+Jack johnson cant,tried it already,wasnt fun
Jack johnson (2 years ago)
+Djole Milanovic​ then go fight yourself...
Dank Name (2 years ago)
+Jack johnson my time isnt wasted,never,ever,and,no retard,internet isnt ,,full of my kind",i am not fucking troll idiot,i just hate every retarded,stupid and ignorant retard,and i only go in fight with them,
Jack johnson (2 years ago)
+Djole Milanovic​​ Why waste my time teachimg a random salty fag? the internet is full of your kind, if you want education then go to school instead of wasting my time and yours.
sh4k er0 (2 years ago)
Season Pass bought before Witcher 3 launch ! So i only need to buy new GTX 1070 and admire this new ingame graphics
L S (2 years ago)
what can the gtx 760 achieve with i5 4460
SurgeofOsiris (2 years ago)
I have a gtx 860m and it works fine
PunkCyber (2 years ago)
+fjkzd J. I'm pretty much maxed out with a GTX 780, with the exception of shadows, which I have a high
Dank Name (2 years ago)
+fjkzd J. on what,1440p,if thats the case then you are retarded,cause with mi i3 and r7 260x 1gb edition i play on high 1600:1200 and i get 30 -5/+10 avg
sh4k er0 (2 years ago)
i have overclocked 970 already and i cant play with 60 fps on 2560x1080 resolution, with max settings and nvidia hairworks off i have around 40-45 fps
Samarth Bansal (2 years ago)
How do they able to create so much content in so limited time? 30 hrs of gameplay fuckin insane....
Boston Towny4life (1 year ago)
30 hours if you are fast traveling everywhere. If youa re like me and use the horse to get around and never use fast travel, expect about a 60 hour run through Blood and Wine.
Cookie Donkey (2 years ago)
+Samarth Bansal no farout. they had already been working on it before release of main game
Samarth Bansal (2 years ago)
+Cookie Donkey yaa thts like one year...
Kevin K (2 years ago)
lol...seems like the longest wait for any dlc since it was announced but I'm sure it will be worth it. and when project says 30 hours iy actually means about 80 hours...can't wait!
Cookie Donkey (2 years ago)
little time? they been doing this since the main game came out
Firas Dahche (2 years ago)
Getting it day 1
King Boza (2 years ago)
Am i the only one thinking that the witcher 3 sucks
The Thugger (6 months ago)
Braydon Dyson (7 months ago)
the only people that hate the Witcher 3: WH are people that are shitty that their favourite game can’t stand against
Tf2 Is noice (1 year ago)
King Boza i hope you die in a fire.
Erick Holmberg (1 year ago)
witcher 3 sucks? boy go kill urself lmao
Caliphisation (2 years ago)
Yes. Please hang yourself
fpsgamer94 (2 years ago)
all great new things
Ramm Stein (2 years ago)
First for the first time !!!!
Ramm Stein (2 years ago)
Nah i know it's just a little provocation xD
Grim Reaper (2 years ago)
+Adrian Rogers I was joking
A-Aron Sanchez (2 years ago)
+Ramm Stein Lame go spend your time elsewhere instead off worrying what people has to say on being first on a vid.
Grim Reaper (2 years ago)
+Ramm Stein Jealous
Ramm Stein (2 years ago)
+Grim Reaper What ? you're making me a liar or you're just a jealous ? huh ?

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